Zoom and Tesla enter ranks of ‘best’ global brands

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Media companies have also seen success among the turmoil during the COVID-19 pandemic. Photo: Getty

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on business, as well as the value of brands, with some companies coming out of the year looking better than others.

Communication brands have weathered the coronavirus storm better than other sectors, according to Interbrand’s Best Global Brands report. Instagram (#19), YouTube (#30) and Zoom (#100) all entered its rankings for the first time.

Media companies have also seen success among the turmoil.

Spotify (SPOT) (#70), saw brand value increase by 52% to $8.4bn (£6.5bn) – jumping 22 places in the ranking, while Netflix (NFLX) rose to #41 with a 41% increase to $12.7bn, according to the report.

Business models have played a role in this success, with 62% of double-digit risers relying on significant subscription model businesses.

Tesla (TSLA) has re-entered the rankings at #40 having

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How Luxury Brands Can Maintain Exclusivity And Still Be Relatable Online

It’s exquisite, it’s expensive and it’s exclusive. These values confer luxury status on a brand. These same values ensure that they stay relevant and in high-demand by consumers.

If you take away the exclusivity and the rarity, then luxury brands would lose their luster – so to speak. The reason consumers are willing to spend on diamonds and other exotic stones is because of their scarcity, and exclusivity. This is the fundamental foundation upon which the entire idea of luxury is based upon. In short, luxury is when someone owns something very exclusive or very rare.

Prior to the present time, accessing luxury brands was a not as easy as it is today. In fact, many consumers were

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Covid-19 Drives Amazon’s Rise Among World’s Top Brands

saw the largest increase in value among the world’s 100 best global brands this year. The rise of 60% took the e-commerce leader above the $200 billion barrier according to consultancy Interbrand. Apple
held onto the top position, boosting its brand value by 38% to $323 billion.

Interbrand’s highly-anticipated Top 100 Best Global Brands have grown by 9% pushing up their total brand value over the $2.3 trillion mark. Strong names have become stronger thanks to a Covid-19 effect which has helped to reinforce the dominance of big tech in 2020. Not only do they hold the top five positions—Apple, Amazon, Microsoft
, Google
and Samsung—but technology and tech-platform brands now represent 48% of the total table value, versus only 17% in 2010.

The league table (see the interactive listing here)

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The 25 fastest-growing DTC brands in Q3 per digital traffic

  • SimilarWeb, which provides global digital traffic insights about websites and apps, has released its report of the 25 fastest growing direct-to-consumer brands for Q3.
  • The data ranks the 25 highest performing DTC brands in terms of quarter-over-quarter monthly traffic growth, from Q2 to Q3.
  • The fastest-growing DTC companies in Q3 diverged categorically from those represented in the list for Q2. Categories like electronics and health and wellness especially stood out this quarter. 
  • From Away to Ruggable, here are the top performers.
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As online shopping continues to boom, brands with a strong digital presence are in a position to succeed.

SimilarWeb, which provides global digital traffic insights about websites and apps, has identified the 25 fastest-growing direct-to-consumer (DTC) e-commerce brands in the US for Q3. The quarterly report follows similar reports for Q1 and Q2.

Among the 25 brands included in the new report,

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A Conversation With Fender’s Evan Jones On Going 1:1 To Disrupt CX + A No Rules World For Brands As Agents Of Consumer Expression

Marketing is continuing to metamorphize at never before clock speeds to keep pace with real-time shifts in consumer behavior. To succeed today, brands must have a laser focus on improving CX in ways that demonstrate a sharper understanding of their consumers, while also creating experiences that effectively reflect culture and offer opportunity for new types of engagement.

With that in mind, I recently spoke with Evan Jones, CMO of Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (Fender). Evan is a marketer who has spent his career finding innovative ways to intersect culture and commerce. We spoke about everything from the heightened need today for direct interaction with customers to help identify behavioral triggers, to the brand’s upcoming new campaign for its American Professional II Series.

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