Why You Need to Clean the Windows XP Registry

You should clean your Registry as part of troubleshooting a software problem. The problem could be specifically with Windows, or it could be a third party software application or game.

A Registry cleaner scans through the Windows Registry and removes information that's no longer needed. As Windows and your other software operate, they should automatically "clean up" after themselves. But they do not always, and over time electronic residue and debris build up. The Registry grows bloated. If this gets bad enough, it could start interfering with normal operation.

The Registry concept was introduced in Windows 95. Part of the reason was to have one gigantic centralized place to store software information. This made programming easier and helped Windows operate more efficiently. Theoretically.

In practice, it's taken a while for Microsoft to get the Registry operating properly. Some would argue there are still flaws in the Registry concept itself. But typically, Windows XP machines are pretty Registry-stable. If you think you may need to clean your Registry, here are reasons and situations that could indicate it's time:

o A program uninstall had problems, and the software was not uninstalled properly.

o After installing or uninstalling a program, Windows starts crashing or acting funny.

o You've installed and uninstalled lots (and lots) of software over the years, and are noticing more and more errors when doing so.

o You're running Windows ME, Windows 2000 or older software, and are noticing problems like those above. These versions of Windows were less efficient at Registry management.

o Also read about the ScanReg and System Restore tools, as both of them are programs allowing you to save "snapshots" of your registry at different times. You can then reload old versions as needed to restore your system back to a (pre-problem) state. …

Dish Network Is Guaranteed To Improve Your Television Experience

If you want to be able to access the best new television technology, you need to sign up to receive satellite TV. Cable television is having trouble offering the latest advances like High Definition Television (HDTV) and you will find your selection very limited. With a Dish Network subscription, however, you will have all the HDTV choices you can hope for, plus plenty of programming and equipment to make standard definition television incredibly enjoyable. Dish Network even offers free receiver upgrades to make it easier to take advantage of the newer technologies. This is a great opportunity if you have been considering upgrading to a DVR receiver or HD receiver. And, with Dish Network's history of innovation, you can be assured that, as a Dishnet subscriber, you will be among the first to experience future advances.

HDTV is quickly becoming a very popular format for watching television. It creates an incredible viewing experience with its very high resolution pictures, Dolby Digital sound, and wide screen viewing format. While most television providers have a limited HD selection, Dish Network is leading the HDTV market with over 29 HD channels and and more than 200 hours of HD programming each day. This means you get to spend more of your television viewing hours enjoying the HDTV experience. You can catch all the important games on channels like ESPN HD and WorldSport HD, and then enjoy some relaxing movies on Universal, Majestic, or HDNet Movies. If you want to watch some educational programming, National Geographic, Equator HD, and Discovery HD bring nature, culture, science, and travel to your screen. And Dish Network also lets you access plenty of cartoons, games, general entertainment, and news.

If you think you will need to record some of your HD programming because there are just so many choices, a Dishnetwork HDTV DVR is the device for you. Dish Network offers a special Digital Video Recorder (DVR) that can record your programming in standard or high definition format. Of course, like all DVRs, this model makes the process of recording shows exceptionally easy, and it can store hundreds of hours of programs. Even your live viewing will become more enjoyable when you use the DVR to pause and replay your shows. Even if you are not yet ready for HDTV, you can take advantage of this great technology with a standard definition receiver with DVR.

Even though HDTV will likely become the standard television format in the coming years, you will not be disappointed with Dish Network's selection if you are not yet ready to make the leap. With hundreds of standard definition channels in more than 10 packages, you will be able to find exactly what you need. While the America's Top entertainment packages tend to be the most popular, you'll have other choices like DishFamily, Dish Latino, and America's Everything Pak. All of these packages offer tons of entertaining and informative channels that will keep you captivated for hours. And, Dish Network has a huge selection …

ASP Net Development Vs Java Development

The debate whether .NET Development is better or Java Development is better continues unabated with fans of each technology pronouncing the decline of each other.
Java being the predecessor of all other programming languages ​​is open source and on top of that is platform independent. Being platform independent has made it the preferred choice of amateurs and professionals alike. Being open source, Java API's can easily be accessed by developers unlike .NET which is proprietary software and which API's are not accessible. Java, being open source, users do not have to grapple with hefty license fees each year, something which is mandatory in case of proprietary software.

Java being a very old technological platform is being taught in universities for a number of years. Therefore, there is an abundance of talent when it comes to developing applications in Java. There is however a significant shortage of developers who are acquainted with the .Net platform in the developed world. You would need to offshore your application development work to a low cost location like India where you would find a significantly higher number of developers acquainted with .NET technologies.

Some developers are of the opinion that ASP. NET is just an improved version of JAVA and has been developed by overcoming shortings of Java. Supporters of .NET technologies claim that java is a language while .Net is language independent. Opting for .Net does not bind you to a single language as .Net supports multiple languages. It even supports Java as J # is very close to Java.

Another major advantage of using .Net is the ease with which it allows the exchange of data between various software applications. This occurs because the dot net platform allows different programs to exchange data via a common set of exchange formats, to read and write the same file formats and to use the same protocols. Such features make ASP.NET the preferred programming language for developing database driven websites and applications. .Net proves to be useful when applications stored on remote systems have to communicate with each other through standard internet protocols like XML, SOAP.

In my opinion, you should always develop applications on such a platform which does not get obsolete in the next five or even ten years. In simple words, you should avoid the upgrade treadmill offered by proprietary software's who ask you to upgrade every few years. …

Remote Key Enabling Advanced Security For Your Vehicle

You can now leave all your worries about your car being stolen. Just install the new remote key system that keeps your car safe from the intruders. If an invalid entry is detected, this advanced system arms the alarm and informs you as well.

Most of the recent models of vehicles are enabled with the advanced technology of remote key that offers great safety measures for your car. The keyless entry remote transmits radio signals to the vehicle seeking permission to perform various actions. There is a coding system in the chip that matches with the system installed in the car. The only person possessing the remote key will have access to the car. It comes as an added advantage because you do not have to worry about your car being hotwired. You can also upgrade your car with the advanced security features offered by the remote key system.

If your car is not enabled with such an advanced feature, you can secure your car by purchasing the remote key designed for the model of your car. You can even get replacement key blanks, if you have lost your already owned remote key. Key blanks can be used after they are laser cut to match your car’s ignition switch. It is then programmed to be used by the owner of the car. Key blanks are available at hardware stores but should be purchased over the Internet for better quality. The chip key has become the most essential part of the security system of any car. The level of security offered by this key has eliminated the opportunities for thieves to drive off parked cars. The remote key helps a great deal in keeping your car safe from the intruders.

For the programming of your key, you can hire a locksmith to do that for you. If you choose to do it yourself, you must follow the simple instructions that are sent to you from the company. First and foremost, you will have to cut your key by a locksmith or at a hardware store. For the programming, you must have one working key of your vehicle which is required to start the engine. The new key that you receive for the vehicle must have a code stamped on the blade. If it is not there, you should immediately contact the company and get help to find the key you need.

The remote key also arms the car alarm as soon as you leave your vehicle. For the assurance of the arming of the alarm, the car flashes its lights and makes a unique sound. If anyone tries to hotwire the vehicle, the advanced system activates the alarm and informs you by sending the signals to the remote key. Other beneficial features of this key are that it allows you to lock / unlock your vehicle from a distance. If you have forgotten to lock your car, you can simply press the button and do it even from inside the building. …

The Shows You Want To Watch From Dish Network

When you sign up for a Dish Network programming package, you are putting yourself in control of the programming you want to watch. With its large selection of channels and programming packages, and an impressive selection of receivers and other options, Dish Network lets you decide what sort of television options you want. This level of customer service has let Dishnetwork win the prestigious JD Power award for best customer satisfaction among television providers and is part of the reason that so many people have entrusted their television service to Dish Network. To make the switch to satellite TV even more appealing, Dishnetwork is offering special deals that let you receive free equipment and installation, plus free equipment upgrades and rebates when you subscribe to certain programming packages.

From the moment you decide to sign up for Dish Network service, you can start choosing what you want most. Dish Network offers 14 base packages and plenty of extra channels to meet all your needs. For basic, family-oriented service at an incredibly low price, DishFamily offers 40 great channels like Animal Planet, Discovery Kids, Angel One and C-SPAN. While this is a great option for many families, most families will choose one of the America's Top packages. For Spanish-speakers, Dish Network's Latino packages offer both Spanish and English programming with up to 30 Spanish channels and over 130 English ones.

If you love all the standard definition programming, but also want to experience the picture and sound quality of HDTV, one of Dishnetwork's four HD programming packages will be the perfect match. Each DishTV HD package combines the best standard definition channels with up to 29 HD channels. Not only does Dish Network offer the usual HD (High Definition) genres of sports and movies, but you can also listen to and view cartoons, travel, nature, games, art, and fashion in this great format.

Dishnetwork also offers you a great variety of receivers to give you the most equipment options. If you find the inferior quality of programs recorded on VCR tapes annoying, you will want to consider opting for a receiver with DVR. The DVR digitally stores up to 200 hours of recorded programming so you can easily watch all your favorite shows in the same quality format as the original broadcast. Plus, DVRs eliminate the guesswork common with VCR's by letting you use the electronic program guide to choose what shows you want to record. Busy people especially love this device, because it lets them pause and rewind live television too. Not only can you choose a receiver with DVR, but you can also opt for receivers that contain two tuners. With multiple tuners you can independently operate two separate televisions using the receiver. The person using the second television can operate the tuner with a remote control that can work even through walls and other obstacles. This makes it really easy to add a second television onto your satellite system. And, for people interested in HDTV, Dish Network offers …

The Automatic Pilot – A Homer Simpson Moment

I was driving up in the parking deck of my building the other day when I realized I needed to retrieve my mail, back on the ground floor. So I stopped on Level 2 and walked downstairs.

Ten minutes later I found myself in my office, needing to make a call. No cell phone. No purse, either, and no car. DOH !! I'd left everything except my keys on Level 2.

My first thought was, "You nut!" But, my second thought was much more interesting. What happened was a perfect example of my "automatic pilot" in action. It took full control, allowing me to walk downstairs, get my mail, walk up several flights of stairs, enter my office and sit at my desk, all while deep in thought about …. whatever. Wow, what else could it do?

Really, we could not survive without our it-it allows us to do things like walk and talk at the same time, or hit the brakes when needed. But our automated pilot also has us think, feel, act-and react-to certain circumstances in ways that may not be so valuable.

And much of our auto pilot's programming is inherited, was developed unconsciously or is no longer useful. For example, some of us dread the ringing of our phones no matter who is calling, while others can not resist answering whenever our phones ring, or responding immediately to the ping of every new email.

But what if you could certainly program your automatic pilot in ways that serve you-that make you happier, more productive and more prosperous? What if your automatic pilot had you seen the positive aspects of almost any situation?

We can not be present to everything, every moment-that would be impossible, not to mention exhausting. So do not fight the automatic pilot-PROGRAM IT! It is possible to have your automated pilot work for you in manifesting your dreams.

In the coming month, get to know your automated pilot and to look for where it's helping and could be even more helpful. …

Dish Network Offers The Highest Level Of Service

With the busy lifestyles that most people are leading, convenient television service seems to be a necessity. No one has the time or energy to devote to dealing with television companies that offer less-than-ideal service and programming, and no one has the money to pay exhorbitant rates for lackluster service. Dish Network has devoted itself to offering the highest level of service and best programming and technology because it wants to make your life (or at least your TV viewing) easier. So far, over 12 million people have discovered the ease and enjoyment that comes from signing up for one of the many Dish Network packages, and many more are beginning their subscription each day. You too can simplify your life by switching to Dishnetwork and accessing the convenience and myriad options available.

From the moment you start looking at Dish Network service to after you are happily watching your programming, Dish Network wants to give you the ultimate customer service. You will find that ordering your satellite system is incredibly easy, whether you choose to order online or by telephone. Plenty of helpful information and easy access to trained representatives will make it easy for you to choose the equipment that will perform the services you need and the programming that will best suit your lifestyle. And, once you have made your decisions, your satellite system can be up and running within less than a week- often as soon as 1-2 days! The customer service does not end once you have your system so you can always get friendly service when you ask questions, change your service or take care of any other needs.

Your biggest decision when it comes to Dish Network service should not be either to switch, but which programming to opt for when you switch. With the tons of programming packages and additional options that Dish Network offers, this can actually be a difficult choice. But, because all packages are reasonably priced and offer plenty of entertaining and informative programming, it really is not possible to choose the wrong package. If you are looking for standard-definition programming with plenty of options, the America's Top 60, America's Top 120 or America's Top 180 are likely to be what you are looking for. All of these packages offer exciting programming like A & E, TNT, MTV, CSPAN, and Nick at Nite. Dish Network also offers great variations on these packages like the Top 60 Plus that adds your regional sports network to the package, or America's Everything Pak which offers 4 premium movie packages along with the Top 180. And, if you have been wishing that you could access programming from foreign countries, Dish Network Satellite TV has the largest foreign programming selection you can find. You will also find that Dishnetwork offers the best HDTV selection available.

Along with Dish Network's large programming selection, you will also be able to access the most convenient home entertainment technology. The digital video recorder is quickly becoming a favorite …

MQL Organization

All MQL expert advisors and indicators contain a few essential components. The general organization of MQL programs does not vary too often.

Files typically start with a declaration of #defines (pronounced pound define) global variables and external variables, also known as an extern data type. They appear near the top of the code to help the read gain an understanding of the variables that will run in the program. Ideally, the names of the variables and how they are organized should assist the programmer with form a general understanding of what the expert advisor or indicator might do.

The next section is usually the init () function, which is the word initialize abbreviated. This section of the code is particularly relevant to programming custom indicators. Most of the general indicator settings like declaring the indicator buffers, the colors to use and other basic features are set within this section. I use init () in every expert advisor that we build to convert the inputs into an appropriate setting for the broker's pricing. If a client inputs a stop loss of 50 into an EA, I do not need to do anything if it's a 4 digit broker. I do, however, need to convert the input to work with a 5 digit broker. I run a quick check within init () to see if Digits == 3 || Digits == 5. If so, then I multiply inputs affected by that setting by 10.

deinit () is the least important section; it's pretty easy to deinitialize an MQL file because it typically does not take up any system resources. It's rarely used for anything important. The only uses that I ever have for deinit () are to close an open file handle or to make some sort of closing note. This is often done either on the chart directly through the Comment () function or more often by writing directly into the log file.

The start () function is the real meat of an MQL expert advisor or indicator. Whenever MetaTrader detects an incoming tick, it alerts any MQL programs. Those programs then call the start function so that it can do whatever needs doing. All trading operations, calculations, account monitoring, etc, occur within this section.

All of the other custom functions within the program appear below start (). I usually prefer to rank them in order of their importance or the frequency with which I call them through the program. The order of placement of functions does not affect performance in any way at all. It's strictly a cosmetic practice that makes expert advisor programming more legitimate. …

What Is Virtual Web Hosting

Web Hosting FAQPart 3

What is full-service web hosting?

For companies who choose to offer the so called "Full-service" it generally mean that they made available to their customers the whole or full range of services extending from offering of additional web spaces, bandwidths, emails for a web site, etc. Other additional services may include web design services, web site content maintenance services and 24/7 toll free phone support,

What is shared (virtual) web hosting?

With virtual web hosting, basically, a web hosting subscriber will have his or her own IP address with the virtual hosting. The final website displayed on the web will not be any different from any other websites.In the case of shared hosting, this is how almost 98% of websites are currently hosted.

Basically, the web hosting provider will have more than one servers (super fast computers constantly connected to the web that run on server based OS applications such as Apache or IIS) that will run multiple websites belonging to many different webmaster. (they all shared one server)

Without the website is very popular with very high bandwidth requirement or that the number of web hit to the site is exceptionally high, it usually is the best way to host due primarily to the cost of hosting compared to dedicated hosting, co-location or DIY hosting.

What are PHP, SQL, Java, IP, etc.?

These are very commonly used web hosting acronyms referring to the various features such as database (SQL), programming scripts (PHP, Java), service providers address (IP), etc.

All these terms will usually be reflected within the technical specification of a web hosting plan, deciding their respective value and provision within a particular offered hosting plan.

What do the numbers listed under "space" and "transfer" means?

Space, as the definition goes, means how much data you can "stored". It is just like you are given a room of different sizes and each different size rooms will have different storage capacity. The technical terms for space is usually listed in megabytes (MB, millions of bytes).

A single letter takes up one byte. HTML files are usually small (about 25,000 bytes) but pictures and programs can get quite big. Your scripts, emails and stats will also take up space on your host.

Transfer on the other hand generally intends the amount of "data" visitors to a site can download before reaching the initially set monthly limit. (Based on the type of hosting plan you purchased). The main unit symbol for transfer is usually listed in gigabytes (billions of bytes).

Once the transfer limit is reached for the month, a hosting subscriber will immediately be informed by the hosting provider on the need to pay extra for additional transfer at higher rates.

An example, if an average visitor to your site views 3 HTML pages of 20 KB (thousands of bytes) each and 8 small embedded pictures of 10 KB each, and you get 500 visitors per day, you will require at least (3 * 20 …

The 3 Main Principles of Object Oriented Programming – How to Program With Java

Object Oriented Programming (or OOP) is actually classified by three main principles.

1) Encapsulation

2) Inheritance

3) Polymorphism

These appear to be frightening terms but are actually fairly easy principles to grasp. In order to figure out how to program with java, you’ll need to understand these principles. So let’s consider our first main concept of OOP, encapsulation. Encapsulation just means we want to limit the access that some other pieces of code have to this particular object. So, to illustrate, if you have a Person object, and this Person object has a first and last name as attributes. In the event another chunk of code attempts to modify your Person object’s first name to be say “Frank3”, you could take note of what the first name is trying to be set to, and remove any digits so that we are simply left with “Frank”. Without encapsulation, we will not have the ability to prevent “silly programmers” from modifying the values of our variables to something which wouldn’t seem sensible, or worse, break the application. Seem sensible?

The second concept of OOP, and a essential principle if you wish to learn how to program with Java, is Inheritance. This specific concept refers to a super class (or parent class) and a sub-class (or child class) and the simple fact that a child class acquires each of the attributes of its parent. You can think of it in terms of a real world circumstance, like a real parent and child. A child will probably inherit certain traits from his or her parents, like say, eye colour or hair colour. Allow us to imagine yet another example in terms of programming, say we have super class “Vehicle” and sub-classes “Car” and “Motorcycle”. A “Vehicle” possesses tires, therefore through inheritance so would a “Car” and a “Motorcycle”, however a “Car” has doors, and a “Motorcycle” does not. So it wouldn’t be accurate to state that a “Vehicle” has doors, as that declaration would be inaccurate. So you can see how we could determine all the aspects that are similar regarding a “Car” and a “Motorcycle” and thus identify them inside of the “Vehicle” super class.

The 3rd concept of OOP is Polymorphism. This specific concept appears to be one of the most frightening, but I’m able to explain it in simple terms. Polymorphism means that an object (i.e. Animal) can take on several forms while your program is operating. Let’s imagine you have designed an Animal class and defined the method “Speak”. You then asked three of your buddies to develop kinds of animals and have them implement the “Speak” method. You won’t know what sort of animals your friends create, or how their Animals will speak, unless you actually hear those animals speak. This is very comparable to how Java addresses this issue. It’s called dynamic method binding, which simply means, Java won’t understand how the actual Animal speaks until runtime. So maybe your friends have created a Dog, Cat and Snake. …