Freshen Up For Google

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It has nothing to do with layout, design or images. Content in this article reflects only the text of the website's information. Google indexes the text content in websites in order to rank them in search results, but ignores layout, design, and images (except for the "Alt" text and captions of images).

While the website that you had designed for you last year still looks perfect to you, since then, many new competing web pages have appeared on search engines. Your content, while still perfectly good, is now no longer the latest in a search. So how can you fix that?

Adding new content

A useful way to get fresh content indexed is to add more web pages. Remember also that the quantity of information in a website is another of the many factors that search engine algorithms use to determine the relevancy of a website to a search.

Look through your current pages for bullet points that can be expanded into new pages. As the subjects have already been introduced in your website, they may be the easiest on which to provide more information.

Are there any new uses of your products or services that you can announce? These can be the basis of additional pages.

Is there any new customer feedback that you can publish? This not only adds to the content – it is useful information for prospective customers.

A "News" page is useful for summarizing new content. Have your products or services reached new markets? Are there any new products or services that you can announce?

Refreshing old content

There may be ways of rewriting existing web pages to show that they are fresh. Keep file names the same, but change titles, headings and text.

Add some words, sentences and / or paragraphs. Add something to make the text topical. Eg If you are selling surfboards, mention current surfing news.

Expand on some descriptions. But do not pad them out – not obviously anyway. Do not just rearrange the sentences.

How to write the new content

Once you decide on the pages that you will add, on the first night select a page and just type a list of the ideas you have for that page. On the second night, take each of the ideas on the list and type something about it. On the third night, edit what you have typed. Each time you take a fresh look at the text, after sleeping on it, you tend to improve it.

Use this procedure for each of the ideas listed, and for each new page. This works for most people. Only if you are a genius will write the perfect copy the first time. The rest of us ordinary people need to work at it.

When people tell me that they do not have the time or ability to write copy for their web pages, I remind them that they are good at running a business selling their products, so why not stick to that and …

Tips on Creating Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Friendly Web Pages

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What point is there in having a website that nobody sees? The largest source of free web traffic for most websites on the Internet comes from search engines like Google, Yahoo! and MSN etcetera. Therefore, if you design a search engine friendly or a site with search engine optimization in mind you are likely to rank higher in search engine results and grab more valuable free visitors for yourself.

The Big 3 search engines eg Google, Yahoo! and MSN use internet robots known as web crawlers or spiders to crawl and index websites which they can list within their organic search result pages. Most spiders follow links to a page then read the text content of the page and make a record of it in their own database … this allows the search engines to pull up the listing at any time as people search for it.

In order to make it as easy as possible for the search engines to index and crawl and index your site, the use of frames on your website should be avoided. Frames can often confuse search engine robots and many spiders have difficulty indexing pages created with the use of frames. They could even leave your site without crawling it any further if it is not search engine friendly enough. In addition, frames can make it difficult for users to add a bookmark a particular page on your website without using certain long and complicated scripts.

Do not put valuable text content inside flash movies or in images … remember search engine robots can only read the text on your website source code. Therefore if crucial text is presented in flash movies and or inside images rather than the readable textual form, your website's search engine rankings could have been affected dramatically.

Correct use of meta tags on each page is essential, especially correct use of titles and descriptions. This will allow search engine robots to understand straight away what your web pages are about and whether or not to index it. Correct use of meta tags helps to make the search engine robot's job easier so they may be encouraged to crawl your site more often.

Stop using old style HTML methods like tables and font tags to style your page. Instead use div tags and CSS or Cascading Style Sheets. This is because div tags and CSS are a more search engine friendly method and are also more efficient. With the use of div tags and CSS, you can eliminate old style HTML tags and your pages will be much lighter and faster to load.

Make sure that you always put the text you want to be found for on the body text of your page with your most important keywords near the top or beginning of your body text. For example, if your primary keyword is green widgets put the keyphrase green widgets in the first sentence of your body text and repeat the phrase a few more times throughout …

Removing Spyware Is Easy

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Removing spyware has now become much easier with the wide availability of much advanced anti spyware programs. Do you know that sometimes you are not aware but your Internet behavior is being watched by a third party. They know the kinds of websites you visit and what are the specific activities that you perform on the Internet. They are keeping an eye on all your Internet activities. If you are providing your personal and financial information on some websites, such as for online shopping or internet banking, some unscrupulous Internet bodies are even accessing the same. All this is possible with a spyware program that is secretly loaded on your computer while you surf Internet. Therefore, it is important for you to be alert always. You have to have an effective system on your computer, which could tell you if there is any malicious program running in the background on your computer. When it comes to removing spyware, programs like spyware killer play a very important role. They will help you maintain your online privacy.

Functions Of Spyware Killer

There are two functions of a spyware killer – detecting and removing spyware. When you surf the Internet and some malicious programs try to hit your computer, the anti-spyware programs will warn you regarding the same. Even if some spyware make their way to your computer, you just have to run a scan process using the anti-spyware program and in a very short time, they will be removing spyware from your computer. The regular use of these anti-spyware programs will always keep your computer clean and healthy.

Choosing The Best Spyware Eraser

There are certain things that you must keep in mind while you are choosing the perfect spyware cleaner for your computer. Before you perform the anti-spyware download, it is important for you to read extensively, spyware reviews on various available products. This is important because these days there are many fake anti-spyware software programs available on Internet. Such programs will not be removing spyware from your computer. Instead, they will attack your computer with loads of malicious programs. Therefore, be very careful and make sure that you download the anti-spyware programs offered by established and reputed companies.

Removing spyware from your computer will be much easier if you keep your Windows always up-to-date with all the latest features. Make sure that you have turned the option for auto-update on.…

How the Internet is Changing the Way We Communicate

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How the Internet is changing the English language and the ways we speak

As a linguist and an ex-English teacher, the evolution of language has always fascinated me. Since the 15th century, the English language has evolved under the influence of technology but I would argue that this has been more in terms of style than structural changes to the language. The first big change came in the 15th century with the use of printing presses which introduced new standardized grammar, spelling and punctuation styles. In the 19th century, telephonyrought in new patterns of dialogue as people could speak to each other at greater distances. Radio and TV broadcasting in the early 20th century introduced us to new styles and thought us sports commentators, chat shows and interviews. However, it is the internet that has had a massive change both in the way we speak and how we write English.

Who could have predicted that internet technology would have brought us so much diversity? For example, just think of the different technologies and the way we communicate in English using these technologies:

* the world wide web itself

* email

* chat rooms

* instant messaging

* the virtual worlds of games

* blogging

* twittering

* mobile phone texting

* social Networking

We do not speak or communicate in the same way when we are blogging as when we are texting and each technology has its own style of the English language. These different styles of communication have exploded and will continue to evolve and you can see it in all forms of online marketing or offline marketing materials

Whilst the internet has produced some new vocabulary or "internet slang", there are only a few hundred new English slang words in a language which has over one million words. So the 20th century slang of "groovy" and "funky" has given way to phrases like "lol" (laugh out loud), and "brb" (be right back) in the 21st century – but they are still relatively few.

So, although there are some new punctuation formats, eg emoticons, there have been no significant changes to grammar patterns or verb endings. The main change has been the style of language that we use when we communicate.

Lots of purists and people would like to preserve the correct way to speak English. However, no one can stop trends in style and slang from changing the way we communicate. Whether it is cave men's drawing on walls, writing in sand with a stick, or sending a "tweet" to the other side of the world, the English language is something that will never be permanent and will be constantly changed by technology. …

Proxy Websites

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I wanted to take a break form doing reviews and things like that today, this will be a semi-informative post regarding proxies. I'm sure many of you have heard to word used, and maybe and came across a website of two that is a proxy. Well what exactly is a proxy?

There are two different types of proxy. One involves editing something on your local machine. The other is just visiting the proxy website and putting in the address you wish to visit.

A proxy is a way for you to not only get privacy, it also is a way to view websites that are blocked on your network. Such as your school, work place, or even the library. When you use a proxy, or proxy website all of the information is transferred through that proxy instead of your local machine. This means not only a whole new level of privacy for you, but this also means any pesky restrictions on your computer or network do not apply.

If you are interested in a web proxy one I like to use is It's fast, free, and it also has small shortcuts to very common websites that are blocked by most network administrators. If you are interested running a proxy on your local machine you can check out If you are unsure oh how to set the proxy on your computer read around their site, there are a few guides that you can use. But I always found it way more simple to use a web based proxy such as …

Computer Monitors – Choosing the Right Computer Monitor

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Computer monitors are mainly used in displaying texts and images that a computer generates. They normally have carbon or plastic frames, and viewing screens made of glass. Able to display images in different formats, resolution ranges from 1024 x 768 pixels for SVGA standard to 1600 x 1200 for higher-end models.

Computer monitors also come in different types to suit specific purposes.

CRT Computer Monitor: CRT or Cathode Ray Tube monitors give you crisp and vibrant images best for office and home use. Some models even come with specialized screens that help in eliminating screen glare.

Flat-screen Computer Monitor: Flat-screen monitors have large screens for viewing with resolutions higher than CRT monitors. They provide sharper, brighter images with high contrast ratios and are viewable from both vertical or horizontal angles.

LCD Computer Monitor: LCD monitors make use of electronic liquid crystals in assigning brightness and color to every pixel in an image. With at least a 450: 1 contrast ratio, they give you a wider range of colors with high-contrast displays.

TFT Computer Monitor: Thin Film Transistor or TFT monitors are similar to LCD monitors but are capable of generating pixels at a faster rate. They have a 500: 1 contrast ratio at the very least with a response time of around 8ms.

When buying computer monitors, there are a number of things you have to consider. Choose a monitor with resolutions that fit the applications you use most often. For ease in viewing, choose 17-inch monitors for office or home use. The 19-inch to 20-inch monitors are best for multimedia use for better image and photo viewing. For at-home use, monitors with 4: 3 aspect ratios would suffice. For office use however, aspect ratios of 15: 9 or even 16:10 is best for showing presentations. …

Internet Home Based Business – Referring Contractors To A Homeowner

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Whom you can refer

Almost any sort of contractor can be referred in your Internet home based business of homeowner referrals. Anyone from a plumber, painter, architect, electrician, handymen as well as general contractors can be referred to homeowners. If a contractor gets a job because of your referral you get to earn a significant commission in the process. This way your Internet home based business can see revenues coming in a very short time.

The benefits of a homeowner referral program

A homeowner referral program can be a great way to start an Internet home based business from your house. It does not need much of an investment, can be operated either on a full time or a part time basis from your home. This Internet home based business has helped many people earn good revenues every month. Beside, it offers a very flexible work schedule that does not hamper normal household chores in any way. New homeowners are always on the lookout for contractors for various home improvement needs. Your Internet home based business can bridge this gap to a great extent. This is a service which is always in demand, no matter what the market situation is. So you can be assured that your homeowner referral Internet home based business will succeed and earn big bucks soon!

Essentials before you start

There are certain things you need to have in place before starting out on a homeowner referral internet home based business. For starters you need to have an extensive guide on existing contractors in various areas. You also need to know the effective ways to screen out genuine contractors from the numerous scams around. You also need to have a fair idea of ​​roles and responsibilities of both parties involved.

To make your Internet home based business a success you also need to advertise it well. You will need to have effective and interesting promotional campaigns so you get more homeowners attracted to your services. You should definitely have your own website that Promotes your Internet home based business online. You also need effective ways to leverage a continuous supply of fresh leads in terms of networks of contractors. You also need to have an online business form on your website for the success of your Internet home based business. This will encourage customers to sign up for your services and also inquire about various aspects of the business.

Whether it is a new homeowner who approaches you for renovation work on their home, or an old neighbor who wants to give the home a makeover – your homeowner referral internet home based business will be a success at every step. …

Why Do "The Vikings" Pop Up When You Search Minnesota? SEO

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You'll likely get similar sports-related results if you Google a state other than Minnesota. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a magnificent new and innovative search engine marketing technique that helps drive websites, consumer, supplier or otherwise to the forefront of major search engine directories such as AOL, MSN, Yahoo and Google. This method can be used to promote anyone, anything, any place or any idea and you do not have to be in the same place as your service provider. Like SEO and God, the Internet is everywhere.

We've chosen to use "Minnesota" as our keyword topic simply because Minnesota happens to have some of the most advanced SEO training and consultants in the country. We'll talk more about how to locate them in a moment (it; s so simple it will make your head spin) but in the meanwhile let's explore the science of search engine optimization and use Minnesota as our SEO keyword.

What Happens When You Google "Minnesota"? SEO At Work!

If you type the word "Minnesota" into the Google search engine you will certainly come up with hundreds of links to articles and ads that are related to the mid-western state. But you probably already knew that. Take note of the first few topics at the very first page of your search results. It's fairly likely that among them are; The Minnesota Vikings, Twins, Weather and any recent breaking news that has occurred. If you're using Google "Instant" those results may have appeared before you were even done typing. How did we know this?

Because Those Are The Things Most Searched For In Relation To Minnesota

SEO works by recognizing and recording the most commonly searched terms entered into search engines by Internet users. These records enable search engines to automatically anticipate what web-surfers may be looking for. If you received links to the Vikings, Twins or local weather it is likely because sports fans and residents have been checking the weather and the stats on the games and teams. Web developers, marketing consultants and savvy business people know that using those words in their web content can make Google – and other major search engines – recognize their websites faster, essentially moving their links closer and closer to page one.

Keyword SEO Content Works With Any Topic
It's true. You do not have to be a major NBA team to take advantage of search engine optimization. Google keeps track of everything and is kind enough to share this information with the public. Professional SEO consultants analyze web content to edit adding highly searched keywords on a consistent basis and often see results within a few days. No matter what you are trying to promote, sell, discuss or advertise a few simple words in your web content can make the difference between ten viewers and ten thousand viewers. And if you are a businessperson, by "viewers" we mean customers.

So How Do You Find A Good Minnesota SEO Service?

It's simple. Log onto your favorite major …

Oakley Kitchen Sink Computer Backpack

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Sometimes it can seem that you need to carry around everything but the kitchen sink just to make it through the day. This can be especially true if you're a student or busy parent that needs to travel between home, work, school and everywhere in between. Luckily, Oakley has created a backpack just for you. I'm sure it's not a coincidence that their marketing team decided to call this versatile backpack the Kitchen Sink. This computer backpack is definitely not for lightweights and packs a punch to your wallet at a retail price of just under $ 200. However, many reviewers say that the money they spend on this unique bag was more than worth it.

The thing about backpacks is that they seem to end an awful lot of wear and tear. A lot of people need to purchase a new backpack every couple of years. This can add up quickly after after going through many years of high school, college, and graduate school. The Kitchen Sink is built to last for many years so you only have to purchase one backpack that will be durable enough to make it through all your schooling. This is also a very versatile backpack for traveling and will keep your contents safe, especially your most prized possession – your laptop computer. Your computer is stored in a side compartment so when you need to go through airport security all you need to do is undo one zipper. No fussing around and trying to pull it out and shove it back in.

Unlike other backpacks that press hard against your back when packed to the gills, the Kitchen Sink remains soft and comfortable with any load. Some people who own the bag say that the more items you put in the backpack the more comfortable it is to carry around. For an added level of security the bag features locking tabs that you can use with a small lock to prevent theft. Even if you're done with school The Kitchen Sink can still help you out with your daily commute. Need to stop at the gym on your way home? No problem. Use this computer backpack to consolidate both your briefcase and gym bag. It can accommodate all that and more including your laptop computer, books, water, snacks, shoes, and other electronic accessories. The only downside to this backpack is that you might have a hard time finding smaller items inside like gum, keys or Chapstick, so you might want to get a small pouch for keeping track of smaller treasures. …

How to Share Your Valuable Knowledge With an Internet Marketing eBook

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There is a big demand for quality information on the Internet. One method of getting this information is through e-books. For internet marketers who have valuable information to share, creating an internet marketing e-book is the answer.

There are a many people who want to learn more about making money on the Internet. This creates a huge demand for information on how to go about doing it, and many a successful Internet marketer has made their e-book available for download to help novice marketers on the web.

If you are an internet marketer yourself, you can write your own e-book. This is not such a difficult undertaking if you know the information you want to impart. An internet marketing e-book can be as short as 30 pages, and contain everything there is to know about the business, the proven techniques, tips, and advice to help anyone succeeded in this field.

Make sure you do your research on writing an e-book to ensure that the content contained in it is well-written, interesting, and relevant. More importantly, your e-book should be easy to understand.

You can either make it available for free on your website, or if you are a popular and highly successful marketer with a proven and proven technique, you can charge a fee for people to download your highly informative e-book. Some entrepreneuring Internet marketers have their own affiliates promote it for them. This way, they get a commission from any sales generated from each purchase.

So what are you waiting for? Start your internet marketing business today and pursue your dreams to become a financially free individual. Good Luck! …