Portable Computer Kiosks

Portable computer kiosks are found to be useful for use within organizations like colleges, bookstores, libraries and the like. The main advantage offered by portable computer kiosks is usage of the same kiosk in different locations. They can be easily moved from place to place without the need for reinstallation or other hardware requirements.

This kind of portability cuts work-time and increases efficiency and productivity levels. Users do not need to go in search of a kiosk located in a particular place within the organization. A portable computer kiosk can be moved from place to place within the concessions of an organization according to a fixed schedule. Work can then be scheduled accordingly and time can thus be utilized in an optimum manner.

Portable computer kiosks are in use in college bookstores. They enable students to register for classes, download class schedules, reserve textbooks, and, send and receive emails among other things.

Portable computer kiosks are used broadly in tradeshows. Several stalls use portable computer kiosks to tell interested visitors about their product. Product information can be presented in an interesting and personalized manner using portable computer kiosks. The use of real-time 3-D software enables an interesting interactive experience for viewers. The perceived value of a product presented in a sophisticated manner gets enhanced. Many a times this kind of an interactive experience is sufficient to turn prospective customers into actual customers.

Customer friendly interfaces used by portable computer kiosks make it possible to widen their area of ​​applications. Large social service organizations use such kiosks in remote areas where technological advances are not much in vogue.

Portable computer kiosks have solved several logistic problems where their use has been implemented. The kind of ease of service provided by portable computer kiosks is akin to the proverbial mountain coming to Mohamed.

The very advantages that makes portable computer kiosks so capable and applicable in a variety of areas, also adds to their cost. The prohibitive costing restrictions wide usage of portable computer kiosks rendering them not so popular. …

Benefits Of Computer Antivirus Software

Installing computer antivirus software on your computer is important. It can be the life saver of your PC and the savior of your important files and data. Therefore you must make antivirus a priority when it comes to the things installed in your computer.

The most important reason behind having computer antivirus software is for the protection of your gadget. Viruses are invaders that can breakdown your computer’s operation. It could destroy all vital data and disturb the operating system making your computer worthless. Viruses cannot easily access the central processing unit of your PC when you have protection software against these viruses. CPU is the brain and heart of your computer that is why it is imperative to have a protection gear against unwanted attackers.

Second reason in having computer antivirus software is to protect you from hackers. Hackers are people or group of people who illegally penetrate personal information such as bank accounts, credit cards and other related data. They use this personal info to gain access in someone’s financial activities, lend some money using others account and illicitly transact for someone’s behalf. Hackers are living viruses that you must avoid. Antivirus program prevents these people from making connections through your internet and even blocking unwarranted messages from coming in your emails.

Next benefit that you will gain from having this software is the cost efficiency of your unit. Although some antivirus is relatively costly, there are also wide arrays of free and downloadable software in the internet. Antivirus software can extend the life and usage of your computer by protecting the hardware and the operational software from harmful viruses. Even if you pay a higher rate in purchasing these commercial softwares, the benefit of having to enjoy your computer longer can go beyond the price that you spend. The efficiency is measured not on the price but on the quality of service you will have.

Convenience is the last benefit on this list. Computers that do not have an antivirus welcome hackers and viruses into the system, hence it will start to slow down. Invaded computers also have the difficulty in performing simple arithmetic operation and other logical function. With the help of computer antivirus software, your PC will retain its speed and accuracy. It is also easier to detect the presence of viruses by scanning the files, data or attachments before preceding other operations. User will be notified when the antivirus detects uncertain security on the files.…

Building Your Own Computer: How Many Steps Are Involved?

In the space of this very short article, I'm going to tell you every step it takes to build your own computer. Why? Because I want you to know just how easy it is.

First, you start with the motherboard. Before you install it in the case, attach the CPU, heatsink, and fan. The CPU literally drops into place. It's called a Zero Insertion Force socket. The heatsink and the fan attach to the CPU socket by means of a steel clip. That's all there is to it.

Now, plug in your RAM modules on the motherboard. Little plastic arms will click into place at each end when they seat.

With all this stuff pre-attached, install the motherboard in your case. Usually 7 screws and a couple of plastic standoffs hold it to the chassis. The most technical part of this step is to know how to use a screwdriver.

You can slide your hard drive into place now. It goes into one of the case's 3.5 inch bays, and is held there by four screws. Connect it to the motherboard with a ribbon cable. You'll also need to connect it to the power supply using one of the four-wire leads.

It's much the same story with your CD / DVD, except it goes in a 5 inch bay. It gets a ribbon cable, and the same type of power line. A separate sound wire will connect it to the motherboard.

Since cooling is always a concern, a case fan, or maybe two, will be needed. Screws hold it in place, and it will take a wire from the power supply to run it.

Go ahead and plug in the case wires to stuff like the start button, the front USB ports, and the speaker that makes that annoying beep when you do something wrong. These are labeled, although the print is tiny.

Any cards you require, like a graphics card, modem, and the like, can go in now. Push them straight down into their slots. At the back end they're held to the case by a single screw. There's no power to connect. They get their juice from the motherboard.

Now, boot up your new machine, and install your operating system.

Are there more "particulars" you need to know about building a PC? Yes, but you can learn them easily with a good guidebook. With a book, parts, and a spare afternoon, you can build your own computer! …

Pornography Addiction-Who Is Hurt?

We get home from work and want to wind down, so we turn on the pornograph (computer) and visit our favorite sites. Soon, we do not even remember the struggles of work. Afterwards, we're relaxed, calm. To chase away that twinge of guilt, we tell ourselves, "How could this natural bodily function hurt anyone?" This article will reveal, in very frank language, how pornography addiction hurts everyone in your life, including you.

Pornography Hurts Your Marriage: OK "significant other" for you who are not married. Sexual intuition is one of the factors that distinguish a committed relationship from, say, an affair. Although, pornography initially triggers an increase in sexual activity, it is anything but intimate. It was not attraction to our partner that generated the contact, but a need to gratify the desires built up by viewing others. Forgive me for being blunt, but this turns our mate into little more than a tool for masturbation. Even more sad is the fact that, over time, our mate becomes the least favorite tool, since the other options place fewer expectations or demands on us. This is more than a weakened relationship, it is infidelity as severe as adultery, the affair being, in this case, with yourself. But, pornography addiction hurts more than our marriage, it hurts our children, too.

Porn Hurts Your Children: It amazes me how many adults are in denial about this one. First of all, if things are not right in your marriage, I think you'd agree that affects your children. If we're addicted to porn, no matter how carefully we hide it, the marriage relationship problems will spill over to our children. Not only that, if we're sharing computers with the kids, they can pull up the cache and see what we saw. If we're sharing an internet connection, we have the same address, so they receive spam based on our internet habits. If you're using pornography magazines, they have seen them … you think they're not in your secret places when you're not around? Because pornography changes how we see people, we can not hide our thoughts from the kids. What you do speaks so loud, they can not hear what you say. They see how much attention we pay to underwear commercials on TV. They see where we're looking at people's bodies. They begin to form their values ​​from ours.

A friend was hurt and angry when his 16-year-old daughter left home and, for 18 months, slept with every male she could get her hands on. While I was counseling her, it almost seemed she was bragging about her sexual popularity. Her Dad was angry at the world, but, having known him for years, I knew the problem was closer to home. You see, for most of the time she was growing up, he had the Playboy bunny logo (rabbit's head) on his keychain, dangling from the steering column everywhere he blew her. By this, and probably other signals, Dad communicated to his daughter what …

How to Fix Windows Server 2008 Boot Loader

If the boot loader to your Windows Server 2008 machine gets corrupted or deleted for whatever reason, it really is a painstaking process to get it fixed. The boot loader to my machine got deleted somehow while I was resizing partitions. After scouring the web, I could not find anything on rebuilding the boot loader for Windows Server 2008. All I could find were instructions to restore a Windows Vista boot loader but luckily, the process for Server 2008 is similar.

Due to the lack of recovery tools on the Server 2008 installation CD, the boot loader must be rebuilt manually.

For this guide, I’m going to assume your installation has a drive letter of C:.

Insert the Server 2008 installation CD into your DVD-ROM. Restart your computer and boot from the CD.

Choose to repair your computer, then open the command prompt.

At the command prompt, use the following commands:


cd boot

bootsect /nt60 c: /force /mbr

bootrec /rebuildbcd

After using the “bootrec /rebuldbcd” command, you will be prompted to accept a Windows installation. Accept the installation, then wait for the process to finish. Once it’s done, reboot your comptuer and you should have a boot loader ready to go.

If you do not have a “boot” folder in the system C: drive, then copy the “boot” folder form the Windows installation CD to the C: drive. Use the following command which assumes E: is your DVD-ROM

mkdir c:boot

copy e:boot* c:boot

Afterwards, just use the boot restore commands to rebuild the bootloader.…

Computer Lingo!

Computer lingo!

Or, “techno-babble” as I like to call it. If you don’t know your IEEE 1394s from your PCI Express x16s, then you may have a problem if you plan on building or upgrading hardware in your computer. Knowing the talk is essential for getting parts that are compatible and not blowing up your house with parts that conflict (just kidding, you’d blow up your whole neighborhood) (just kidding again, you’d just have to return the part and lower your head in shame for not reading this article).

Here’s some techno-babble that is useful for building or upgrading a computer:

Mobo: Motherboard – the circuit board that all of the computer components are attached to.

AGP: Accelerated Graphics Port – High-speed port on a motherboard for attaching a video card (not the standard, PCI Express x16 is today’s standard)

ATX: Advanced Technology Extended – Standard for computer motherboard and case design.

PCI: Peripheral Component Interconnect – Slot on the motherboard used to attach peripherals such as a sound card.

PCI Express x16: A more specific version of standard PCI, it is the standard slot for Video Cards on a motherboard.

GPU: Graphics Processing Unit – Your Video Card.

SLI: Scalable Link Interface – The technology to link two or more video cards to produce one output. What’s better than one video card? Two video cards.

SATA: Serial ATA – Method for transferring data from your hard drives to your motherboard and devices. This is today’s standard; provides increased bandwidth (it’s faster than PATA). Used for Hard Drives.

PATA: Parallel ATA – Method for transferring data from your hard drives to your motherboard and devices. It is the most common, however, it is not as preferred. Can be connected to all drives; Hard drives and CD/DVD drives.

CPU: Central Processing Unit -Crunches the 1s and 0s and turns your $1000 box into a computer.

AMD: Advanced Micro Devices – A CPU manufacturer known for making cheap efficient processors.

Socket 939/AM2: Associated with AMD brand processors, this is the physical layout of the pins that connect it to the motherboard.

Intel: A CPU manufacturer known for making powerful processors that aren’t cheap.

LGA 775: Associated with Intel brand processors, this is the physical layout of the pins that connect it to the motherboard.

GigaHertz(ghz): The clock speed of the computer. Used to determine the speed of the processor.

RAM: Random Access Memory – Your computer uses this to store data used by open applications.

DDR2 400: One example of RAM slot type. DDR2: double-data-rate two and 400 is the speed of the memory. It is critical that you check the motherboard to and RAM to be sure these match.

Gigabytes(gb): The unit used to measure the size of storage. I recommend having atleast 1gb of RAM.…

Large-Scale Data Processing Frameworks – What Is Apache Spark?

Apache Spark is the latest data processing framework from open source. It is a large-scale data processing engine that will most likely replace Hadoop’s MapReduce. Apache Spark and Scala are inseparable terms in the sense that the easiest way to begin using Spark is via the Scala shell. But it also offers support for Java and python. The framework was produced in UC Berkeley’s AMP Lab in 2009. So far there is a big group of four hundred developers from more than fifty companies building on Spark. It is clearly a huge investment.

A brief description

Apache Spark is a general use cluster computing framework that is also very quick and able to produce very high APIs. In memory, the system executes programs up to 100 times quicker than Hadoop’s MapReduce. On disk, it runs 10 times quicker than MapReduce. Spark comes with many sample programs written in Java, Python and Scala. The system is also made to support a set of other high-level functions: interactive SQL and NoSQL, MLlib(for machine learning), GraphX(for processing graphs) structured data processing and streaming. Spark introduces a fault tolerant abstraction for in-memory cluster computing called Resilient distributed datasets (RDD). This is a form of restricted distributed shared memory. When working with spark, what we want is to have concise API for users as well as work on large datasets. In this scenario many scripting languages does not fit but Scala has that capability because of its statically typed nature.

Usage tips

As a developer who is eager to use Apache Spark for bulk data processing or other activities, you should learn how to use it first. The latest documentation on how to use Apache Spark, including the programming guide, can be found on the official project website. You need to download a README file first, and then follow simple set up instructions. It is advisable to download a pre-built package to avoid building it from scratch. Those who choose to build Spark and Scala will have to use Apache Maven. Note that a configuration guide is also downloadable. Remember to check out the examples directory, which displays many sample examples that you can run.


Spark is built for Windows, Linux and Mac Operating Systems. You can run it locally on a single computer as long as you have an already installed java on your system Path. The system will run on Scala 2.10, Java 6+ and Python 2.6+.

Spark and Hadoop

The two large-scale data processing engines are interrelated. Spark depends on Hadoop’s core library to interact with HDFS and also uses most of its storage systems. Hadoop has been available for long and different versions of it have been released. So you have to create Spark against the same sort of Hadoop that your cluster runs. The main innovation behind Spark was to introduce an in-memory caching abstraction. This makes Spark ideal for workloads where multiple operations access the same input data.

Users can instruct Spark to cache input data sets in …

Computer Job at Home – The Way to Freedom, Happiness, Or Self Slavery?

A computer job at home is a dream for many people. Why? It spells freedom. It also means happiness. It means you are in control of your own life! But a computer job at home could also spell self slavery. If you really want a computer job at home then do it the right way. I'll fill you in on doing it the right way in a second. But first lets look at the negatives of being self-employed.


– You'll have to pay your own benefits.
– It might be a lot more work.
-You might see your spouse 24 hours a day

Of course there are more negatives than this, but what's the point in listing them all. Having a computer job at home, being self-employed, is hands down the winner as far as I am concerned. Why?

Self-employment positives:

– Your level of achievement can not be controlled by anyone else. Become who you want to become! (Is not that awesome)
– No one day is ever the same, you're not involved in just one area of ​​your computer job at home, you're involved in all of it, it's your business!
– All profits generated go to you! And that, my friend, can be a lot of profit indeed .
– Complete recognition of your achievements and successes.
– You are in control of your own destiny; yes, you are in control! Think about that.
– Freedom to take vacation time, and sick time, as your online business runs day and night without you having to be there, etc.

I could go on and on. These are just a few positives of having a computer job at home. Speaking for myself, my office job was so boring and repetitive I felt like a broken down machine. So I ever got the right computer job at home, and wow, it bought me happiness. Why?

Because it showed me that being self-employed cave me way higher satisfaction than working for others, regardless of the money I made, or the hours I worked. Amazing!

Obviously, with a computer job at home, it's not the result of your work, or how much you earn, where you will find happiness, but in the process itself! Yes, it's in the process. Being in control, and doing the work for yourself, this process makes you happy. Because it's not reaching your planned destination that makes you happy, it's the journey itself, it's doing the walk.

Becoming rich is a means to an end; and that end is happiness. Happiness is a means in itself. It is the ultimate goal! When you have a computer job at home you will achieve happiness, your success will be felt in the process of the doing.

If you decide to go this way, like I say, do it the right way. Do not become a salve to your computer job at home. Avoid making the same mistakes I made. …

Computer Recycling – Circuit Boards

Today's technology is giving businesses and people access to smaller, faster and more powerful computers. This means that every few years computers and their components are discarded because they are obsolete. Most of these components are non-biodegradable so when they are thrown into the trash they will definitely remain in a landfill somewhere. When people and businesses do computer recycling they do not think about the components inside and how some can be reused. With circuit boards they provide materials that can be used to make other things. Sometimes a business or individual wants to continue using the computer but needs to replace the worn out computer boards so they need to find an environmentally safe way of disposing of them. There are many ways in which you can do computer recycling of the circuit boards,

Returning to the manufacturer

When doing computer recycling there are some manufactures who offer reclamation plans, which means that they can turn in the old boards for credit. When the business or individual purchases new ones, the credit they received from the older boards is applied to the cost of the new ones, reducing the cost for business and individuals for the new boards. The manufacturer also benefits from this program by harvesting the components to be used for creating new circuit boards or refurbishing the circuit boards so they can be resold at a discount to their customers.

Recycling old circuit boards

If the business or individual just wants to do computer recycling they can take the computer to the recycling center and let them remove the older boards or they can take the computer apart and take out the circuit boards. They can then be broken down so the individual components can be sold to use in creating other electronic components.

Finding a direct buyer

This would be an option if the buyer, such as an individual who sells rebuilt computers, wants to stock up on older items to be refurbished and reused in the rebuilt computers. The buyer may also want to use the individual components for other projects that they have.

Most businesses will do computer recycling and let the recycler deal with the circuit board and other components that can be resold but computer circuit board recycling can be done at home but is not recommended. Individuals who recycle computer circuit boards are generally ones that work in their home rebuilding computers. Most will either refurbish the board to be reused or remove the precious metals from the board. This can be done by burning the boards, which in turn will create a lot of pollution or you can use highly toxic corrosive chemicals. …

Computer Work From Home

The opportunity for computer work from home jobs is now readily available for anyone who wants to work from home. This type of job is great for parents who want to stay at home with their children to see them grow up missing the important aspects of their life while at a 9 to 5 dead-end job. You control how many hours a day, a week, and even a month you want to work. You can work full time or part time. It all depends on what you want to do and how much money you want to earn.

The computer work from home jobs are not real technical, and in most cases do not require any type of extra training. Most of the jobs are based on common skills you probably already have. However, you can benefit more if you have some type of talent that involves the computer. A couple of these talents include an artist or a web designer. You can also do data entry, legal assisting, and medical transcription from your home computer.

Some computer work from home jobs is a scam so you must be careful when choosing a computer job. These companies that scam you build your hopes up by telling you will make tons of money and then you get nothing. Contacting your Better Business Bureau before investing any money into a computer job you do at home is wise, they will know if the company is legitimate or not. If you think the computer company sounds too good to be true, then it probably is, so it might be wise to look for other means of a work at home job with your computer.

Starting a computer work from home job may be easy as far as skill and a person’s aptitude for the computer goes. Having knowledge of how to work a computer and many programs will definitely be beneficial to you. However, you may have to invest in specific programs if the company you will be working for will not supply them for you. Deadlines will also have to be met, so self-discipline and hard work are required.…