How To Request Technical Support

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I've been in and around computers for many years and so I've seen lots of help requests – both addressed to me and in general programming or other technical forums. While I've seen lots of help requests I've seen very few good help requests. Here are a couple tips to keep in mind when requesting any kind of technical help:

1) Do not assign blame. "Your program does not work" is a bad way to request help because you're assigning blame. It's a request that sets a bad tone for the conversation and will tend to get you dismissed. If you say my program does not work then all I have to do is show you it working in my own environment. That proves that the program does work and even though you can not get it working in your own environment I'm done with you.

2) Describe the problem and not your own guess as to the cause of the problem. "My e-mail is broken" is an underlying cause that's most often not correct. "I'm not able to login to my e-mail" is a description of the problem you have that you'd like me to help solve.

3) Provide relevant details. Even though it's a slight improvement "I'm not able to login to my e-mail" is still a pretty poor way to request help. Much better is to describe in detail what you're doing. "I'm trying to login to the web based e-mail which I've done successfully before. When I enter my username and password I get the error message 'Your account is unavailable'. " That's some relevant detail that gives me something to work with.

4) If something has changed – tell me. I've frequently gotten "Your script used to work but it's not working anymore." When asked further the requester then reveals that the recently changed servers. It's a general principle of engineering that you change one thing at a time and re-test so that if something breaks you know what change caused it to break. If a program stops working when you changed something like the web host, the operating system, which browser you're using to access the site then that is extremely relevant information should be prompt in your request

5) Address your request to the appropriate person. Do not complain to your ISP that you can not get your word processor to work. Do not ask me about how to get someone else's program running. Do not post on a forum asking for "a little help" when what you really want is someone to provide you with a complex solution.

6) Keep your support expectations realistic. Microsoft sells software packages for hundreds of dollars and then charges you another hundred if you want to ask them a question about it. Yet I've seen people expect demand hand holding and free upgrades for life for a $ 10 script. Very little software or online services have enough margin built into the price to provide more …

How Visual Subliminal Mind Programming Tools Can Enhance Your Life

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Let's face it: everyone wants success, confidence, and wealth. You would have to be crazy not to, because living your life with these things is simply too much fun to pass up. But how hard are you willing to work for this self-improvement?

What if I told you that there was a way that you could 'reprogram' your subconscious belief system so that you attracted more friends, opportunities, luck and wealth, and this could happen every day on autopilot?

Well, today is your lucky day, because I am here to tell you that there are now advanced 21st century tools that any person with a computer can use, and these tools are capable of delivering inspiring and stimulating messages directly to your subconscious mind. When your subconscious mind receives lots of these messages, it will effectively reprogram your belief system and you will attract more money and opportunities without even knowing why!

I use these tools on my own computer almost every day, and the results I have experienced in my life are absolutely amazing. Using these advanced tools, you can literally choose what changes you want to make in your life, and simply select that program from the list to start programming your mind to make these changes in your life.

For example, there are programs about becoming more confident around the opposite sex, enhancing your natural intuition and creativity, breaking any habit like drugs or smoking, and there is even one that helps you lose weight.

These programs can create absolutely stellar and magnificent changes in your life, but if you are feeling a bit skeptical because it sounds too easy then allow me to take a moment to describe how these programs will work on your computer.

Both of the programs that I routinely use apply different types of visual subliminal messaging directly on your desktop workspace. This can be done using one of two methods:

The first method requires nothing but spending at least five minutes per day watching videos. These videos are part of the program, and they do nothing more than play relaxing music and soothing images of nature. However, these images are discreetly laced with subliminal messages that will reprogram your mind, delivering messages such as 'you are becoming more successful' and 'you are naturally confident' directly to your subconscious. This is incredibly effective, and the power that these types of videos possess simply can not be overstated!

The other type of visual subliminal mind programming works by rapidly flashing inspiring and uplifting statements directly onto your workspace every few seconds, and they are only perceived by your subconscious mind. This is the easiest method of all (not that watching a relaxing video is hard or anything), and while you are working at your computer you can simply turn the program on and forget about it, just let it do its thing.

After you are done working at your computer, you may stand up and feel surprisingly energized and refreshed. You may not …

To Create Dynamic Pages Choose An Advance Programming Language Like PHP

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PHP is an open sourced server side scripting language and almost used in foremost operating systems like Linux, UNIX and also in Windows. PHP follows object oriented programming (OOPs), practical programming rules and near a combination of them. It uses command line interface, desktop applications so it is know as the best traditional server side scripting language.

PHP programming supports most of the reputed database connections like Oracle, SQL, My SQL, and ODBC so it is an easy choice for freelance programmers to build their dynamic pages with the help of PHP development. The latest version is also popular because it can be embedded HTML coding directly and can be transported by nearly all of the web servers.

PHP is a popular language because of its numerous features infused specifically to design websites or you can say to develop dynamic pages. PHP engine and the PHP coding can be used in every platform that increases flexibility of PHP language. Basically PHP is profitable for both programmers and designers, programmers who realize its flexibility and tempo and web designers who worth its handiness and user-friendliness.

PHP language can develop great business services like CRM solutions, community sites, chatting forums and E-Commerce shopping cart as well. Several pools of qualified web programmers are using PHP development for organizing their goal, resource planning and fulfilling their client requirements.

Here are a few things which you can perform with PHP:

  1. Design HTML web forms.
  2. Superb Database usability to store records.
  3. Calculate visitors by sessions and cookies.
  4. You can use arrays as well.
  5. Play with files through file management system.
  6. Creating XML for large number of product list on E-Commerce


Serialization is not needed for all kind of databases. In some particular databases like ODBC, MS SQL etc when you wish to pass a value without mentioning its type, it gets dumb. This problem is solved correctly in the latest version of PHP. This is also an added advantage of PHP over all king of scripting languages.

Using PHP to improve design on your website

PHP has many capabilities features specifically designed for use in Web sites, including the following:

1. Securing Your Website: PHP is designed to allow user level access to the file system, it's entirely possible to write a PHP script that will allow you to read system files such as password, modify your Ethernet connections, etc. thus this can provide a customer with an exclusive membership in the business.

2. Working with Web Forms: HTML form can be displayed by PHP and it is the best way to know more about the requirements of your customers and to gather note about their detailed benefits.

3. Communicate with Your Databases: When a persistent connection is requested, PHP checks if there is already an identical persistent connection and if it exists, it uses it. If it does not exist, it creates the link.

4. Customer Loyalty Functions: PHP allows content and applications to be generated and run server-side. This is highly advantageous …

Using Nenest Form Server To Collect And Manage Information

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Building Form Nenest builds forms in a rich text editor (WYSIWYG), so everything is visual and direct. You can format texts in styles (color, font, paragraph etc) you like. You can insert tables, images and even chemical structures into forms. There is a screenshot of building a "Contact Us Form".

The upper section is the form modification history list. All your changes are buffered in database and no single change will be lost. The lower section is Nenest Rich Text Editor for form building. There are two toolbars: one is the general Rich Text Editor toolbar; the other one is Nenest field toolbar.

Nenest Rich Text Editor provides an easy way to insert pictures. Editors from other providers can only insert pictures by using a URL. That means the picture must be on internet. Nenest Rich Text Editor allows you to directly insert a picture from you local computers, which gives you a lot of convenience.

When building large forms, you can switch to full window mode to have more spaces for a large form.

For advance form builders, you can switch to HTML mode and modify HTML scripts. In HTML mode, you also can paste HTML scripts copied from other web pages, which gives you an easiest way to copy forms.

Nenest provides you many pre-programmed controls that you can use for inputting fields in a form, such as telephone number, email address, number, home address, rich text editor and so on. Check the Fields Manual page [] for the whole list. These fields can do data validation when filling forms and render data in a more readable format when displaying forms and listing form entries. You get all those handy features without any programming.

Because some pre-programmed fields can not be rendered in client side, at design time you can switch to preview mode and watch the form's live looking.

There is the live looking of "Contact Us Form" mentioned above:

Changing Form Setting There are several settings which could be very useful to you:

  • Form permission : It defines who can fill forms and whoc can view, modify and list form entries.
  • Form display mode : Form entry can have two modes, single-entry mode and thread mode.
  • Form overwritten mode : You can choose whether entry modifying history.
  • Form attachment : You can choose whether allow files attached to this form.
  • Form lock : Once form is locked, it's not accessible to form users till it is unlocked.
  • Form notification : You can set email notifications so you can get notified when new entries arrived.

Filling Form With Nenest pre-programmed fields, filling form is so easy. When you finish a field, data validator will automatically check the input. If it is not a valid data, the field border becomes red then you fix it.

Before submitting form, data validator will check whether required fields are empty and then validate all field data again.

Nenest forms provide many unique fields such as Rich Text Editor field, Image field. …

The Technical Side of Model Trains and DCC Explained

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With digital command control (DCC) decoders are used to control each locomotive. A model railroader can set the decoders address and control speed, special effects and motor performance etc. Most manufacturers provide programming instructions.

Your DCC decoder may need quite a bit of work on your part if you want it to work properly. DCC decoders need to be programmed which some people find confusing.

The thing is that the systems can be very different. Unless you can build your own decoder you will be forced to use someone else's settings and they may not work for you. Nonetheless, have a look at the DCC decoder schematic and see exactly what your DCC decoder can support.

Luckily there are some DCC decoders that come with the option of DCC decoder programming, such as the NCE and Wangrow systems. In some cases it can be a long and complicated process, but there are some.pdf files out there that will assist you in changing the command station manufacturer's settings. Some people will find this to be a bit too complicated, but there are others that will actually welcome this complication for the chance to run their railroad in the way that they see fit.

The process of controlling the DCC decoder can be made a bit easier with software intended to control the DCC railroad. There is some software that you could pay up to fifty dollars for, and there is some software that will be completely free. One example of this would be the MRC Prodigy interface for DCC controlled trains.

For added control you can always include DCC accessory decoders, which provide more options than your standard DCC decoder. For the most part these are stationary, and while they are expensive, are quite worth having. Some of these have options for auto-return, lock-block, locked route control, system reset, smart default ops, and many other settings. There are a number of reasons why one might prefer to have one of these, away from having a control complex.

For instance if you have your train on display and do not want anyone else to be able to exercise control over it, then you can have the DCC accessory decoders set certain parameters into it. The ability to lock-block will be especially useful in this case.

The only thing you really need to note is that this is not going to be easy by any stretch of the imagination. In some cases you will need to be familiar with computer programming languages, and there are some model train enthusiasts that know more programming languages ​​than some of the seasoned computer technicians. This is can be a big challenge, but it might just be one that you are willing to take on. Are you ready to exercise complete control over your model train set? If so, then prepare to be amazed by the advanced programming and the control of DCC accessory decoders.

The important thing is to be comfortable with the operating system you …

A Few Things to Consider When Comparing Satellite Service Providers

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Selecting a satellite TV programming service provider is not anywhere near as easy as it used to be only a few years back and this is due to a number of reasons. One of the largest reasons is that satellite TV programming service providers in general are now offering far more then they ever did in the past. This not only includes their actual programming but it even goes as far as their promotional give-aways as well.

It was only a decade ago that a new satellite TV subscriber had to purchase their own satellite system to begin receiving satellite service but now with all of the providers offering free satellite TV systems and installation it is something else to consider and compare when shopping around for a service provider. With regards to service there really is not a whole lot to consider when comparing the top satellite service providers, because they all have consistently received high marks from JD Power and associates for their records in overall customer satisfaction.

If all that you are in the market for is an entry level basic programming package, you need not look too far because all of the leading satellite programming service providers have excellent entry level packages and they are very comparable both in pricing and the number of channels that they come with. However; because the leading satellite service providers have very flexible policies regarding upgrades in both packages and receivers you may want to look further to make sure you will be content should you decide to upgrade from your entry level package.

Its items such as high definition program where the two leading providers DirecTV and Dish Network beginning to demonstrate their differences. When comparing the two in this new format of programming, its hard to break it down to just hard numbers. This is due to the fact while Dish Network leads DirecTV in total numbers of high definition programming channels 31 to 12 its how they are marked that can make a difference.

Dish Network is going to require you to subscribe to their own repertoire of high definition programming no matter what channels you want but DirecTV, on the other hand, while having far fewer channels to offer will allow you to select out as few as one channel when adding high definition to your programming package.

The real difference in their programming packages is the channel number increments that they are composed of with the exception of their largest programming packages which both contain around 250 channels. While Dish Networks "Americas Top" series comes in three sizes ranging from 100, 200 and 250 channel packages, DirecTVs "Total Choice" series range in sizes from 140, 185 and 250 channel programming packages.

Both DirecTV and Dish Network have a broad range of programming channels for you to select from if you wish to build on your programming package, including adult programming and even ultra-premium sports programming channels that are offered by DirecTV. These are two channels …

Dish Network Is A Better Choice Than The Vast Majority Of Cable Companies

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Dish Network offers the best programming packages in the television service provider industry when it comes to variety and cost. If you've been thinking about switching from cable to Dish Network, but are not sure you want to make the leap, there are some factors you should consider. Most cable TV providers can not offer more than 90 to 100 channels, and very few can offer as many as 120. Dish Network on the other hand can offer hundreds of channels. For example, Dish Network's premier standard definition entertainment package, America's Everything Pak, has 210 channels. The premier high definition entertainment package, the Platinum Level, has 249 channels. In terms of variety, you can not argument with numbers like that!

Even with such huge entertainment packages, Dish Network Dish Network's resources still are not snapped. With Pay Per View and other additional programming options you can always add more channels to your plan. Regional Sports Networks and Seasonal Sports subscriptions are a great addition for die hard sports fans. Local channels can provide plenty of information about your area, and SIRIUS satellite radio shows you great music and talk radio. Pay Per View is a great way to watch recent movies and major sporting events from the comfort of your home for far less than the cost of tickets for all your family or friends. For programming that extends further afield, you may want to try international programming in any of 19 languages ​​including Chinese, Italian, Polish, Greek, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu, German, or Korean. For bilingual families, Dishnetwork also offers four Latino entertainment packages with thirty channels in Spanish and any where from zero to over 150 in English.

If you want HDTV programming options, Dish Network is far and away a better choice than the vast majority of cable companies. If your cable company offers HDTV at all, chances are that the choices are limited to only a few channels, while even Dishnetwork's introductory plan provides more HDTV channels than the nearest competitor- and that includes cable and satellite companies. When you look at prices, you'll probably find that your cable company will charge more for HDTV than Dishnetwork, and to sweeten the deal, Dishnetwork provides an HDTV receiver at no extra cost when you sign up for an HDTV entertainment package! Comcast, Charter Communications, Adelphia, Cox Communications, CableVision, Time Warner and the other Cable TV companies are all trying to get there HD programming up to speed while Dish Network is doing a fantastic job.

Dishnetwork also offers technology that most cable companies simply can not match. The first major difference is in the type of signal used for transmitting the programming. Dish Network uses a 100% digital signal that provides a vividly clear picture that's far better than the slight fuzziness of the analog signal that most cable companies use. One of the major side benefits of a digital signal is that it allow the television experience to be more interactive than with analog. All …

When You Do Not Need To Buy A Textbook

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There are a few times during your course of study that you will not be required to purchase a textbook. Typically, this occurs once you exit from Secondary School in Singapore. Once you enter your JC or Poly life, you find that lecture notes are typically the norm and textbooks are a supplement.

So, do you need to buy every single textbook that is recommended? More often than not, each single textbook costs around half a hundred dollars! What you need to do is to decide which textbook you need to buy.

How do you decide what to buy?

1. Whether the subject matter is new to you

If you are taking a totally new subject like Econs, sometimes you would like to get a textbook for it since you will be studying new basics and theories and you should need more help. However, it being new may not require you to buy a textbook because:

2. Whether the subject is difficult to you

If you feel that the new subject is easy to forgive and you do not need another textbook to gain a clear picture, then you do not need to purchase a textbook for it at all. If, on the other hand, you feel that the subject is tough, then buy it.

3. It depends on the subject too

For subjects like mathematics, you may not need a textbook. All you need for math is your lecture notes (more often than not they are already concise), and you need more practice. Math is a subject that you canpsum better when you practice more, instead of reading more. Thus, subjects that are not exactly readable should not require a textbook.

4. If you need it next time

Certain subjects, like C / C ++ (programming languages) may be useful in your workplace once you finish your studies. So, you may want to get a textbook to keep so that you can refer to them when you get stuck!

So, after reading these 4 tips, I hope you get a great insight on what to consider before buying a textbook! …

DirecTV and Dish Network Receivers Compared

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One thing that you will find when you comparison shop the two leading satellite TV programming service providers is that they both are offering free complete satellite TV systems as part of their introductory offers when you sign an extended programming service agreement. While on the surface it sounds like a unbelievable give-away, it really is not the deal of a lifetime, because you do have to sign on to an extended programming service agreement and you can rest assured that the cost of the satellite TV system is factored into the total cost of that agreement or they would not be offering it.

Dish Network has three receivers that they offer and they include a standard receiver, a DVR receiver and a high definition receiver. The standard receiver that they will offer you comes with a few basic features that include parental controls for regulating the programming that your children can access, on screen program guide and a channel storage feature for storing favorite channels.

Their standard DVR receiver that they have to offer has some other features to offer you including of course the DVR that has a one-hundred hour memory capacity. Another great feature of their DVR receiver is the ability to pause a program at anytime and then restart it right where it was paused.

They also have a standard high definition receiver in stock to offer you that comes with limited auxiliary functions. It does however feature Dolby Digital Audio and auxiliary component output jacks for running the audio feature through your stereo speaker system if you choose to.

If you want a free HD DVR it does not come free, because you will have to pay $ 200 for it. However; it does come loaded with features and has a memory capacity for 200 hours of programming in both standard and high definition format.

DirecTV also has three separate free receivers for you to choose from and all of DirecTVs satellite components are made by Hughes Electronics Corp. Their standard base level receiver is called the Director and it features what is called "DirecTV Active" and this unique feature allows the user to set up personalized updates that will show daily lottery results, weather and also a menu of preferred programming.

Their next choice in receivers is their Hughes Executive and it comes with several features including DVR, parental control, custom menu and programming search function. With the programming search function a user can locate a program by entering it in by name or even an actors name that is in the program.

DirecTVs next choice in receivers is their HD receiver that comes with output jacks to route the Dolby digital surround sound system through your stereo speaker for a theater quality sound. DirecTVs HD DVR receiver has all of the same functions as Dish Networks HD DVR receiver and even comes with the same price tag of $ 200 but DirecTV does offer a $ 100 mail in rebate offer. …

DirectX Uninstall Instruction – How to Uninstall DirectX Completely?

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Most computer game players will have DirectX on their computer. When they want to update the program to a latest version or uninstall DirectX, some problems many occur. If you have this program on your computer or you are going to uninstall DirectX, you should get some useful information on how to remove DirectX thoroughly.

What is DirectX?

It is a Microsoft product, which is a collection of application programming interfaces (APIs) for managing tasks such as multimedia, especially game programming and video based on Microsoft platforms.

Uninstall instruction

Unlike the other programs, you can not remove DirectX from the windows add / remove program.

There are only two manual ways.

1. Go back to a system restore point where the current version was installed

This function is only available for Windows Vista and Windows 7. Here is a brief steps for you: click Start – click Help and Support – in the "Pick a task" section click "Undo Changes to Your Computer With System Restore" – click " Restore My Computer To an Earlier Time "on the right – click next button – select a date you want to restore your computer to.

Of course, you should think about when you install the program on your computer first of all.

2. Re-install your operating system. You may need a reinstall CD and also some basic knowledge about computer install.

However, these two options are not suitable for many computer users. If you have a lot of important files and data on your current computer, the above two ways are certainly not what you want. If you are not very familiar with system reinstall and system restore point, you should not adopt the above ways to remove DirectX.

Are you thinking there is a simple and quick way to uninstall the DirectX? Are you eager to uninstall DirectX to fix computer error? The best solution for you is to download an uninstaller program. Choose the one click solution o uninstall DirectX thoroughly. …