How To Safeguard Your Credit Card Against Fraud

Credit card fraud is getting more serious along with online shopping that mostly accepts cashless payment. Victims of this fraud have to go through a hassle and frustrating process in trying to recoup the funds they lost. So, you need to smartly handle all information pertains to your credit cards and be vigilant in protecting yourself from the fraud. Below are a few precautions you can do to protect against the risk of becoming a victim of such fraud.

1. Don’t keep PIN (Personal Identity Number)

Sign the new credit card immediately once you receive it. Memorize its PIN and destroy the letters containing the PIN. If you are changing the number to make it easier to remember, be caution not to use numbers related to your birthday, social security number, car plate number or family names.

2. Cut before throw

If you throw away any card you don’t use without destroy them first, they could be stolen by identity thefts and being used to apply new cards for their own uses. You won’t notice until you received the bill. Therefore, if you have unused, but active credit cards, keep them in the safe place, and if you want to throw them away, cut them in pieces before throw.

3. Review your statement

You have to review the credit card statements as soon as you receive them. Check each transaction on the bills, if there are charges you don’t recognize, you must report them to enable the card issuer to initial an investigation on these invalid charges on your bills. Saving all your transaction receipts will enable you to confirm the legit transaction and identify unrecognized charges.

4. Protect your PIN at the ATM

If there are people queuing at your back when you access your credit card at ATM, remember to shield your hand and card when entering the PIN. Enter the numbers as quickly as possible and with multiple fingers so that people at your back don’t have a change to observe your PIN.

5. Check the security of website before making online purchases

Before making online payments, make sure the websites have secured payment system for credit card transaction. Don’t ever fill up any personal information on online ordering form before you know it is secure.

6. Immediately report any lost or stolen card

Always keep your credit card numbers and the issuers’ telephone numbers at a secure place. If you lost your card or it has been stolen, you have to immediately report it to the issuer and block the card to prevent unauthorized access.


With the common usages of credit card as the major payment method, especially in online purchases, the risk of being a victim of credit card fraud has increased. But, we can minimize the risk if we do take some precaution steps to prevent ourselves from becoming the victim of such fraud.…

Free Website Builder to Make a Free Website

Some providers have more than 2,000 website templates that are fully functional and already incorporated the basic text and images that are appropriate for the type of company that represents this web design. Use an existing template as a starting point, making your construction project site much easier. Web sites of professional models are organized in several different professions and finding an ideal site for designing your business is easy. Decide what you want and how you want it, and put your thoughts into action.

There are some companies that offer free website builders to make a free website with generic templates. A real good site will offer website templates that are complete and work for custom business professionals. Each model includes unique pages, working navigation, images of interest and even usable text. If you are racing at the time, you can simply enter your name and logo, add your contact information and publish the site as it is. Return later to make the necessary adjustments.

Anyone can make a website in minutes! Even if you never tried to do a site before, you will find free website builder design tools that are easy to use. And seasoned website builders, will love how powerful some of the software is. It's simple, intuitive, and powerful. This makes for the perfect combination for you to build a successful website. Companies that offer free page building offer all the tools you need to create a website.

To read more about website builders go to the following websites. …

The Basics For a Successful Website

Any company, business or even an individual can be promoted through the internet. The best way to do so is to launch a website exclusively for this purpose. There are a wide variety of websites on the internet now and the number is rapidly increasing with each passing day. However, there are some basic essential features that can determine the success of your website above others.

A website is launched basically with the intention of generating the maximum number of traffic to its contents. This traffic determines the popularity of the website. Particular web sites that command certain popularity with select target groups also cater as hosts for a lot of advertisements and infomercials for various other businesses. The idea is to make your website very attractive and appealing to the target group. Here I enlist some features that might help you to do just that.

· Get ​​a proper and uniquely designed website. This is the first step and the design will play a large hand towards the ensnaring of customers and viewers on the site. You can get it professionally designed. There are a lot of website designers that specialize on the subject and would be able to meet your claims quite reasonably.

· Make the website user friendly. A good design does not necessarily mean complicated. If the system involved in the website is too complex, it will lose its edge and the viewers will soon lose their patience and interest on the site. Remember it is just not enough to capture the attention, maintaining it will be the actual crux of it.

· The website should be interactive and interesting. Pay a lot of attention towards what you provide as information and make sure the details are specific and interesting to the target customer. Post articles on the progress of the product or the company and keep the postings on the site up to date. This will ensure in confirming the reliability of the site to the customers.

· Be aware and choose wisely the ads that you allow to be placed on your site. Sometimes it is necessary to check the credibility and reputation of the advertiser sites. Linking your site with non credit sites will effectively decrease your credibility to the viewers. Sometimes some of the sites post malware ads. These ads are spam and they tend to generate errors and confuse the viewers. If you post many malware ads on your site the viewers may associate you with these ads and lose faith on your service or product.

· Advertising on your site has an additional benefit of generating income and this should be taken into proper account. You should choose the proper payment option that suits your needs for these ads in your site, Google has a great program.

· Try to use the site's space judiciously and place the ads in such a way that they do not take away from the basic design or flavor of the site.

Websites are …

How to Put an End to Internet Addiction Today

Ask anyone. Perhaps the best invention or discovery in the world to date is the Internet. Just imagine getting access to loads of information with just a few clicks. It has become so popular millions of people use it on a daily basis.

This also brings about a new kind of disorder known as Internet addiction. Statistics say around 6 to 11 percent of Internet users are so addicted they can not compel themselves to turn the browser off. Moreover, they get hooked to other kinds of addiction, including gambling and pornography. There are thousands of websites dedicated to these.

Like any kind of addiction, Internet addiction hinders you from achieving a more fulfilling social relationship. You spend most of your time online than with friends and family members. You will feel isolated into the world, and once you're off the World Wide Web, you can feel depression and anxiety building up.

There's no definite cure for Internet addiction. It involves a step-by-step process, which may even require professional help. Neverheless, there's something you can do to speed up the end of your addiction. You can try hypnosis.

Hypnosis has been used by psychotherapists and some health experts for many years. Their purpose is to rewire the manner of thinking of individuals. In this case, hypnosis can help you convince your mind that you can beat your addiction and that you do not have to be totally dependent to the Internet.

During hypnosis, you can also feed your subconscious mind with subliminal messages or auto suggestions. These are phrases or sentences that are embedded into your unconscious and can be accessed anytime you want to modify your thinking pattern. Some of the common subliminal messages associated with Internet addiction are the following:

  • I can beat Internet addiction.
  • There's more to life than the Internet.
  • I am a strong-murdered person.
  • I have the power to rise above the Internet addiction.
  • Life is beautiful outside the World Wide Web.

You can get these subliminal messages from CDs and mp3s, which you can play when you are ready to put yourself into deep hypnosis. It's also possible to develop your own.

Hypnosis should be done regularly. This is not going to be a one-time thing. This is because the subconscious is located at the defect part of the mind. You have to repeat the subliminal messages often. Hypnosis should also be accomplished every day to make sure you do not go back to the old habit.

Remember This

Before you go into hypnosis, make sure you are ready to admit your addiction. Hypnosis is there to help out settle your issue. You can never make it effective if you do not know or acknowledge the problem in the first place. Also, remember that you do not get to reap the benefits immediately. It may take a few days or even months before you can start feeling the effects of hypnosis. Neverheless, as long as done right, it can assist you in combating your …

How To Get A Bigger Penis Size – 2 Ways To Gain Significant Size To Your Penis Without Surgery

Almost all men share the same desire to be bigger down in the manhood department to be better sexually. But not every man knows that it is perfectly possible for the male organ to still grow larger in size naturally. Today, it is a well-known scientific fact that any average man can easily get a larger penis size without having to resort to artificial means such as having it surgically enlarged!

The truth of the matter is, surgery has never been a good way to get a bigger-sized manhood. Not only is it painful and expensive, having surgery on your penis exposes you to more risks of sexual disorders such as erectile dysfunction and impotency.

So what are the better ways of getting your penis to naturally grow again?

Here are the 2 best known ways to gain a generous amount of size to your manhood without any risk whatever:

1. Penis Extender Device

One of the most effective means of increasing your penis size is by using specially made devices such as the penis extender.

What the extender does is to literally stretch your male organ over a period of time until it gradually gains additional inches to its physique.

The extender works by causing the cells in your penis's blood channels to split and progressively enlarge. This multiplication and expansion of the cells makes it possible for the blood channels to accommodate more blood in them during erection.

Because of the increased amount of blood, your penis has nowhere to go but to physically become bigger in size!

2. Penis Enlargement Exercises

This other effective way to get a larger penis size does not require any device or tools to make it work. You simply need to use your hands to perform a special set of exercises on your male organ to stimulate it into growing bigger.

Although it may sound like it takes much effort, penis enlargement exercises are really simple to do. You should only require a few minutes a day to perform the various stretching and massaging exercises in the privacy of your room.

The exercises aim to do what the extender device does – to divide and expand the cells in the blood channels. Although exercising may take a while longer to show results, it does not mean penis exercising is not as effective.

And since you do not need to spend as much as hundreds of dollars on some fancy gadget such as the penile extender, doing exercises IS the best way for you to realistically get a larger penis size! …

A Tale of Search Engine Optimization

There are a lot of people on the internet everyday who do not understand how it works. To them, yes it is a network, a search engine that miraculously connects them to all the information they need, to social networking and media sites for their entertainment, for work. Yet beyond managing their email accounts and perhaps their Facebook or Twitter with regular updates and activities, they really do not understand the principles on which something like 'Chicago website design' for example would work as a keyword that starts off a meta search across multiple bases when put into the Google search box.

So how does it work? It is a tale that starts with some great innovators and IT guys who came up with search engines. These are systems that search the World Wide Web for any kind of information, images, video, audio or other kind of files, for web pages, even for websites. These search engines release a Web Crawler, also known as a spider to go into web directories and other stored caches of pages that are relevant to the keyword that they are searching for. Then they pull back and display what they found in order of page rankings of the site and the relevancy of the matter in relation to the keyword, for the Internet user to browse at leisure.

Google is one of the world's most used search engines. Others do exist though, and they also have several features unique to them that appeal to browsers according to their individual preferences., Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, etc are just a few of the better known and well used ones, but there are smaller ones that exist specifically for certain kinds of specialized search. Video games are one good example. The spiders or web crawlers of those search engines are linked up to game portals and games.

As such, search engine optimization becomes the part of the story where websites are literally 'optimized' so that they have the best interface, content, web pages and most traffic with a lot of links increasing their page rankings throughout the web. This is a field that is called 'internet marketing'. It creates healthy Chicago website design and SEO and maintains it at a good, strong level where search engines regularly rank it higher than the other thousands that are out there. Websites either handle their own web design Chicago and SEO, or hire SEO specialists and agencies to handle it for them.

Domains, portals, pages, content, links and great user interfaces for browsers need to be regularly updated and cleaned up, maintained. This is a full time job that can be handled by a company or business's own IT department with possibly the help of an SEO consultant. However, if they do not have their own outfit which can deal with it for them, it is best to contract it out. Long term white hat SEO strategies for Chicago Website Design and SEO are the best way to go and …

Benefits Of Computer Antivirus Software

Installing computer antivirus software on your computer is important. It can be the life saver of your PC and the savior of your important files and data. Therefore you must make antivirus a priority when it comes to the things installed in your computer.

The most important reason behind having computer antivirus software is for the protection of your gadget. Viruses are invaders that can breakdown your computer’s operation. It could destroy all vital data and disturb the operating system making your computer worthless. Viruses cannot easily access the central processing unit of your PC when you have protection software against these viruses. CPU is the brain and heart of your computer that is why it is imperative to have a protection gear against unwanted attackers.

Second reason in having computer antivirus software is to protect you from hackers. Hackers are people or group of people who illegally penetrate personal information such as bank accounts, credit cards and other related data. They use this personal info to gain access in someone’s financial activities, lend some money using others account and illicitly transact for someone’s behalf. Hackers are living viruses that you must avoid. Antivirus program prevents these people from making connections through your internet and even blocking unwarranted messages from coming in your emails.

Next benefit that you will gain from having this software is the cost efficiency of your unit. Although some antivirus is relatively costly, there are also wide arrays of free and downloadable software in the internet. Antivirus software can extend the life and usage of your computer by protecting the hardware and the operational software from harmful viruses. Even if you pay a higher rate in purchasing these commercial softwares, the benefit of having to enjoy your computer longer can go beyond the price that you spend. The efficiency is measured not on the price but on the quality of service you will have.

Convenience is the last benefit on this list. Computers that do not have an antivirus welcome hackers and viruses into the system, hence it will start to slow down. Invaded computers also have the difficulty in performing simple arithmetic operation and other logical function. With the help of computer antivirus software, your PC will retain its speed and accuracy. It is also easier to detect the presence of viruses by scanning the files, data or attachments before preceding other operations. User will be notified when the antivirus detects uncertain security on the files.…

Advantages of ATM Advertising

ATM Advertising will help foster business growth by improving customer outreach and creating a well-rounded business marketing plan. Business owners and services providers understand that advertising tools are in the state of continuous evolution.

For example: in the 90’s television and radio were effective mediums of communication with prospects, but today things have changed. Among the most powerful tools to market products and services to customers today include social media, internet, and ATM advertising.

ATM advertising is powerful, effective and surprisingly affordable.

Studies show ATM Advertising:

  • Is 65 percent less expensive
  • Approximately 200 percent more effective than direct mail
  • Can increase transaction volume by as much as 20 percent to 40 percent depending on the location

ATM Advertising Advantages:

  • Maximize your sales
  • Market your brand message
  • Increase customer outreach
  • Attract audience
  • Convert prospects into actual customers
  • Improve returns on investments
  • Increase brand exposure
  • Promote new offerings, deals, events, and products
  • Gain more customers even those who may have just come to the ATM for cash withdrawal with no intention to buy
  • Make sure that people who walk out of your business premises have something with them that serves as a reminder about your business and stays on top of their mind

4 Different Types of ATM Advertising

1. ATM Transaction Screen Advertising

Business marketing messages on ATM’s installed at different locations over an ATM Placement Service Provider Network. Marketing and broadcasting to hundreds and thousands of passers-by via premiere and high traffic locations.

2. ATM Topper Advertising

In collaboration with OOH (Out of Home) digital media network that provides businesses rich media ads that run content 24×7 on a custom 15″ LCD panel mounted on the ATM.

Ad content is uploaded and played non-stop in a looped broadcast. Cardholders using the ATM and customers passing by will see the advertisement on the mounted panel.

3. ATM Branding Wraps

This is another effective form of ATM advertising that works like magic. As the name suggests, ATM branding wraps is a marketing technique that helps custom design the ATM with branded wraps.

By using high quality branded visuals all over the ATM, businesses are easily able to advertise products and services to both new and existing customers as it instantly draws their attention. ATM branding wraps simplifies marketing and can be changed according to promotional campaigns and seasonal deals.

4. ATM Printed Receipts

Another effective way to get people talking about a business and prompt them to take action is Terminal Printed Receipt. This is also a kind of ATM advertising where you customize ATM receipts.

In this ATM advertising technique, Businesses promote merchandise or offers to cardholders on a daily basis with customized ATM receipts. Furthermore, it can also include call to action coupons. These receipts start to prompt cardholders to take the desired action the moment they reach in their hands, or wallets. It instantly advertises the business offerings and long after the ATM transaction. The receipt travels with the consumer and reminds them of the initial promotion.…

Building Your Own Computer: How Many Steps Are Involved?

In the space of this very short article, I'm going to tell you every step it takes to build your own computer. Why? Because I want you to know just how easy it is.

First, you start with the motherboard. Before you install it in the case, attach the CPU, heatsink, and fan. The CPU literally drops into place. It's called a Zero Insertion Force socket. The heatsink and the fan attach to the CPU socket by means of a steel clip. That's all there is to it.

Now, plug in your RAM modules on the motherboard. Little plastic arms will click into place at each end when they seat.

With all this stuff pre-attached, install the motherboard in your case. Usually 7 screws and a couple of plastic standoffs hold it to the chassis. The most technical part of this step is to know how to use a screwdriver.

You can slide your hard drive into place now. It goes into one of the case's 3.5 inch bays, and is held there by four screws. Connect it to the motherboard with a ribbon cable. You'll also need to connect it to the power supply using one of the four-wire leads.

It's much the same story with your CD / DVD, except it goes in a 5 inch bay. It gets a ribbon cable, and the same type of power line. A separate sound wire will connect it to the motherboard.

Since cooling is always a concern, a case fan, or maybe two, will be needed. Screws hold it in place, and it will take a wire from the power supply to run it.

Go ahead and plug in the case wires to stuff like the start button, the front USB ports, and the speaker that makes that annoying beep when you do something wrong. These are labeled, although the print is tiny.

Any cards you require, like a graphics card, modem, and the like, can go in now. Push them straight down into their slots. At the back end they're held to the case by a single screw. There's no power to connect. They get their juice from the motherboard.

Now, boot up your new machine, and install your operating system.

Are there more "particulars" you need to know about building a PC? Yes, but you can learn them easily with a good guidebook. With a book, parts, and a spare afternoon, you can build your own computer! …

The Wonders Of A Custom Designed Website For Your Business

Advantage Of Creating Online Presence

Building an online presence for the business offers several advantages. First of all one can get hold of new customers. Pave the means for business growth to new magnitude united with increased revenue generation. An overriding online presence aids in creating a upbeat brand name among the clients based across the world. Furthermore, one can carry out business cutting across all geological and time obstacles. All these benefits make it essential for a business organization to own an eye-catching and effective website.

Importance Of Custom Designed Website

· To make certain the website functions successfully as an online marketing instrument it is constantly advisable to create the website by availing the services of Custom Web Design. It is a recognized fact that these designs are more appropriate for meeting the requirements of particular business types.

A well-experienced company will take your business category in consideration for carrying out the project. The obligation is on them to collect all pertinent information about your company, products and services which will allow them to create design options or models for your website such that you can envision its architects methodically.

Custom Web Designs Are Inexpensive And Effective

It is extremely exciting to see how an alternative that becomes very reasonably priced can find an immediate recognition. This is very much the scenario of custom website design. There are a few vital reasons why it is assumed the custom web design can work as the perfect marketing tool for your business and in the process create wonders for the business's development. Connoisseurs of e-commerce industry have suggested that if you make a cleverly designed website and appropriately manage it, the site could function as a 24/7 marketing subdivision for your business.

It has been due to notice that although the templates give you independence for selecting the layout, visual aspects and color code, etc, the customized option on the other hand is even more beneficial due to existing features and technical perfection involved in the designing the site . The functionality comes to prominence particularly in instances where it relates to big corporate identity.

Furthermore, if you want to create an exclusive online identity for your business it is best to opt for custom web design, for you do want your site to resemble any other website already hosted in the World Wide Web.

It is by and large a custom web design that can be more interesting and victorious than a standard template based website. A regular website typically has a monotonous layout, rigid composition and characteristically disregarded by the well-known search engines. If finance is not a restraint one should avoid getting template based websites and instead choose custom web design developed by an experienced designer. …