The Process of SEO

Search engine optimization is one of the most effective ways to market you website. But you are still wondering, how do they do it? Here is a breakdown of the process to give you a glimpse of how search engine optimization companies generate success and drive traffic to your site.

If you are looking for ways to obtain high rankings in then read further to learn the process of website optimization and marketing strategies. The first thing SEO companies do is determine the most effective and important keywords or phrases that are relevant to your website.

Then they cross your list with databases and a list of actual keywords searches. This process helps the SEO target the right words and phrases that will drive customer to your website. Next, SEO companies locate your top competitors and look at the number of links they have, where the links come from, and the keywords they use on their sites.

This is a great way to see what's working to get the best results to help raise your give your site an advantage over the competition in your. After finding your keyword niches and researching the competition, the SEO company will create a strategy for your websites visibility, usability, and accessibility.

Then changes are made to your website to include the more effective keywords and additional content to attract search traffic. This is called optimizing your website content. Next is contextual link building, which is very a very important aspect of getting high ranks for your site. Link building is done by identifying niche directories and submitting your material to recruit links from them.

This is an ongoing process and SEO companies continuously update and monitor to stay ahead of the competition. Last, ranking reports are created to track the ranking of your site in the search engine. Ranking reports represent the amount of traffic on your site, where the traffic is coming from, and which keywords are being used to find your site. By analyzing which words are being used to find your site, they can adjust their search engine optimization strategy to better serve you. …

IT Network Security – The New World’s Lock & Key

It’s another Monday morning at the office, you’ve just turned on your computer and logged in – all of a sudden you start to notice that your “Home Page” is changed, your computer is very slow and finally the internet connection is extremely slow…. Your IT Network has just been Hacked!

Security in the workplace has been an issue for years yet something commonly thought of as “internal security” such as cameras and locked doors. Today the world has grown and evolved into a computer driven technology, providing innovative e-criminals the opportunity to take advantage of this situation and they are benefiting by your lack of network security knowledge and use of older technology. Now more than ever, there are important types of security needs such as Firewalls, Network Lockdowns, Key Fobs, Passwords and so on, that are needed to secure a companies sensitive records, financial information and their basic lifeline to keep them in business.

Some businesses don’t know what they’re exposing themselves to, but with an “opened port” on a firewall or router leading to their database or “hole” in the network, the world is able to look at your sensitive material without you even knowing until it’s too late.

Last month a new company signed on with Libra IT for simple “network support” because they felt their old IT provider was not giving them the patience they feel they deserved. When our engineer did a network audit we noticed that the tape backup’s have not been successful in over 2 months! With that alone a red flag should have gone up. More problems were found… much more! Every port on the firewall was open allowing anyone into the server which nullified the purpose of the firewall entirely.

And to add misery to suffering… Half the staff knew the Administrator Password!!! (Simple passwords are not enough… did you know that the most common password used today is “password” and the second most common is “admin”? Many users have half a dozen passwords to remember which is why the most common password is ‘password.’ The usual solution is to write it down. But how secure is that?) This oversight allowed anyone into the system to change, delete or add anything they wanted… what if one of these people became a “disgruntled employee” later down the line? Finally we stumbled upon another serious issue that could have been disastrous… After the previous IT person was “dismissed” they were trying to hack into the system using “old employees passwords” (which worked) and decided to try and delete files as well as “hide” mistakes he made. Luckily we tracked everything they did by backing the system up successfully in case anything like this happened!

Makes you wish we could go back to the old days when we had a safe with paperwork in it or a filing cabinet with a lock on it that held our businesses most prized possessions. Today, this information is resting in your servers, networked to …

Direct TV Differentiates Itself From The Competition

On the surface, a lot of television service providers look the same. They all obviously provide television and claim to offer the best service, most channels, and most sophisticated technology. But one television service provider stands out above the rest. That television service provider is Direct TV.

So how exactly does Direct TV beat out the competition? It does it by distinguishing itself from the competition. The most noticeable distinction between it and most of it's competitors is that it's a satellite TV service and most other TV services deliver their television programming using cable technology. Satellite television technology provides a huge number of benefits to customers that cable TV simply can not provide. For one thing, a satellite TV service like Direct TV provides many more channels than any cable television company can. Satellite TV can also supply High Definition Television Programming much more easily than any cable service. In fact Direct TV provides just as many HDTV channels as the best cable TV companies at a fraction of the price. A satellite television company can also provide service over a much larger geographic area than a cable TV company, so if you decide to move, you can have the same programming package at your new home that you had at the old one. You can even get satellite television out in very isolated rural areas. This simply is not possible with cable TV because cable networks generally do not extend outside of medium sized towns.

Direct TV differentiates itself from other satellite TV providers by the level of customer service it contains and the type of programming it provides. All of the company's customer service representatives are courteous and professional and extremely interested in making sure that you receive the best television experience possible. You can also get programming that other satellite television companies simply do not offer. For example, Direct TV is the only source for sports programming like NFL Sunday Ticket which supplies you with all of the great football action that comes with every game over the course of the regular football season.

Other satellite TV providers also can not provide the same huge programming packages. For example, Total Choice is Direct TV's entry level programming package and still has over one hundred and fifty five channels! An entry level programming package that's larger than the maximum number of channels that most cable TV companies can provide is unheard of with the exception of Total Choice!

Another big difference between Direct TV and all other television service providers is that it has significantly more subscribers than any other service provider. This is beneficial to individual subscribers because the more subscribers a company has, the more the costs of running the company can be spread out. Because this particular company currently has fifteen point six million subscribers, it can keep costs extremely low and pass on the savings to its customers. With the kind of financial resources generated by nearly sixteen million subscribers, a company can …

How to Make Your Website Popular

If you want to promote your website and want to make it popular in search engines than Link Building is the right way to promote. Link Building can make your website popular in the search engines and make a path for the search engine spiders or crawlers. There are different ways for making the website popular in the search engines. Below are the best methods for promoting the website basically for off page optimization.

Reciprocal and One way link: By the reciprocal links and one way links your website is linked to many websites when a user goes to that website there is a possibility that he will come at your website. In other terms when a spider or a search engine crawler goes to a website where your link exists than the spider will also come at your website. Google and Yahoo prefer link building. The links can also boost your search engine rankings as well. The theme based link building is very important Link frames and free for all links can harm your website rankings.

Directory Submission: By the directory submission your website can get one way links easily. There are two types of web directories one is free and the other is paid. Some popular directories are like DMOZ, Google Directory, Yahoo Directory and Lycos and many more. These are very popular directories and spiders crawls these directories on a regular basis. So that your website also get crawls regularly by these web directories.

Press Releases: Another great way to make popular your website is to submit your press releases in the other websites and at your own website. By this your website is well known by the visitors. There are press releases directories where you can submit your press releases.

RSS and News Feeds: This is a best way to promote a website, by this your website kept fresh in the search engines and the RSS displays all the information about the website and for every page. Submit your website feeds in other websites and link with your website also. The RSS feeds also improve the interlinking of your website. …

Tips on Hiring a Computer Repair Company

For many of us, life stops when our computers stop. In this era of communication, we depend on computers in a big way. I am sure that many people find it hard to imagine a day's work without a functional computer.

Apart from using the social media sites, household people use computers for searching, e-mailing, browsing interesting sites and research. But that is not all. Now many people work as freelance contractors by sitting at home. For them, computer is the work station.

Things do not go right all the time. From time to time we face problems with our computers. Sometimes the monitor does not work, sometimes internet does not work, sometimes the cables malfunction, sometimes the power cods do not function. What to do in such cases? I guess many of us try to fix it of our own. What happens if we make the thing worse? Therefore I suggest that you contact a computer repair company when things go wrong with your laptop or desktop computer. They are professionals and know how to repair computers. They will first diagnose the problem and than will repair it. Here are the tips on hiring a computer repair company:

Ask your friends and relatives for a suggestion. Ask them if they have contacts of any computer repair company or not. If they have contacts of such a company, ask them whether they were happy with the service of the company or not. If the answer is yes, call the company and talk to the sales representative.

Another good way to search for a computer repair company is by browsing the internet. Search whether there are any companies in your town. For instance, if you live in Denver, search for a company that has its office in Denver. If you find several companies, note down their numbers.

Before selecting a company, find out its reputation. If it has good reputation, you can be assured that it will do a first-class job on your computer. My advice would be to ask; who their previous clients were, did these clients leave satisfied, how long this company has been in business and what noticeable accomplishments do they have under their belt. If all answers are satisfactory than you can be sure that they would do a good job.

Before selecting a computer repair company, find out whether they have a 24/7 phone support or not. If they do, very good. If they do not have this service, move on and select another. I am saying this because you probably would need their help in future as well. And you never know when things might go wrong. It can be in the middle of the night!

My last tip would be this – do not hesitate to bargain with the company. If you know the exact problem, ask them how much they would charge to fix it. If you do not know the problem, ask them how much could the charge be.

I hope these …

Innovation Management – Ideas From The Most Embarrassing Experiences Of Life

Creativity can be defined as problem identification and idea generation while innovation can be defined as idea selection, development and commercialization.

There are other useful definitions in this field, for example, creativity can be defined as constituting of a number of ideas, a number of diverse ideas and a number of novel ideas.

There are distinct processes that enhance problem identification and idea generation and, similarly, distinct processes that enhance idea selection, development and commercialization. Whilst there is no sure fire route to commercial success, these processes improve the probability that good ideas will be generated and selected and that investment in developing and commercializing those ideas will not be wasted.

Ideas from the most embarrassing experiences of life

The Economist (2003b) states that 3000 bright ideas are needed for 100 worthwhile projects, which in turn will be winnowed down to four development programs for new products. And four such development programs are the minimum needed to stand any chance of getting one winner.

From the above it is clear that a large number of good ideas are required before the innovation process can really begin. Given that the bright ideas themselves would have been chosen from a larger pool of general ideas, the problem becomes one of maximizing idea generation before idea selection begins.

One of the most useful methods of generating large numbers of ideas is the use of frameworks. Frameworks or models break up a whole into relevant component pieces. For example, the simple PEST model breaks up macro analysis into Political, Economic, Social and Technological elements, thus creating four pathways.

There are obviously many, many uses for frameworks.

One of the most useful – used by television executives when they're thinking of developing programming – is to break up the human life span into fifty or a hundred key moments. They then elicit five or more key events within each key moment, one of them being the most embarrassing thing that could happen at that moment. The whole thing turns out to resemble one giant mind-map or family tree type diagram.

As innovations are very much related to problems faced by individuals and solutions for them, this approach also seems to work well in new product development.

These and other topics are covered in depth in the MBA dissertation on Managing Creativity & Innovation, which can be purchased (along with a Creativity and Innovation DIY Audit, Good Idea Generator Software and Power Point Presentation) from http: //www.managing-

You can also receive a regular, free newsletter by entering your email address at this site.

Kal Bishop, MBA


You are free to reproduce this article as long as no changes are made and the author's name and site URL are retained. …

How the Internet Affects Traditional Media

Traditional Publishing, REST IN PEACE

This is the headline that greets you when you land on a web page erected as a memorial to commemorate the decline of Traditional Media. A photograph of a man who seems to be in distress and who’s possibly just lost his job accompanies this headline. If this does not paint a bleak picture, go on to read the 548 headlines that all sing to the same tune as the following:

  • Bad Times: NYT Says Revenue Fell 13.9% Last Month


  • Men’s monthly magazine Arena to cease printing after 22 years


  • Cosmopolitan UK publisher to cut 100 jobs


There’s even a website entitled Newspaper Death Watch that chronicles all the publishing and newspaper houses that close down. All rather morbid wouldn’t you say?

The Deadly Spell

Let’s take a quick look at Traditional Media and how the Internet cast it’s deadly spell.

Back in the old days, we’re talking 500 years ago; Gutenberg revolutionized the printing industry by inventing the printing press. This meant bibles could be produced at a fraction the time it used to. This also meant more copies in a shorter time and the Word of God got further reach in a shorter time. Newspaper houses and Magazine publishers still use a printing press today (well thank you captain obvious).

Much later, shortly after the advent of electricity, the world was blessed with another few media breakthroughs, namely radio then a few years later, television. Marketers and Advertising agencies had it all figured out as they devised Integrated Marketing Campaigns with astronomical budgets. Ah, the good old days. Well, much to the dismay of many of these agencies, this media landscape started to change.

Behold! Enter The WWW

At first a website was seen as a cute way to put your company brochure online and on top of that the disastrous dot bomb era created skepticism that labeled the Internet as a bad media and business channel.

Fortunately, since then the Internet has matured. Now, in countries where broadband has achieved high levels of household penetration, the web has become the consumer medium of choice.

Why? Because people can do research, shop online, watch videos and connect with friends all in the comfort of their own homes. People can choose what media they want to consume, where and when they choose too, especially with mobile connectivity. Marketers can no longer dictate what advertising messages people get subjected too.

Social Media, The New Black

Then there is the phenomenon of Social Media. It changed the media landscape forever. Social Media websites have allowed consumers to connect with friends, family, colleagues and peers in ways that were never imaginable a few decades ago.

Technology has empowered the consumer to become the Prosumer. Prosumers are consumers who produce content such as videos, photos and blogs that can be instantly distributed and shared amongst millions of people via social media platforms. This is also known as user-generated content or UCG.…

Computer Registry Cleaners – What You Ought to Know

Most of us would like to have efficiency. We expect efficiency in almost anything that we do specifically with gadgets and machines that we have invested money in. When it comes to a computer, all of us expect it to be a reliable ally for work, for studies, for research, for communications, for entertainment and yes, even for gaming. A computer that is slow and inefficient is the last thing that we need and most of us would go far just to have this kind of reliability. The good news, however, is that we no longer have to feel hopeless every time we experience such PC problems. With the help of a reliable computer registry cleaner, we can have a PC that is running great at all times.

Here are some of the most essential things that you bought to know about computer registry cleaners.

1. What are registry cleaners for?
A registry cleaner program is a type of software that is used to clean the Windows registry. The registry of your PC is the one programmed in order for your PC to run based on your preferences. Reg cleaners or reg fix software are used to perform regular scans to clean and revamp your registry so it can run fast and efficiently again.

2. What are the problems solved by a reliable computer registry cleaner?
A reg cleaner program was built for a specific task. That task is to ensure that your Windows registry is clean and free of unused, unusable and corrupted files and data. This type of cleaning can fix problems such as a slowing, crashing or freezing of your PC. In simple terms, you will be freed from a PC that takes a long time to do a single type of application.

3. Where can one get a reg cleaner?
Getting a reg cleaner for your PC is now very easy. If, in the old days, you need to buy it a high price, you can now buy very good PC reg cleaners at reasonable prices or you can even have them for free. Search online for the many available reg cleaners for free download. This way, you need not spend much just to have your PC fixed.

4. What would happen if I clean my PC's registry on my own?
Unless you are a tech wizard, then you can not actually do this type of cleaning on your own without any related risks. You can actually access your computer's registry files but what you will be seeing may seem alien to you. If you try to clean your registry without any sufficient knowledge, then you can do more damage and even leave your PC to be unbootable or unusable. Since your computer is also a type of investment, then there is no harm for you to find a good registry cleaner instead of tinkering the machine on your own. …

Keyword Density – Tips for Business Success

Now that you have selected a set of keywords for your website, what do you do with them? Keywords are words that describe the main topics of information for a website. This means that the text of your website should include these carefully selected keywords.

Keyword Density

Keyword density is a measure that indicates how many times a particular keyword appears in the text of your website, expressed as a percentage. To calculate the keyword density, first count the number of times the keyword appears on a page (you can easily do this by using the "find" feature on a word processing program). Next, divide the keyword count by the total number of words in the text, and multiply by 100 to get the keyword density percentage.

Keyword Tips

* Keyword density should be between 1% and 3%. Anything more might be appreciated as keyword stuffing, the overuse of a keyword in the text in an effort to rank higher for that keyword on a search engine results page. This practice can backfire big-time, causing the search engine to ignore your website.

* A lower keyword density is best when used in conjunction with other related keywords on the same page. Most search engine spiders have an almost intuitive way of determining the relevancy of a topic. Displaying related terms on the same page shows the spider that the keyword topic is relevant. If your keyword is "lovely roses," related terms would be "flowers," "red roses," "aromatic roses," "rose petals," "rose scent," "beautiful bouquets," and so forth.

* Keywords should read naturally in the text. It is generally best to write about a topic and then check the keyword density. If you need a higher keyword count, you can go back and look for synonymous words that can be replaced with the desired keyword.

* If you make the keyword the topic of your content, proper density should come naturally. Never compromise the flow and interest of your content for the sake of keyword insertion.

* Relevance is everything for website content. If the topic is not relevant to your website, it is not worth displaying. Search engines may skip your website if they can not find a solid theme to help categorize your website. If you sell cleaning products, your text should talk about stains, fabric treatments, cleaning processes, cleaning tips and cleaning products. If a search engine spider visits your website that sells cleaning products and finds information on how to put a deck on your house and news about Paris Hilton's social life, it is not likely to list your website for keywords relating to cleaning products. These may be interesting topics, but they are not relevant to your website.

* Interesting content with relevant keywords will attract visitors and inspire return visits. Returning visitors are more likely to purchase a product or service from your website.

The proper use of keywords can increase your search engine ranking, make it easier for potential customers to find your …

Search Engine Optimization

SEO (search engine optimization) – 85% of all website traffic originates from search engines. Our optimization experts understand that skillful keyword selection and placement, good content writing, and short and precise meta-text are the key elements in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process. As e-marketing specialists, we have an excellent understanding of search engines and can advise you on your optimization strategy. Whilst there are no free shortcuts to the top of the list, we can employ design, content, research and analysis techniques that will contribute significantly to the overall success of your search placement.

Our SEO and marketing staff begins by checking the current status of your website to ensure that the optimization process will not be encumbered by any unforeseen problems of function. Then, using manual searches as well as custom research software, we use the collected data and create a list of the most highly trafficked and targeted words in your industry and will consult with you about the best option of Internet marketing strategies and web promotions for your business including Pay Per Click advertising and Search Engine Optimization. We pay careful attention to these elements during optimization, so that you may maximize your return on your investment into our affordably priced SEO services.

Search engine marketing is critical for today's businesses to keep the competitive edge and maximize internet exposure. Our highly refined and tested methodologies and optimization techniques will increase your website exposure. and assure top positions. …