Oakley Kitchen Sink Computer Backpack

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Sometimes it can seem that you need to carry around everything but the kitchen sink just to make it through the day. This can be especially true if you're a student or busy parent that needs to travel between home, work, school and everywhere in between. Luckily, Oakley has created a backpack just for you. I'm sure it's not a coincidence that their marketing team decided to call this versatile backpack the Kitchen Sink. This computer backpack is definitely not for lightweights and packs a punch to your wallet at a retail price of just under $ 200. However, many reviewers say that the money they spend on this unique bag was more than worth it.

The thing about backpacks is that they seem to end an awful lot of wear and tear. A lot of people need to purchase a new backpack every couple of years. This can add up quickly after after going through many years of high school, college, and graduate school. The Kitchen Sink is built to last for many years so you only have to purchase one backpack that will be durable enough to make it through all your schooling. This is also a very versatile backpack for traveling and will keep your contents safe, especially your most prized possession – your laptop computer. Your computer is stored in a side compartment so when you need to go through airport security all you need to do is undo one zipper. No fussing around and trying to pull it out and shove it back in.

Unlike other backpacks that press hard against your back when packed to the gills, the Kitchen Sink remains soft and comfortable with any load. Some people who own the bag say that the more items you put in the backpack the more comfortable it is to carry around. For an added level of security the bag features locking tabs that you can use with a small lock to prevent theft. Even if you're done with school The Kitchen Sink can still help you out with your daily commute. Need to stop at the gym on your way home? No problem. Use this computer backpack to consolidate both your briefcase and gym bag. It can accommodate all that and more including your laptop computer, books, water, snacks, shoes, and other electronic accessories. The only downside to this backpack is that you might have a hard time finding smaller items inside like gum, keys or Chapstick, so you might want to get a small pouch for keeping track of smaller treasures. …

How to Share Your Valuable Knowledge With an Internet Marketing eBook

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There is a big demand for quality information on the Internet. One method of getting this information is through e-books. For internet marketers who have valuable information to share, creating an internet marketing e-book is the answer.

There are a many people who want to learn more about making money on the Internet. This creates a huge demand for information on how to go about doing it, and many a successful Internet marketer has made their e-book available for download to help novice marketers on the web.

If you are an internet marketer yourself, you can write your own e-book. This is not such a difficult undertaking if you know the information you want to impart. An internet marketing e-book can be as short as 30 pages, and contain everything there is to know about the business, the proven techniques, tips, and advice to help anyone succeeded in this field.

Make sure you do your research on writing an e-book to ensure that the content contained in it is well-written, interesting, and relevant. More importantly, your e-book should be easy to understand.

You can either make it available for free on your website, or if you are a popular and highly successful marketer with a proven and proven technique, you can charge a fee for people to download your highly informative e-book. Some entrepreneuring Internet marketers have their own affiliates promote it for them. This way, they get a commission from any sales generated from each purchase.

So what are you waiting for? Start your internet marketing business today and pursue your dreams to become a financially free individual. Good Luck! …

Unique Design is the Key to Success

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The web is like a galaxy with millions of websites swirling around cyberspace. However, it's only the stars that shine the brightest that attract the interest of the viewers. If you want your website to sparkle, it's important that you take the right approach.

The Crucial 10 Seconds

Visitors to your website decide within the first ten seconds whether or not to proceed further into your website. To their 'website weary' eyes, anything that looks common or boring is a sure sign to click away and shift to another site. A unique design that will showcase your products or services attractively, along with compelling copy, is the key to success.

Branding Your Website through Unique Design

Unique design can help you build your website into a successful brand that dominates your niche. From the hundreds of brands around you; observe the websites or products of the most successful brands closely and you will find that each of them has distinct positive qualities. Would not you like the same for your website?

How to Start Branding

Most brands are highlighted through specific elements like a logo with tag line (slogan). They also have specific colors associated with them – say the white and blue of Dove soap. Bring branding into your website through using a unique design that will associate with your niche, and include various design elements such as the logo, colors and so on.

Keeping the Branding Fire Burning

Once you have started your branding efforts, it's important to reserve its uniqueness in every form of communication that you undertake. For instance, design elements associated with your product, such as logos, must be continued in everything from letters to banners ads, and all types of online or offline marketing.

Helping You Build Relationships

This kind of branding allows you to associate better with your customers and build lasting relationships. Every time you communicate, the recall value built through standardizing your brand communication creates familiarity and forges a strong bond. Use newsletters and emails to keep in touch with your customers regularly.

Advantages of Branding

Once you have a successful brand built primarily through unique design and content, you can move on to bigger things. You gain customer confidence easily and get repeat orders. Over a period of time brands gain great value as their reputation alone influences existing and new customers to buy.

Avoid Diluting the Brand

Once you have selected your niche brand, say for instance trendy T-shirts for teenagers, do not shift from this focus to anything else. It might be tempting after tasting a little success, to extend the line to say, T-shirts for women. Apart from diluting the 'teenager' brand, this will destroy the uniqueness of your website. If you need to expand, create another unique website for a different line which has its own unique brand.

Win With Unique Design

Make your mark in the world of online business by projecting a powerful identity through unique design. A little bit of planning can go …

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) And SEO

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Indexing has always been considered a highly targeted science. Enter a search query into Google search and the pages that are displayed are generally optimized towards that exact word or term. However, in their continual battle to server the most relevant but most natural pages with genuinely useful information Google has injected latent semantic indexing (LSI) into its algorithms.

What Is LSI?

LSI is a unique indexing method that potentially takes Google search one step closer to becoming human in its way of thinking. If we were to manually search through web pages to find information related to a given search term we would be likely to generate our own results based on the theme of the site, rather than whether a word exists or does not exist on the page.

Why Search Engines Might Adopt Latent Semantic Indexing

The extremely rigid form of "keyword indexing" also meant that black hat SEO techniques were easier to implement. Search engines could be manipulated into ranking a site highly by using set formula. Originally, cramming a page with a particular keyword or set of keywords meant a site would rank highly for that search term. The proceeding set of algorithms ensured that your link profile played more of an important part than your keyword density. Reciprocal linking soon followed once again making it possible to manipulate the search engine spiders by exchanging links with tens, hundreds, or thousands of websites.

Reciprocal linking was soon beaten as Google and to a lesser extent Yahoo and MSN save less credence to a reciprocal link as they did to a one-way inbound link. Latent Semantic Indexing is another, particularly powerful, method to try and make their result pages appear more natural with natural pages filled with natural content.

The Effects

The introduction of LSI has seen some dramatic changes in the search engine result pages already. Sites that had previously performed well because of an impressive link profile based on a single keyword have found their pages slip in the rankings. Other pages with a more diverse portfolio of inbound links are taking the lead with search terms for which they had not previously performed.

SEO is far from dead because of LSI, in fact if anything, it has probably increased the need for professional white-hat SEO on your website. The field of SEO, though, has almost certainly changed. Website content copywriting for Google's benefit is not solely made up of keyword density and keyword placement as it once was and link-building techniques will need to change to incorporate LSI algorithms but it can be done.

Writing Content For LSI

If optimizing solely for Google then a web page can, theoretically, be naturally written and naturally worded. When we write we instinctively include the appropriate keyword in our text. In order to avoid repetition (or keyword optimization, as it was once called) we would often alter some instances of these keywords for other words with the same or very similar meaning. We naturally include the …

Future Shock: Voice Recognition Identification Technology

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Backgrounder: Kay Hughes, flight attendant for today’ s non-stop coast-to-coast flight is busy checking her catering order and prepping the cabin. Bob Harmon is the captain and Jeff Mortowski is his first officer. Both are situated in the cockpit going over the pre-flight checklist. The pax are from various companies in the New York area or individuals on personal business who have bought seats on his flight.

The Story: Kay woke up with a start as the alarm on her clock radio blared. Reaching across her pillow, she noticed the time, 5:15, and hammered the snooze button in the hopes of grabbing another five minutes of sleep. Tired as she was, her mind began to race as she considered the day ahead. In less than four hours she would be enroute to L.A. with an aircraft full of passengers. Slowly the thought of additional sleep became less important as she considered all that she had to do before leaving Teterboro. Quietly she slipped on her robe and slippers, poured herself a cup of coffee, and slinked into the shower.

As Kay walked across the tarmac, she saw the fuel truck pulling up to her aircraft and the caterer at the gate waiting for a security clearance. It was 6:48 and already she could feel the heat lifting off of the pavement. Another scorcher she thought; at least L.A. will be cooler.

Kay greeted Jeff who was busy overseeing the fuel delivery; she then climbed onboard the G-V and gave a similar greeting to Bob who was occupied with updating paperwork. Bob finished what he was doing and briefed Kay with the day’s schedule. Minutes later Kay turned to assist the approaching caterer with the day’s order. Within the hour, the first of the passengers began to arrive. Each sat in the lobby of the FBO waiting to be boarded. At precisely 8:00 a.m., Kay left the aircraft and walked down the ramp to the FBO. She whispered to the waiting security agent who signaled to the FBO customer service representative to make the boarding announcement. “Ladies and Gentlemen, Jet Aviation Flight #001 departing TEB for LAX is now boarding. Please present your identification card and boarding pass to the security agent. Once you are cleared, you will be boarded. Thank you for flying Jet Aviation and enjoy your flight.”

Kay turned and left the FBO and walked back to the aircraft. Both pilots were onboard completing their preflight preparations. Kay stood at the bottom of the steps leading up to the aircraft waiting for the security agent to bring the passengers to the plane. She knew that with fourteen passengers the security clearance would take a bit longer than normal.

Kay considered waiting inside the cabin to keep cool, but knew that it was important that she greet the passengers at the base of the steps in case one of them needed assistance climbing up.” It must already be 85 degrees out here,” she thought as she watched the heat …

Style and Your Website – Style Elements

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"Style and your website – an introduction," is about the importance of style. But what makes one style unique? What are those style elements that differentiate your site from others?

First of all the colors. Enough has been written about color usage and color schemes on websites. Red is said to be a color that conveys action and passion. Blue is a general business color and expresses seriousness … Usually websites have one dominant color and a supporting color. Important is that these colors support your message. A dominating red website does not fit the ambience of a university for example – where the thought is sacred, action is of minor importance (yet) …

The logo is another style element. It expresses the most important style elements in one simple image. It is a strong vehicle in expressing a message and for the visitor an element to focus on and to select.

The layout and structure of a website can either be (more) formal or free. Each website has a main kind of template. Examples are the journal template, with different columns, used for informational sites, there is the sales letter format, like a letter addressed to the visitor. Websites could also resemble a slide or presentation. If a website has not such a typical format it could either be more formal organized, or loose.

The amount and distribution of pictures is another element in which websites differentiate. Normal magazines are dominated by pictures, either from advertisements or general purpose supporting the text. Many websites are (still) scarcely focused on pictures, because most searches are done on text and it is difficult to select the right and adequate picture to convey your message.

All these elements together are composed to a complete website. It is this overall composition that gives the site the look-and-feel. It is the general impression. The overall composition is a result of a creative design process.

The style of a website is perceived by visitors who observes the visual elements of a site. Style is important because visitors will not berely focus on text only. When buying a kitchen you will visit different showrooms and unconsciously you will focus on the style of the different kitchens. Often, after selecting the style you start designing your individual kitchen to match your requirements.

If you want to look at a showroom of WebPages you could visit a site like thumbshots.net. This link for example ([http://www.thumbshots.net/webguide.pxf?cat=Arts%2fArchitecture%2fBuilding_Types%2fGovernment_Buildings]) provides an overview of websites focused on government buildings. Each pages presents an overview of different sites by showing a thumbshot and a textual summary of the site. These pages provide user with a preview mechanism before entering the site.
The overview however is also useful if you want to "benchmark" the style of your site with others. Or if you are just curious about differences in style of websites.

Have a look.

© 2006 Hans Bool …

The Art of C ++ Programming, Chapter 2 – Installing Microsoft Visual Studio

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Development Environment:

First thing's first. Lets get us an environment to work in. I personally recommend the Microsoft Visual Studio C ++ Express edition, but there are other compilers out there like Dev Studio, etc.

This is the compiler many professionals use (they pay for an upgraded version, but it's the same basic thing), so it's a pretty sweet deal.

While you are downloading and installing that bit of software, I'll go ahead and explain in a nutshell exactly what you are downloading. A "development environment" (what we are downloading) is a combination of several tools a programmer can use to create things.

The parts we care about are: Text Editor: where the code is written. Think of notepad Compiler: the thing that turns your code into machine code (computer language) Debugger: the tool used for pointing out wrong code (finds your errors … sort of)

Without these, you can not really develop much. You could always program something in notepad and plug it into a compiler, but you will not have a debugger. Meaning if something goes wrong, you will not know what caused the problem.

Thankfully, what we are downloading here is arguably one of the best development environments available (its Microsoft …). It contains everything we need! Your download should be done, so begin the install.

Once you got it installed, go ahead and open it up!

Creating a New Project: Seems like time to introduce that ever-so-popular "Hello World!" program .. lets get started!

Logically, you would just hit new file and be set. With Visual Studio, it takes a few more steps, but its easy if you have some guidance. If you are using a compiler other than Visual Studio, I am afraid you are on your own for this step.

To make a new project, go to File -> New -> Project.

From there, go to Visual C ++ -> Win32 -> Win32 Console Application. After selecting the console application option, enter in a name for your project. For this example, lets just call it HelloWorld. Its good to name our projects something relevant to what the program will do; In this case, our program will print "Hello World!" to the screen. Exciting? Do not worry, it gets better; ).

For the next step, hit "next". You should now see a screen that looks like this. Be sure and "check" the circles next to Console Application and Empty Project. After that, hit Finish. …

Business Website Hosting Provider

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In present world where it is necessary to promote yourself online it is really necessary to have a reliable web host to leave a good impression upon the mind of the customers of both the entity and the brand. For this it is necessary to launch a website with a good business website hosting service provider.

It is great responsibility to choose a reliable business website hosting service provider. It is advisable to choose the business web host who has reputation of providing quality services at optimum prices. Look out at forums and group discussions to know about the best business website hosting service provider. Or you can look out for reviews for various businesses hosting websites and choose which suits your needs the best.

There are many things to be kept in consideration before you choose the business web host.

  • Resources: before you select the business website hosting service provider, check whether he has adequate resources to take care of your business website well. See where it can handle heavy data without lagging. Try and figure out what kind of technical support your website need and accordingly check whether the web host offers the requisite features or not. The speed should not be less, as slow speed hampers the interest of the visitor.
  • Dedicated server: in case your website is very popular and fetch you good business, make sure you avail dedicated web host services. It is really important to run your business website on the right platform to offer convenience to its customers. Make sure you avail the necessary computing languages ​​to ensure smooth run of your website. In case you decide to go in for shared website hosting, then choose that is not over crowded.
  • Technical capabilities: the business website hosting provider needs to offer error free services. There should be no lags and errors on the website and it affects the goodwill of the business and the brand. The business web host must offer good technical back-up to establish good customer base and improving customer and business relations.
  • Features: a good business website hosting is one which offers all the key features needed to run a website successfully like PHP, CGI Bin, MySQL, Perl, SSL and various other needed for handling websites of all types.

Ensure that the business website hosting service provider you choose offers you services without any hiccups and make your place on the digital avenue. These points must be kept in mind as it concerns your image and the image of the business. And once the image or goodwill is hampered it takes decades to win back the confidence of customers. …

Deciding on the Most Effective SEO Outsourcing Firm

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Locating the best SEO Company which can help your website attain top rankings in search engines is mostly a hard job. You must know a number of details of the SEO firm, several basic facts as well as statistics, and the dedication of the effort before deciding on the firm.

An excellent SEO Company would be able to reveal results decisively. As an example, you're able to see whether the SEO company was able to build traffic, turn many of the browsers to clients, build sufficient link popularity, supercharge sales, leads, and also figure out the tricks and tips to make a website stick on top rankings for months together.

But, how could you come across this astonishingly productive SEO Firm? Listed here are a few aspects to evaluate before you can discover a reliable SEO team.

Successes of the SEO Company
The outcomes would demonstrate how effective an SEO company has been for the customers. Recommendations from the clients, portfolio examinations, as well as evaluations of the SEO Organization within social media websites are useful approaches to discover the best Seo Agency for your webpage.

You can even examine the seo'ed pages and determine if the answers are real or not. Be sure and note the wide range of web pages tweaked by the Seo Agency. Just how the customer webpages rated within search engines? Exactly what do the testimonails from others say? Is it possible to choose the most significant, positive elements of the Seo Agency? – Or, those sites do not really possess something extraordinary about them. Answering these questions would help you find out the correct Seo Company for your business.

Own Ranking Formulae
A Seo company must have a great crew to work on the clients sites. Even so, the easiest way it can show off its marketing skills is to make its own site SEO-savvy. If the website is rated and has its own reputation, brand identity, and group, you can be sure that the Seo Company is capable of doing exactly the same for your website.

Old is Gold
Seo is not a new notification. It only takes a long time to show the results. Discover an seo Company which has stayed in business for an extended time and also has valued leads to exhibit. The key idea is always to stay away from fly-by-the-night organizations which are there only to get money from you.

An SEO organization that has stayed running a business may explicitly point out the work it can easily do, results it can achieve, and the remuneration it needs for those jobs.

The period meant for a wholesome SEO marketing
SEO involves time and energy. Moreover it needs a large amount of keeping track, deeper tweaking, reporting, examines, and also web 2. 0 to have success. The truth is, SEO is really an on-going effort and constant.

As a result, most SEO companies offer a long-time optimization plan. The remuneration can either be project-based, result-based, or even task-based. Generally, …