How Did the Internet Begin – Learn About ARPANET

The history of the Internet is so very fascinating, its origins and it’s first uses too. Interestingly enough the Internet was not actually invented by Al Gore although he was a big proponent of the “information highway” concept that a few of the researchers schemed up as the transfer technology was moved from ARPA and Bell Labs into the private sector.

The earliest forms of the Internet greatly assisted in the sharing of knowledge and research amongst the top Universities and scientists. In fact, by sharing information at a rapid pace they were able to accelerate their research and studies even faster. The entire story is so very fascinating considering now that the Internet permeates nearly every sector and all aspects of life.

It is my contention that you owe it to yourself to learn a little more about the history of the Internet so that you understand its beginnings and consider how it grew and then think about what it has become today. Why? Well, this way you can begin to ponder what it might be like in the next 5 to 10 years.

So, I tell you what, let me take this opportunity to recommend an extremely well written and researched book about the Internet, indeed this is a book, the best book I have found on the subject that clearly illustrates how the modern internet came into existence. If you spend a good deal of time on the Internet, you ought to know about the history:

“Where Wizards Stay Up Late; Origins of the Internet” by Katie Hafner; Simon and Schuster, New York, NT; 1998.