Finding a Computer Package That Fits You

When it comes to choosing the right desktop computer or laptop package for your personal requirements it can be quite hard to decide which one is best. Each one has an operating system, memory, processor and hard drive among other features but it just depends on what you are going to be using the computer for as to what suits you best.

Somebody that likes to play lots of games on their computer would definitely benefit from something with and above average size of memory and a very good graphics card.

If you just want to be able to browse the internet and have the ability to receive and send any emails then you would not need to look at any special extras. Students may even want to look at the option of buying a printer with their computer package. You could even look at this option if you just want to print pictures off your computer.

On the other hand if you want to be able to download music or films onto your computer you may want something that has a minimum of at least 512 mb of memory. This is because anything below this would inevitably lead to your computer slowing down when downloading anything.

There are even accessories available such as surround sound systems that you can add to your computer for much better film and music pleasure.

It is safe to say that each separate manufacturer would build a slightly different computer package. If you are lucky some may even let you choose what you want in the package.

You could also get help as to what components they think you may need to fit your requirements.

The best thing that you can do is to shop around before you make your final decision on what the best package is for you. That way you can be sure of choosing the right computer package for your needs. …

3G Technology

A 'third generation' wireless communications technology having evolved from first generation analog, and second generation digital, communication technologies.

Whenever someone someone asks me to explain what 3G systems are, I tend to think of huge departmental stores. All your basic needs – plus a few extra items thrown in to spice things up – under a single roof. A plea to modern man's psychological need for convenience. And that's how it is with the current crop of 3G packages. A simple, all-in-one access to everything users could ever want from a mobile phone (and then some).

But seriously now, what is 3G (or 2.5G for that matter)? Basically 3G systems are meant to be the ultimate upgrade to the current 2G systems that are operating under the Global System of Mobile Communications (GSM). GSM is referred to as the Second Generation (2G) of mobile phone technology, with the old analog mobile phone system being the first. Since current 2G phones send and receive data at only 9.6 Kilobits per second (kbps), the advent of text and multimedia messaging (MMS) has meant that the demand for drastically improved data transfer rates has been very strong.

3G systems are designed to offer increased voice capacity and higher-speed data rates by providing a more robust wireless pipeline. The International Telecommunications Union (ITU), a regulatory and standards-setting body, states that any system claiming to be 3G must be capable of a minimum speed of 144K bits / second, and theoretically going up to 2 Mbps. Very good, you might say. But why is there such a need for speed?

Well, 3G systems aim to provide faster access to all kinds of data, so turning your wireless phone (or appliance) into a handier, cooler, tool. This speed is matched with the promise that it will "keep people connected at all times and in all places." What results is the ability to access the Internet as you would at home, mobile instant messaging, enhanced multimedia options, usability as a fax / pager / e-mail tool, as well as the obvious promise of crisper and more stable voice communications. Very impressive, but not without a lion's share of problems.

For starters, 3G services are bound to be 'expensive', especially due to the very high prices paid for 3G spectrum licenses. Secondly, the services offered by 3G are nice, but are beyond the current demands of the average user. So now we have a situation where the consumer is not satisfied with the current level of service, yet is also balking at paying so much for something that resembles overkill.

To fill the void, 2.5G has evolved. 2.5G radio transmission technology is radically different from 2G technology because it uses packet switching. GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) is the European 2.5G standard, the upgrade from GSM. GPRS overlays a packet-switched architecture onto the GSM circuit-switched architecture. It is a useful evolutionary step on the road to 3G because it gives telecommunications operators an experience of operating packet networks, …

5 Possible Solutions for Workplace Security Threats in the Age of IoT

As internet-of-things (IoT) continue to grow and become mainstream, it is essential to address the security concerns it brings along. As per a report, by the year 2020, over 50 billion IoT devices would be used by businesses. Before we realized this figure, companies must recognize the impending security risks that hover over it.

While it is true that as compared to any other kind of technology, IoT is less harmful to a business’s data security, but it is also true that IoT makes devices on its network vulnerable to breach and infiltration. Since IoT network consists of multiple devices, it becomes easier for hackers to identify an open portal to break the network. The ease of managing and switching between the devices raises the chances of connections and management problem. So, how to ensure that the vulnerabilities of IoT are not exposed and exploited?

Centralize and tightly control users

IT companies in Virginia Beach suggests controlling the access of the network and devices to ensure the security of devices. By putting a centralized management network in place, businesses can keep track of the access passwords, licenses and users. Keep a close eye on who is using what. Make sure that devices are assessed only by those who need to. Doing so can help you prevent little mistakes that can lead to potential data leak and identify the root of trouble if one arises.

Instill better personal security habits

Often it has been found that cyber attacks and breaches happen due to preventable human mistakes. Errors as simple as choosing a week password, not regularly changing the password, using an unsecured server to access the network can create a potential threat for the safety of the devices. The best to minimize if not entirely curb the danger that arises from human errors is to educate them of the security concerns.

Update your software regularly

This easy step is the most important one to keep the IoT network safe. Manufactures and software developer release new updates on a regular basis to repair the loopholes in their system. By updating the devices regularly, businesses can save themselves from hundreds of potential cyber security risks.

Only purchase tested devices

Many IT companies are in the race of manufacturing devices that are capable enough to sustain in the era of IoT. There is no doubt that the increased competition is spurring innovation in the field of IT but it is at the same time making companies spend more efforts to market the product rather than improve its quality. Before procuring any IoT device or technology, research on the product. Do a background check on the company to find out whether it is reliable or not.

Forbid or control personal and professional cross-pollination

Since many offices and businesses have BYOD policy in hopes to save on a significant IT investment, this can turn out to be a considerable liability for corporations. Professionals at a network support company that provides network security services suggest forbidding the …

How to Write Web Content For a Successful Website

Probably the most important factor a website is its content in other words text. This really is the deciding factor on whether your website fails or if it succeeds. Do not blow off the text for videos and pictures. Text is still important in this modern world.

So read some writing tips below

Have a Planned Topic

A topic is what your website is going to be about. You can not just write about anything randomly and expect traffic and money. Remember the formula I have below it will help you to succeed.


Stay on Topic

I have read so many websites that just go right off topic. Like for example I was reading a article about HTML code. So about half way through he / she got into a story about a virus he got on his computer. It was complete waste of my time and I can promise you I will not be going to that website again.


Write your Text Personally but not to Personally

When you're making a fact filled web page you do not want to be writing the web page like your writing an email to a friend. You want it to be good info and not story filled. But this rule can be broken when writing a personal blog.

And 100% of the time on web pages do not write Internet slang like "LOL".

Title your pages Appropriately

Do not waste your reader's time reading a whole web page looking for the info there looking for. Title your web pages so that they make sense and you can tell what that page is about.


Good Title – Car Parts and What they Do

Bad Title – Cars (Un-specific and Waste the viewers time)

Spell Everything Correctly

There's not much to say about this but spell your text correctly. It looks more professional and it's easier to read. So if you do suck at spelling like me that's why they invented spell spell.

So there you have it the tips you need to have in mind while writing for your website. And I can promise you with good writing comes good money. …

Digital Advertising Аwаrdѕ

Digital аdvеrtіѕіng awardsіѕ one of thе most dynamic and fаѕtеѕt growing areas in thеаdvеrtіѕіngіnduѕtrу capable оf creating hіgh-ԛuаlіtуvіrtuаl worlds and соmрutеr generated grарhісѕ and аnіmаtіоnѕ. Whеrеаѕаdvеrtіѕеrѕwеrе once happy simply tорlасероѕtеrѕоfthеіr products hоріngthеуwоuld catch реорlе’ѕеуе, tоdау things hаvесhаngеd.

Thіnk you can іgnоrе these mеѕѕаgеѕ? Think аgаіn. Thеlаtеѕt (dіgіtаl) аdѕ use smells аnd 3D аnіmаtіоntосаtсhаnddеmаndуоurаttеntіоn, еvеn beaming ѕоund messages to сutthrоughthесlаmоrоf a buѕуѕtrееt.

Dіgіtаlаdvеrtіѕіng is a cheap аndеffесtіvеmеthоd of оut of home аdvеrtіѕіng made possible duе to the flаtѕсrееn television rеvоlutіоn. Mоdеrn LCD (liquid crystal display) and рlаѕmа screens аrеѕо much thіnnеrthаnthе CRT (cathode ray tubе) tеlеvіѕіоnѕ of old thаt they аrеоftеnрlасеdоnwаllѕоr on mountings tо display advertising information.

Digital ѕіgnаgе is vеrуеffесtіvеfоr advertisers too, wіthmаnуbеnеfіtѕоvеrtrаdіtіоnаl static роѕtеrѕ and аdvеrtіѕеmеntѕ. Fіrѕtlу, оn a single аdvеrtіѕіng screen, multірlеаdvеrtѕсаnbе played wіthеасhсоmmеrсіаlbеіngсhаngеdаtrеgulаr (often еіght seconds) intervals.

Secondly, digital аdvеrtіѕіngсоntеntсаnbеuрlоаdеd remotely rаthеr than hаvе to rеlу on tесhnісіаnѕtоmаnuаllуроѕtuр adverts and rерlасеоldеr content, which has соѕtѕѕаvіngѕіnbоthmаnроwеrаndfuеl use.

Digital Advertising аndTесhnоlоgу

Frоm conference rooms tооutdооr, to rеtаіl, dіgіtаl signage іѕ a way оf educating and engaging consumersthrоughthеunіԛuе and іnnоvаtіvеdіѕрlау.

Thеgrоwіngаffоrdаbіlіtуоf large рlаѕmааnd LCD screens have саuѕеd digital signage dерlоуmеntѕtо gain іn popularity, аndсаnnоw be fоundіn retail outlets, аіrроrtѕ, trаіn stations, аndrеѕtаurаntѕ.

Digital signs mауbеѕсrоllіngmеѕѕаgеbоаrdѕ, LCD оrрlаѕmаdіѕрlау panels, оrоthеrеmеrgіngdіѕрlау types lіkе LED screens (OLEDs) that саn be соntrоllеd electronically uѕіng a соmрutеr, usually vіа the Internet).


4 Digital Advertising Awаrdѕ to Follow, for Inѕріrаtіоn

Whеn developing digital соntеnt for уоur brand, whу not lеаrnfrоm the bеѕt? Annuаldіgіtаlаdvеrtіѕіng awards are good for dіѕсоvеrіngсrеаtіvесоntеnt and еffесtіvесаmраіgnѕоn the Internet. And уоuсаn easily fіndwіnnіngсоntеntіn many аrеаѕ of marketing, іnсludіng social media campaigns, do-it-yourself vіdеоѕ, and ѕhоrt-fоrm and lоng-fоrm branded соntеnt.

Here іѕalіѕt of digital vіdеоаwаrdѕtо follow. Results galleries are filled wіthwіnnіngаnd nominated content, аѕ well аѕbrаndаnd agency details.

The Mаѕhіеѕ: The Mashies іѕаnаnnuаlаwаrdѕ program frоmMаѕhаblе, ѕhоwсаѕіng outstanding dіgіtаlwоrk in mаrkеtіng, аdvеrtіѕіng, аnd social. Wіnnеrѕ are selected bуMаѕhаblе’ѕеdіtоrіаltеаmаnd a panel of іnduѕtrу leaders. Categories include bеѕt use оf branded vіdеоfоr short-form (15 ѕесоndѕ) аndlоng-fоrm (30 seconds), lіvе-ѕtrеаmіng, branded vіdео within Fасеbооk, as wеllаѕbеѕtuѕеоfYоuTubе, Snарсhаt, Twitter, Inѕtаgrаm. Vіnе, Tumblr, and Pіntеrеѕt.

ThеWеbbуAwаrdѕ:ThеWеbbу Awards is anаwаrdthаthоnоrѕеxсеllеnсе on thе Internet like оnlіnеvideo аwаrdѕ. Eѕtаblіѕhеdіn 1996, ThеWеbbуѕ is presented by thеIntеrnаtіоnаl Academy of DіgіtаlArtѕаnd Sciences, a 1,000-plus mеmbеr judging body. The Academy іѕсоmрrіѕеd of executive mеmbеrѕ, web experts, buѕіnеѕѕ figures, сrеаtіvе celebrities, аndаѕѕосіаtеmemberswhоаrеfоrmеrWеbbуwіnnеrѕ, nоmіnееѕ, аndоthеr Internet рrоfеѕѕіоnаlѕ. Categories іnсludе a variety of rеlеvаntсаtеgоrіеѕfоr merchants, including brаndсоntеnt, DIY vіdеоѕ, аnd over 30 categories in Advеrtіѕіng& Media.

The FасеbооkAwаrdѕ: The Fасеbооk Awards сеlеbrаtеthе best creative wоrkоn Facebook, аѕсhоѕеn by tорсrеаtіvерrоfеѕѕіоnаlѕ in thеіnduѕtrу. The jurуlооkѕfоrіnѕріrеdwоrk that сhаngеѕthеwауthеіnduѕtrуаррrоасhеѕсоntеntрublіѕhіng and sets the bar аtnеwhеіghtѕ. Thоuѕаndѕоfсаmраіgnѕеntеrеd the 2015 FасеbооkAwаrdѕ, wіthrерrеѕеntаtіоnfrоmоvеr 80 countries. Wіnnеrѕfrоm 2015 іnсludеP&G’ѕ #LіkеAGіrlсаmраіgn and The ALS Aѕѕосіаtіоn’ѕIсеBuсkеtChаllеngе.

The IAC Awаrdѕ: ThеIntеrnеt Advertising Competition Awаrdѕhіghlіghtѕ the best оnlіnе advertising, online vіdео awardsіn 96 industries аnd 9 оnlіnеfоrmаtѕіnсludіng, оnlіnеаd, vіdео, mоbіlе, nеwѕlеttеr, email, and ѕосіаl media. The WеbMаrkеtіng Association сrеаtеdthеnеwаwаrd program in 1999.

Thе WMA іѕmаdе up оfIntеrnеtmаrkеtіng, advertising, and рublісrеlаtіоnѕаnd design рrоfеѕѕіоnаlѕ who ѕhаrеаnіntеrеѕtfоrіmрrоvіngthе ԛuаlіtу of аdvеrtіѕіng, marketing, and promotion used tоаttrасt visitors tо corporate websites. Thе WMA …

Where is God?

Where is God? This is the question most often heard when things are not going right in our lives or we hear of senseless fatalities or extreme unjustices. But I pose this question today because I can not find Him in ways that I could when I was growing up.

We live in a world that has misplaced God and we are not sure where to pinpoint the blame. Most baby-boomers remember when there were laws that businesses could not open on Sunday. Of course, those laws have long since been repealed. Then businesses began opening around one in the afternoon, leaving time for their employees to worship if they pleased. That option, for the most part, no longer exists. In many metropolitan areas, stores are beginning to make no distinction between Sunday and the rest of the week.

I also remember the time when most TV stations carried at least a Sunday morning worship hour at their own expense. The FCC required public service programming and some of that was devoted to religious programming. But, it too has evaporated into the cloud of what once was.

The content of most TV programs noticeably omits any scenes of church attendance, gospel songs, sacred book reading or any facsimile. If religion is mentioned at all it is usually sarcastic or as a joke. In one episode of the Simpson's, Bart is asked to say grace and he says, "Dear God, we paid for all this stuff ourselves, so thanks for nothing." Certainly, this is symbolic of the attitude of America's media toward religion today.

I can appreciate the fact that we live in a pluralistic society where we must respect the rights of those who do not serve the same God we do, but must God be a stranger in His own land? It is mind boggling that we have not at least learned from USSR that when you kill off God, you also kill off a society's values. People can not live by bread alone. Someone said and I agree, "It was not socialism that destroyed the Soviet Union, it was the absence of God."

Several years ago during the Christmas season, the city of Wauconda, Illinois had 2 large crosses illuminated on the water towers. This was a 43 year Christmas time tradition. One day, the council received a threat of legal suit on the grounds of separation of church and state; so they begrudgingly took them down. But the people of Wauconda were infuriated and took the matter into their own hands. They had the right to put up whatever they wanted on their own property, so all over that little community of approximately 6500 residents, they put up crosses, nativity scenes, stars and lights. Wauconda, Illinois never dazzled like it did that Christmas. It is said that you could see the city from the interstate freeway almost 100 miles away. All night it was as bright as day because the people decided to turn on the lights. …

How To Clean the Spies In Your Computer?

Manual Spy Bot Removal> BookedSpace

BookedSpace is an Internet Explorer Browser Helper Object used to show advertising.

Free PC Health Check – find bad files fast! How many corrupt and redundant files are lurking inside your PC ready to cause harmful errors? Find these harmful "time-bomb" files instantly and keep your computer ERROR FREE 24 hours a day!


BookedSpace / Remanent: early variant (around July 2003) with filename rem00001.dll, controlling server

BookedSpace / BS2 and BookedSpace / BS3: newer revisions (August 2003) with filename bs2.dll or bs3.dll, controlling server [].


BookedSpace / Remanent is silently installed by MThree MP3 to WAV converter. BookedSpace / BS2 is silently installed by FreeWire's FreeMP3Player. The origin of BookedSpace / BS3 is currently unknown.


Yes. BookedSpace can contact its controlling server when a new page is visited, which may direct it to open pop-up ads.

Privacy violation

Yes. When the controlling server is contacted, the URL of the current page is passed along with a user ID for tracking purposes.

Security issues

Yes. May download and install third-party software as directed by its controlling server. BookedSpace / BS2 has been seen to install the BargainBuddy, nCase and eBates parasites.

Stability problems

Seems to stop IE address bar searches from working.


Open a DOS command prompt windows (from Start-> Programs-> Accessories), and enter the following commands, for the Remanent variant:

cd "% WinDir% System"

regsvr32 / u ".. rem00001.dll"

Or, for the BS2 variant:

cd "% WinDir% System"

regsvr32 / u ".. bs2.dll"

Or, for the BS3 variant:

cd "% WinDir% System"

regsvr32 / u ".. bs3.dll"

Next, for BS2 and BS3, open the registry (click 'Start', choose 'Run', enter 'regedit'), find the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Run, and delete the entry 'BookedSpace' BS2 variant) or 'Bsx3' (BS3 variant).

Restart the computer and you should be able to delete the 'rem00001.dll', 'bs2.dll' or 'bs3.dll' file in the Windows folder. You can also open the registry and delete the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE Software Remanent or HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE_Software BookedExpace to clean up, if you like.

Free PC Health Check – find bad files fast! How many corrupt and redundant files are lurking inside your PC ready to cause harmful errors? Find these harmful "time-bomb" files instantly and keep your computer ERROR FREE 24 hours a day!

MS Media Player GUID


MS Media Player GUID is a warning that the Window Media player may transmits an anonymous Global Uniquie IDentifier (GUID) to the streaming servers when you download content.

The following is the information given at Microsoft Security Bulletin MS01-029: "… a potential privacy vulnerability that was recently identified. itself enable a web site to identify the user, it could enable the correlation of user information to potentially build a composite description of the user. " Source

The existence of this GUID on your system may also indicate that your system does not have all critical updates and service packs installed.


Bazooka Adware and Spyware Scanner detects MS Media Player GUID. …

Internet Marketing Mistakes Revealed So You Don’t Make Them

Affiliate marketing and advertising is probably one of the most effective and powerful ways of earning a lot more money on the internet. This program gives everybody a possibility to make earnings through the Internet.

However, similar to all businesses, there are plenty of pitfalls within the internet selling business. Making some of the most typical faults will cost the sellers a large part coming from the revenue they are making every day. That is why it is far better to get rid of them than be sorry in the end.

Many people want to earn from affiliate marketing and advertising as fast as possible. In their expectation to be part of one, some people tend to choose a bandwagon product.

Select merchandise that attracts you most. Then do some analysis concerning that product to find out if they are sought after. Promoting merchandise you are a lot passionate about could be much easier than promoting one for the purpose of getting profit only.

The technique is to make it gradually but surely. There is really no need to rush into things, specifically with online marketing. With the way things are going, the near future is looking real bright and it looks like affiliate merchandising will be remaining for such a long time.

As an internet marketer, your major purpose is to effectively and convincingly market a merchandise or program and to look for clients. In order to attain this goal, you have to be able to relay to the clients that particular item and program. It is as a result tough for you to accomplish this when you yourself haven’t tested these items out. Therefore, you are going to fail to market and recommend them convincingly. You will also fail to create a desire with your clients to get any of what you are supplying.

Try the item or service personally first just before you sign up as an affiliate marketer to see if it is in fact supplying what it claims. So if you have done so, then you are most probably one of the few who are aware of its benefits and disadvantages. Your clients will then sense the sincerity and truthfulness in you and this will direct them to try the items for themselves.

Many affiliate marketers make these faults and are paying dearly for their choices. To not fall into the similar situation they have been in, try all your best to prevent creating the same faults.

Time is certainly the key. Take the time to study your marketing strategy and see if you are in the right way. If done properly, you will then be able to enhance your affiliate merchandising program and bring in greater profits.…

Big Lies About Making Money on the Internet

You have been lied to. How many of these lies have you heard?

-Our website does all the work.
-It's easy, you just place a few ads and the money starts serving in.
-If you can open an email you can do this business.
-You can use free advertising and social media to generate all of your business.

Enough of these lies!

Here is the unpopular and untold truth. No website does all of the work for you. If it was that easy what would they need you for?

It's not as easy to make money placing all those ads as you might think. Many of those ads must be renewed every day or two and depending on the product you are offering, your ads may be rejected. If you're not an experienced copywriter, your ads probably will not accomplish much.

The skill level required to succeed in a home based or internet business is just like that in any other legitimate business, it greatly exceeds the skill level necessary to open email. If you are not focused, dedicated, organized and reasonably intelligent, you will not succeed in this business.

Social media and free advertising is free for a reason. It takes a lot of time and personal effort to generate any volume of traffic at all. Google makes billions because pay per click works.

One more little complication you were probably never told about is that if you try to use Google to direct traffic to some free, replicated or knock off website, Google will slap you down by your account. The folks at Google are very serious about protecting their customers and providing the best possible search results. Maybe that is why so many so-called Gurus are pushing social media and free traffic sources. That is the only kind of traffic they can get to a replicated site. But wait there's more!

Do not get depressed. There really is a way for you to make money online. It does require effort, intelligence and using methods that actually work. You will need a non-replicated original website with a unique domain name. You will need a Google campaign that is managed correctly, most likely by a professional. You will need a good, stand alone, high profit product to sell so that after you go to all the trouble of building a website and generating traffic, you can actually make some money.

What most Gurus want to do is sell you a course that they make money on, then sign you up for all of the affiliate programs that they make money on and then keep you enrolled in some ongoing program that they make money on. None of that pays you!

What you need to do is carefully select a product that you believe in, build a website designed around that one product and use Google to direct targeted traffic to your website. It is not easy being an internet millionaire, but it is not rocket science either. …

Computer Room AC Design – A Case For Portable Air Conditioner

Around the world these days some of the largest energy consumers are massive computer systems. If you are running a large server system for a company, or even if you use multiple high end computers at home, you will want to know what you can do to keep your computers operating at an acceptable working temperature and humidity, and what types of computer room AC design you have at your disposal for your server room air conditioning.

In this article we will specifically address the issue of computer room air conditioning design or how to use a portable air conditioner to secure the right working temperature of your computer center, either in your home, or at the office.

We will focus here on three components of a solid computer room air conditioning system: A portable air conditioner, The (optional) raised floor, and The alert system.

Portable air conditioner

Often when running a computer room you will find that the central air conditioning system is simply insufficient to remove the adequate amount of heat from the computer room. The computers are packed in tightly and generate large amounts of heat. On top of that the computers are temperature sensitive and will malfunction when the certain ambient temperature is exceeded.

Using a supplemental portable air conditioning unit is a viable solution for a server room. Working in conjunction with the central air conditioning system, portable AC can be just as powerful if not more, and can be brought to a place where the heat needs to be removed from, such as near the computer rack. The flexible air ducts can lead either out the windows or they can lead back into the air conditioning ducts. Optionally, the flexible ducts can be guided under the raised floor. Using raised floor in conjunction with the room air conditioning units may be optional but it has many advantages.

Using raised floor in computer rooms

The portable air conditioner will work just fine without the raised floor. However, the flexible air ducts coming in and out of the portable AC unit are quite unsightly. Using raised floor as a part of the design will allow flexible air ducts to run underneath the raised floor and will at the same time provide the space to tuck electrical cables in as well, making the computer room safer and making it easy to move in it.

Alarm system

When your computers are running enterprise critical applications, it makes sense to employ the elevated temperature alert system. The system is designed to page, or send an email or a text message to a responsible person whenever the temperature in the room exceeds a certain threshold. This can provide time for the person to get into the server room, diagnose and correct for any server room air problem before the servers go down causing financial hardship to the company. …