Website Content For Busy Webmasters

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The easiest way to make money online by working for only a few hours per week is to build a big website full of informative, interesting and original website content. A good plan is to have so much website content that any visitor interested in your websites theme has to come back over and over to check it all out! On the Internet, content is king!

So where can you get lots of quality website content without paying a lot of money? Well there are many options to choose from. Many article submission directories have tons of quality original articles written by other webmasters which you can use on your website or newsletter as long as you keep the authors resource box intact. It's new to affiliate marketing this may be a great way to save time and effort in building your business.

Free resources like these free articles are easy to find content for a website and will help you make money much more quickly than if you were having to write everything on your own. Coming up with original website content every once a week or so is a good idea though, and this will boost your website rankings and word of mouth ratings.

Another way you can have unique content for your website is by buying Private Label Content also known as PLC. PLC content means any articles, ebooks or manuals that are allowed for free use by subscribers to use however they want. However, there are some things you can not do with PLC content.

You can not claim the PLC content as your own or use it for article submissions unless you rewrite the content so its a brand new article. Also, unlike free website content directories, you will have to pay a subscription fee.

Using PLC articles also have a very strong advantage of not having to add an author bio box, which always links to some other webmasters website and can steal your website traffic and customers.

With a PLC subscription, you will have around 10 to 40 new articles per month, depending a lot on the niche market you are promoting. These articles can really help you get off to a good start and earn serious cash with the affiliate program you choose to promote.

How can you get more out of PLC content you pay for? One way is to use the articles in a 6 month weekly email course where you fill it with only PLC content. Then just place ads for your products and services and let the thing run on autopilot.

One more way to make pure profit in the Internet marketing world is to use free website templates! Use these website templates to get the design out of the way and focus on your search engine optimization and adding quality website content every week. This will help you build your website traffic fast from search engines and other websites and gain you more sales and commissions.

Free …

Benefits of PHP Programming for Dynamic Websites

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At the time of beginning the website, we consider various factors that can make or break the site including website designing, website hosting, website developing, site’s maintenance, site’s usability, flexibility, scalability and how easy it will be to handle the site and the overall allotted budget for it.

To develop a website that is user friendly, impressive, fast loading, easy to operate, cost-effective, PHP programming services are mostly preferred.

The first and foremost benefit of using PHP programming is it is an open source server side programming language and is absolutely free, although, you can hire an expert PHP web developer in order to customize your website as per your business requirements, which is very cost effective. Better performance and reliability makes PHP the choice of PHP programmers everywhere. One more benefit of applications written in PHP programming language is that they are quick and easy to use if written in an appropriate manner and are pretty secure.

Second is the flexibility this powerful language provides. Today, dynamic websites are in great demand due to their specific characteristics and easy to use features, using PHP programming services while developing a dynamic website gives it better usability and more security.

Third is the upper hand that PHP provides while running multimedia technology. PHP is not dependent on the external plug-ins to run the programs; instead it is executed by the servers and hence requires nothing from the end users. Also, the recent development has shown that the PHP programming has developed enough to fulfill various requirements of the clients which were not possible earlier.

The above mentioned benefits along with various other have made PHP most beneficial and popular language for developing dynamic websites. Its better performance, reliability, faster speed, efficiency and versatility as compared to various other programming languages made it popular among various web developers and PHP programmers.…

Search Engine Indexing and Crawling

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When user enters keywords in the search engine, a list of results are found that best-matches the keywords of the user. These results are found based on a huge amount of pages stored in the database of the search engine. To be able to obtain such results, some processes must be done first to build the database which will be searched then when the user does the search. Mainly two basic sub-processes are done to build the database:

1. Crawling: In the crawling (also called spidering or robotics) process, the search engine begins to discover the web or the pages of the overall sites on the web. It performs this by beginning to download pages from some sites. Regularly, it will begin with some small sites stored in its database. When it crawls some initial site, it will observe the links in those sites. If the search engine discovered new link that is not stored in the initial database, it will append it to the list to be crawled later. In the new links discovered, it may also discover new links that will be appended also to the list of the sites that will be crawled soon. Note that as the sites are crawled, it will update its list of sites that are discovered to be new.

These processes are repeated continuously without stopping to discover the changing content on the web. So every new link is discovered will lead to crawling of this page and may lead to crawling the entire site. This is because when the spider crawl a page from a site, it will look also for a links to other pages in the same site as well as links to external sites. Thus, it is important for website owners to build such links to get visibility to search engine. The more links they build, the more frequently their sites will be crawled and updated if it was indexed.

2. Indexing: once the search engine collects the pages from the sites crawled in the crawling process, it will feed them to the indexing algorithm. Mainly, the indexing algorithm compares or rankings the related pages with each other so that when users make a search for a keyword, it will then extract the pages with the highest rank. Each search engine has its own algorithm for indexing and ranking. when ranked I will be put in the database with the specified rank.

One may imagine that only the keywords on the page controls the rank but recently there are a key factor that controls hat ranking which is the backlink. Mainly the concept of backlinks is related to voting and reachability keywords because an existing link to a page means that the page is good for that site and this it effectively votes for it. Also the page will be reachable from that site. Recently, the search engines are concerned with the concept of reachability, they say that if one browse randomly through the sites on the web, …

The Business Case for Search Engine Optimization

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The web is still growing at a phenomenal rate. The Computer Industry Almanac projects that the Worldwide Internet Population will grow from 1.08 billion in 2005 to 1.8 billion in 2010.

According to the Central Intelligence Agency's World Factbook 2007, over half (37.8 million) of the UK population are already Internet users.

Thus, businesses who have chosen to build an on-line presence can take advantage of reaching new customers through the web. However, the web is getting more and more crowded. reported in their October 2007 Web Server Survey that they had counted 142,805,398 sites; an increase of 7.6 million sites in 30 days.

The bad news is that this growth creates a new problem of increased on-line competition for many businesses.

To remain competitive and retain and grow market share, businesses are becoming more aggressive in their web marketing strategies. They understand that it is no longer sufficient to own a website and hope it visits visitors with little to no promotion of it. They are ensuring their site retains a high position and prominence in search engine rankings by employing a range of promotional tools, such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), to attract visitors.

Businesses who fail to keep up will lose valuable custom to their competitors. Early signs of this include:

o A drastic fall in web visitor numbers

o A decrease in sales generated on-line

o A fall in search engine rankings

For businesses to maintain a competitive advantage on-line, it is essential that they invest in on-line promotional activity. The aims of online activity should mirror traditional offline marketing aims. IE

o Remain competitive and retain market share

o Increase targeted prospect numbers

o Attract new customers

o Deliver return on investment

This can be done in-house. There are no special tools required to promote a website, but it does take time and effort. In addition there is so much nonsense spoken about SEO that it is hard to avoid wasting time on optimization and promotion campaigns that achieve no worthwhile result. This is why, unless you have someone who really enjoys web marketing, it is best to outsource this work to professional optimization companies who know from experience what works and what does not. …

Website Building Tutorials That Do not Hold Up

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Not so long ago, building a website was a real chore. You either needed to invest in clunky yet expensive software or you were required to learn the ins and outs of "from scratch" site building. Fortunately, things have changed a great deal. Today, it's easy for just about anyone to use some readily available and inexpensive (even free) tools to design a site. Unfortunately, many of those old website building tutorials are still in circulation, providing questionable and outdated information to readers.

If you're looking for guidance on building your site, check the website building tutorials you have under consideration for their date of publication. If they're more than a few years old, you probably do not want to bother with them.

The Internet changes quickly. The techniques that were en vogue a few years ago are now ancient history. The old school methods that many guides outline are no longer necessary or relevant. Few things become more dated quickly than guides and tutorials about building a great site.

After you've ascended adequate recency, become an active reader. That means not taking the contents of the guide at face value. Again, things may have changed. There's also that ever-present risk of getting bad information from a lower quality guide. You want to do your homework before adopting any strategy that might be stated in the tutorials. Make sure the recommendations still hold water by doing online research.

The best website building tutorials will provide you with all the information you need to know, from A to Z, to get the ball rolling with your own site. Check the tutorials you're considering to see if they live up to that standard. Many are laser-focused on certain aspects of design and fail to provide the big picture information you'll want as you take your first website construction program.

It would be nice if every site building tutorial contained solid, timely information. That's simply not the case, however. If you want to learn from a tutorial, you need to be able to discern the guides that have not held up to the ravages of time from those that will provide you with timely, pertinent and actionable information. …

SEO Tips – 11 Highly Effective Tips to Generate Back Links

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If you want your website to achieve high rankings on Google organic search results listing, you need to increase the reputation of your website through link building. The process is to get links from other websites to point back to your site. Each link acts as a vote in Google’s eyes. The more inbound links you have, the more reputable your website is.

There are many ways to build links when it comes to SEO. Now, let me share with you some of the most effective tips to get inbound links:

1. Article syndication. You can write articles about what you do and submit them to various article directories. At the bottom of each article, you can include a link back to your site. You gain back links when your articles are accepted by the directories and published.

2. Press release. You can write press releases about your company, product or service and submit them to online press release sites like PRWeb. Once your press release is accepted, you will generate traffic back to your site and gain some back links too.

3. Directory submission. You can create a listing of your company and submit them to various directories like DMOZ and Yahoo Directory. You gain back links when your listing is accepted.

4. Create great content and post it on your website. When you have great content on your website, you entice other webmasters to share your content on their sites by providing a link back to you.

5. Comment on other people blog. You can leave constructive comments on other people blog, with a link back to your website.

6. Participate in forum discussions. Most forums allow you to post your website link in your signature. Participate actively in forum to expose your signature links.

7. Create Squidoo lens. Squidoo is a community website that allows users to create pages for subjects of interest. Pages are known as lens. Write about what you do and place links back to your website.

8. Start something crazy. When you create something crazy, you create buzz. With buzz, people will start linking back to your site.

9. Link to others and request them to link back.

10. Create a contest in your niche. People love contest. When you create contests, you get people to start talking about your website.

11. Offer to be a guest blogger. Source for blogs that are related to your expertise and offer to be a guest blogger in exchange for a back link.…

Choosing the Best Website Domain Names and Hosting Packages

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Before you decide on the domain name, you should be careful and examine the content you are publishing on your website. The website domain name relevancy must be weighed against many factors. You should consider the category your website based on its content topics, major keywords used, availability of similar domains and the promotional needs of your website. If your website focuses on a niche area, try to capture the most specific name to it. Since not all domains will be available for you to use, you can easily find online domain name checking tools so as to make any adjustments necessary.

The right choice of a domain name is not complete without the right internet address ending part for your website. The ending part of the address depends on the type of website required. If you are developing a commercial website, the domain ending part will Organizational domains ending parts, while educational websites Another domain name ending part often used in place It is a top level domain ending part initially intended for large network operators to which it is still popular today. A variety of other domain name ending parts are available for use in both more specific and generic applications.

Considerations for the right website domains often go hand in hand with those of web hosting services. Free web hosting services are available and have increased the options available for webmasters. You simply design your website and upload it to the host's server as long as you comply with their terms and conditions. In most cases, these free website hosting packages will come with several limitations. Your preferred domain name has to be altered to become a sub-domain part of the host's domain name. This is viewed as promoting the host rather than only your website. The resources associated to your website are also limited in a way. You will not get large storage space and email addresses may also not be part of the package.

Paid website hosting is what majority of professional webmasters go for because the packages often include more features and extras. Different packages go for different prices so one changes what suits the requirements of the website to be hosted. Your domain name is not altered in any way as long as it has not been used before. You are more likely to get as much storage space and email addresses as you need with paid website hosting. …

Dallas SEO

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Dallas is one of the largest cities in the United States, as well as one of the most famous. Everyone knows where Dallas is, and this is precisely why thousands of businesses choose to call Dallas, Texas home. However, the demand has also driven up office space prices for the most populated areas. Small businesses that simply can not afford office space in a prime location are turning to search engine optimization, or SEO for complete business website solutions. Their motto is, "If we can not find them, we'll help them find us." one small business owner in Dallas says that her business would not be what it is today without the help of a Dallas search engine optimization company. "Most [entrepreneurs] start out working out of their home, so it's difficult to find new customers in the beginning. My SEO company built my business website and then helped people find it in the search engines. Sales doubled inside of six weeks."

You may even know someone who has invested in "SEO" or who thinks they know how to do it. In fact, there is a growing number of people who are trying to do their own search engine optimization rather than invest in it. Search rank can be improved somewhat through a single person's efforts, but individuals are finding them at a plateau after climbing only a few pages in search engines. Proper and effective search engine optimization requires numerous man hours, more than one person is reasonably capable of accomplishing. In addition, once achieved, top search rank must be maintained.

There are numerous tips that you can find online that will help you improve your website's rank. If you'd like to pinch pennies, consider learning what you can and shooting for page one for a search term. You will want to be sure that the search term that you choose will provide adequate traffic to your website. If a website targets a search term (keyword) that does not get searched often, your website will experience little additional traffic after all your hard work. …

You Really Can Use Internet Marketing to Make Money Online

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There are many ways to legally and ethically create the streams of income that you have been seeking. Although there are many companies out there that are just trying to get you to part with your money; there are others that can teach you that you really can use Internet marketing to make money online. These companies can give you step by step advice on how to do the things that will make you successful at Internet marketing and making money online. Some of the companies will provide you with tools that will help you to identify the product or market that will make you the most money, while others will give you advice on how to set up your website and drive traffic to your website to increase your sales .

Internet marketing is not as hard as it looks. It takes some very basic knowledge and understanding of how the Internet works to maximize your exposure, or the exposure of your products and services. A few ways that people have used Internet marketing to make money online are as follows:

Becoming an affiliate. When you become an affiliate or sell an affiliate product, you do not have to absorb the risk. You simply market the product for a percentage of the sell. The company that you are working for handles the stocking, shipping, returns and everything else. Your efforts are spending ensuring that the product gets in front of enough people that have an interest in it to buy it.

Selling a service. If there is something that you are good at, the Internet is a world wide market place. Finding buyers have never been easier. No matter whether you are marketing and delivering your service locally or over the Internet, a good marketing strategy can increase your customer pool exponentially.

Selling an eBook or other electronic products. Ebooks have become very popular because they can be created and marketed a very little cost. Create an eBook of something that you have specialized knowledge in, that you feel people may want or need to know. You can then market your product over and over again electronically, without having to worry about the cost of printing or shipping.

There are many other ways that you can use Internet marketing to make money online. Remember the Internet has opened up the world to be your market place. …

Toufee – Create Flash Movies In Seconds

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Toufee is an online flash movie maker application that can get you to create flash movies and multimedia presentations in a matter of minutes! With Toufee, you no longer need to know Adobe Flash or have programming skills to produce Flash animations.

Toufee has an easy-to-use interface that requires little learning and powerful features that enable you to create professional looking flash presentations, flash banners, e-cards, Website intros and flash-based advertisements in no time. Images, audio and video can be added to Toufee flash presentations. Toufee comes with loads of pre-built special effects that can be applied to text, images and video. Toufee has a feature-rich interface with easy drag-and-click options, fast navigation and highly responsive options. Toufee gives you the best of both worlds – you can upload photos, audio or video from your PC or quickly grab your favorite images from Flickr and videos from sites like YouTube, Google Videos. The program also supports a built-in text-to-speech engine with six human voices with which one can add a personal touch to the flash animations.

Toufee has excellent sharing and collaborative features – Toufee users can rate movies created by fellow members or add their comments to a movie. Movies created with Toufee can be easily posted onto your personal websites. A powerful feature of Toufee is that it allows users to directly upload their movies to social networking sites like MySpace, Hi5, Friendster, Blogger, Xanga, LiveJournal and to sites like eBay.

Toufee has been gaining popularity amongst the internet community – a number of Toufee users have been using Toufee as a marketing tool to design ad campaign for their products and to develop engaging product presentations. Toufee is also used to create personalized greeting cards, business presentations and website animations!

To top it all, Toufee comes completely free! There is nothing to download neither does Toufee require you to install any software.

Toufee is fun to use…discover the power of flash now!…