Anti-Virus Software is Essential Protection

These days using a computer is something nearly everyone does regularly. It may only be for occasional simple word processing tasks, to send and receive some emails and to browse the Internet, or it may be for more complicated tasks.

This near universal use of computers has also attracted nasty people, often with criminal intent. Every few days it seems there is another news item about some new computer virus, trojan or worm intent on misusing your computer’s records.

The threat posed by computer viruses should not be taken lightly. They come in many different forms depending on what their creators have designed them to do. This could be feeding back to the hacker information held on your computer; slowing it down and making it unstable, or even deleting files from it.

Computer virus programmers will usually hide their virus programs to seem like the type of typical file that you will use everyday e.g. an mp3 music file, or they’ll send an executable program file as an email attachment that gets automatically activated as soon as you open the email.

You can protect yourself from these nasty pieces of virus code with just a little commonsense. You should not open an email if you don’t know and trust the person who sent it. You should ensure the security settings on your internet browser are set to ‘high’. Wise users will avoid the ‘darker’ areas of the Internet, such as peer-to-peer file-sharing programs.

Make sure that you have up-to-date versions of the two must-have pieces of software on your computer and that they are activated at all times. What are the essential pieces of software that everyone should have installed on their computer? An Anti-virus program and a Firewall.

No longer is a good Anti-virus program all the protection you need. These days, many computers are permanently connected to high speed internet services, and need to control access to their computer with a Firewall program as well.

Because new computer viruses are being invented virtually every day you should invest in an Anti-virus program that checks for updates automatically every time you access the Internet. Most of the top ones will do this as a matter of course.

Stepping in and installing protection before you are hit with a virus attack will save you a lot of trouble. You should not leave your computer vulnerable to interference. If you don’t already have an up to date Anti-virus program and Firewall installed on your PC, schedule a few minutes to put that right today – the potential outcome of not doing so could prove very costly.…

Software Engineering Phone Interview Tips

The phone interview will most likely be the initial obstacle to conquer when landing a software engineering position. For a lot of internships, you may only have to pass the phone interview (s) to obtain the job.

Phone interviews range from short simple tests to extended conversations including many technical and programming questions. The interview on the phone can certainly present an advantage for the number of less socially-inclined (sorry for the stereotype fellow brainiacs!) People in computer science that feel awkward in conversations with strangers. Before we even begin details about what happens on the phone, let's review the fundamental tips that will provide you with the confidence to succeed.

Basic principles

First, do you have a landline phone? Otherwise, can you absolutely have confidence in your cell phone provider to not drop your calls? Also, are you certain you will have a charger in case your battery runs out? Visit the area that you'll perform your phone interview and ask a friend to contact you to check on reception. If possible, put one more cell phone charger there just in case. Take action. These items might make your interview a nightmare and turn you into a nervous meltdown.

The Way You Sound

Your voice can be critical in conveying that you will be an excellent fit in the organization. Imagine being the interviewer and talking with somebody who was shy and indecisive. Most of us form impressions of people when first talking to them, and you do not want to produce a negative, non-charming impression.

Here's a suggestion that I frequently provide. Leave yourself a voicemail message. Say, "Hello, my name is …, and I am looking forward to interviewing with your business. My interests are …" I realize this sounds corny, but try it. Now play back your voicemail message. You sound considering differently when listening your own voice. When you hear yourself, do you sound confident? Are you speaking loud enough? After hearing your voice, are you able to envision yourself as an ambitious person? The interviewer can not pick up your gestures, and it is vital that you project confidence through your voice.

Call your cell phone again and carry out some things in different ways. Stand up and walk while you talk. Project your voice deep out of your chest. Deliberately put a grin on your face when you speak. After the fact that you may feel stupid, I guarantee you that you will sound much more confident and happy.

Company Research / News

It still surprises me when i prepare people for interviews and they have no clue about the organization with which they are interviewing. Some of my sample questions are: "What sparks your interest in the business?", "What's something recent you've learned about the business?", And "What products interest you the most?"

They all are fundamental questions which entail simple research. It is simply embarrassing when you can not provide an answer to these questions. Your very best assets for company …

Proper Computer Care For A Beginner

Any person that has ever owned a computer will tell you that there are a lot of different items that have to be addressed when it comes to proper ownership of these devices.

The first is the physical care for your computer; This is an important aspect that has to be examined closely in making an effort to ensure that the device is operating well within all of the parameters that it is supposedly to on a regular schedule. Make sure that the computer is in a dust free environment, this can help the owner a lot in getting the best outlet.

Look around and find some of the better made virus protection software that is able to be purchased. This is an important concept that has to be examined closely. The better that it s able to protect your system, this will many instances lead to better opportunities that can become positive results will be in the end. Viruses are one of the more damaging facts that have to be avoided at all cost.

Take a look at the software suite that you have for your daily task, many of the people will use a suite for their Internet surfing as well as products like word processing and other document related task. It is advised that you get a suite that is made to work with itself as opposed to single little pieces that are able to be bought.

Do not let the computer get over heated, this is one of the more important aspects that should be given the proper amount of consideration, the more that you are able to accomplish this, then the more successful the end all result will be.

If you are a business owner then one product that you might want to look into is a professional web design, this can go a long way in helping you to establish yourself on the map as being a true leader in the world of business, this is another reason why a computer has to be in its best operating condition.

This is a short list of the things that have to be kept in mind when thinking about proper computer care. Taking all of the details in this article in mind, allows for the results that you seek out to be a lot more possible, and there before you computer will run, the better that it will be there for you when you require it the most. …

Internet Marketing for Newbies – 5 Strategies for Making Money Online

So, you have decided it’s time you look into starting a home-based business, be it as an additional income stream or even as a main income stream upon retirement from your JOB or conventional business. And what better option than Internet Marketing! You can work it at your own timing, choose an area that you love so it’s not work at all… Now all that remains is how you can turn it into a Money Making Machine!

Firstly, what exactly is Internet Marketing? Simply put, internet marketing is the marketing or promotion of products or services over the Internet.

Internet marketing is associated with several business models, the two main ones being:

  • E-Commerce, where products or services are sold directly to consumers (B2C) or businesses (B2B).
  • Affiliate Marketing, where a product or service developed by one entity is sold or promoted by other active marketers for a share of profits. The business entity rewards its affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate’s marketing efforts.

For newbies who want to build a home-based business to make money online, the model I recommend is Affiliate Marketing as that is the simplest to get started with.

Why is Affiliate Marketing a good business for you?

You don’t need high start up capital as you are not developing your own product. You simply make money promoting other people’s products or services.

  • You do not have to worry about after sales service, shipping or storage or packaging or inventories. All that is handled by the merchant.
  • You can promote one product, several products, or drop a product if you are not satisfied with it. You are not tied to any product, nor have to meet sales quota.
  • Once you have put in the initial work to get it started, it has the potential to earn passive income for you – for as long as traffic keeps coming to your affiliate marketing website, it becomes your Money Making Machine.
  • Not only is it your Money Making Machine, it can also give you Multiple Streams of Income. With one website, you can monetize it in many ways. In addition, once you have developed one website with a workable strategy, it’s easy to duplicate your success.

What do you need to get started?

You need to think about this very carefully before you even get started. Your online business will not generate a substantial income for the first 3 months, and that is for the highly motivated person. Affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It’s not for those who want to reap rewards without putting in any work. It’s a legitimate business that can make you very rich, but it does take time and focus at the beginning, so be prepared to commit a certain number of hours to it.

The good news is: the money you need to invest to get started is not a lot. What you do need to factor in are things like:

  • Cost of a computer or laptop

How To Delete Harmful Internet Surfing Data From Your Computer

Delete Cookies

Many web pages put cookies on your hard drive. Cookies are files that include information that the web page can use next time you visit that page; for example, a user ID, password, and other information you had entered into the web page. Cookies may also include information that tells the website what kind of ads to show you based on personal information you entered at one time. Cookies can be a threat to your privacy as they can be used to keep track of sites you visit and that information can be used for unwanted purposes. About the only disadvantage to deleting cookies is you will be required to re-enter your user ID and password, or other personal preferences, next time you visit a website that requires that information. This is a small inconvenience considering the possible damage that can be done by cookies.

1. Display Internet Explorer if it is not already displayed.

2. Click on the Tools menu choice near the top of the Internet Explorer window and then click on the Internet Options … choice.

3. Click on the General tab if it is not displayed.

4. Click on the Delete Cookies … button.

5. Click on the OK button when the pop-up appears.

6. Proceed to the next procedure.

Delete Temporary Internet Files

Internet files are stored on your hard drive every time you surf the Internet. They are called Temporary Internet Files but they stay on your hard drive long after you are done surfing the web. This is done so if you later decide to look at the same page again it will open faster because your computer does not have to get the page again from the Internet. Computers are now very fast and have a lot of memory so you will probably not notice the difference if the temporary files are deleted. Temporary Internet Files are used by spyware programs to find out what websites you visit.

1. Click on the Delete Files … button.

2. Click in the Delete all offline content box in the Delete Files pop-up so it is checked.

3. Click on the OK button. If you have not done this before, or for a long time, it may take a while to delete all the unnecessary temporary files.

4. Proceed to the next procedure.

Delete Surfing History

A history of websites you have viewed is maintained by Internet Explorer. This is done to make it easy for you to find a previously viewed web page. That is nice but your Internet browsing history information can be used to harm you. It should be noted that the "Delete History" portion of the following procedure will delete your surfing history so it can not be found with the use of the normal history functions even if you can find the history trail even after it has been deleted so do not do anything on your computer that might get you in serious trouble. There are software …

Finding a Computer Package That Fits You

When it comes to choosing the right desktop computer or laptop package for your personal requirements it can be quite hard to decide which one is best. Each one has an operating system, memory, processor and hard drive among other features but it just depends on what you are going to be using the computer for as to what suits you best.

Somebody that likes to play lots of games on their computer would definitely benefit from something with and above average size of memory and a very good graphics card.

If you just want to be able to browse the internet and have the ability to receive and send any emails then you would not need to look at any special extras. Students may even want to look at the option of buying a printer with their computer package. You could even look at this option if you just want to print pictures off your computer.

On the other hand if you want to be able to download music or films onto your computer you may want something that has a minimum of at least 512 mb of memory. This is because anything below this would inevitably lead to your computer slowing down when downloading anything.

There are even accessories available such as surround sound systems that you can add to your computer for much better film and music pleasure.

It is safe to say that each separate manufacturer would build a slightly different computer package. If you are lucky some may even let you choose what you want in the package.

You could also get help as to what components they think you may need to fit your requirements.

The best thing that you can do is to shop around before you make your final decision on what the best package is for you. That way you can be sure of choosing the right computer package for your needs. …

Troubled With a Slow Computer? – Fix Your Slow Computer Instantly!

Lots of PC users are troubled with slow computer speed no matter how fast their computers are right now. Actually, there may be a great number of possible reasons to computer's low productivity, which results in kinds of solutions to fix a slow computer such as adding more RAM, upgrading hard drive. Here are some ways that help your slow computer to regain some of the speed and performance instantly.

1. Remove unneeded items from startup menu. Just point your mouse to "Start", and then type "msconfig" into the "Run" box and then hit "Enter" to access System Configuration Utility, then uncheck the programs that you do not need to automatically load every time your start up the computer within "Startup" tab. After the simple setting here, your slow startup problem will be fixed.

2. Remove unused stuffs from the computer. Although hard disk space does not directly cause sluggish computer speed, if too many unused programs exist on the computer, the system resource will be greatly ate up when booting up the computer. To fix a slow computer, what you need to do is: uninstall the unnecessary programs by going through Add / Remove Programs, and then clear the system junk files with Windows built-in Disk Cleanup.

3. Use Disk Defragmenter. Please note that your hard drive will become fragmented as you uninstall programs or remove files. If the hard drive becomes too fragmented, it will consume more time for the hard disk head to find / reassemble all parts of a single unit together, which will make the computer run slowly. Simply go to Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools. Normally, it will take you some time to finish the whole defragment process. But please belittle it-it plays important role in fixing a slow computer.

4. Use a registry utility. Windows registry is a database which contains the setting information of the Windows. It also contains the information of hardware and software installed on the PC. No matter when you make changes on the Control Panel settings, system policies, or installed software, the changes are reflected in the registry. Because of frequent use, registry errors come inevitably. It will cause the files (date) inaccessible / program can not be opened / system slowness / random system crashes. Seriously, it will stop you from successfully logging into the system.

5. Another way to fix your slow computer is to clear Internet cache and delete your cookies. This helps you to solve slow Internet speed and prevent the pop-ups from appearing time and time again. …

How to Write Web Content For a Successful Website

Probably the most important factor a website is its content in other words text. This really is the deciding factor on whether your website fails or if it succeeds. Do not blow off the text for videos and pictures. Text is still important in this modern world.

So read some writing tips below

Have a Planned Topic

A topic is what your website is going to be about. You can not just write about anything randomly and expect traffic and money. Remember the formula I have below it will help you to succeed.


Stay on Topic

I have read so many websites that just go right off topic. Like for example I was reading a article about HTML code. So about half way through he / she got into a story about a virus he got on his computer. It was complete waste of my time and I can promise you I will not be going to that website again.


Write your Text Personally but not to Personally

When you're making a fact filled web page you do not want to be writing the web page like your writing an email to a friend. You want it to be good info and not story filled. But this rule can be broken when writing a personal blog.

And 100% of the time on web pages do not write Internet slang like "LOL".

Title your pages Appropriately

Do not waste your reader's time reading a whole web page looking for the info there looking for. Title your web pages so that they make sense and you can tell what that page is about.


Good Title – Car Parts and What they Do

Bad Title – Cars (Un-specific and Waste the viewers time)

Spell Everything Correctly

There's not much to say about this but spell your text correctly. It looks more professional and it's easier to read. So if you do suck at spelling like me that's why they invented spell spell.

So there you have it the tips you need to have in mind while writing for your website. And I can promise you with good writing comes good money. …

How To Clean the Spies In Your Computer?

Manual Spy Bot Removal> BookedSpace

BookedSpace is an Internet Explorer Browser Helper Object used to show advertising.

Free PC Health Check – find bad files fast! How many corrupt and redundant files are lurking inside your PC ready to cause harmful errors? Find these harmful "time-bomb" files instantly and keep your computer ERROR FREE 24 hours a day!


BookedSpace / Remanent: early variant (around July 2003) with filename rem00001.dll, controlling server

BookedSpace / BS2 and BookedSpace / BS3: newer revisions (August 2003) with filename bs2.dll or bs3.dll, controlling server [].


BookedSpace / Remanent is silently installed by MThree MP3 to WAV converter. BookedSpace / BS2 is silently installed by FreeWire's FreeMP3Player. The origin of BookedSpace / BS3 is currently unknown.


Yes. BookedSpace can contact its controlling server when a new page is visited, which may direct it to open pop-up ads.

Privacy violation

Yes. When the controlling server is contacted, the URL of the current page is passed along with a user ID for tracking purposes.

Security issues

Yes. May download and install third-party software as directed by its controlling server. BookedSpace / BS2 has been seen to install the BargainBuddy, nCase and eBates parasites.

Stability problems

Seems to stop IE address bar searches from working.


Open a DOS command prompt windows (from Start-> Programs-> Accessories), and enter the following commands, for the Remanent variant:

cd "% WinDir% System"

regsvr32 / u ".. rem00001.dll"

Or, for the BS2 variant:

cd "% WinDir% System"

regsvr32 / u ".. bs2.dll"

Or, for the BS3 variant:

cd "% WinDir% System"

regsvr32 / u ".. bs3.dll"

Next, for BS2 and BS3, open the registry (click 'Start', choose 'Run', enter 'regedit'), find the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Run, and delete the entry 'BookedSpace' BS2 variant) or 'Bsx3' (BS3 variant).

Restart the computer and you should be able to delete the 'rem00001.dll', 'bs2.dll' or 'bs3.dll' file in the Windows folder. You can also open the registry and delete the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE Software Remanent or HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE_Software BookedExpace to clean up, if you like.

Free PC Health Check – find bad files fast! How many corrupt and redundant files are lurking inside your PC ready to cause harmful errors? Find these harmful "time-bomb" files instantly and keep your computer ERROR FREE 24 hours a day!

MS Media Player GUID


MS Media Player GUID is a warning that the Window Media player may transmits an anonymous Global Uniquie IDentifier (GUID) to the streaming servers when you download content.

The following is the information given at Microsoft Security Bulletin MS01-029: "… a potential privacy vulnerability that was recently identified. itself enable a web site to identify the user, it could enable the correlation of user information to potentially build a composite description of the user. " Source

The existence of this GUID on your system may also indicate that your system does not have all critical updates and service packs installed.


Bazooka Adware and Spyware Scanner detects MS Media Player GUID. …

Nikon Coolpix S1100pj Projector Camera

The new Coolpix S1100pj is definitely a big step up from its predecessor, the Coolpix S1000pj. It responds even better to the needs of users of projector-equipped digital cameras. The brightness is increased to an amazing 40%, so that the projection is larger and clearer. The results are impressive. Even in a not-so-dark room the images shown are crisper than expected.

Nikon has also decided to make the projection feature one-touch, which simplifies the camera somewhat. Alongside the sharper design comes tweaks to the camera's features. These include the addition of in-camera editing.

The chassis of the S1100pj is slimmer than you may think for a device which has a projector built in, and Nikon assures us that it has sacrificed none of the quality of the snaps the camera takes. In addition, there is a 3-inch TFT LCD touch panel monitor giving you a very easy to use camera.

The Nikon Coolpix S1100pj also supports the projection of computer data when connected to a computer, increasing the ways in which the built-in projector may be used for both personal and business application. The Coolpix S1100pj continues to offer the necessary camera functions for recording still images and movies. It is the model that proposes new ways to enjoy a digital camera with the ability to record and immediately share memories and lasting impressions anywhere and anytime.

The Coolpix S1100pj has a14.1 megapixel resolution lets you capture amazing detailed images. It has a NIKKOR wide angle 5 x optical zoom giving you the precision and sharp resolution you need. This digital camera offers many more exciting features and can definitely be classed as a high quality camera and not just another "cool looking gadget".

The S1100pj also introduces a range of retouch features so you can really get creative, including Fisheye effect, selective color highlighting on an otherwise monochrome picture, and background softening, so you do not have to go anywhere near a computer to edit your images. To liven up your slideshows you can use the built-in animations, background music or slide transitions. Finally, the Paint function means you can add handwritten annotations to your images, even while you are projecting them on a wall.

The Nikon S1100pj is capable of focusing as close as 1.2 inches (three centimeters) in macro mode, and includes both face detection and focus tracking capabilities.

Nikon have certainly done themselves proud with this model, It's a great innovation and definitely a handy and compact camera that will capture all of your memories. Certainly expect to see a huge interest from people when the Coolpix S1100pj is released mid-September. You will be spoiled for choice as it comes in four cool looking colors, I am definitely giving this the thumbs up and would advise anyone remotely interested in this type of camera to get in quick to avoid any disappointment.

There is already quite a lot of hype about this digital camera, and who am I to disagree with all the positive comments. It's …