A Short Explanation of Video Production

So, you’re probably wondering what is video production exactly and how can it help me? Video production is pretty making a film, but everything is stored digitally rather than on actual film (For those younger readers, basically film are those black strips of plastic that you might have found in video cassettes as a child). Basically, video production involves: pre-production, such as writing and planning out the film, production: actually filming the film and post-production: correcting for errors, enhancing the sound and et cetera. It’s a very complicated process which is why usually people contract for it which means they hire other big companies to do the production for them.

What scenarios might you need this sort of service? The most common one would be business ads, but there are also services for movies and animation as well. Video production is really no different than film production apart from the images being stored digitally, so it’s involves a vague wide arrange of areas. Like, for instance, I needed some animation done for a story I was telling. I could have learned it myself, but that would have taken forever and also I’m not sure if I quite have the resources for that.

Most likely if you’re not a professional you’re going to want to contract what you want to be produced to an outside agency. Plenty of countries, specifically such as Singapore have big markets for video production. Singapore has cheaper prices as the economy there is doing fine as well. A reputable company is doing ads not only just for small businesses, but also for large business. How large you might ask? For corporations such as Nike, Sony and VISA just to name a few. I personally find it better to outsource your work as it’s generally going to be cheaper and higher quality. Why work hard when you can work smart?