How You Can Massively Increase the “Click-Through” From Your Articles to Your Website

Without doubt articles on "the best sexual positions" or "how to increase your penis size" or "how to shave your pubic hair" or "how to attract the opposite sex" or "how to tell if your spouse is cheating on you" are by FAR the most popular and searched articles on the internet. See a theme there? They get tens of thousands of hits. Some get hundreds of thousands of hits.

Well, what if you DO NOT want to write about those things?

Quite simply you really would not want to write articles on any of those topics unless you had a related website that could take advantage of the traffic it would bring. So, right there is my first tip. Make sure you have a website to take advantage of the articles that you write. Paradoxically, I do not have an "article writing" website even though I occasionally write articles about this subject. Think of this before as an exercise in community service – a way to help YOU benefit from more article traffic.

Let me explain:

I have more than 250 articles all over the web. That is a significant body of work. I am therefore able to analyze the number of click-throughs that I get to my websites in a meaningful way. I know which articles bring me traffic and which articles do not.

More than that I am able to tell, mathematically, which articles work.

From one source I know that 170,424 views of my articles have given me 1,395 click-throughs. That is a conversion rate of 0.82% – less than one percent and NOTHING to be proud of. Essentially, what it means is that for every thousand people who read my articles (in the past) only 8 will click through to one of my websites. But wait! Before you say to yourself – "Self, this guy does not know what he is talking about!" – I have made a discovery that I have implemented that has seen my click through rate soar.

Hidden within those statistics are little jewels of information that I have recently started taking advantage of. My click-through rate is climbing like a rocket and I'd like to share my discoveries with you. Still interested? Good. You'd be stark raving mad not to take notice of this.

In separating the failures from the successes, I am able to determine several things, namely:

  1. – The headlines that work
  2. – The article summary / teasers that work
  3. – The copy (article body) that works
  4. – The resource boxes that work

I am able to do this because I have a number of "high and very high click-through" articles that return the following statistics:

  • 8 clicks from 23 views at a conversion rate of almost 35%
  • 23 clicks from 81 views at a conversion rate of 28%
  • 28 clicks from 154 views at a conversion rate of 18%
  • 400 clicks from 2,667 views at a conversion rate of 15%

These conversions tell me that these articles have MASSIVELY beaten my overall average. On the other side of the equation, I have articles that have been viewed hundreds of times without a single click. Several have been viewed over 1,000 times without a single click. My worst example is an article with 1,304 views and not a single click. So, what are these numbers telling me about the words that I write?

I should write more:

  1. – headlines,
  2. – summaries / teasers,
  3. – articles,
  4. – resource boxes

like the ones that get the high clicks!

You, too, can do this quickly and easily. Look at your statistics. Find the four articles that have given you the most clicks per views. Study them. Learn from them. When you craft your NEXT article include in it all the things that have given you the best results in the past.

By studying what your statistics are telling you then you will learn to massively increase the click-through rate of your articles. How much easier could it be? I wish I had done this sooner. I really hope that my research has helped you with your article marketing efforts.