Mergers and Acquisition – A Case Study and Analysis of HP-Compaq Merger

Brief Description

The following is a brief description of the two companies:


It all began in the year 1938 when two electrical engineering graduates from Stanford University called William Hewlett and David Packard started their business in a garage in Palo Alto. In a year’s time, the partnership called Hewlett-Packard was made and by the year 1947, HP was incorporated. The company has been prospering ever since as its profits grew from five and half million dollars in 1951 to about 3 billion dollars in 1981. The pace of growth knew no bounds as HP’s net revenue went up to 42 billion dollars in 1997. Starting with manufacturing audio oscillators, the company made its first computer in the year 1966 and it was by 1972 that it introduced the concept of personal computing by a calculator first which was further advanced into a personal computer in the year 1980. … Read More

HughesNet Is Your Internet Service Provider Of Choice

If you want the best combination of flexibility, convenience, and reliability in your high speed Internet service, then HughesNet is your Internet service provider of choice. While any company can promise high speeds and great quality service, HughesNet can back it up with a great combination of sophisticated technology, great values, and excellent customer support.

So what sets HughesNet apart from other Internet service providers in? Beside a commitment to thorough customer satisfaction and providing the best service possible, the undering answer is technology. Like so much else in life, the foundation that you build from influences the degree of success that you enjoy for years or even decades to come. In the case of HughesNet, that foundation was satellite technology.

Satellite technology offers a number of advantages that other types of technology that facilitate high speed Internet simply can not. Perhaps the largest advantage of satellite technology is that … Read More

The Smarter Way to Carry Your Laptop

The laptops are an excellent investment. They provide an easy way to work and play. Keeping this notebook in tiptop shape would be important for you too. Here's what you should look for in choosing a great notebook bag or case. Laptops were made for convenience. With the advent of this technology, people were able to work anytime and anywhere they feel like it, thanks to the invention of laptops.

Laptops may come in different styles and sizes. Some laptops are small and light unique to those working on the go. While other laptops are more conventional, slightly larger and heavier, which work perfectly well for those who want to file and save as much work as possible and still be able to enjoy other activities such as games in the same device.

Previously, people settled for ordinary notebook bags, and gadgets that usually comes with it. Others have even … Read More

The Importance Of Virus Protection And Its Impact On Your Computer

Meaning of computer virus

Computer viruses are special programs which are written or created for the purpose of upsetting or destroying the performance of the computer systems. Here, every computer needs anti virus software capable of detecting these viruses and eliminating them from the computer systems. Computer viruses are spread through internet downloads as well as through opening of email or by downloading an attachment.

What is anti virus software?

Anti virus software is a written program specifically designed to detect the viruses and prevent them from damaging the computer systems.

The reasons for computer anti virus program

Anti Virus program is necessary to keep the computer systems and the network running effectively. A virus can cause great havoc on your computer, if, it is not detected. Anti virus program installed on your computer will keep it safe against viruses.

Computer viruses affect the speed and efficiency of your system … Read More

Get Free iPad – Why Everyone Should Get an iPad and How You Can For Free

Why You Should Get an iPad

The time has come: with the use of the new Apple iPad Tablet, anyone can use the internet. And lucky for us, there are sponsoring companies Get Free iPad Offers for the many people out there who are afraid to get online.

The older generation does not understand why most of us can not live without our computers. Mom, dad and even our grandparents shy away from the internet because no one ever showed them how to connect to our incredible online world. But now the revolutionary iPad will change all our lives forever. Apple has finally released a tablet-style computer that anyone can use. The new iPad has an advanced touch screen so your mom and grandmother will no longer be afraid to go near the computer. Even if you're young and inexperienced; dealing with the internet and the many programs on a … Read More

5 Advantages Of Using Linux Over Windows

So, you’re a new, or fairly moderate Linux user, who wants to know what the true advantages of Linux over Windows are? There are several advantages of Linux, and of course, some disadvantages to using the Linux operating system. This article covers 5 advantages of using Linux over Windows, and lists a few disadvantages as well.

Advantages of Linux:

  • Cost – The most obvious advantage of using Linux is the fact that it is free to obtain, while Microsoft products are available for a hefty and sometimes recurring fee. Microsoft licenses typically are only allowed to be installed on a single computer, whereas a Linux distribution can be installed on any number of computers, without paying a single dime.
  • Security – In line with the costs, the security aspect of Linux is much stronger than that of Windows. Why should you have to spend extra money for virus protection software?
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How To Find A Good Company For Computer Repair?

Computers are an integral part of an office nowdays. Can you imagine your office without laptops or computers? You can not. It becomes really difficult to work if you find that your computer is not working properly or is not booting up. You sometimes need to make certain configurations in your computer so that you can tap the latest advances in technology. For all of this you will definitely need computer services. Without professional services you will not be able to ensure smooth running of your computer. All of us require to contact professionals for computer repair. Parsippany in the US state of New Jersey has many professionals who provide computer repair. Parsippany has many companies that are also famous for have high standards of business ethics.

You just need to keep in mind these following points so that you can go ahead and find the best repair service provider … Read More

Benefits of Part Time Online Jobs For Students

I was lucky enough during school to work for the University I went to during the day manning their help desk, but traveling to my real job in the evenings every night was a pain. I've seriously gone for an online job had they been so ample back then.

These days there are many legitimate job opportunities online for students, and many can be done on a part-time basis too.

If you have not considered supplementing your loans with employment, here are some of the benefits of looking for part-time jobs online as a student:

Flexible Hours – Unlike traditional office jobs, many online jobs are assignment and deadline based – meaning your employers send you a list of things to get done, and tells you when they need to be done by. It's up to you to schedule enough hours in between in order to get the assignment completed … Read More

Commercial Real Estate Agents – Technology Tips and Tools You Must Have to Succeed Today

In commercial real estate you will need some technology tools to assist your progress in commercial property sales and leasing. When used fully and correctly they will drive more opportunity towards you and help you keep it under control.

At the bare minimum in today’s commercial property market you should be able to work with all of the following:

  • Mobile smartphone with your personal diary and database
  • Computer for presentations and property information
  • Database that is easy to use and comprehensively captures the enquiry
  • Website that promotes your listings and your business
  • SMS technology for sending messages to clients and prospects of new listings and updates
  • Email contact and the use of attachments such as brochures and flyers
  • PDF documentation and formatting of promotional material
  • Creation of adverts and marketing material on your computer
  • HTML email that updates all your contacts of recent listings
  • Auto responders for automated contact via
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Computer Jobs – How Do I Get My First Computer Job?

If you've done any searching on any of the computer job boards such as dice or you might be wondering how do I get my first job. Most jobs, even the entry-level positions require two years of experience.

So, how do you get your first job?

Well, the easiest way is to actually move into an entry level position in a company you already work for. Often times if you can make an internal move within a company they are more forgiving of any lack of experience. They will take into evaluation how you are as an employee and try to project that into what you're likely to be like in a computer job.

However, if you can not find work within your own company you're forced to be more creative. Are there any non-profits or organizations that you can work with to get some experience? For example, maybe … Read More