Apple’s Clips App Gains Brilliant Upgrade With 2 Crucial New Features

Apple Clips is a lot of fun. It’s an easy-to-use app which lets you create, edit and share quick videos on your iPhone. But, until now, it’s been missing something you’d have thought would have been there since day one: vertical video. I mean, it’s the most natural way to hold the phone, right?

MORE FROM FORBESNew iPhone Upgrade Delivers Feature Apple Users Have Wanted For Years

It’s one of two big updates to the free app, though there are more, and they mostly apply to both iPhone and iPad. Here’s all you need to know.

Portrait, landscape or square

Until now, the videos were only available in square format, which isn’t the way with TikTok and Snapchat, for instance. So, square was quickly becoming a

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Notes of interest from Apple’s Q4 2020 and annual earnings report

Apple has published its fourth fiscal quarter of 2020 results, breaking all of the company’s fourth fiscal quarter records. Here are some notes of interest from the report, including remarks from Apple CEO Tim Cook and Chief Financial Officer Luca Maestri surrounding the particulars of the report.

Apple’s third fiscal quarter of 2020 earnings

On Thursday afternoon, Apple posted record September quarter revenue of $64.7 billion and quarterly earnings per diluted share of $0.73. International sales accounted for 59 percent of the quarter’s revenue.

“Apple capped off a fiscal year defined by innovation in the face of adversity with a September quarter record, led by all-time records for Mac and Services,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. “Despite the ongoing impacts of COVID-19, Apple is in the midst of our most prolific product introduction period ever, and the early response to all our new products, led by our first 5G-enabled

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Despite A Post-Earnings Plunge, Apple’s Future Is As Bright As Ever

Michael Kramer and the clients of Mott Capital own AAPL

Apple Inc.’s (AAPL) shares were trading lower in the after-hours session by about 4% following weaker than expected iPhone revenue. However, that weakness should not come as a surprise. Consumers were likely waiting for the new iPhone, which introduces the fifth generation of wireless technology (5G) to the brand.  

If anything, it may be the disappointment that the company did not provide first-quarter 2021 guidance. After all, the 5G iPhone launch is the most highly anticipated release since introducing the iPhone 6, giving investors expectations of a multi-year upgrade cycle.

Mixed Results

The company reported total revenue of $64.7 billion, which was about 1.6% better than consensus analysts estimates of $63.7 billion. Additionally, earnings were about 4.3% better than expected, coming in at $0.73 per share versus estimates of $0.70. iPhone revenue missed the mark at $26.4 billion versus estimates

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Previewing Apple’s Week: It’s Earnings Time

Apple stock has lost momentum lately, dipping back to late September levels.

But what has happened in the past couple of weeks will be forgotten as soon as the company’s earnings release crosses the wire, this coming Thursday.

What to keep an eye on

There will be only one main topic of conversation for Apple this coming week: earnings.

The Cupertino company is set to report fiscal fourth quarter results on Thursday, October 29. Last time I checked, analysts were projecting sales to decline minimally over 2019 levels. Worth noting, experts seem to be all over the place, as the estimate range looks wide.

On EPS, the Street projects a decline of 8%. This would be quite a disappointment compared to last quarter’s 18% increase in earnings. I will look at projections again later this week, and see how consensus estimate might have changed days ahead of earnings.

Want to

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Short queues in China as Apple’s newest iPhone 12 hits stores

By Josh Horwitz

SHANGHAI (Reuters) – Two of Apple’s latest iPhone 12 models went on sale in China on Friday, after early pre-order data showed strong consumer interest in the 5G-enabled device in the firm’s second-largest market.

The short queues outside Apple stores in the business hub of Shanghai struck a contrast with the crowds that flocked to past launch events, as most ordering has now shifted online.

“I feel great being the first customer to get the new iPhone,” said Yan Bingqing, 30, who arrived before the store opened, and was in a line of about 20 people. “I’ve been waiting a long time.”

A new green shade for the iPhone 12 was also a top trending topic on Chinese app Weibo on Friday, prompting positive reactions.

Apple’s announcement last week initially drew mixed reviews in China, but analysts expect a surge in orders this year, as loyal iPhone

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Apple University Dean Shares Deep Dive Into Apple’s Organizational Structure

Apple University dean and vice president Joel Podolny today wrote an in-depth article on Apple’s organizational structure for Harvard Business Review.

Titled “How Apple is Organized for Innovation,” Podolny’s piece delves deep into Apple’s structure and how that has helped it grow over the years. Starting back when Jobs took over the company when he returned to Apple 1997, Podolny explains how Jobs fired the managers of each individual business unit and converted Apple into “one functional organization,” a setup that Apple continues to have to this day.

As was the case with Jobs before him, CEO Tim Cook occupies the only position on the organizational chart where the design, engineering, operations, marketing, and retail of any of Apple’s main products meet. In effect, besides the CEO, the company operates with no conventional general managers: people who control an entire process from product development through sales and are judged according

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Hands on with Apple’s MagSafe charger and silicone cases

Apple’s MagSafe accessories have started to show up at customers’ doorsteps. We take a look at a few first-party cases, as well as Apple’s MagSafe charger, to see how they work.

A few readers had questions after AppleInsider posted its in-depth look on MagSafe last week. Here, we have an opportunity to answer those queries with a hands-on of Apple’s own accessories.

Apple's MagSafe charger

Apple’s MagSafe charger

As Apple just introduced the standard, the iPhone maker is one of the only manufacturers to currently have MagSafe products on the market. OtterBox has released a few cases, but it won’t be long before countless others flood the market.

Ahead of the full launch of iPhone 12 — including November’s iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max debuts — we got our hands on Apple’s MagSafe charger and several MagSafe-compatible silicone cases. Apple is still readying a leather sleeve, leather cases, and wallets.

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Apple’s first-day preorders for iPhone 12 surpassed the iPhone 11, top analyst says

  • First-day iPhone 12 preorders surpassed last year’s iPhone 11 preorders, according to top Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of TF International Securities.
  • Kuo said Apple sold up to 2 million iPhone 12 models in the first 24 hours of preorders, up from 800,000 units of the iPhone 11 for the same period last year.
  • China has the most demand for the new iPhones since the country’s 5G networks are more widely available than they are in other countries, he said.

logo: Tim Cook announces Apple iPhone 12 5G

© Provided by CNBC
Tim Cook announces Apple iPhone 12 5G

Apple sold more iPhone 12 models in the first 24 hours of preorders last week than iPhone 11 models sold in the same period last year, according to top Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of TF International securities.


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In a research note Monday, Kuo reported that Apple sold up to 2 million iPhone 12 units in the first 24

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Overwhelming demand for Apple’s latest flagship lineup crashes website

The iPhone 12 launch last week was met with mixed opinions when Apple finally confirmed what rumours have hinted about for the past several months. Similar to what it did for the Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 6, all four of its latest handset models will ship without a charger. Moreover, the EarPods are likewise not included. This reportedly left most consumers dismayed, but it seems the demand for the new devices say otherwise as the official website went down shortly after preorders started.

According to the manufacturer, its decision to omit the aforementioned accessories was in line with an initiative that aims to help the environment. They argued that most buyers will likely have spare chargers or earphones from their older devices.

However, this was met with criticism after tech industry analysts pointed out that users who are new to Apple’s ecosystem will be forced to purchase

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Apple’s HomePod Mini bursts with new features. Here’s how you’ll use them

When Apple unveiled the new HomePod Mini last week, it introduced a litany of next-level features aimed at competing with Google Home/Nest Audio and Amazon’s family of Echo speakers. 

a close up of a computer: Apple's new HomePod Mini is about half the size of the original HomePod, but brings new Siri features. Screenshot/Apple

© Provided by CNET
Apple’s new HomePod Mini is about half the size of the original HomePod, but brings new Siri features. Screenshot/Apple

a close up of a computer: Apple's new HomePod Mini is about half the size of the original HomePod, but brings new Siri features.

© screenshot/Apple

Apple’s new HomePod Mini is about half the size of the original HomePod, but brings new Siri features.

Not only does the compact HomePod Mini’s $99 price tag make the Siri-powered smart speaker more affordable than the HomePod ($299), it also includes an array of new features that even the full-size HomePod and rival speakers lack,, like automatically pairing two HomePod Minis in the same room.

We haven’t gotten our hands on a HomePod Mini just yet, and it won’t be available for preorder until Nov. 6 (devices ship and go on sale Nov. 16),

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