Members’ Websites – The Ugly and the Beautiful

Whew! I just came from a website where I learned that I can get into the members website business for around $ 4,000.00. Then I was given a telephone number to call. I provided the idea was to see if I qualified to become a customer. I rather suspect that it was more a case of wanting to see if my credit card is good, or heaven forbid, that I have four thousand bucks sitting in my PayPal Account!

Member websites sound like they are for the rich and not so famous. Forgive my pessimism, but in these days of instant businesses, why should I have to cough up over $ 4,000 to own a members website? Thankfully, that is not what this article is about. No. Rather, this is about how to join a membership site that makes sense for you. Certainly you should be able to get an online business going, and enjoy the benefits of it without having to sell your firstborn.

If you are thinking about starting a member's only website, may I humbly suggest that you take a long look at something something that is already working, and not start from scratch again? To be perfectly clear, you can make money from this type of web business. In fact, I recently read an interesting article written by a noted guru which extols the virtues of member's websites, and offered some revolutionary concepts for owning them. I believe his name was Jimmy D. Brown. But there are increasingly easier ways to own membership websites these days.

One of the most interesting concepts in membership websites, is the fact that you can become a part-owner of one such websites, without the up-front cost of building it yourself. Proof of this, is of course the fact that people will pay you directly every month, for a website you did not even create. First of all, I have to tell you that other other things, I am a bum marketer. This type of internet marketing is actually very creative, and people are loving this concept.

The most endearing feature of a member-to-member website is the fact that today, you can use technology to do many things that were not previously available. Using our current crop of online payment systems, you can be paid every month through PayPal or AlertPay, by selling one membership site to one person. If you can sell several hundred of these membership websites each month, you can make a good living from this type of technology.

One more notable feature of a member-to-member website, is the ability to be creative in how many members are paid. For example, one member can get guaranteed referrals despite the effort of others. This means that each member can earn money from the effort of others on a consistent basis.