3 Key Features of the Garmin 1350LMT

Over the years, Garmin has been able to build a worldwide reputation as well as a satisfied clientele as one of the leading manufacturers of Global Positioning Systems, GPS. One of the products from the company that deserves special attention at this point is the Garmin nuvi 1350LMT, popularly referred to simply as the Garmin 1350LMT. This GPS follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, the Garmin nuvi 1350 in terms of the quality and reliability that the users of these gadgets have grown to love so much. In addition, the Garmin 1350LMT comes with a number of special features and modifications that were previously not available in the earlier versions, clearly setting it apart in a class of its own, far above its predecessors.

At this point, a short discussion of some of the newest and most interesting inclusions in the features of the Garmin 1350LMT should serve to … Read More

What You Should Know – Garmin NuVi 2555LMT Hardware Features

The Garmin nüvi 2555LMT is a GPS navigator system in the line of Garmin’s advanced nüvi series. It is a significant gadget due to its updated status and several customization options, exit services and improved functionality when it comes to searches. Since this model is in the line of advanced nüvi series, the gadget comes with preloaded maps of US, Canada and Mexico. The gadget has an extra 5 inch screen. Although the 2555LMT is an improvement of the 2555LT, the 2555LT does not have lifetime maps and traffic updates. This also means that both gadgets are identical except the map feature and size of the screen which is 4.3 inches.

The Garmin nüvi 2555LMT has several cool hardware features but one of the biggest hardware disappointments is that the model does not come with a powered mount. This is also the case with other gadgets in the Garmin’s line … Read More