Most Popular Cheap Online Business Models

Businesses on the Internet over the past decade have disturbed a lot of industries all over the world, and they changed the way people do trade and commerce forever. In addition to that, businesses based on the Internet have changed a lot of people’s lives. 

For the first time in many years, there is a gateway for people who wants to leave the corporate world or the life of a caged nine-to-five worker and do something that they loved. It can happen very slowly, but it can also turn into a speeding train all of a sudden.

The Internet changed a lot of lives

It is easier to start a cheap startup business on the Internet than starting an offline brick and mortar one. The startup capital is far less intensive, the barrier to entry is far lower, and the ROI or Return on Investment can be massive. 

It’s such an open season that there are groups of investors forming, who purchase these websites and manage them by hiring excellent and effective website builders because the level of return on investments is too high. The big question is, what are the models that exist, people can use to create what they want in their lives?

Popular business models on the Internet that people can use today

For the past few months, we have been checking out some different models that exist in the market today and have been proven to make a lot of money for a lot of business owners who are at the center of this gold rush.

Google Adsense

It is probably one of the simplest business models on the Internet today. Generally, you design a content website and attract traffic using organic search engine optimization techniques to your site. The visitors click on the Google Adsense ads, and Google will give you part of the ad exposure.

Amazon Affiliate

Amazon is considered as the oldest online affiliate program on the Internet today. It is also one of the most trustworthy Internet brands around. It means that it can convert very highly. People will usually create some portfolios of these sites, where they try to review certain products. It is the same with Google Adsense, it’s a comfortable place for beginners to start a business here, and experts can make it into a lucrative and income-earning business.

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Affiliate marketing

The same with Amazon affiliate model, you can simply register to sell products and design a website around the products or services that you are selling. Almost all services and products that you can think of has an affiliate program. 

There are a lot of businesses that have started around helping out other companies create affiliate offers and help attract affiliates to the offers; it is called Affiliate Networks. There are even some businesses that started as an organizer of these different affiliate networks in several websites like OfferVault.


It is an excellent place for a lot of people who are trying to experiment with the eCommerce model. Instead of spending the majority of your upfront costs on a particular product and storing them, you will create a sales funnel that factories can ship directly to the consumers. 

Its margin is a lot thinner compared to traditional eCommerce companies, but it is a good place for people who are just starting out or for people who become marketing experts to help grow some businesses.


It is like having a retail store on the Internet. You buy a particular product, look for stores, fulfill the orders for the products and promote that store using a plethora of online marketing techniques, A lot of people use paid traffic that they can send to the store as the number one way to get customers and test new products. 

Ecommerce also works very well with dropshipping, since dropshipping allows store owners to test new products without upfront costs. The products that can convert best could be sourced so that the products on the stores are branded specifically to that online store. 

SaaS or Software as a Service

Software as a Service is starting to get popular right now, which makes a lot of sense because they can be very lucrative. Almost every Software as a Service product has a re-billing feature, and every customer can have a notable lifetime value that will allow the companies to lose a significant amount of money on the initial acquisition of the customer, but still make sine profit in the long run because of the customer’s usage of the particular Software. 

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Software as a Service product is allowing a lot of small companies to have a high level of infrastructure without the high level of IT costs that are associated with them creating their own Software. SaaS products or services are almost everywhere, from sales CRM’s and accounting to writing solutions for non-fiction and fiction authors.

The online business industry has a lot to offer

Obviously, if you want to extend your portfolio of income flows, check out the marketplace. If you’re going to leave in style with a big payday for the work that you have done, you can learn about selling your website. Of course, if you have your own business that you need to sell, some preparation is required. You don’t engage in this type of industry without any knowledge of what is going on.