My Electric Bill Was Too High

When I got my electricity bill a few months ago, I was really surprised at the total amount due. It was over twice the amount that it normally was, and I knew that something was wrong. I contacted the electric company, and they told me they could send someone out to audit the overage, but I decided to hire my own person since they were going to charge me anyway. I did a search for a level 2 electrician in Wollongong, knowing that I would feel better having an unbiased person coming in and looking things over.

It is not that I think the electric company would have scammed me, but I know that their loyalty does lie with the company rather than the consumer. I wanted someone who was going to be on my side of things if it came down to it. I was able to find a company that is not that far from me. The better news is they were able to come out just a few days later, which was my day off. If this was a problem on my end, I wanted to be able to have it fixed so my next bill was not going to be over double the amount.

The electrician came and looked at everything, and there was a problem with some of my wiring. It was a very easy fix, and it was not expensive either. He guaranteed me that it would fix the problem and I would not have to deal with a huge electric bill again. I went ahead and paid the amount due since it was due to my own faulty wiring. I was very happy to see the next bill actually come in a bit less than what I normally pay, so everything did work out in the end.