Unique Design is the Key to Success

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The web is like a galaxy with millions of websites swirling around cyberspace. However, it's only the stars that shine the brightest that attract the interest of the viewers. If you want your website to sparkle, it's important that you take the right approach.

The Crucial 10 Seconds

Visitors to your website decide within the first ten seconds whether or not to proceed further into your website. To their 'website weary' eyes, anything that looks common or boring is a sure sign to click away and shift to another site. A unique design that will showcase your products or services attractively, along with compelling copy, is the key to success.

Branding Your Website through Unique Design

Unique design can help you build your website into a successful brand that dominates your niche. From the hundreds of brands around you; observe the websites or products of the most successful brands closely and you will find that each of them has distinct positive qualities. Would not you like the same for your website?

How to Start Branding

Most brands are highlighted through specific elements like a logo with tag line (slogan). They also have specific colors associated with them – say the white and blue of Dove soap. Bring branding into your website through using a unique design that will associate with your niche, and include various design elements such as the logo, colors and so on.

Keeping the Branding Fire Burning

Once you have started your branding efforts, it's important to reserve its uniqueness in every form of communication that you undertake. For instance, design elements associated with your product, such as logos, must be continued in everything from letters to banners ads, and all types of online or offline marketing.

Helping You Build Relationships

This kind of branding allows you to associate better with your customers and build lasting relationships. Every time you communicate, the recall value built through standardizing your brand communication creates familiarity and forges a strong bond. Use newsletters and emails to keep in touch with your customers regularly.

Advantages of Branding

Once you have a successful brand built primarily through unique design and content, you can move on to bigger things. You gain customer confidence easily and get repeat orders. Over a period of time brands gain great value as their reputation alone influences existing and new customers to buy.

Avoid Diluting the Brand

Once you have selected your niche brand, say for instance trendy T-shirts for teenagers, do not shift from this focus to anything else. It might be tempting after tasting a little success, to extend the line to say, T-shirts for women. Apart from diluting the 'teenager' brand, this will destroy the uniqueness of your website. If you need to expand, create another unique website for a different line which has its own unique brand.

Win With Unique Design

Make your mark in the world of online business by projecting a powerful identity through unique design. A little bit of planning can go …

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) And SEO

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Indexing has always been considered a highly targeted science. Enter a search query into Google search and the pages that are displayed are generally optimized towards that exact word or term. However, in their continual battle to server the most relevant but most natural pages with genuinely useful information Google has injected latent semantic indexing (LSI) into its algorithms.

What Is LSI?

LSI is a unique indexing method that potentially takes Google search one step closer to becoming human in its way of thinking. If we were to manually search through web pages to find information related to a given search term we would be likely to generate our own results based on the theme of the site, rather than whether a word exists or does not exist on the page.

Why Search Engines Might Adopt Latent Semantic Indexing

The extremely rigid form of "keyword indexing" also meant that black hat SEO techniques were easier to implement. Search engines could be manipulated into ranking a site highly by using set formula. Originally, cramming a page with a particular keyword or set of keywords meant a site would rank highly for that search term. The proceeding set of algorithms ensured that your link profile played more of an important part than your keyword density. Reciprocal linking soon followed once again making it possible to manipulate the search engine spiders by exchanging links with tens, hundreds, or thousands of websites.

Reciprocal linking was soon beaten as Google and to a lesser extent Yahoo and MSN save less credence to a reciprocal link as they did to a one-way inbound link. Latent Semantic Indexing is another, particularly powerful, method to try and make their result pages appear more natural with natural pages filled with natural content.

The Effects

The introduction of LSI has seen some dramatic changes in the search engine result pages already. Sites that had previously performed well because of an impressive link profile based on a single keyword have found their pages slip in the rankings. Other pages with a more diverse portfolio of inbound links are taking the lead with search terms for which they had not previously performed.

SEO is far from dead because of LSI, in fact if anything, it has probably increased the need for professional white-hat SEO on your website. The field of SEO, though, has almost certainly changed. Website content copywriting for Google's benefit is not solely made up of keyword density and keyword placement as it once was and link-building techniques will need to change to incorporate LSI algorithms but it can be done.

Writing Content For LSI

If optimizing solely for Google then a web page can, theoretically, be naturally written and naturally worded. When we write we instinctively include the appropriate keyword in our text. In order to avoid repetition (or keyword optimization, as it was once called) we would often alter some instances of these keywords for other words with the same or very similar meaning. We naturally include the …

Style and Your Website – Style Elements

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"Style and your website – an introduction," is about the importance of style. But what makes one style unique? What are those style elements that differentiate your site from others?

First of all the colors. Enough has been written about color usage and color schemes on websites. Red is said to be a color that conveys action and passion. Blue is a general business color and expresses seriousness … Usually websites have one dominant color and a supporting color. Important is that these colors support your message. A dominating red website does not fit the ambience of a university for example – where the thought is sacred, action is of minor importance (yet) …

The logo is another style element. It expresses the most important style elements in one simple image. It is a strong vehicle in expressing a message and for the visitor an element to focus on and to select.

The layout and structure of a website can either be (more) formal or free. Each website has a main kind of template. Examples are the journal template, with different columns, used for informational sites, there is the sales letter format, like a letter addressed to the visitor. Websites could also resemble a slide or presentation. If a website has not such a typical format it could either be more formal organized, or loose.

The amount and distribution of pictures is another element in which websites differentiate. Normal magazines are dominated by pictures, either from advertisements or general purpose supporting the text. Many websites are (still) scarcely focused on pictures, because most searches are done on text and it is difficult to select the right and adequate picture to convey your message.

All these elements together are composed to a complete website. It is this overall composition that gives the site the look-and-feel. It is the general impression. The overall composition is a result of a creative design process.

The style of a website is perceived by visitors who observes the visual elements of a site. Style is important because visitors will not berely focus on text only. When buying a kitchen you will visit different showrooms and unconsciously you will focus on the style of the different kitchens. Often, after selecting the style you start designing your individual kitchen to match your requirements.

If you want to look at a showroom of WebPages you could visit a site like thumbshots.net. This link for example ([http://www.thumbshots.net/webguide.pxf?cat=Arts%2fArchitecture%2fBuilding_Types%2fGovernment_Buildings]) provides an overview of websites focused on government buildings. Each pages presents an overview of different sites by showing a thumbshot and a textual summary of the site. These pages provide user with a preview mechanism before entering the site.
The overview however is also useful if you want to "benchmark" the style of your site with others. Or if you are just curious about differences in style of websites.

Have a look.

© 2006 Hans Bool …

Business Website Hosting Provider

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In present world where it is necessary to promote yourself online it is really necessary to have a reliable web host to leave a good impression upon the mind of the customers of both the entity and the brand. For this it is necessary to launch a website with a good business website hosting service provider.

It is great responsibility to choose a reliable business website hosting service provider. It is advisable to choose the business web host who has reputation of providing quality services at optimum prices. Look out at forums and group discussions to know about the best business website hosting service provider. Or you can look out for reviews for various businesses hosting websites and choose which suits your needs the best.

There are many things to be kept in consideration before you choose the business web host.

  • Resources: before you select the business website hosting service provider, check whether he has adequate resources to take care of your business website well. See where it can handle heavy data without lagging. Try and figure out what kind of technical support your website need and accordingly check whether the web host offers the requisite features or not. The speed should not be less, as slow speed hampers the interest of the visitor.
  • Dedicated server: in case your website is very popular and fetch you good business, make sure you avail dedicated web host services. It is really important to run your business website on the right platform to offer convenience to its customers. Make sure you avail the necessary computing languages ​​to ensure smooth run of your website. In case you decide to go in for shared website hosting, then choose that is not over crowded.
  • Technical capabilities: the business website hosting provider needs to offer error free services. There should be no lags and errors on the website and it affects the goodwill of the business and the brand. The business web host must offer good technical back-up to establish good customer base and improving customer and business relations.
  • Features: a good business website hosting is one which offers all the key features needed to run a website successfully like PHP, CGI Bin, MySQL, Perl, SSL and various other needed for handling websites of all types.

Ensure that the business website hosting service provider you choose offers you services without any hiccups and make your place on the digital avenue. These points must be kept in mind as it concerns your image and the image of the business. And once the image or goodwill is hampered it takes decades to win back the confidence of customers. …

Deciding on the Most Effective SEO Outsourcing Firm

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Locating the best SEO Company which can help your website attain top rankings in search engines is mostly a hard job. You must know a number of details of the SEO firm, several basic facts as well as statistics, and the dedication of the effort before deciding on the firm.

An excellent SEO Company would be able to reveal results decisively. As an example, you're able to see whether the SEO company was able to build traffic, turn many of the browsers to clients, build sufficient link popularity, supercharge sales, leads, and also figure out the tricks and tips to make a website stick on top rankings for months together.

But, how could you come across this astonishingly productive SEO Firm? Listed here are a few aspects to evaluate before you can discover a reliable SEO team.

Successes of the SEO Company
The outcomes would demonstrate how effective an SEO company has been for the customers. Recommendations from the clients, portfolio examinations, as well as evaluations of the SEO Organization within social media websites are useful approaches to discover the best Seo Agency for your webpage.

You can even examine the seo'ed pages and determine if the answers are real or not. Be sure and note the wide range of web pages tweaked by the Seo Agency. Just how the customer webpages rated within search engines? Exactly what do the testimonails from others say? Is it possible to choose the most significant, positive elements of the Seo Agency? – Or, those sites do not really possess something extraordinary about them. Answering these questions would help you find out the correct Seo Company for your business.

Own Ranking Formulae
A Seo company must have a great crew to work on the clients sites. Even so, the easiest way it can show off its marketing skills is to make its own site SEO-savvy. If the website is rated and has its own reputation, brand identity, and group, you can be sure that the Seo Company is capable of doing exactly the same for your website.

Old is Gold
Seo is not a new notification. It only takes a long time to show the results. Discover an seo Company which has stayed in business for an extended time and also has valued leads to exhibit. The key idea is always to stay away from fly-by-the-night organizations which are there only to get money from you.

An SEO organization that has stayed running a business may explicitly point out the work it can easily do, results it can achieve, and the remuneration it needs for those jobs.

The period meant for a wholesome SEO marketing
SEO involves time and energy. Moreover it needs a large amount of keeping track, deeper tweaking, reporting, examines, and also web 2. 0 to have success. The truth is, SEO is really an on-going effort and constant.

As a result, most SEO companies offer a long-time optimization plan. The remuneration can either be project-based, result-based, or even task-based. Generally, …

Why Use Professional SEO Services When I Can Do It Myself?

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As with most things on the Internet, there is a wide discrepancy between what constitutes true professional SEO services and what is provided by someone who claims to know the basics of SEO work. While most SEO services can be handled on your own the appropriate technical and subject background, the world of professional SEO services changes daily as the Internet continues to emerge and society becomes more dependent on it. So, even though you may think you understand the basics, sometimes the basics are just not enough which is why you may want to seriously look into professional SEO services for your website.

The simple truth of the matter is that SEO standards are easy enough to comprehend. The basic job description of an SEO worker that all professional SEO services provides is to help redesign and provide relevant content so that a website receives a high ranking in search engine results. Obviously, the higher ranking that a website receives in a search query the more traffic it will attract which can coincide with the amount of profits that a webmaster is either to make selling ads or an actual product. So, why should not you attempt to perform your own SEO work?

For starters, SEO work takes time. There is no shortcut to SEO tactics that will work in the long term and as search engines get smarter many old sneaky tactics now actually hurt your website ranking more then they improve it. So, before you statement on any SEO work you have to conduct extensive research to see what is acceptable and what is not. This is not a one time job, as you have to stay tuned into the SEO world in order to keep your ranking once you achieve it.

Do you have time for this and managing every other aspect of your website? For most people, the answer is a clear cut NO, which is why finding professional SEO services at an affordable cost can seem like a godsend. The truth is that while you may be able to do some of your own SEO work, you will never be able to match the quality or results that professional SEO services can provide.

Also, keep in mind that time is money, so while you are wasting your time with SEO, you could be earning an increased profit from the work that professional SEO services can offer in a flash. So, even if you are stubborn you may want to take a second look at some SEO services if you are interested in making the most cash off your online venture as possible! …

Upgrading Your RAM Could Be The Cure-All For Your Super Slow Computer

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Over and over again, I come across stories of people who have slow computers but have the room to upgrade their ram. Ram, also known as memory, explains a place where information is temporarily stored while programs are working on your computer. The more ram you have, the faster your machine is going to run in it's everyday operations, like opening programs, working in them and having multiple browser tabs open.

Initially, when your computer is running slow, you should run a battery of cleanup and anti-malware programs. First, CCleaner, which is free (Google "CCleaner"), allows you to clear any unnecessary cookies and temporary files from your machine that may be bogging it down.

Then, a program like "malwarebytes" is great to run to ensure there is not any malware, spyware or even viruses slowing the computer down. A defect more effective virus removal program (that's free) to use would be the "kaspersky virus removal tool," which you can also find by Googling those keywords.

But, when you've ran the arsenal of cleanup weapons and your machine is still performing like a horse in a race with a sprained ankle, upgrading your ram might be the next step. If you're running Windows Vista for example, and you have 2 gigabytes or under ram, even giving it another 1 gigabyte is going to make a big difference. If the machine can go up to 4 gigabytes, which would mean that you're upgrading it by 2 gigabytes (if it currently has 2 already), then that's your best option. Vista, in my opinion, takes too many resources to run and slows computers down.

I know what you may be thinking, the act of actually taking the machine apart and replacing the ram chips is hard. Here's the great part. It really is not! Most desktop computers have 4 screws on the outer edges of the back that once unscrewed, allow the side panels of the machine to slide back and off, giving you access to the guts of the computer.

For a pretty clear picture of the ram, with identifications in the image, check this picture out . That shows a pretty clear image of the ram chips inside a computer, labeled and easy to see. To change or upgrade ram, the only thing you're doing is sliding the new chips in place, and pushing them in until they click. There are two levers on each side of the outer portion of the slot in which you're inputting the ram, that will click once the ram is in place. Apply pressure to the top of the ram chip, once it's in place, until you hear that sealing click. Then, you're golden!

Thereafter, you'll have to change the settings in virtual memory to reflect the physical hardware changes you've made, which is a couple of clicks away, and can be found here . But, if you're unsure, seek professional help.

Overall, taking a machine even up to one more gigabyte of ram than it …

JavaScript for Web Design – Advantages and Disadvantages

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This article discusses the good and the bad points of using JavaScript in your website designs. It points out the areas where JavaScript excels as a web based programming language and also describes situations where its use can actually detract from the performance of a website.

First of all, JavaScript is a browser based programming language that actually runs client side. This means that any code that you write in JavaScript is delivered along with your web pages and the scripts that you write actually run from within the users’ browser rather than directly on the server that is serving the web page. There are situations where JavaScript is an excellent solution for implementing neat features in a web design but there are also situations where using JavaScript can hurt your websites performance. It is my aim in this article to describe the best ways to use JavaScript and how to circumnavigate the downsides of using this versatile and powerful scripting language.

JavaScript for Web Design – The Advantages

JavaScript is an excellent solution to implement when validating input forms on the client side. This means that if a user forgets to enter his name in a form for instance a JavaScript validation function can popup a message to let him know about the omission. This is a far better solution that having a server side validation routine handle the error because the server does not have to do any additional processing. An asp or php routine could be written to achieve the same task but the JavaScript would not allow the form to be submitted unless it was completed properly in the first place, a much more robust solution!

Another area where JavaScript excels is in the creation of dynamic effects such as rollover images and scripted slideshows, where its use has become commonplace. Because JavaScript runs inside the clients browser it can be used to change the appearance of the users screen after the page has been sent by the server. This allows it to create some very impressive dynamic image effects.

JavaScript for Web Design – The Disadvantages

One of the major draw backs to using JavaScript is that it tends to severely bloat web pages. JavaScript code can quickly add up to hundreds of lines of code if you are using it to do anything even remotely interesting. That said the problem of large chunks of JavaScript code is easily solved by storing the JavaScript code off into separate JavaScript source files that have a .js extension. This cleans up your web page code because the JavaScript code is stored separately to the HTML page itself, leaving a much cleaner and more readable web page.

Because of JavaScript’s tendency to bloat web pages it can be very detrimental to the search engine friendliness of your web site. This is because when a search engine arrives at your site looking for quality content and keywords to determine what your page is al about, the last thing it …

This Is How To Write SEO Articles

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What is SEO writing? What is on page SEO and what are some web content tips that can be applied immediately and without having to spend some money on a program?

I'm learning SEO content writing with practice and it does not have any sort of barrier to learn other than the person's own stuff. People often make quality SEO content by focusing on the purpose of what is being written and the reason why the piece is being made before anything else. When a person decides to write SEO content before anything, a few things are often assumed.

What is SEO writing?

Writing that includes this …

  • Researched Keywords
  • Researched Content
  • Traffic
  • Click The Link

Keywords are often implemented with research that can vary in-depth, but the idea is that they will find keywords that are targeted for their own purposes, but they will have potential for traffic. Without any of the traffic, it's basically useless. These keywords can have millions of clicks, very few and they can also be created from scratch as well.

Could be something

People clicking on websites and doing what they do will make traffic. Every person clicks on a keyword for their own reasons and sometimes the reason is a collaboration that many people also participate in. This makes a keywords traffic.

The content is bought for sales, eCopy, promos, links, traffic and so on. The content will have actionable content and be directed for a sale. This usually costs more considering its content that will be applied to make sales directly.

The call to action says this, "You Would Be Better If You Clicked"

If you're learning something wonderful, if you know that you must feel more confident.

Web Content Tips <- This is a researched Keyword

SEO will always consider these when they are made for websites and sales. Often they are people who make different websites that have done their research for the keywords and want to increase their ranking by making some higher quality content that also applies it for promotion and being able to become visible to Google's ranking system.

Google always changes their ranking system, although not as often as it sees. They have large updates that are determined to increase the website's value and always reveal a reality of what the websites purpose is. This means that Google will meet and reward websites that have content with in-depth content, which can be mirrored in SEO writing. These keywords are a part of On Page SEO that works together to create topics and themes to be realized by Google, with minor coding, unless you have a blog with a plug-in.

What is On Page SEO <—- Another Keyword

To be direct, On Page SEO puts keywords in

  • H1 – H2 Tags
  • Meta Description
  • Title Of The Page
  • The Content
  • Categories
  • Headers, footers
  • Submit Website – Check the webmaster tools it'll be found

Very simple to do and it's well-known in this time that these are the main …

20 Questions to Help You Improve Your Website

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Are you wondering how to improve your website? Spend some time giving careful consideration to the following 20 questions – and then act on your findings!

  1. Is my site navigation intuitive, clear, and easy-to-use?
  2. What are my products and / or services? Are they clearly presented?
  3. What benefits do my products and / or services provide? Are those benefits clearly outlined?
  4. Is my site visually attractive to my target audience?
  5. How does my site compare to my competition?
  6. Am I trying to highlight too many things on my site so that pages appear cluttered?
  7. How often do I update my site? What are the updates comprised of?
  8. What new information, new products, or new offers can I begin adding to my site?
  9. Whose job responsibility is it to update the web site on a regular basis?
  10. What information is my target market looking for? How can I make their lives easier?
  11. How can I leverage the intellectual capital within my company on my web site?
  12. What form could resources take on my web site? ie, enewsletter, blog, articles, ebooks, webinars, podcasts, video, etc.
  13. Is an interactive community appropriate to my business? If so, what form could that community effectively take? ie, blog, forum, chat room, etc.
  14. What business processes could be automated on my web site?
  15. How could my web site more directly support my sales force?
  16. Am I making it easy for customers to make a purchase or donation on my site?
  17. How could I use my web site to better generate and qualify leads?
  18. How search engine optimized is my web site?
  19. How can I regularly add new search engine optimized content to my web site?
  20. How can I improve my search engine rankings through quality links?