The Google Sandbox — How To Get Early Release

What Is The Google Sandbox

The Google Sandbox is an algorithmic filter designed by Google and implemented around March 2004 with the purpose of weeding out spam sites by placing all new websites under quarantine for a period of assessment.

How Does The Google Sandbox Affect Your New Site?

Although the Google sandbox was designed with the primary aim of targeting spam sites, in reality it affects all new websites.

The general consensus in seo (search engine optimization) circles is that the Google sandbox algorithm functions to prevent new sites from blasting their way to the top of Google (using whatever means possible) and in effect overtaking quality websites that have been around for years.

Who Goes Into The Sandbox?

Google is a non-discriminatory organization–well anyway at least as far as the Google sandbox is concerned–so all and sundry are equally invited to the sandbox party.

How Long Will Your Website Remain In The Google Sandbox?

As far as Google is concerned not all sandbox invites are equal. Certain factors will determine the length of your stay in the Google sandbox. If the keywords your website is targeting are highly competitive then your website will be quarantined for longer.

If you think about it, this approach makes sense. Most spam sites have one goal…to make as much money as quickly as possible. So accordingly the average spam site will target big profit keywords which naturally tend to be more competitive.

Following this thinking, if your website focuses on keywords and markets that are not very competitive, your stay in the Google sandbox will be considerably shorter.

It appears though that, irrespective of factors such as good on-page optimization, incoming backlinks and original content, the average duration in the Google sandbox is 3 months.

How D’You Know You’re A Bona Fide Guest To The Google Sandbox Party?

They are a finicky lot those Google folk. They don’t want just anyone at their Get-Togethers! So they employ a posse of mean looking bouncers to ensure you’re not some pesky gate crasher! These bouncers check thoroughly to make sure you actually have the proper credentials required for Google Sandbox bash. Such credentials include:

* New Website

* Having good Google page rank (PR) but ranking poorly for primary keywords

* Having good number of inbound links yet ranking poorly for primary targeted keywords

* Having good homepage page rank but zero PR for your inner pages

* Having page rank but are still not indexed by Google

Things To Do While Frolicking In The Google Sandbox

Like most other situations in life, here you have a number of choices.

You can sulk, fret, stamp your feet and moan and groan that the Google sandbox party sucks

…or you can get into the swing of things and utilize your time effectively:

* Go ahead and add quality content to your fledgling site.

* Work on increasing the number of inbound links (quality links not just any ole link)

* Tweak …

Online Store Builder Needs Road Map

Many businesses spend all their efforts developing their websites just to fail miserably before their first year. A few that have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and have failed come to mind, such as women's clothing stores and several electronic stores. The cemetery of domains that have expired is growing, and many more domains will expire soon.

An ecommerce store is ephemeral; it exists in a complete different world than the regular marketplace. People do not just walk by your storefront and go in when they see your sign; you have to drive them there; you have to figure out a way to bring them directly into your virtual ecommerce store, which only exists electronically.

You could buy internet advertising in the same way you could get an ad in the local newspaper, but you also want to maximize 'foot traffic' as much as possible. Foot traffic comes when you make yourself easy to find by the search engines. Google, Yahoo, and MSN are the three major search engines.

When someone searches the web for something, the search engine tries to find a provider for that person person needs. The search engine is a third party between you and you potential customer. Since the referrer's reputation is also on the line, the search engine makes sure your site is a great match for the customer's needs. In a way, competition is greater than for a brick and mortar store because you are also competitive with online businesses beyond your geographic boundaries. Furthermore, search engines are capable of ranking all of the competitive websites against yours. Because of the increased competition, if you do not know how to optimize your site, it is easy to spend thousands of dollars creating an ecommerce store and not even survive your first year.

Search engine optimization takes time before that vital foot traffic begins to appear and grow. SEO can be completed with online advertising. Remember, however, that traffic from advertising stops the instant you stop advertising, while SEO traffic can continue indefinitely with only periodic maintenance.

The principles of search engine optimization for an ecommerce store are simple, but their execution takes some time and dedication:

  1. Study your market and see what your customers want. Look for areas where you can compete easily and concentrate your efforts in those areas.
  2. Perform keyword research to see what prospects are searching for online. Your chances of being found depend on this research.
  3. Optimize your ecommerce store's content. Customize your content as much as possible. Duplicate content is common on ecommerce sites since product descriptions are typically copied from the manufacture's literature. When a search engine finds duplicate content, it drops its rankings and makes it hard to find through organic searches.
  4. Do internal search engine optimization of your overall website. Learn the principles of SEO.
  5. Interconnect the pages of your ecommerce site using more than one navigation option. Make your products easy to find once the customer reaches your site.
  6. Perform external search engine

An Introduction to Search Engine Optimization – SEO

So you have started a brand new online business and for the past few months, you have noticed that the traffic to your website has gone down. How can you fix this situation? This is a common problem that happens and it is something that many online businesses face, however there are ways that you can prevent it and stop it from happening to your business and that is via SEO, often referred to as search engine optimization. For those of you that have no idea what this particular process is, we are going to explore it in this article.

One of the things that you will notice about most websites that are successful is that they are at the top of the list or at the very least on the first page of the search result list. What this means is that these websites are optimized for search engines and that the traffic to their website is incredible because they use keywords in order to make sure that their website is picked up by Google etc.

How can your website start to show up on these lists? Well, that is where SEO comes into play. When you optimize your website, you are actually making sure that a search engine like Google picks up your website and offers it to the customer that is browsing.

Search engine optimization is a great way to ensure that your website's traffic is incredible and that overall, you are getting the business that you need to be a successful online business owner! …

How Was the Year 2012 for the Gadget and SEO Industry?

2013 is already here. We all celebrated it with great enthusiasm. Yes, 2012 had been a memorable year for many of us. I personally opine that each year is memorable for some reason or the other, be it on the professional front or the personal grounds. Keeping the personal things personal, let's talk about the professional front a bit.

I work in the IT industry, which is the reason why I keep on writing about IT related issues. 2012 proved to be a great year for IT in many aspects. The things which attract me most are SEO and gadgets. Let's discuss the year for each of those.

SEO : For the SEO experts, the year 2012 was almost like a year of horror. Google pushed out many major updates in 2012, mostly the Panda version and the Penguin version. There were at least 3 Penguin updates, which Google calls major updates. These updates typically re-shaped how SEO industry was acting. Apart from that, there were at least twenty two Panda updates, which Google calls minor updates. Other than that, Google also came out with the famous "Exact Match Domain" (EMD) update.

Much stress was laid on fresh, unique, relevant and useful content and importance of 'link-building' was greatly reduced. As a result, content creators made merry while traditional SEO practices suffered a lot.

Google also came down harshly on sites violating DMCA and removed 50 million pages from its SERP which violated the DMCA.

Gadgets : This year saw some of the biggest changes since 2008. The new iPhone 5 was released among many fanfare and Google launched its own Nexus 4 and Nexus 10; the former being a Smartphone made in collaboration with LG and the latter being a 10 inch Android powered tablet made by Samsung.

Samsung and Apple kept their horns locked in legal battles about copyright and other things, around the world. This reminds me that Apple removed Google Maps from iPhone. Actually tried to replace it with their own map, but after much hue and cry, Google Maps were re-introduced for iPhone users.

The year 2012 also saw another change in personal computing trend. For the first time, more people accessed the internet using handheld devices than laptops and PCs. There was a survey which says that we will see a larger handheld device market than the PC and laptop market together in 2013. This has led many companies to plunge themselves into mobile app and mobile website development.

In an astonishing data, it was shown that Android devices are getting activated at a rate never seen before.

Google sponsored Android tops the chart of smart devices all over the world except the USA where Apple still is going strong. …

What Are SEO Copywriting Services?

You may have heard about SEO copywriting services before. These are basically writing services that help you with the search engine optimization of your web site. Remember that SEO is important, because it will help you combine keyword rich content with reader friendly content and that's the combination which will help you score a good ranking from search engines. Keep in mind that you'll be competitive every day with a growing number of sites that are also using SEO, so having professional SEO copywriting services prepare your content can be a huge advantage.

When you decide to look for SEO copywriting services, you'll find firms who employ professional writers who are skilled in a number of useful abilities. For example, some can write marketing material for your site, product, or service. Others can do extensive research on a topic then write an article, report, or e-book on the subject for your purposes. You can also find and employ writers who are highly knowledgeable about keyword placement and in motivated site visitors to become buyers.

Unique content is critical for good search engine rankings today, so your copywriter should work in conjunction with your SEO specialist to ensure that every page is going to score a good result in the rankings. Your SEO specialist will be responsible for keeping the guidelines that can make that happen; your copywriter then implements those guidelines in your content. Look for specialists who clients maintain high rankings in all major search engines.

Of course, you'll want to make sure that the SEO specialists and copywriters you hire always use ethical means to achieve their results. That means paying attention to the keywords and their placement, as well as your title, descriptions, and other page elements. These professionals can either be employed to write your content from scratch, or to rewrite existing content to meet your SEO needs. Regardless of their task, you'll find a trained copywriter that can make a huge different in your results. …

How to Select a SEO Package That's Appropriate for Your Business

Choosing a SEO package that is the most appropriate for your business's website can be a very confusing task for some. The market now offers a plethora of SEO companies and service providers and finding the one that can offer the best and the customized SEO tool for your business is not at all daunting. Today not just in the global market but in India too finding SEO packages in India at fixed cost and one that offers a great scope of work has become a very easy task especially when there has been a noticeable increase in the number of suppliers of Search engine optimization services in the country.

a SEO package that can help in adding to the search engine rankings of your business on search engines that can actually translate traffic to visitors over time can be a great way to add to your business a conversion factor. Searching thoroughly through the list of alternatives to actually find the best SEO company in India can be a great way of knowing that what can be good and leaving the bad for your company. Any company that offers SEO services that are developed after the close and thorough understanding of your business and after studying the market and your competitors too can be a vital help your business can get.

One size fits all is a very bad idea and is totally impractical when it comes to choosing a SEO package for your business. Among the many SEO packages India owners must find one that can be the best as per the size of their business that very much will also depend on the time your company has been on the web.

Today the best SEO company India that is involved in offering the best in India search engine optimization services to clients from not just the country but even outside can offer SEO packages that are the ideal as per the money propositions of business owners owning business of virtually any size.

Covering all the vital SEO factors wherever on page or off page, these SEO packages India can help your website in getting rankings that will help in translating volume of traffic to customers and finally sale for your business. So, follow some simple steps that can actually save you from those cowboys and can make sure that your partner with the best SEO company India that will work closely with your needs and requirements and will help you get success the way you have always anticipated for your business, even if you are very new in the field. …

SEO For Google

A website is only valued when it is known and visited by many people. A website being great and is not known by people is useless. The tips and methods to bring your website in the sight of the vast customers round the world through the search engine Google is discussed here.

The methods that Google implly on sites for its ranking is to be known for your sake of website. That is you should know well what will make Google rank your website above in it index. Since the Google SEO experts only what to do with the sites ranking we can only make an estimate what will work and what we know does not work for the high-ranking purpose. Now again one should observe, the Google ranking means a lot to any company's website. So the website maker knows what will work for the profit would be the first step towards earning higher rank on Google.

One of the basic tips is that make your website the most simple and understanding, Google give priority to the simplicity. The more your website is easy and simple the more chances to gain higher rank on Google. The Google itself has claimed the methods and today it is the world's number one search engine. Especially with it neat appearance it is now favored and relied by the world. Its results have made it superior than other search engines like Msn or Yahoo.

The best part to make your website ranked toped in Google- is the keyword power. Will you believe there are a number of millionaires who have earned a lot just because of their keyword? Achieving top rank in the Google is not that difficult but the only main subject is to get a meaning full keyword. It is observed after a long time of errors and mistakes. Companies claiming that they have some top secret of earning higher rank in Google, this is all stupid making statements and there is no such thing except knowing what Google prefers and what it does not.

The main thing to look for is to catch what Google looks for ranking the website. Google Search Engine Marketing is a procedure that will make your site upgraded. …

A Good Keyword Strategy = Higher Quality Traffic

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the art and science of making your
website both relevant and important in the eyes of the search engines in order to achieve a
high ranking in their results. SEO can be complicated, time consuming and expensive.
However, since it's technical intracies, there are a few basic SEO strategies any
website owner can employ to increase your chances of a high ranking result. Best of all
these SEO steps are free.

Your primary goal in SEO is to create a site that is both relevant and important from the
perspective of the search engines. Your two main weapons in your SEO arsenal are keywords
and backlinks. Keywords create relevance. Backlinks create importance. These two things
are the fundamental basis of SEO.

First, let's talk about keywords. Think about what you do when you want to find
information online. You open up your favorite search engine, say Google, and then what?
It's beautifully simple. You type in words related to what you're looking for. Think about
that for a moment. When you boil it down the vast majority of all internet traffic is
driven by text. Nothing more than words typed into a search field. It all starts with
simple text phrases, also known as keywords. And that's where your SEO focus should begin.

Search engines send out spiders or robots to analyze the words you have on your website.
They analyze your text in an effort to figure out what your website is all about. They use
This information to determine how and when to display your website within their search
results. Offering the right text to the search engine spiders is the key. This fact must
not be ignored or trivialized. Gear your SEO efforts with this is mind.

The idea is to figure out what words your potential customers are searching for then use
these keywords frequently within the copy of your website and in the html code upon which
your pages are built. The more frequently you use these keywords the more relevant the
search engines will consider your page. Of course you can not just use the keywords over and
over or the search engines will consider your site spam. Also remember that the
Information on your site has to be useful and engaging once somebody finally arrives there
or your SEO efforts will have been wasted.

Proper keyword analysis is vital to creating a winning keyword optimization strategy.
First and foremost you must know what keywords you want to target. It's not as simple as
finding the most popular keywords for your websites category. Good keyword analysis
involves researching your niche completely and having a solid understanding of the benefits
that your business offers to customers.

Keyword analysis can get easier by using the right SEO tools. Overture provides a free and
easy to use keyword tool here: .
The major limitation to this tool is that it will only tell you the number of times …

SEO Technology – Know Your Competition

Webmasters looking to implement SEO technology to increase web traffic often underestimate the importance of knowing what your competition is doing to achieve high rankings. Using one of the latest software tools in SEO technology can help identify your competition and analyze their sites to know exactly what they are doing.

Being able to analyze immediately and break down a high ranking competitor site and know what keywords they are using, who is back linking to them can provide a great starting point to implementing your own effective SEO technology.

It used to be that you had to rely on a so-called SEO expert to help get traffic going to your website and that can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars per site and does not allow you the ability to monitor daily things like back links, search rankings and competitor site changes.

Recently there have been great software tools available that, for a fraction of the cost allow you to implement your own SEO technology and monitor a whole host of key factors on a daily basis. You can find out what sites are back linking to your and if they are favorable back links. You can also find out where you list within any of the major search engine results compared to those competitors you can analyze to make the necessary changes to improve search engine rankings.

Competitor research is without a doubt one of the very best ways to start your own implementation. Knowing what they are doing and being able to not only use this information but improve upon it to move ahead of your competitors can make the difference between little search results and massive amounts of site visitors. …

Organic SEO Services: Best WordPress SEO Tools

There are hundreds of plugins and widgets specifically designed for WordPress. If you have a website and you are using WordPress, then you should take advantage of these great tools. While some of them may not be directly related to on-page optimization, they can help you with your SEO efforts. Here are some of the best and most effective SEO plugins for WordPress:

All In One SEO Pack

This innovative program optimizes your titles for search engines, provides SEO integration for ecommerce sites, and generates meta tags. More than eight million users have downloaded All In One SEO Pack. This tool is suitable both for beginners and advanced users.

WP SEO by Yoast

This SEO plugin has a wide range of features such as RSS optimization, page analysis, XML sitemap, rich snippets, breadcrumbs, social integration, and webmaster tools verification. WP SEO by Yoast allows you to see a rendering of what your page or post will look like in search results. With this tool, you can edit your robots.txt and.htaccess files, post titles and meta descriptions automatically, and clean up head section of WordPress installs.

SEO Smart Links

SEO Smart Links is currently being used by over 300,000 people worldwide. This plugin can help you create internal links and manage your affiliate links. It also improves your search engine rankings by automatically interlinking your posts. This powerful SEO tool gives your website visitors more paths to follow, which may also increase the number of page views. With SEO Smart Links, you can activate case-sensitive matching, define custom keywords, and limit the maximum number of links per post.

Platinum SEO Pack

Increasingly more webmasters are using Platinum SEO Pack for performing search engine optimization, page redirection, and management of meta data. This tool enables users to create custom meta descriptions, rewrite titles, and prevent indexing of category and tag archives. You can also set 301 redirection on permalink changes, generate auto descriptions for posts and pages, and control indexing of any specific post or page.

SEO Friendly Images

This new WordPress plugin updates all images with ALT and TITLE attributes automatically. If the pictures posted on your site do not have these attributes, this program will add them according to your preferences. SEO Friendly Images automatically pulls keywords from your post title and includes them in your image ALT tags. If you optimize your pictures for search engines, you will get a lot of traffic via Google Image Search. …