Internet Marketing – Generate Free Traffic Using Your Blog

A blog is a contracting of the term weblog. It is basically a journal that is available on the web. While the activity of updating a blog is blogging and someone who keeps a blog is a blogger. The blogger regularly makes entries of commentary, description of events, or other material such as graphics or video. And each piece that is written is not simply known as an article but as a blog post, post, or entry.

Nowadays, the use of blogs has gained more popularity around internet marketers and the motive behind this is centered more on online marketing. There are many other uses of blogging besides for internet marketing but it will not be discussed in any detail in this write-up. Like you are aware, a good website without good traffic is tantamount to nothing.

Blogging has been adopted as one of the ways of promoting ones presence on the internet especially for home based businesses. So many things can be done using the blog, and it is a fast way of gaining popularity online. It is similar to the use of flyers and posters for business promotion offline.

Therefore, attracting the right traffic to your blog is imperative if the objective of blogging is to be achieved. Many internet marketers especially associate marketer have completely engaged in blogging. In fact it is one of the ways they attract and get quality leads for their products. It may interest you to know that there are many ways by which you can get the right quality traffic to your blog. It is advisable to study and master each method very carefully. Adopting all the techniques at the same time and hurriedly is not advisable for best result optimization.

Here are some of the few suggested ways to attract free traffic to your blog in.

Social networking sites: There are lots of social networking websites on the internet; it will not be easy listing them all. Get a list of the best and register with them. Most of the good ones are free. They have features that allow you to interact with other members and you end up with good traffic inflow to your blog. This is highly recommended for achieving success in online marketing.

Blog directories submission: You may be aware before now that submitting to blog directories will bring traffic to your blog. Some of the directories may require that you register with them before submitting. This method also well in search engine page ranking for your site.

Links building: This is one the best ways of getting traffic to your blog. All you do is post good comments on other blogs and leave your blog link as signature and also by creating an exchange links with other blogs that are related to yours. It may take a little while to build, but it is a sure way of generating quality traffic to your blog.

Article writing and submission to directories: A blog is only as good as …

SEO 101 – Optimizing Your Website

The first step to SEO is to select a page title for your website. The title of your page should only include your PRIMARY keyword phrase (the main keyword that you want to optimize). For example, if you were building a website or blog that was focused on "101 Ways to Healthy Eating", that should be the title of your page. Do not change it up or add additional keywords to it. Use the title of your page to hone in on the exact keyword phrase that you want to optimize and nothing else. Remember, every keyword has to be optimized separately, meaning that if you have done your homework, checked WordTracker for a specific keyword (or keyword phrase), checked out the competition on Google, etc etc .. and you decided to that the specific keyword phrase you searched for will work for you, that is what you need to use. Even changing or adding a single keyword means going back to the drawing board and re-researching that phrase from scratch.

SEO sucks, I know – but it's an important process if you want to rank higher in the engines and in turn, garner more traffic to your website.

The next step is to create a heading for your page, which is the first thing your visitors see when they land on your website. Some webmasters like to use header graphics and if you are one of them, be sure to include your keyword in the 'alt' tag, otherwise if you are using a textual header, be sure that you use the

<h1> </ h1> tag.

Here's an example:

This is your header

Another tip is to keep your

<h1> </ h1> tag to the left of your page if possible. The logic behind this is that the Google bots (spiders) that visible your website read from left to right. It's known that having your <h1> </ h1> tag too far on the right alignment can actually hurt your SEO ranking. The only exception to the way the bots will read your website is if you have links in a left aligned navigation menu. In this case, the Google bots will then read the links down the left hand side column before it further explores your page.

You will also want to add a sub-header to your page, but for sub headers, you should use the

<h2> </ h2> tag instead (this makes your text a bit smaller than your header tag).

A sub header is the line underneath your header.



This is your header

This is your sub-header text

So, for a website focusing on 101 Ways To Healthy Eating may use a sub header (sub title), such as: "Healthy Eating Techniques That Work". Regardless of what you decide to use, be sure that you also use your primary keyword (the main term / phrase you are optimizing) included in your sub title as well.

Keyword Stuffing

Although you should always include your primary keyword (phrase) …

WMP Error Fix – How to Fix Errors Caused by WMP Dll on Your Computer

WMP.dll is a file used by Windows Media Player to help process the various media formats on your system. Each time you play a media file on your PC, the wmp.dll file plays a vital role in being able to process all the data & sounds which the program needs to play. In short, this file is extremely important for your system, and if you're seeing errors caused by it, then you really need to be able to fix it to enable your PC to play back the media files you want to listen to / watch .

Errors with WMP.dll typically show in this format:

  • The file wmp.dll has a version number of where was expected. Windows Media Player is not installed properly and must be reinstalled.

The reason for this error to show is actually all down to a confusion with the Windows Media Player program. The confusion is all down to the way this program has actually been updated, but has not recorded what version number it is now running. This means that whenever you use the media player, it's constantly conflicting with itself because it thinks it is a certain version, but it has files that say it's an earlier version than that. In order to be sure that you have a Windows Media Player program that functions correctly, you should look to use various methods to ensure that WMP is running at the same version across your entire PC.

The way to fix the WMP.dll error is to first use the Windows Media Player updater to ensure that all elements of this program are up to date. You can do this by using the "/ updateWMP" command in the DOS PROMPT Window – which will basically look at the "real" version of the media player, and then make all files associated with that program the same version. After you've done that, you should look to "re-register" the wmp.dll file on your system. Each DLL file is "registered" on Windows, allowing it to quickly find it. By unregistering the file, and then registering it again, you'll bring it back into line, allowing your computer to run the file it requires whenever it needs it. On top of that, it's also recommended that you use a "registry cleaner" program to scan through your PC and fix the various errors that are inside your system. These tools are great for fixing many DLL errors on the Windows system, and using one is recommended for cleaning up any problematic parts of the wmp.dll file that may be left on your system. …

The Internet – The Competitive Market Place

Information, shopping, communication, images, videos, music, movies and lifestyle as well as world wide news; the Internet has it all and in recent years has grown vastly at a rapid pace. In the modern day that we live you can find anything and everything on the Internet from holidays and new homes being merely a click away to talking to distant relatives and friends from across the globe.

The most recent trend that we are now seeing more and more of when it comes to the Internet is people using it as a means of shopping. The Internet has become a mainstream sales channel and customers are turning to the Internet as a way of saving money.

The Internet has become one of the most competitive market places due to an up rise in price comparison sites and the best of retail sales appearing on stores sites. People are starting to ditch the traditional shopping method of going to local stores and instead are saving not only money but time using the Internet. To shop on the Internet no travelling is needed, there are no queues to face and no struggling with bags to the car. Internet shopping can be done at anytime and in most cases you can choose to have standard delivery or next day. Your goods are then simply delivered right to your door taking all the hassle out of shopping.

You can pick up most things off the Internet these days whether you want a new pair of shoes or maybe a new car. You can book your holidays and enrol at university, you can even do your food shopping on there. Another great reason to use the Internet over traditional methods of shopping is the fact you can shop anywhere in the world, America, Japan, India, Italy or France. You are limitless with what you can purchase.

One of the main concerns that always arises when it comes to Internet shopping is the payment. There is always the thought of Internet fraud at the back of our minds and we are cautious to pay by card via the Internet. However buying online is more secure than ever. If you are paying online by debit or credit card then your bank will often give you an online payment guarantee. You are more protected than you think when you use your card online. As well as receiving an online payment guarantee from your bank you will also receive an email confirmation of your order.

Using the Internet to find what you are looking for is easy. If you know the web sites address you can simply type it into the address bar. Alternatively if you are hoping to find the best deal online then you can use one of the many search engines that are available to you.

The Internet has revolutionised the way in which we live and will continue to do so as technology grows. It is one of the most powerful forms of media …

Samsung G600 – An Amazing Multimedia Gadget

Samsung mobile phones have shown that they are no less than other mobile brands. They have made their name in the mobile industry with their sleek and slide open designs. They are coming up with the best of handsets integrated with cutting-edge features. Apart from offering the best in entertainment and connectivity, Samsung also comes with the best photography features. This latest brand brings the latest technological innovations. The sleek and sophisticated gadgets from Samsung offer advanced features with striking designs. Samsung has become the first option for a mobile phone user because of its easy-to-use features. It stands out in the crowd with its range of sophisticated phones.

Whether you are looking for slider or clamshell, Samsung phones offer the best. These high-end phones are competitively priced which fulfill the needs of a host of users. The compact and light weight phones from Samsung have made their names in the mobile market. Samsung meets all aspects such as entertainment, personal and business. The attractive appearance of the handsets appeal to you and add an element of style.

The latest Samsung G600 is a slide phone that is well equipped with outstanding features like web browsing capabilities, hi-tech camera functions, connectivity options, 5 megapixel camera, document viewer and connectivity options. The 55 MB of integrated memory with MicroSD memory card support allows you to save all your essential stuff. The camera with auto focus and built-in flash ensures best shots with rich photography features. More impressive features of the handset include WAP, TV output, handsfree speakerphone, email, etc. Switch between GSM networks through the triband technology. The FM radio lets you listen to latest hits.

The secondary VGA video camera can be used for making and receiving video calls. Bluetooth technology lets you transfer files. View text files in file formats like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF through Document Viewer. The call management features let you view records of dialed, missed and received calls. If you are looking for a handset with a perfect color screen, then Samsung G600 is the right choice. The 2.2 inch color screen provides up to 16 million colors. The lightweight handset can be easily slipped into your pocket. This complete package offers a variety of messaging features like SMS, MMS, etc. which allow you to stay in touch with your friends and family.

The USB cable connects your device to other compatible devices and allows you to transfer files. Get access to high speed data transfers through EDGE technology feature of the handset. Get good quality musical entertainment with built in FM radio and music player.

Amazing multimedia options make this phone even more impressive. Some web browsing features include WAP, XHTML, and NetFront HTML. A music player, photo caller ID, video player, Bluetooth with A2DP, USB port and inbuilt FM radio are some of the high end features. With your Samsung G600, download data at high speeds, send and receive messages, listen to music or capture images. This handset is ultimate in functionality …

Internet Marketing – Have We Forgotten The Basics

Most people think that Internet Marketing is nothing more than joining
affiliate programs, Multi Level Marketing programs, or promoting programs
that scam people out of their money. With the tons of moneymaking
programs you see circulating on the Internet, it looks that many who are in
the Internet Marketing field has forgotten its basic purpose. Hype seems to
be replacing the real purpose of marketing these days.

When it comes to business, the most important word in the phrase Internet
Marketing is the word "Marketing." What is the ONLY reason for creating
marketing literature, a website, business cards, a sales letter, mini-sites,
etc. that talks about your company, your products, your services? To sell
those products and services. To get a prospect to connect with you, so you
can do what is necessary to sell to him what you've got; to get a prospect to
buy what you're selling, or to get a customer to purchase again. There is no
other reason for marketing. NONE.

What most people in Internet Marketing have forgotten is that they're in the
business of selling products and services, pure and simple. Herefore, your
basic purpose as a marketer is to create websites, sales letters, and
marketing literature that will help you reach this objective.

The first thing a potential customer should see when reading your sales
letter and other marketing materials, whether it's a single sales letter
website, a garden-variety business card, or a four-color brochure – is himself,
something about himself, something of use to himself, something that
makes him feel good about his favorite subject – himself. Not something
about you.

You will succeed in reaching your sales objectives, and in selling more
products and services, to the extent that your prospect feels you exist for
him, that you can help him, and that you care for nothing so much as for
him. The extent to which you succeed in achieving this objective is the
which to which you will have the lifestyle, with all its bountiful gifts, that
you desire. Thus, every sales letter, website, envelope, business card, etc.
should be about your potential customer, not about you, your product or

The headline of your sales letter or other marketing materials should be
about your prospect and what he wishes to accomplish. The salutation
should speak to the prospect. The opening line of anything you write should
address the prospect directly, his hopes, fears, desires, aspirations, and
desires. The body copy should pile on benefit after benefit of direct,
compelling interest to the prospect. The offer should be something that
interest the prospect and motivates him to act NOW. For it is this type of
marketing, not how good you or your product is, that produces cash profits.

As an Internet Marketer, you must strive to reach this objective everyday.
That means you must learn how to create copy that produces cash, copy
that sells. You must go back to the basics of providing a real value to your
prospects …

Watch Satellite TV On Your Computer – Expect High Quality TV

Without a dish or antenna, today you can still watch satellite TV on your computer. This is a pretty amazing concept, as once upon a time people thought that this could only be done with the use of a television set. A lot of momentum has been gained with space communications, and this is definitely what many people would prefer.

Watching satellite TV on your computer is far better than using a television set, as that will need the installation of a dish or antenna. This process could prove to be very lengthy and also complicated. With the computer, all one needs is a card to install the viewing software or PC satellite TV software, and a sound card, with a high-speed broadband connection.

Setting up a dish will also prove to be very expensive for most families, what with the cables and other expenses for equipment. The other drawback with the dishes is that they will have to be placed in the right direction, so that the signals are perfect. It has to be placed so that bad weather conditions will not affect the transmissions and viewing experience.

To watch satellite TV on your computer, you will have two options to do so. First there will be the hardware option, the PCTV cards and the other software option, PC satellite TV software. The satellite TV signals can be decoded and received with the help of the PCTV cards. This has to be installed on the motherboard of the PC. A USB port can be used to connect the external cards. The software option is simpler as it just requires you to run the installation execution file.

A good Internet connection is needed for both options. If you want the TV feeds to be of high quality, then the Internet connection has to be at least 512 kbps. The pictures will be sharper and better if broadband is used, though a dial up connection can be used for this purpose. While shopping for PCTV cards, you will also have to check if the requirements of installation are met by your computer.

It will be specified that there are certain configurations required for the computer such as the memory and RAM. To make the viewing better, you can also set up a good graphics card, sound card and a set of good speakers for a maximum viewing experience. PC satellite TV software can be downloaded instead of the use of the PCTV cards.

With the help of the software, anyone can watch satellite TV on their computers instantly. The last update puts the number of television programs available at more than 3000 TV broadcast stations. This number is expected to increase with time and no additional costs would be charged to existing users. The cost of the software is reasonable too which explains explain why viewers are giving up their satellite dishes for the software. …

4 Important Tips For Running Your Internet Based Business

Tip 1: Put together a list of your top 5 internet based business priorities.

Priorities differ from goals in that priorities list what you have to do in order to accomplish your goals. This list should include items such as what you want to learn, do, and research that will bring new customers to your internet based business. Is there a new strategy being talking about on business and internet marketing message boards? These priorities do not only have to be about sales and marketing. For instance, one of your priorities may be how to add more value to your internet business website to create more interest from your current visitors. This list will be your way forward in creating a successful internet based business, as well as a way to see where you have been.

Tip 2: Set time each day for work or study.

Some people may feel that they need to be online all day in order to get their internet based business to turn a profit. The truth is all you need is a set amount of time a day in which you will commit to working on your internet based business without interference. Even if it's only a few hours a week. Being able to work without distractions goes a long way especially for beginners who need to learn before doing. Beside, the goal for many people who start internet based business is to not have to sit at a desk all day. An efficient time spent learning, doing, and researching from a list of your priorities is a great way to spend time building your internet based business.

Tip 3: Write down new ideas and commit them to paper instead of trying to remember them.

Try to write down new ideas for bringing traffic and sales to your website as they come to you. No matter how insignificant they seem at the moment. There may be a time when that idea or thought comes in tender. You might even have new ideas for priority setting that will help your business get to the next level.

Tip 4: Refer to what you write down until each goal is completed.

Do not just write down new ideas but refer to them often until they are fully explored. Every little bit of traffic and knowledge helps when building your internet home business. You will have to go through much trial and error when you run a business online. Constant action is an asset that will be invaluable to you. That is why you should explore every method and idea as time permits. But do not try to explore all your ideas at once. That will surely pull you in too many directions and you are likely to frustrated which is counter productive. Instead dedicate a week or more to one idea and then move on to the next after you have successfully tested it.

At first it takes a lot of momentum to get the ball rolling …

USB Toys

USB Toys are toys or fun cool gadgets that use the electrical power from the USB ports of computers. There are many forms of USB Toys. For example, a USB Toy can be an "Office Toy" and be used in the office since that is where many USB ports can be found. Another example would be the USB Panic Button Toy which can be used by office workers to create a temporary screen-saver when the boss is nearby, so that the office worker would not be playing games on the computer instead of working on his project. Other types of USB Toys can be just for fun. For example there are many USB Missle Launcher Toys out there, one of which is the Spiderman Dream Cheeky USB Missile Launcher Toy. These USB messenger launchers can really pack a punch and serve to pass some time!

So what USB stand for?

I have talked so much about the USB as well as introduced you to some cool USB Toys but I have yet to tell you exactly what USB actually is. USB stands for 'Universal Serial Bus' and has been touted as the solution for a computer interface that can work universally. The USB Port boasts cross-platform compatibility for Macintosh, Linux and UNIX, and all versions of Windows since Windows 98SE. The USB connector ports are available on every computing device built in the past few years. The USB specification provides a 5V (volts) supply on a single wire to allow connected USB devices and USB Toys to draw power. The specification provides for no more than 5.25V and no less than 4.35V between the positive and negative bus power lines. (If you do not understand this it is perfectly alright because I do not understand this either!).

Why use the USB port for Toys?

The USB connector was originally designed to replace the serial and parallel ports on computers. If you can remember, the parallel ports were very commonly used to connect printers in the past, while the serial ports were used to connect the computer mice. With the invention of the USB Port, it was hoped that ever a number of devices would be able to connect using just one type of port on the computer, that is the USB port. Soon, devices such as printers and mice and even the keyboard, could be connected via USB. The use of USB ports to power toys was never intended to be so. I must thank the smart computer technician who came up with this idea, without him there would be no USB Port Toys.

Furthermore, USB Toys are usually very cheap because of their small size and also because they can be easily powered by the USB Port instead of requiring batteries or other forms of power sources. USB Toys are so a very good form of cheap toys and can serve as very good and fun gifts. …

What Are Search Engine Spiders? Part I

What are search engine spiders? A question I am frequently asked. They are also called
crawlers, robots, agents, web-bots and others, but they are the same thing. Search engine spiders are software programs that seek out and record data from web pages on the World Wide Web for inclusion in search engine databases that are then indexed on certain keywords that people use when searching for information.

So what are spiders for? Their primary purpose at one time was to make a list of all the web pages that could be found on the web, using the word 'web' in the true sense of the word, as URLs that can be resolved by search engines, as opposed to the internet, which is the railroad track that these sites use to communicate and connect with each other.

Most people involved in internet marketing have a rough idea what spiders do in relation to search engines like Google, so before we get at all technical, let's have a look at what spiders can and can not do. What is spider food and what are arachnicides!

The vast majority of spiders only see html tags and text. They can assign importance to specific parts of your text according to the html tags you are using. Here, they can determine that anything in

<h1> </ h1> tags is very important, and if they are your keywords, then your site will benefit. However, they are illustrite where Java script is involved. They can neither speak nor read it so ignore it, just as they are blind to frames. …