Mini-Retirement: You Can Boost Your Productivity With Small Travels

Ever had the opportunity of attending a party meant for retirees? These are parties that are organized for people who are at least 60 years old. With their working days over, all they think of is how they can play golf or perhaps get a condo at the beach.

I may not be such a great fan of golf, and I am already living at the beach, but there is nothing like missing in action for a while. I had recently undertaken a seven month trip to Europe for that single reason.

Majority of persons will likely call my trip an extended vacation, but I instead see it as a mini-retirement. I got maximum satisfaction from my visit to Europe which is unlike what most tourists do because they don’t take out time to enjoy their stay. If this is your first time of coming across the word, then let me tell you what it is and how it can be of help to you.

With mini-retirements life always has more to offer you

Vacations are different from mini-retirements it is because while holidays are short, these are very long. It is any trip between one month and six months, though I spent up to seven months in my case. During my mini-retirement, I had the opportunity of participating in so many European activities.

How to plan for a mini-retirement

Planning your first mini-retirement, know your objectives, and it is very essential. That was how I got off with mine. I never rushed the process. I made up my mind that Europe was a place to go and spend some time. As such, I had to work very hard for my dream to come true. I had to be 100% sure my online businesses were running as I expected, coupled with enough savings to help me foot any unexpected bills.

With the current harsh economic climate, it is challenging trying to plan for a one. But nothing good comes easy. Therefore I think now is a good time to start planning in this regards.

Enjoying your life to its fullest

My reason for trading my corporate life for being on the internet is because I want to live it to the fullest. Being your boss is all you want in life. I intend to take another mini-retirement if I have the cash. And a trip to the Croatian / Greek island or a road trip in the U.S will be just perfect. I have a feeling I can equally make this happen since my first ever plan was a complete success. Hence, am ready to work hard now so I can make it happen.…

Making Money On The Internet

If you do the internet search on how to make money, you will find a ton of ways to earn money from the internet. Yes, It is possible to earn money from internet. You can earn from 5 cents to a couple of hundred thousand dollars per month. is a great example of a successful website. They make over 100,000 dollars on their first month. So what are ways that you can earn money from the internet.

1) Sell stuffs. If you have a product and you know how to make a website. You can earn money. Internet is a great place to sell and buy stuff. I am sure you must have heard of E-Bay. They make billion of dollars.

2) Advertising. If you have a great website and high volume traffic, you can make a lot of money by placing advertise banner on your site. Google AdSense is a great example. You will be paid, when people click on your banner. You can create any interesting site like joke sites or photo sites. As long as you can create traffic, you can earn money.

3) Affiliate Program. If you have a good site without a product for selling, try to sign up for a affiliate program. Amazon is a great example of a successful affiliate program.

Internet is a great place to make money, but you have to know how. Be careful of fraud and scams. Search Engine Optimization is an important skill that you should learn to make money from the internet. …

Learn Search Engine Optimization Rules

To develop search engine favorite highly ranked, traffic attracting website and SEO copy writing, you do not need to be a search engine optimization guru or hire an SEO. Search engine optimization (SEO) businesses that promise to raise your rankings in the search engines, in my opinion, have little value in their offers. Instead, I encourage you to observe and apply the following recommendations, which represent the best current thinking as to how to achieve a high ranking in the search engines.

The first and most important of all SEO copy writing rules is that you must over-deliver quality content. The search engines use crawlers or spiders to crawl through your web site and collect data for page rank and relevancy rank. Google's spider is Googlebot. The best way to ensure that spiders keep coming to your website and update your information is by adding valuable content. To help the crawlers or spiders, you should always link to new content from your home page. The real secret to high rankings and high conversion rates is to give your visitors high quality content. It should over-deliver the specific knowledge that comes from your own real experience. Your distinct way of expression should be reflected in you writings.

And most important of all, your content must be for the visitor under all circumstances. Know what your reader wants. Your content must be of very high quality. You need to blend your knowledge and passion. Build relationships. Once you are satisfied with the over-deliverance and quality of your content you can work with these further rules to make your website search engines favorite. Remember, Quality Content links both humans and search engine spiders! Download Google Toolbar, a free tool that shows the page rank of websites on a scale of 1 to 10. If you site rank is zero, it is not included in Google's database. The most highly ranked sites are ranked between 8 and 10, while a page rank of 5 to 7 depicts strong content. If your site is ranked anywhere between 1 and 4, you still need work to do.


Following are important search engine optimization rules for seo copy writing with meta tags where needed; These simple search engine optimization rules will optimize your web page both for the humans and search engines.

File Name: Make sure that you name each page on your website according to your Specific Keyword, such as the one given below. It should form its file name which, in turn, becomes part of its URL. For example, for a keyword "plan a website" the File Name should be "plan-a-website.html", which in turn becomes part of its websites URL ie http: //www.Basic-Affiliate-Marketing-Help .com / plan-a-website.html .

Page Title: Your Page Title appears at the very top of a browser window. Although it is invisible to most humans as they never actually see the title after they come on your page! When ranking for relevancy, Search Engines give …

SEO Services Impact On Business

Nowadays people start their day by checking & searching online content. People connect through search engines more than using their browser. 93% of online experiences these days begin with a search engine. Search engine pairs the person’s searched word with the most relevant web page. 75% of those 93% people don’t even pass through the first page. Research has shown that there are 6,586,013,574 searches per day.

Search Engine Optimisation is done to rank your website high on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Some of the best SEO practices are:

1. Make sure that your website is user & SEO friendly.

2. Create unique & attractive content.

3. Utilize your main keyword across various tags of your website.

4. Share your content on different social media platforms.

5. Implement tools like Google Search Engine, Google Analytics etc to help you track your website.

Why should we do SEO for our website?

Once you create your website, you have to drive traffic towards your website. You can do this through social media, email marketing, SEO services etc. Through social media & email, you can target a lesser number of an audience than you can with SEO services.

Your website may be attractive but until & unless it is SEO friendly it will not get displayed on search engines. Having a business online & not getting visitors is a drawback on its own. Letting traffic, leads & sales slip through your fingers is a not a good thing for your business.

Research has proved that local searches lead 50% of mobile visitors to visit stores within a day, & 18% of local searches led to a sale within a day. By doing SEO on your website, your website visitors will increase which will indeed increase your sales. SEO services are one of the best services that digital marketing has provided for local business & entrepreneurs.

Hence I have come to the conclusion that these days just having your business online will not give you any sales. You have to make your audience aware of your website through Social media, emails & SEO services to increase your site visitors which will indirectly get you sales. You have to also do advance SEO to get your site on higher ranking & maintain that rank while competing with other websites. A good SEO score will get your site on top position whereas a penalty will decrease your SEO score which will affect your site ranking.…

Portable Computer Kiosks

Portable computer kiosks are found to be useful for use within organizations like colleges, bookstores, libraries and the like. The main advantage offered by portable computer kiosks is usage of the same kiosk in different locations. They can be easily moved from place to place without the need for reinstallation or other hardware requirements.

This kind of portability cuts work-time and increases efficiency and productivity levels. Users do not need to go in search of a kiosk located in a particular place within the organization. A portable computer kiosk can be moved from place to place within the concessions of an organization according to a fixed schedule. Work can then be scheduled accordingly and time can thus be utilized in an optimum manner.

Portable computer kiosks are in use in college bookstores. They enable students to register for classes, download class schedules, reserve textbooks, and, send and receive emails among other things.

Portable computer kiosks are used broadly in tradeshows. Several stalls use portable computer kiosks to tell interested visitors about their product. Product information can be presented in an interesting and personalized manner using portable computer kiosks. The use of real-time 3-D software enables an interesting interactive experience for viewers. The perceived value of a product presented in a sophisticated manner gets enhanced. Many a times this kind of an interactive experience is sufficient to turn prospective customers into actual customers.

Customer friendly interfaces used by portable computer kiosks make it possible to widen their area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplications. Large social service organizations use such kiosks in remote areas where technological advances are not much in vogue.

Portable computer kiosks have solved several logistic problems where their use has been implemented. The kind of ease of service provided by portable computer kiosks is akin to the proverbial mountain coming to Mohamed.

The very advantages that makes portable computer kiosks so capable and applicable in a variety of areas, also adds to their cost. The prohibitive costing restrictions wide usage of portable computer kiosks rendering them not so popular. …

SEO Tools – What's In and What's Hot

Tired of all the time and effort you consume for search engine optimization? Search engine optimization need not be a painful burden on the shoulders of web marketers and search engine optimizers. With all the search engine optimization tools available online, SEO became a less tricky task.

What are the latest search engine optimization tools today? What's hot and what's in? Here is a list of the latest and in-demand search engine optimization tools on the internet:

  • Meta Tags Generator Tool
  • There are web marketers who believe that Meta Tags are insignificant. But the search engines think otherwise. The Meta Tags Generator Tool is a search engine optimization tool that allows webmasters and web marketers to create Meta Tags – including Meta Title, Meta Description and Meta Keywords – in a matter of seconds. With the Meta Tags Generator Tool, it will be a whole lot easier to include Meta Tags on the pages of your website.

  • Sitemap Builder Tool
  • To ensure a complete spidering and indexing of your website, use a Sitemap. Creating a sitemap is made easy with the Sitemap Builder Tool. In just a few seconds, you will be able to create an optimized sitemap. This search engine optimization tool is vital in ensuring your website of a better chance to rank well on the search engines.

  • Link Building Tool
  • Find who the best link partners are with the Link Building Tool. The Link Building Tool is a search engine optimization tool that lets you determine whether a particular website is worth linking to or not. With the Link Building Tool, you will not waste time on links that do not give you enough benefits.

  • Title Tag Checker Tool
  • What title tags do your competitor websites use? Know what's going on with your competitor websites' tags. The Title Tag Checker is a search engine optimization tool that lets you check the title tags of your competitor website pages.

These search engine optimization tools are meant to ease the burden of the whole search engine optimization process. With these tools, search engine optimization will be a whole lot easier. And ranking well on the search engines will be closer to reality as well. Try these tools at . …

Using Hotel Deals To Find Cheap Hotel Deals

Everybody likes vacationing; taking a short break from tedious work and stressful activities, and the best way to get there is by seeking a relaxing place and seeking the cheapest hotel deal. The internet will offer you the best cheap hotel deals and by being flexible, you've got a great chance to find a hotel with cheap rates.

One suggestion is for you to use Priceline. It provides a great bidding feature for those who really need to find cheap hotel deals and accommodations. You do not have to choose your hotel, actually you could choose the location, the quality of the rooms, and the amount you're keen on paying. At times, it costs half of the regular room rates with their bidding feature.

Several hotels provide discounted rates when you stay for a few nights, and you get one night free. Make an immediate call to the hotel and ask for discounts and special promotions. Compare all amenities with other hotels you find in the place where you would like to stay at. Most often, there are even discounts when you get a plane ticket and a hotel together. Be wise in finding some hidden charges like when you search on a travel web-site. Travel web sites may add some additional fee for using their website – a fee which would not be there if you directly ask the hotel about their rates. Package deals with hotel reservations and car rentals may provide you more savings, but it is also better to check what the rates would be if you purchase them separately.

Searchers sometimes find it difficult to find out where to begin as there are plenty of travel sites in the internet. They say that all other sites have the same offer of the cheapest hotel deals; This is a general misconception, as one web-site might be far different from another.

Hotel Deal Site is one more great way to locate cheap hotel deals. Simply select your destination and the date you intend to go and they will compare the hotel rates for you from all other major hotel deals. First you need to find out where to search online for cheap hotel deals, and from there you will find no reason not to stay at comfortable hotels simply because you have gotten low budget. Certainly, you will be amazed that hotel rates can simply be as affordable as you never thought it'd be. …

How You Can Massively Increase the "Click-Through" From Your Articles to Your Website

Without doubt articles on "the best sexual positions" or "how to increase your penis size" or "how to shave your pubic hair" or "how to attract the opposite sex" or "how to tell if your spouse is cheating on you" are by FAR the most popular and searched articles on the internet. See a theme there? They get tens of thousands of hits. Some get hundreds of thousands of hits.

Well, what if you DO NOT want to write about those things?

Quite simply you really would not want to write articles on any of those topics unless you had a related website that could take advantage of the traffic it would bring. So, right there is my first tip. Make sure you have a website to take advantage of the articles that you write. Paradoxically, I do not have an "article writing" website even though I occasionally write articles about this subject. Think of this before as an exercise in community service – a way to help YOU benefit from more article traffic.

Let me explain:

I have more than 250 articles all over the web. That is a significant body of work. I am therefore able to analyze the number of click-throughs that I get to my websites in a meaningful way. I know which articles bring me traffic and which articles do not.

More than that I am able to tell, mathematically, which articles work.

From one source I know that 170,424 views of my articles have given me 1,395 click-throughs. That is a conversion rate of 0.82% – less than one percent and NOTHING to be proud of. Essentially, what it means is that for every thousand people who read my articles (in the past) only 8 will click through to one of my websites. But wait! Before you say to yourself – "Self, this guy does not know what he is talking about!" – I have made a discovery that I have implemented that has seen my click through rate soar.

Hidden within those statistics are little jewels of information that I have recently started taking advantage of. My click-through rate is climbing like a rocket and I'd like to share my discoveries with you. Still interested? Good. You'd be stark raving mad not to take notice of this.

In separating the failures from the successes, I am able to determine several things, namely:

  1. – The headlines that work
  2. – The article summary / teasers that work
  3. – The copy (article body) that works
  4. – The resource boxes that work

I am able to do this because I have a number of "high and very high click-through" articles that return the following statistics:

  • 8 clicks from 23 views at a conversion rate of almost 35%
  • 23 clicks from 81 views at a conversion rate of 28%
  • 28 clicks from 154 views at a conversion rate of 18%
  • 400 clicks from 2,667 views at a conversion rate of 15%

These conversions tell me that these articles …

Proven Income – New Home Internet Marketing Strategies

The title probably got your attention, but maybe this is not so new. And then again, maybe it is new as the internet is not that old. Human beings have been writing for millennia, Writing on the internet with this much ease has only been done for a very short time. I have written a number of articles on the subject of internet marketing, mostly because I am investigating the same, and the best way to clarify your thinking is to put it on paper. Articles will do this for you. Emphasis is on the basics, the kinds of things that anyone new to internet marketing can and should do, not the fancy stuff. These are the not so new home internet marketing strategies that more experienced internet marketers continue to do themselves on a regular basis. They provide the internet marketer with a dependable, recurring, high, and consistent proven income. Focus will be on article marketing because I have become aware of how important this has become to the search engines.

My honest wish is that I had started my online business about 15 years ago when the internet was just getting popular. Like most I didn’t. When I did make the decision to start an online business, and I was really new to home internet marketing strategies, I looked at a number of websites for the keywords I had chosen. I remember the first time I spied on my competition. The site had over a thousand links. I had about 10. I thought to myself, how am I ever going to get this many? The competition is tough! Sites with pr four and pr five on page one of Google are so far ahead of me, I will never be able to make up this lost time.

I was so pre-occupied with Google Adwords, list building, and making fast money that I put the idea of getting a lot of links to my website aside. After about ten dollars, it was a lot more than that, and about a month of wasted time, I bought LinkMachine and started linking. I also started submitting my sight to the internet directories. I started getting some traffic from this, but I knew it was not nearly enough. I realized that most of the people looking at my link pages were not the customers I was seeking, but other internet marketing strategists looking for link partners. My site had gotten a pr three, so there were quite a few. I was getting lots of visits to my web pages, however no sales.

I spent the next few months focusing on my linking strategies along with directory submissions. Traffic continued to increase until all of a sudden, I could not seem to find any more high pr sites to link to. I had pretty much run into most of the relative web sites. Many of them required a pr four or higher. Most ignored my requests to be a link partner. This …

How To Get More Hits For Your Web Site

First, what is the difference between hits and visitors? Well hits is the number of pages viewed by all of the visitors coming to your site. So a visitor looking at one page generates one hit, whereas the same visitor looking at 10 pages is still only 1 unique visitor, but 10 hits.

So, why is it important to increase hits, not just visitors? Well if the count of visitors and hits are equal, then people are not looking around your website. Whilst these immediate balances may be more likely to click on AdSense adverts, they are less likely to become long term visitors or even buyers and less likely to keep coming back.

That means to increase website hits we need to look at three areas. First, increase the page hits per visitor. Second, increase the visitor return rate. Third, find new visitors to come to the website.

Increasing page hits per visitor is all about making it easy for visitors to find what they want. Show them related posts or other items that previous customers have bought after looking at the current item. Show them your most popular recent posts, or those products on special offer or products that are often purchased.

Make sure that your navigation is simple and guides them through the process. Also check that you do not have huge pictures or animations that cause the page to take too long to load. All images must be optimized to the size they are displayed at. Confusing navigation and slow loading pages cost you traffic.

To keep them coming back offer newsletters and RSS feeds. Offer both, just in case a visitor is not sure how to use one or the other. Tell them why they should join your newsletter, such as free ebooks, special discounts and latest new products. Give them a site they want to return to and the ability to return to the site easily.

Lastly, start to look at how you promote your site and this should be after addressing the above issues. There is not point in improving your SEO, for example, if your slow load page and confusing navigation puts off every visitor.

Have a go at article writing, blog commentary and other methods intended to bring in more visitors while at the same time increasing your SEO. Maybe trial a PPC campaign on one of the major search engines and look into getting a banner advert displayed on another relevant website.

Increasing your hits is not all about optimizing your website. It is about preparing your website first so that the best results can be achieved when you later optimize your website or decide to have a go at paid advertising schemes. Taking the time to prepare your website will see you well rewarded. …