College Graduates – The Internet Economy is BOOMING!

With the United States officially in the 18th month of recession… (the longest since the Great Depression of the 1930s) many hopeful college graduates and future entrepreneurs are scrambling online.

They are trying to figure out… How To Make Money Online with a Home Business… They don’t want to rely on a J.O.B. (Just Over Broke) lifestyle… Living Paycheck to Paycheck and Hoping and Praying They Don’t Get The Pink Slip.

Many future entrepreneurs will seek their fortunes online rather then pursuing Corporate America. This is especially true in light of the fact that the U.S. economy is losing 550,000+ jobs per month for the last 6 months straight.

These newly graduated future business owners want to call their own shots and run their own show. As entrepreneurs they would rather work 16 hours a day for themselves rather then 8 hours a day for someone else.

As far as they are concerned, the sky will be the limit in terms of income. They don’t want “table scraps” or “golden handcuffs” an employer will offer. Rather than going to Grad School (and running up student loan debt tens of thousands of dollars MORE than what they already owe) many resort to Personal Life Coaching.

Life Coaching also known as Personal Coaching is gaining massive popularity in 2009 because of the unsettled and unstable world economy. With the failing U.S. economy in Financial Free Fall, more people than ever are looking to take control of their financial future and financial destiny…

Rather than applying to Grad Schools, they are seeking to benefit from the knowledge and coaching they can receive from a qualified Life Coach. A Life Coach is someone you hire to help assist you with your personal development. This is especially true in the area of setting and achieving specific goals.

Typically this involves paying a few hundred bucks a month to speak with a trained Life Coach by phone for about a half-hour to an hour per week. Pricing and service offerings vary tremendously in each area.

Your Life Coach may offer advice and guidance, even help you make plans, and most importantly, hold you accountable for taking Action. Action = Results A Life Coach can use their expertise to help you solve specific problems efficiently. Then, get you to Implement the Solutions to your problem. That’s the real challenge.

The real challenge of Life Coaching is to Get YOU to take action.

That’s what makes a good Life Coach so valuable. Your coach can work as a guide to help you stay on course. He or she will help lead you safely through the costly mistakes that come with learning and doing something new.

Good Life Coaches are experienced business people and they’ll teach you some creative problem-solving and visualization techniques to solve your problems. Many of the Life Coaches are very intuitive and can often detect unspoken problems.

Many Life Coaches have worked as entrepreneurs in their own successful business or have been part of larger organizations in Corporate America. The skills you gain from your life coach may last well beyond the paid coaching period. In effect, you aren’t just paying for your time on the phone or for short-term benefits.

Ideally you’re paying for a Permanent Shift To a Higher Level of Performance.

When you identify a coach that seem like a good fit for your needs and your budget, request a free trial session. Don’t hire a coach who doesn’t offer a free trial session. It’s too much of a risk. Try several different coaches until you find one you feel confident will help you.

If the free trial leaves you feeling doubtful or hesitant then keep looking. Find someone you are comfortable with and feel you can work with. A Good Life Coach should be able to help you boost your performance at least enough to pay for the coaching sessions. So it’s a Win-Win situation for you and and the coach.

Finding a really G-O-O-D Life Coach will take some investigation on your part. The really G-O-O-D Life Coaches are really B-U-S-Y. Lots of independent coaches who’ve gone through formal training programs can be found online. One good site is

(I don’t have any financial interest in whether or not you decide to hire a coach from there). You can also find a coach via personal referral, but you’ll still want to get a free trial session. You need to determine if the coach’s style is compatible with your goals. If it doesn’t work out, keep looking for a different Life Coach.

Let a Life Coach help you Start Your own 6-Figure Business.