Website helping Berks job-seekers find employment | Berks Regional News

READING, Pa. – Pennsylvanians are getting back to work. The unemployment rate is at its lowest point since the COVID-19 pandemic began. In Berks, about 10% of the county’s workforce is unemployed, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry.

Pennsylvania’s Americana Region, the visitor’s bureau in Berks County, might just have a lead for those looking for work. Just before the pandemic hit, it partnered with the Greater Reading Chamber Alliance to develop a Berks County-focused career board. Seven months later, and the demand is greater than first expected.

“It’s been highly successful to date. We only started it in March,” said Crystal Seitz, the visitor’s bureau’s president. “If you’re living in Berks County and you’ve worked here and you find yourself in that unfortunate position of being unemployed, it’s a way for us to help you find that next position.”

Seitz said about 5,000 people visit the

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Bulk Condo Deals Website Launches Due To Pandemic

Richard Swerdlow and Bruce Goldstein 

Richard Swerdlow and Bruce Goldstein

Miami-based founder Richard Swerdlow and South Florida developer Bruce Goldstein are partnering to launch an online platform for bulk condo deals, The Real Deal has learned. They’re betting on the growing distress of condo markets across the country and developers’ desire to keep their offers confidential.

Swerdlow and Goldstein are rolling out their nationwide website,, so that developers and other sellers can post their bulk deals – defined as more than one condo unit – on the site with detailed financial information. That will include annual cash flow, fixed costs, cap rates, discounts, building information and projected returns.

However, the listings will exclude building names and addresses, so that developers won’t compete with their own existing retail inventory. The venture will act as a broker for the deal, taking commissions ranging from 1 percent to 5 percent, co-founder Swerdlow said.

The veiled listings

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Children’s Trust launches website to assist South Carolina parents

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) – Children’s Trust of South Carolina has launched a website,, that will provide statewide resources for families searching for local services and supports.

a man sitting on a table: Children’s Trust launches website to assist South Carolina parents

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Children’s Trust launches website to assist South Carolina parents

Parents and caregivers will be able to enter their ZIP Code into the search bar and receive an array of free and reduced-cost assistance in their communities, including parenting services, food, housing, financial and legal help, and health services.

“For so many parents and caregivers, the difficulty of navigating support systems can be frustrating and far too time-consuming, which can leave them feeling helpless and hopeless, especially during these uncertain times,” Children’s Trust Chief Communications Officer Bett Williams said. “Now more than ever, we need to make it as easy as possible for families to connect with help in their communities.”

The website is powered by a national

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Attract more like-minded clients for your business with a lead-generation website

Andrea Stevens is a copywriter working with B2B and professional services brands to publish brand-building content.


Andrea Stevens is a copywriter working with B2B and professional services brands to publish brand-building content.

OPINION: If you have a service business, you already have a website.

But is that website really working for you? Does it attract customers, or does it send them away?

If your website is not generating leads, then it’s not truly working.

Worse, it could be sending potential customers into the arms of your competitors.

* Not seeing the benefits of taking your business online? These might be the reasons why
* Seven ways you might be wasting your marketing money
* ‘I’m horrified it wasn’t enough’: Doctor’s victims appalled at appeal
* What is a customer relationship management system and does my business need one?

In this article, the first in a series, I will look at what a lead-generation website needs to do, and how it works 24/7

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Revlon Announces Launch of Bondholder Website in Connection with Pending Exchange Offer

Website Accessible at

Revlon, Inc. (NYSE: REV) today announced the launch of a bondholder website in connection with its previously-announced and pending Exchange Offer and Consent Solicitation (the “Exchange Offer“) by Revlon Consumer Products Corporation, Revlon, Inc.’s directly wholly-owned operating subsidiary (“RCPC” or the “Company“). In the Exchange Offer, RCPC is offering holders of any and all of the outstanding $344,785,000 aggregate principal amount of RCPC’s 5.75% Senior Notes due February 15, 2021 (the “Notes“) the opportunity to exchange their Notes for either the Cash Consideration or the Mixed Consideration (each as described in the Offering Memorandum) on the terms as set forth in the confidential Offering Memorandum and Consent Solicitation Statement (the “Offering Memorandum“), dated September 29, 2020.

The website can be accessed at:

The website contains (i) a letter to bondholders, dated October 19, 2020 from

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8kun, QAnon’s Favorite Website, Lost Its Host but Found a New Russian One

QAnon—an unhinged conspiracy theory falsely accusing President Donald Trump’s foes of Satanic pedophilia and cannibalism—has become so enmeshed in the GOP that at least one Q-loving Republican is expected to win a congressional seat this year.

But in more level-headed industries, the theory is so toxic that few U.S. companies want anything to do with it. That includes an Oregon-based web services company that severed ties with the main QAnon-associated website on Sunday night, temporarily taking the site offline.

8kun, a seedy forum previously known as 8chan, is the current ground zero for QAnon. The site is home to Q, a person or group of people who claim to be a high-level government insider dropping hints about an impending pro-Trump revolution. (The site is also home to white supremacists, including some who have used it to publicize mass-shootings.) The site’s reputation made it anathema to web services companies, with internet

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Georgia Power launches new careers website for students as part of Careers in Energy Week

ATLANTA, Oct. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Georgia Power is joining electrical utilities across the country to highlight Careers in Energy Week, October 19-23. As part of this year’s efforts, the company is launching, a new career website where high school students, recent graduates and career influencers can explore energy careers. 

Careers in Energy Week is dedicated to celebrating and raising awareness of energy careers and their importance to our communities, state and nation.

Visitors to the site can find details on careers in power generation, transmission and operations as well as technical training, certification programs and aptitude assessments to help them prepare for career success.

“At Georgia Power, we are committed to investing in programs and resources that help build a talent pipeline to support our state’s growing economy,” said Joseph Lillyblad, Georgia Power education and workforce development manager. “The energy industry and its skilled lineworkers,

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Asus Website Lists Laptop With Intel’s First Dedicated Graphics Card

(Credit: Asus)

Intel’s first dedicated graphics card for consumers will apparently end up in an Asus laptop. 

The VivoBook Flip 14 was recently unveiled on Asus’s website, and according to the features list, the laptop convertible will carry the “First Intel Discrete Graphics” unit inside. 

If you dig into the Asus website code, the PC vendor also names the GPU the “Intel Iris Xe Max graphics,” which caught the attention of Twitter user @momomo_us.

The Intel Iris Xe Max graphics mention in the website(Credit: Asus)

Strangely, Asus hasn’t been talking up the 14-inch laptop on social media or through its public relations channels. Nor has Intel. So we’re not sure why it isn’t getting more fanfare. Asus simply told PCMag the company will release more details in “late Q4” when the product is expected to launch.

Still, the laptop does fit into Intel’s timeline for its dedicated graphics card. In August, the company’s head of graphics, Raja Koduri,

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What is a website builder?

A website builder is exactly what it sounds like — an online or an offline app that helps you build a website. Back in the day, building websites involved quite a bit of coding, choosing a web hosting provider and constructing something complex like an e-commerce portal was out of bounds for many. Those days are long gone thanks to website builders, which are perfect for individuals and small businesses to put together a website without hiring the services of a web developer.

Why use a website builder?

Even experienced web developers these days prefer to start out with a website builder. That’s because these web development tools can help build websites in a fraction of the time it requires to hand code one. 

Even if you are well versed in the languages of the web, namely HTML, CSS, JavaScript, using a website builder reduces the chances of making a

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Student Transportation of America Celebrates National School Bus Safety Week and Debuts Informational Website, “Working Together to Stay Safe”

In conjunction with the start of National School Bus Safety Week, STA has launched a new website, “Working Together to Stay Safe.” The site is dedicated to providing customers and students with timely COVID-19 resources to help promote the teamwork needed to provide the safe and reliable student transportation for which STA is known. Resources include student-focused information for classrooms and school hallways, and bus-focused information and resources to help students become familiar with the new bus environment and changes necessary to ensure everyone is safe in response to the pandemic. Additionally, fun and engaging print outs are available for students that encourage everyone to “work together to stay safe.”

“Our new ‘Working Together to Stay Safe’ website truly highlights STA’s commitment to the health and safety of our employees, passengers and

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