The Compensation Experts appoint SEO Works

The Compensation Experts appoint SEO Works

Sheffield based digital agency The SEO Works have been selected to develop an SEO strategy for one of the UK’s leading personal injury brands The Compensation Experts, part of the mmadigital group of companies. 


The SEO Works will be responsible for delivering an organic search approach that enhances their acquisition of new claimants across a multitude of different personal injury claim types, alongside their own multi-million pound paid search efforts.

“We researched a number of SEO agencies during our competitive pitch process and found The SEO Works to have a huge amount of competency in what we specifically need. Therefore we felt incredibly satisfied they were the right partner to help us achieve the growth we are seeking, alongside our own PPC efforts”, said Jonathan Corris, Senior Marketing Manager at The Compensation Experts.

Alex Hill, Director at The SEO Works added: “From the outset, the team and I felt we

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Antitrust experts weigh in on landmark lawsuit against Google

  • Google has been slapped with a landmark lawsuit by the US Justice Department, and it could have major implications for the company’s search business.
  • The lawsuit calls back to the Microsoft case of the late ’90s. Experts say that modeling the Google lawsuit on Microsoft’s is a smart move.
  • Google will need to prove that consumers are choosing its search engine because they want to, not because it’s the default. Its argument that users can easily switch may not be enough of a defense.
  • The DOJ says “nothing is off the table” in terms of remedies, but experts see a forced breakup as a last solution.
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Google on Tuesday was hit with the biggest antitrust lawsuit since Microsoft was dragged through the courts in the 1990s — and it could have huge implications.

The lawsuit, which is being brought by the US Department

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Why Twitter should let health experts report COVID-19 misinformation

  • Twitter recently placed a warning label atop a tweet by President Trump in which he falsely claimed it to be less deadly than the seasonal flu, saying the tweet violated Twitter’s rules.
  • Still, Twitter currently offers no way for users to report information as false or violatory — finding and labeling misinformation seems to depend on Twitter conducting an internal review.
  • Christopher M. Worsham, Lakshman Swamy, and Rahul Ganatra are physicians who say Twitter should let verified health expert users flag false content for the company’s review.
  • They say this system could utilize the knowledge and people-power of thousands of doctors, and stop false information from rampantly spreading.
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Twitter placed a warning label atop a tweet by President Trump last week that contained misinformation about COVID-19: He falsely claimed it is less deadly than seasonal influenza. This week it applied the same label

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The Future of SEO As Predicted by Industry Experts

If you are in the internet marketing industry, you know how unpredictable SEO is. With Google and other SERPS constantly changing their algorithms and with artificial intelligence becoming more prevalent, SEO is bound to change significantly in the future.

Here are some of the changes expected for SEO in the near future.

Link Building

For the longest time, building links has been the one factor that that has really boosted visibility on search engines. When you build many quality links, search engines recognize your website as a big brand and your rankings start to improve.

This already started to change with the Google RankBrain update that places more emphasis on relevance, context and quality. This is because the RankBrain algorithm focuses mainly on user intent. For your website to rank, it is best that it answers searcher’s intent and provide value first before you can even think about building links.… Read More

Computer Forensic Experts

Computer forensics is the process of preserving, identifying, extracting and documenting valuable electronic data. The term was first used in 1991 in a training session of the International Association of Computer Specialists (IACIS). Computer forensics has been used in law enforcement and military applications for a long time now, to gather evidence from electronic sources. Today, it is being increasingly used even in the corporate sector. The increasing volumes of electronic data being created, stored and transferred each day is the main reason for this.

Every second, thousands of pages of electronic data are being transferred across the world. In the process, the data could be lost or altered. Computer forensics involves the retrieval of this lost data using special software tools and techniques. It is used to identify valuable data from personal computers or other electronic data storage devices. It is also used to identify the leakage of sensitive … Read More