4 Important Tips For Running Your Internet Based Business

Tip 1: Put together a list of your top 5 internet based business priorities.

Priorities differ from goals in that priorities list what you have to do in order to accomplish your goals. This list should include items such as what you want to learn, do, and research that will bring new customers to your internet based business. Is there a new strategy being talking about on business and internet marketing message boards? These priorities do not only have to be about sales and marketing. For instance, one of your priorities may be how to add more value to your internet business website to create more interest from your current visitors. This list will be your way forward in creating a successful internet based business, as well as a way to see where you have been.

Tip 2: Set time each day for work or study.

Some people may feel that they need to be online all day in order to get their internet based business to turn a profit. The truth is all you need is a set amount of time a day in which you will commit to working on your internet based business without interference. Even if it's only a few hours a week. Being able to work without distractions goes a long way especially for beginners who need to learn before doing. Beside, the goal for many people who start internet based business is to not have to sit at a desk all day. An efficient time spent learning, doing, and researching from a list of your priorities is a great way to spend time building your internet based business.

Tip 3: Write down new ideas and commit them to paper instead of trying to remember them.

Try to write down new ideas for bringing traffic and sales to your website as they come to you. No matter how insignificant they seem at the moment. There may be a time when that idea or thought comes in tender. You might even have new ideas for priority setting that will help your business get to the next level.

Tip 4: Refer to what you write down until each goal is completed.

Do not just write down new ideas but refer to them often until they are fully explored. Every little bit of traffic and knowledge helps when building your internet home business. You will have to go through much trial and error when you run a business online. Constant action is an asset that will be invaluable to you. That is why you should explore every method and idea as time permits. But do not try to explore all your ideas at once. That will surely pull you in too many directions and you are likely to frustrated which is counter productive. Instead dedicate a week or more to one idea and then move on to the next after you have successfully tested it.

At first it takes a lot of momentum to get the ball rolling …

USB Toys

USB Toys are toys or fun cool gadgets that use the electrical power from the USB ports of computers. There are many forms of USB Toys. For example, a USB Toy can be an "Office Toy" and be used in the office since that is where many USB ports can be found. Another example would be the USB Panic Button Toy which can be used by office workers to create a temporary screen-saver when the boss is nearby, so that the office worker would not be playing games on the computer instead of working on his project. Other types of USB Toys can be just for fun. For example there are many USB Missle Launcher Toys out there, one of which is the Spiderman Dream Cheeky USB Missile Launcher Toy. These USB messenger launchers can really pack a punch and serve to pass some time!

So what USB stand for?

I have talked so much about the USB as well as introduced you to some cool USB Toys but I have yet to tell you exactly what USB actually is. USB stands for 'Universal Serial Bus' and has been touted as the solution for a computer interface that can work universally. The USB Port boasts cross-platform compatibility for Macintosh, Linux and UNIX, and all versions of Windows since Windows 98SE. The USB connector ports are available on every computing device built in the past few years. The USB specification provides a 5V (volts) supply on a single wire to allow connected USB devices and USB Toys to draw power. The specification provides for no more than 5.25V and no less than 4.35V between the positive and negative bus power lines. (If you do not understand this it is perfectly alright because I do not understand this either!).

Why use the USB port for Toys?

The USB connector was originally designed to replace the serial and parallel ports on computers. If you can remember, the parallel ports were very commonly used to connect printers in the past, while the serial ports were used to connect the computer mice. With the invention of the USB Port, it was hoped that ever a number of devices would be able to connect using just one type of port on the computer, that is the USB port. Soon, devices such as printers and mice and even the keyboard, could be connected via USB. The use of USB ports to power toys was never intended to be so. I must thank the smart computer technician who came up with this idea, without him there would be no USB Port Toys.

Furthermore, USB Toys are usually very cheap because of their small size and also because they can be easily powered by the USB Port instead of requiring batteries or other forms of power sources. USB Toys are so a very good form of cheap toys and can serve as very good and fun gifts. …

What Are Search Engine Spiders? Part I

What are search engine spiders? A question I am frequently asked. They are also called
crawlers, robots, agents, web-bots and others, but they are the same thing. Search engine spiders are software programs that seek out and record data from web pages on the World Wide Web for inclusion in search engine databases that are then indexed on certain keywords that people use when searching for information.

So what are spiders for? Their primary purpose at one time was to make a list of all the web pages that could be found on the web, using the word 'web' in the true sense of the word, as URLs that can be resolved by search engines, as opposed to the internet, which is the railroad track that these sites use to communicate and connect with each other.

Most people involved in internet marketing have a rough idea what spiders do in relation to search engines like Google, so before we get at all technical, let's have a look at what spiders can and can not do. What is spider food and what are arachnicides!

The vast majority of spiders only see html tags and text. They can assign importance to specific parts of your text according to the html tags you are using. Here, they can determine that anything in

<h1> </ h1> tags is very important, and if they are your keywords, then your site will benefit. However, they are illustrite where Java script is involved. They can neither speak nor read it so ignore it, just as they are blind to frames. …

Why Every Small Business Owner Needs Two Websites

Every small business owner knows that they need a website, right? Well the truth is what they really need is at least two websites.

One website that is specific to their business, product, service, name, etc. and …

another site that is an educational site specific to the benefits of their service or product.

So JoesBaitShop.com tells about the various lures and tackle you offer, even more about the charter trips, and occasionally how to buy.

CatchFishToday.com (your other site) however is full of informative information, how-to tips, and resources for avid fisherpersons.

Of course this site also has plenty (but not too many) of links back to JoesBaitShop.com.

Here's the deal. Online people do not go out searching for companies, they go online looking for solutions, information, answers to life's persistent questions … you know like what's the best hat to wear cod fishing?

Your second website gives them the answer and sends them to your first site to go shopping.

It really does not matter what business you are in. An investment banking firm can benefit from the same strategy.

Here's the reason. The major search engines want to index high quality information. A site about what a person can buy from you does not make that cut but a site with an article about how to cast in windy conditions does.

In addition, search engines take a look at sites that link to you and give your some points for that. A high quality how to site about fishing will draw plenty of related links. This will only help drive that traffic to JoesBaitShop.com even faster.

The cost of putting up a website is so low these days it's really a crime if you do not come up with about 10 reasons to have multiple sites.

Think of it this way. You need one site that presells and one site that sells. If this strategy even remotely makes sense to you then there is a book you should read today! It's called Make Your Site Sell. Go see for yourself

Copyright 2004 John Jantsch …

Compatible Software

Back in the "dark ages" each microcomputer (as they were called before IBM introduced the PC) had its own operating system and software. Most of what would run on one computer would need major alterations made in order to get it to run on a different computer. Many, but not all, of the different computers used a version of CP / M as the operating system and most programs were written in BASIC which at the time was interpreted rather than compiled and most computer users knew about the technical aspects of their chosen system so (trans) porting programs from one system to a different one was possible, it just involved a lot of work.

Enter IBM in 1981 with the PC (with its 8088 processor). The entire system except for the BIOS chip was built using open technology that the other computer manufacturers had equal access to. As IBM was at the time the name in computers they effectively set the standard and most other computer manufacturers then tried to introduce computers that were compatible with the PC and hence could run the same software only on much cheaper hardware. All that they needed to do was to emulate the functions of IBM's proprietary BIOS chip. The various manufacturers had varying degrees of success at doing this but the most successful were deemed to be IBM compatible.

IBM continued to dominate the market through the 80s and produced the XT (8086 processor), AT (80286), but at around the time that they introduced the ET (80386) their competitors had gained the major portion of the market and IBM compatible came to mean that the system was compatible with the industry standard rather than compatible specifically with IBM. As the compatibles were built with standard BIOSes producing computers that were compatible with the standard became much easier than it was when IBM had control.

By this time most compatible software could be run on just about any system with sufficient memory to run it but that's not the end of the story with compatibility. Different computers have different brands of an assortment of devices attached each expecting its own particular method of communication with the rest of the system. Software writers needed to cater for the assortment of for example printers that could be attached to a system and a program like Wordperfect contained the code necessary to communicate in a different way with hundreds of different printers.

The introduction of Windows did away with this requirement of catering for all possible hardware from each individual program. (This more than the graphical interface was the real benefit to be gained from this product). Instead of having to access the hardware directly a program could call surfaces built into Windows which would do the access for the program. So instead of each program having to be able to communicate with all possible hardware, Windows took over this task. To make the job easier, Windows defined a standard way that it expected to …

Used Computer Desk

A used computer desk can be a very handy and convenient item to the person who does not have very much extra cash to spare on this particular type of office furniture. The best part is the fact that a large number of individuals will often end up spending a lot less money and they can still end up with a product that is made of the highest quality of materials, with a lot more use to offer.

There are a wide variety of different choices that can be made in pre-owned desks and numerous other types of office furniture as well. You just might be amazed at the elegant styles and the unique designs that can be found in several different places that are known for selling pre-owned items. Many of the local newspapers in almost every city feature a qualified section where individuals and companies have the ability to list items that are selling such as a used computer desk or any other product they may have. Whether you are simply looking for a plain and simple design, a style that you can sit in the corner of your office, or a choice that offers you a look that shows a tremendous amount of elegance, if you will simply take the extra amount of time to explore all of your options you will soon find numerous choices available to you. There are many styles that are offered today that are made from the classic look found in a variety of beautiful and durable woods, glass and brass, metal, and other high quality and appealing materials that are used in their construction.

Other choices where you can easily find a used computer desk that is priced to fit almost any size budget would be thrift stores in your local area. This is an advantage that gives you the item that you need at a much lower price than what you would be able to find one at new prices. One place that is one of the most preferred methods to use among the numerous price conscious shoppers would be in using the Internet. There are tons of reliable and well-known websites that can easily be found online, and they feature several different styles in a huge selection of used computer desk choices that are made from some of the most trusted name brand manufacturers. Take your time, browse at your leisure, and enjoy some fantastic money saving prices. …

How Do I Know If I Need Computer Glasses?

Do you need to wear glasses while reading a book? Do the words blur in front of your eyes while you read? If you have answered yes then in all probability you need computer glasses too.

Reading glasses help you read the work from a distance of 12 inches. Here if you continue to use your reading glasses for your work at the computer then firstly, you will have to station your head at a distance of 12 inches away from the monitor. Also, now you will have to work at the system which screen is brighter than the page of any book could be. Of course in the normal course of one's work one tends to work longer hours at the computer. So, imagine the amount of eye fatigue you are instrumental in causing to your eyes without even being fully aware of it.

Traditionally people had more work that was related to writing or reading things than a book or a newspaper. Nowadays, all the offices too are paperless and everything is done on the system. One does not get a chance to shift one's eyes away from the computer monitor. There is no home or office without a computer, they have become indispensable. But, think of the damage that they might be causing to your eyes. Staring at the system for long hours, the bright colors, the small print and the constant upright post will all take a toll one fine day. Before that happens why do not you opt for a pair of computer glasses to shield your eyes from this onslaught?

The right time for you to opt for a pair of computer glasses is when you feel the strain on your eyes. Your eyes become extremely sensitive to light. They seem dry and you feel like rubbing them in disbelief most of the times. Beside this you may get headaches after working at the system for a while. All these symptoms go ahead to hint at Computer Vision Syndrome which can be eased out with the use of computer glasses.

People who have normal vision can sit as far as 18 to 24 inches away from the screen and work at the computer. But, computer glasses allow you to sit at a proper distance from the screen so that the text is clear and also the background. This causes less strain and fatigue on your eyes.

As time progresses and more people realize the damage caused to their eyes by working at the system you will read more and more about the uses of computer glasses. Computer glasses are not heavily priced since you will be paying a small amount to secure eyesight for years to come. Once problems set in then it might be difficult to over them. As, this is in the nascent stage not many people have even heard of computer glasses. Go and get yourself a pair and you will have a grateful pair of eyes for sure. …

Notebook Computers

Science is a beautiful entity and it is making the world more compact. Cumbersome conventions are turning into hand-held units. Same is the case with notebook computers. These are extremely light computers that can be fitted perfectly into a briefcase.

Notebook computers are portable, as you may assess, and its screens use the flat panel technology used in liquid crystal displays and plasma. Notebooks can be handy in situations where you can not dream of carrying a desktop PC. Notebooks are highly compatible with wi-fi and HSDPA. The idea is to connect to the world in a better way and increase corporate advantage. The facility of expeditious data transfer is another bonus.

It also does not require a lot of cooling fans as it does not generate a lot of heat. This makes it a super-gadget for power consumption.

Having given laptop a clear edge, there are still few points to ponder. First, when equi-priced, notebooks perform to a lesser capacity than desks. Mathematical algorithms and numerical software related problems exposes the performance of a laptop. (This may include problems of computer science and engineering)

Notebooks use a track pad and have flat keyboards. This makes them quite unhealthy in terms of ergonomics. Moreover, the concept of notebook is bound to leisure and hence a person rarely likes to use it in the disciplined way. The first drawback leads to repetitive strain injury and the later problem leads to body posture debility.

Also, because of a variance in trademarked designs, notebooks suffer from difficulty in firmware upgrades. This makes the hardware vulnerable to being outdated. …

Learning About Project Management

Project management is the discipline of planning, organizing, and managing one's resources. It involves acting as a manager for a specific project, as opposed to a general and continuing mission. A project manager is responsible for the successful competition of a task, regardless of how other circumstances affect that task. The great responsibility of this position means that it is only for the most dedicated of workers.

This is how project management is understood in the business world. In order to succeed as a project manager, workers require technical skills specific to their industry (such as computer manufacturing or programming). They also need a proper understanding of business skills, such as separate management philosophy. A worker who understands the field receives specifics on scope, quality, time, and budget. Such a task also demands a proper understanding of finances, psychometrics, materials and supplies, energy, communication, and logistics.

As such, education is an important part of project management. The prospective project manager must learn computer certification, along with the related business skills. Fortunately, there are many ways to get this education. Training organizations and seminars provide the necessary instruction. The Knowledge Solutions International Company is an example of this. The company teachers computer certification along with related business skills to promoting students. The school uses conferencing technology and other methods of effective communication. Remember that the more you know, the more you can help others, and the more money you can make in the long run. Visit TrainWithKSI.com on the web for more information. …

Intel Is Going To Enter The Tablet Computer Market

The Intel will enter the tablet computer market, which is in people's expectation, because Intel has run successfully in the netbook market. Whether the tablet computer will replace the laptop computer is a question, but the entrance is a must. From the current module point of view, replacing the laptop computer is unrealistic now.

Customers care about the impact taken by the Intel after entering market most. Will it bring the new era to people? Currently, the Intel is behind the opponents who pay much attention to the low-cost and low power consumption processor. The Oak Trail will be released in the next year, which has improved the efficiency and kept its own characteristics. The display panel is the component which has the highest power consumption and this new chip is able to be used for twelve hours without charging, so it is competitive.

The innovation and change of the technology is always the focus of the market. When the Intel is progressing, the other companies do no drop behind. This situation makes more anticipation. Actually, Apple had released the iPad of this January, and the sales increased so much. With the entrance of the other companies, Intel also gains the market share. It is predicated that that the shipment of tablet computer will grow two times, while the laptop computer will only increase by thirteen percent in the next year.

The movable chip market is monopolized by British corporations, such as the Nvidia and ARM. It is well known that the chip of ARM is widely used in cell phone, and some have entered the tablet computer market. The chips of Nvidia had been used is the tablet computer most, so it is the competition of Intel. A series of tablet computer will be released by Intel in the following months. They will use different operating system, such as the Windows, Android and Meego. The related integrated circuit is YM3812 . …