Pornography Addiction-Who Is Hurt?

We get home from work and want to wind down, so we turn on the pornograph (computer) and visit our favorite sites. Soon, we do not even remember the struggles of work. Afterwards, we're relaxed, calm. To chase away that twinge of guilt, we tell ourselves, "How could this natural bodily function hurt anyone?" This article will reveal, in very frank language, how pornography addiction hurts everyone in your life, including you.

Pornography Hurts Your Marriage: OK "significant other" for you who are not married. Sexual intuition is one of the factors that distinguish a committed relationship from, say, an affair. Although, pornography initially triggers an increase in sexual activity, it is anything but intimate. It was not attraction to our partner that generated the contact, but a need to gratify the desires built up by viewing others. Forgive me for being blunt, but this turns our mate into little more than a tool for masturbation. Even more sad is the fact that, over time, our mate becomes the least favorite tool, since the other options place fewer expectations or demands on us. This is more than a weakened relationship, it is infidelity as severe as adultery, the affair being, in this case, with yourself. But, pornography addiction hurts more than our marriage, it hurts our children, too.

Porn Hurts Your Children: It amazes me how many adults are in denial about this one. First of all, if things are not right in your marriage, I think you'd agree that affects your children. If we're addicted to porn, no matter how carefully we hide it, the marriage relationship problems will spill over to our children. Not only that, if we're sharing computers with the kids, they can pull up the cache and see what we saw. If we're sharing an internet connection, we have the same address, so they receive spam based on our internet habits. If you're using pornography magazines, they have seen them … you think they're not in your secret places when you're not around? Because pornography changes how we see people, we can not hide our thoughts from the kids. What you do speaks so loud, they can not hear what you say. They see how much attention we pay to underwear commercials on TV. They see where we're looking at people's bodies. They begin to form their values ​​from ours.

A friend was hurt and angry when his 16-year-old daughter left home and, for 18 months, slept with every male she could get her hands on. While I was counseling her, it almost seemed she was bragging about her sexual popularity. Her Dad was angry at the world, but, having known him for years, I knew the problem was closer to home. You see, for most of the time she was growing up, he had the Playboy bunny logo (rabbit's head) on his keychain, dangling from the steering column everywhere he blew her. By this, and probably other signals, Dad communicated to his daughter what …

SEO Advice for 2018 You Can’t Afford to Ignore

Build a Sitemap

In order for a search engine to display a website in the SERPs, it has to index every page on it. Still, those who are just starting do not know the ways to help search engines index their web pages. There is a probable solution to this. They can build a sitemap that lists all pages on their website, simplifying the indexing process for search engines. This step should always be remembered.

Do Mobile-optimization

At present, nearly all people use their mobile gadgets to keep in touch. Additionally, this is the best way to browse on the web as well. Google is also aware of that. For this reason, the world’s search engine giant goes for mobile-friendly websites. If you don’t want Google to ignore your website, you should do a mobile optimization for it. Your site should not be filled with ads as well, so it can be easily navigated by mobile users.

Focus on Local SEO

It is good to begin with these figures. People should be aware that 43% of Google, 25% of Yahoo and 25% of Bing searches are location-oriented. In addition, 50% of all searches have local intent.

The best strategy for businesses to draw a lot of consumers and meet their needs, particularly if their site supplies products/services within their locality, is through Local SEO.

A number of tips to consider are:

  • Always use local keywords;
  • Include the name in Google My Business;
  • Write relevant content on the blog;
  • Identify all contacts related to the business;
  • Come up with a local domain name.

Make a Huge Investment in Social Media Presence

Social media marketing is among the most effective, free ways to boost a website. Social media presence is not only about creating an account on different platforms. Rather, it is about the frequency of posting fresh content, and the level of engagement received.

When creating or contributing content on a regular basis, it would help to share them with others through social media. Other articles within the industry can also be shared. Businesses can cover a lot of content, so they have all the reasons to participate in social media.

Moreover, search engines make use of algorithms in determining if the content is worth to be ranked. That is why those who use social media platforms go for articles that they consider valuable. When they discover that a particular content is easy to read and helpful as well, they will share it on social media sites.


From an SEO point of view, blogging is critical for any website. It is a very powerful tool that can address the needs of a business. Therefore, these businesses should learn how to set up a blog on their site.

However, in blogging, there are some rules that need to be followed. As a start, since no one likes to read outdated content, it is important to write fresh, high quality content on a regular basis.

Next, the articles should not be limited …

Best Laptops for Programming

Your standard laptop doesn’t look the way it once did, either, with dozens of convertible designs that rethink the standard clamshell to take advantage of touch interfaces. Some laptops double as tablets, with hinges that bend and fold, while other touch-enabled PCs are actually slate tablets that come with hardware keyboards for notebook-style use. There’s simply too much variety in the laptop space for one size or style to fit every person’s needs.

Walk around the block down any laptop aisle and you will probably notice that selecting laptops has become drastically thinner and more sleek. Wedding ushers wafer-thin systems represents a brand new vision for ultraportable precessing: some sort of no-compromises laptop light enough you will forget it’s in a person’s briefcase, that has a long-lasting battery that could keep you working regardless if no power outlet can be purchased. Rapidly storage, whether by using a full 128GB or maybe 256GB solid-state push (SSD) or, far more affordably, 32GB to be able to 64GB of eMMC sign, allow these ultraportables the opportunity to resume work in no time after being idle or simply asleep for days to weeks. Intel’s marketing target has migrated for the convertible-hybrid laptops in addition to detachable-hybrid tablets that going barefoot refers to seeing that 2-in-1 devices (see the subsequent section for far more information), but ultraportables continues to a distinct type.

Most essential, the overall category has thinned down generally speaking. No matter if you’re looking from sliver-thin ultraportables, mainstream Pcs, or perhaps gaming equipments, lap tops of every blend today are finer, lesser, and better fitted to life on the move. The most beneficial of such models will still runs you a pretty anything, particularly if contemplating a business system that will not weigh you down at the time you travel for do the job, but they also offer remarkable performance and the most useful come with various high-end features also. Hint screens (with 1080p resolution), full-size HDMI locations, in addition to 8 or more time of battery life tend to be commonplace, in addition to premium laptops (with advanced prices) now have high-resolution screens, up to be able to 3, 840-by-2, 160 resolution (4K) on the top bar end.

At the small end of the spectrum, 12- and 13-inch laptops, or ultraportables (more on these below), are worth considering if you plan on toting your laptop. These models are small enough to weigh 3 pounds or less, but large enough they include a full-size keyboard and a decent size-screen. The downside is that port selection tends to be minimal due to the limited amount of room available on side panels. These laptops usually serve simple needs like surfing the web or modest word processing, and they’re a good choice for business travelers who need to tote a laptop frequently. Even smaller 10- and 13-inch laptops have even less room for ports, and will have smaller keyboards and space between the keys, so you’ll have to adjust your typing style to accommodate.…

How to Fix Windows Server 2008 Boot Loader

If the boot loader to your Windows Server 2008 machine gets corrupted or deleted for whatever reason, it really is a painstaking process to get it fixed. The boot loader to my machine got deleted somehow while I was resizing partitions. After scouring the web, I could not find anything on rebuilding the boot loader for Windows Server 2008. All I could find were instructions to restore a Windows Vista boot loader but luckily, the process for Server 2008 is similar.

Due to the lack of recovery tools on the Server 2008 installation CD, the boot loader must be rebuilt manually.

For this guide, I’m going to assume your installation has a drive letter of C:.

Insert the Server 2008 installation CD into your DVD-ROM. Restart your computer and boot from the CD.

Choose to repair your computer, then open the command prompt.

At the command prompt, use the following commands:


cd boot

bootsect /nt60 c: /force /mbr

bootrec /rebuildbcd

After using the “bootrec /rebuldbcd” command, you will be prompted to accept a Windows installation. Accept the installation, then wait for the process to finish. Once it’s done, reboot your comptuer and you should have a boot loader ready to go.

If you do not have a “boot” folder in the system C: drive, then copy the “boot” folder form the Windows installation CD to the C: drive. Use the following command which assumes E: is your DVD-ROM

mkdir c:boot

copy e:boot* c:boot

Afterwards, just use the boot restore commands to rebuild the bootloader.…

Why Is Search Engine Optimization Important?

The optimization of Web page content is by far the single most important factor that will affect and determine your Web page rankings. It is extremely important that you have relevant content on your Web pages that is going to increase the ranking of your Web site in search engine rankings. The content on your web site is what visitors to your Web site are going to read when they find your site and start to read and browse your Web pages, either they browse to a page directly or via a search engine. You need to optimize your Web site with all the right keywords so that you can maximize your rankings within search engines. You can use software tools to find out what keywords people are using when they search for certain products and services on the Internet.

Not only are the visitors to your web site reading the content on these pages, but search engine spiders and Web crawlers are reading this same content and using it to index your web site among your competitors. This is why it's important that you have the right content so that search engines are able to find you and rank you near the top of the listings for similar products that people want to buy. Search engines are looking for keywords and key phrases to categorize and rank your site; therefore, it is important that you focus on just as many key phrases as you do keywords.

The placement of text content within a web page can make a significant difference in your temporary search engine rankings. Some search engines will only analyze a limited number of text characters on each page and will not read the rest of the page, regardless of length; therefore, the keywords and phrases you have loaded into your page may not be read at all by the search engines. Some search engines do index the entire contents of Web pages; however, they typically give more value or "weight" to the content that appears closer to the top of the Web page.

If you want to get the best results from search engines, here are some tips that you should follow to optimize your Web site:

o Make sure that you have at least 200 words of content on each page. Although you may have some Web pages where it may be difficult to put even close to 200 words, you should try to come as close as you can since search engines will give better results to pages with more content.

o Make sure that the text content that you have on your Web pages contains those important keywords and key phrases that you've researched and know will get you competitive rankings and are the most common phrases potential customers might use to search for your products or services .

o No matter how much content you have after incorporating keywords and key phrases, make sure that the content that you have is still …

Computer Lingo!

Computer lingo!

Or, “techno-babble” as I like to call it. If you don’t know your IEEE 1394s from your PCI Express x16s, then you may have a problem if you plan on building or upgrading hardware in your computer. Knowing the talk is essential for getting parts that are compatible and not blowing up your house with parts that conflict (just kidding, you’d blow up your whole neighborhood) (just kidding again, you’d just have to return the part and lower your head in shame for not reading this article).

Here’s some techno-babble that is useful for building or upgrading a computer:

Mobo: Motherboard – the circuit board that all of the computer components are attached to.

AGP: Accelerated Graphics Port – High-speed port on a motherboard for attaching a video card (not the standard, PCI Express x16 is today’s standard)

ATX: Advanced Technology Extended – Standard for computer motherboard and case design.

PCI: Peripheral Component Interconnect – Slot on the motherboard used to attach peripherals such as a sound card.

PCI Express x16: A more specific version of standard PCI, it is the standard slot for Video Cards on a motherboard.

GPU: Graphics Processing Unit – Your Video Card.

SLI: Scalable Link Interface – The technology to link two or more video cards to produce one output. What’s better than one video card? Two video cards.

SATA: Serial ATA – Method for transferring data from your hard drives to your motherboard and devices. This is today’s standard; provides increased bandwidth (it’s faster than PATA). Used for Hard Drives.

PATA: Parallel ATA – Method for transferring data from your hard drives to your motherboard and devices. It is the most common, however, it is not as preferred. Can be connected to all drives; Hard drives and CD/DVD drives.

CPU: Central Processing Unit -Crunches the 1s and 0s and turns your $1000 box into a computer.

AMD: Advanced Micro Devices – A CPU manufacturer known for making cheap efficient processors.

Socket 939/AM2: Associated with AMD brand processors, this is the physical layout of the pins that connect it to the motherboard.

Intel: A CPU manufacturer known for making powerful processors that aren’t cheap.

LGA 775: Associated with Intel brand processors, this is the physical layout of the pins that connect it to the motherboard.

GigaHertz(ghz): The clock speed of the computer. Used to determine the speed of the processor.

RAM: Random Access Memory – Your computer uses this to store data used by open applications.

DDR2 400: One example of RAM slot type. DDR2: double-data-rate two and 400 is the speed of the memory. It is critical that you check the motherboard to and RAM to be sure these match.

Gigabytes(gb): The unit used to measure the size of storage. I recommend having atleast 1gb of RAM.…

Large-Scale Data Processing Frameworks – What Is Apache Spark?

Apache Spark is the latest data processing framework from open source. It is a large-scale data processing engine that will most likely replace Hadoop’s MapReduce. Apache Spark and Scala are inseparable terms in the sense that the easiest way to begin using Spark is via the Scala shell. But it also offers support for Java and python. The framework was produced in UC Berkeley’s AMP Lab in 2009. So far there is a big group of four hundred developers from more than fifty companies building on Spark. It is clearly a huge investment.

A brief description

Apache Spark is a general use cluster computing framework that is also very quick and able to produce very high APIs. In memory, the system executes programs up to 100 times quicker than Hadoop’s MapReduce. On disk, it runs 10 times quicker than MapReduce. Spark comes with many sample programs written in Java, Python and Scala. The system is also made to support a set of other high-level functions: interactive SQL and NoSQL, MLlib(for machine learning), GraphX(for processing graphs) structured data processing and streaming. Spark introduces a fault tolerant abstraction for in-memory cluster computing called Resilient distributed datasets (RDD). This is a form of restricted distributed shared memory. When working with spark, what we want is to have concise API for users as well as work on large datasets. In this scenario many scripting languages does not fit but Scala has that capability because of its statically typed nature.

Usage tips

As a developer who is eager to use Apache Spark for bulk data processing or other activities, you should learn how to use it first. The latest documentation on how to use Apache Spark, including the programming guide, can be found on the official project website. You need to download a README file first, and then follow simple set up instructions. It is advisable to download a pre-built package to avoid building it from scratch. Those who choose to build Spark and Scala will have to use Apache Maven. Note that a configuration guide is also downloadable. Remember to check out the examples directory, which displays many sample examples that you can run.


Spark is built for Windows, Linux and Mac Operating Systems. You can run it locally on a single computer as long as you have an already installed java on your system Path. The system will run on Scala 2.10, Java 6+ and Python 2.6+.

Spark and Hadoop

The two large-scale data processing engines are interrelated. Spark depends on Hadoop’s core library to interact with HDFS and also uses most of its storage systems. Hadoop has been available for long and different versions of it have been released. So you have to create Spark against the same sort of Hadoop that your cluster runs. The main innovation behind Spark was to introduce an in-memory caching abstraction. This makes Spark ideal for workloads where multiple operations access the same input data.

Users can instruct Spark to cache input data sets in …

Why SEO Is A Must In Modern Age Websites

SEO affects every web page and when you have an internet business, you’ll need SEO for the site.

SEO stands for ‘search engine optimization’. An internet site’s SEO assists you to determine precisely how well it’s going to rank on Google and also the other the search engines. Quite simply, how high through to the outcomes page the hyperlink to your site will show for a particular search phrase.

Does Search Engine Optimization Really Matter For The Site?

The key reason why SE Optimization is crucial for the site is the fact that effective SEO outcomes into increased traffic, that may convert into increased sales, more e-mail list subscribers, more advertisements clicked, etc.

SEO has a larger importance for smaller sites because they probably do not have just as much of a budget to cover advertising. Traffic from the search engines is totally free.

2 SEO Forms

There are two main sub-divisions or regions of SEO. They are on-page SEO and off-page SEO. Both help make it rank better on the search engines. But apart from that, they have been fairly different. You will need a combination of both on-page and off-page SEO to create your site rank good.

What Exactly Is On-Page SEO?

On-page SEO pertains to the actions you take in your web site to optimize it for SEO. This consists of:

Content: All of the written content that you publish in your website which includes the keywords that people will make use of to find that content will improve your on-page SEO. The keywords indicate to the search engines that exactly what your content is all about, that will then improve your position within the rankings.

URLs: once you consist of a keyword in your URL, it optimizes your site’s on-page SEO.

Images: Images in your site have things called alt-text, that is not noticeable to your site viewers. You can add keywords within the alt-text that’ll be picked up because of the search-engines.

Site optimization: your site hosting and design is important to your SEO. Make sure your site is mobile friendly plus it has a fast loading speed.

Off-Page SEO

This requires a variety of steps that may improve your web site’s ranking without altering anything on the website itself. It is called link building and it is a technique of creating links off their sites back into your site.

Backlinks are an indication of the worthiness for the content in your site. The important thing aspect is to find links back from quantity sites. Also sharing links to your site from social networking will improve your web site’s results because social networking links are seen as backlinks because of the search engines.…

What Is A Website Content Strategy? How To Develop It?

A digital marketing plan is incomplete without incorporating content in it. It shares a common podium with interface design, user experience, SEO, web marketing, content development, and public relations. It basically focuses on the creation, planning, governance, and delivery of content, which not only combines the words on the web pages but also the usage of multimedia and images. It will help in enhancing the user experience of your website.

Keys To Consider Before Developing The Content Strategy

  • A complete knowledge of the website
  • Content should be written for the audience to ease their web experience
  • It should be plagiarism free and unique
  • Channel awareness is essential
  • Effective management of publication and creation

What Is The Need Of Content In A Website?

  • Generate New Leads: Content Marketing helps your business in planning and preparing the reliable and cost-friendly references of the website traffic, which result in generating leads for your venture.
  • Enhance Brand Awareness: The staunch source of leads and traffic from your unique content will offer you a dynamic flexibility to experiment with marketing strategies to fetch more revenue in the form of distributed content, sponsored content, and social media advertising. It will help you to attract your targeted audience and increase the brand awareness.

Guide To Develop A Unique Content Marketing Strategy

  • Set Your Goal: You should have a brief idea about creating a content marketing plan, to never miss out at any point. It will help you to determine the best marketing strategy for your business.
  • Know Your Targeted Audience: It is commendable for you to have deep knowledge about your targeted audience, as it will help you develop more valuable and relevant content. Therefore, you should keep researching about the mood and demands of the users.
  • Maintain A Content Management System: It is essential for you to maintain a congruous system for managing your content, as it will help you to govern all your content in just one place. CoSchedule and HubSpot are some options that offer you this facility.
  • Generate Innovative Ideas: It is another step to build an evergreen content marketing plan. Writing something with unique and brainstorming ideas helps you to grab the attention of Google. You can utilize content building tools for developing new ideas such as Website Grader, Blog Topic Generator, BuzzSumo, and many more.
  • Determine The Format Of Content: It is essential to define the format for which you have to write content, such as Blog posts, eBook, Infographics, Videos, Templates, and Podcasts.

If you are new to this marketing platform, then you can take the help of the experts of a relevant digital company. They will guide you through your every step of success. …

SEO – How Cloaking Sabotages SEO

One of the largest newbie mistakes made by people first trying out search engine optimization on their websites is to try and cloak it. Most people do not even realize that they are practicing cloaking when they do it and even perceive it as a legitimate form of SEO but the problem is that the big search engines will penalize and blacklist your site for doing it.

In a nutshell, cloaking is the practice of using keywords and metatags to show a search engine spider a different page then what your human visitor to your site is going to see. The purpose of doing this is to drive visitors to a site. An example would be a psychic site that uses the name of famous psychics such Sylvia Browne or John Edwards to promote its services even though they sell no books or services by those famous psychics who have high keyword popularity. Some high-ranking pages are cloaked simply to prevent others from stealing the underlying code but this is no longer such a problem as it is not just keyword content or metatags that the search engine algorithms look at nowdays when they go to index a site.

Using search terms in this phony way can put your site immediately at risk of being removed promptly from the Internet by a search engine. Search engines are becoming increasingly cognizant of the techniques used to try fool them, and they are also becoming better at detecting and removing pages that violate their terms of service. This is why it is also important to be careful of any kind of SEO service in case it is using a process such as "cloaking" to boost your site in the page rankings.

Underhanded tactics such as cloaking only work until the search engines catch you. …