Improved Search Engine Placement – Understanding the 3 Principal Stages of SEO

When you want to get improved search engine placement you will need to use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. SEO is a many-faceted science / art. Sometimes its parts get mixed up and this gets people confused about what SEO really is, what it consist of. Perhaps some clarification would be in order.

There are three distinct phases or parts of SEO. For convenience of reference here let's call them Strategy, Tactics and Close Combat.

Strategy is the long-seeing overview. You search keywords (KWs) looking for those with many searches being made, but not too many search results showing up in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). So you analyze the number of searches, the number of pages that come up when you search on the KW phrase.

You also look at the number of exact match searches, by searching on the KW in quotes "KW", which narrows down the field. Various tools are used, the KEI index, various other ratios, attempting to measure the desirability of different KWs in terms of how easy or difficult they might be to rank for.

Tactics, the next phase, better defines specific targets. You look at the numbers of backlinks and pages indexed of the top ten ranked sites for a given KW. The object being to see, in a general manner, how much effort you might need to get improved search engine placement to make it to the first page.

You can, of course, compete on almost any KW, but the question is, would it be worth it. If the current first page results for the KW are full of high page rank sites with thousands of backlinks and thousands of pages, then you know that it would take a great deal of time and money to compete.

Sometimes it's not worth trying, sometimes it is. What you are really doing is assessing the feasibility of trying, looking at the cost / benefit ratio to see if it would be worthwhile or not. If you decide that the effort would be worth it and start out, when you get up to the top three pages, you are ready for the third phase …

Close Combat. At this point, you are done with statistics; you get specific and start counting and measuring. The objective is to displace one of the current first page occupants. To do that, you must do what he has done, only more so, and better. You analyze individual websites, counting links, noticing where they come from.

You analyze how each main web page is optimized, looking for ways to do better. You run down your checklist, item by item, looking at how he got the ranking he enjoys, and at how you can do better than that. To get the improved search engine placement you want you must outdo the one who holds that ranking now.

In the strategy phase, you work with large numbers and statistics to decide whether a KW is worthwhile to consider. In the tactics phase you exam conditions, in general, where you want to be, to assess you will nave to do and what your website will have to become to compete in that arena.

In the final, close combat phase, it gets down to one-on-one, detailed analyzes of how to outdo the specific holder holder of the ranking that you want.

At each level your definition of improved search engine placement changes, from into the top 500, to the top 30 to the specific target ranking position you want. In each phase you use different perspectives, thinking and tools. It's a three phase process to get to the top.

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