Park Seo Joon Shares His Secret To Maintaining Good Relationships, His Best Attribute, And More

Park Seo Joon has graced the cover of ELLE’s November issue!

This is his first photo shoot after becoming a Chanel Beauty ambassador and he managed to take on the given concepts flawlessly. The pictorial focused on capturing the actor’s strong yet delicate features.

The interview following the photo shoot focused on how Park Seo Joon is doing after starting filming for the movie “Dream.” When asked about how he has become a representative “healthy young adult” due to his past works, especially “Itaewon Class,” he said, “Each moment that I am given to live is important. I think I’m still living out my youth because I have a dream for myself, and I have a lot coming up in the future.”

When asked about his best attribute, he replied, “Questions like these are the hardest to answer. I’m a person that wants to keep my acting as well as

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Man who tweeted ‘I am not OK’ says ‘people want good news’

Edmund O'Leary posted a tweet saying: 'I am not OK'. (ITV)
Edmund O’Leary posted a tweet saying: ‘I am not OK’. (ITV)

A man who received an outpouring of well-wishing after tweeting “I am not OK” during the coronavirus pandemic has said people are “yearning for hope and good news”.

Edmund O’Leary, 51, from Epsom, Surrey, posted an update about his mental health on Twitter on Friday night that went viral.

In his tweet, which has been retweeted more than 14,000 times and has more than 298,000 likes, he wrote: “I am not ok. Feeling rock bottom.

“Please take a few seconds to say hello if you see this tweet. Thank you.”

Following his tweet, the father-of-two, who has been struggling to find employment during the pandemic, received goodwill messages from all

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This company reinvented the computer mouse, with good reason |


Julia Dapkus and her 8 year old daughter Isabelle doing virtual learning with her fidget mouse last month in Plymouth, Michigan. 

Navigating on a computer with a traditional mouse never came easy for 8-year-old Isabelle Dapkus, who has developmental disabilities.

Isabelle struggles with fine motor skills, which affects her ability to use online materials for virtual learning, said her mother, Julia Dapkus.

However, after countless moments of frustration, Isabelle is now able to access her schoolwork and scroll through YouTube on her own, all thanks to a fidget mouse — a tactile, multi-sensory device that resembles a toy.

“She’s never been able to use a mouse before, like ever, and it wasn’t for lack of trying, but it was just not the appropriate tool,” said Dapkus, 41, of Livonia, Mich. “The first time she was exposed to it, she took right

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Good Programming Skills Help in QA Testing

Software testing is an important part of the release of a new software. Before release, a lot of testing has to be completed in order to know about existing glitches and errors. Based on results obtained from testing, such glitches can be rectified. QA testing training can be completed both online as well in classrooms.

The need for QA testing

Quality control is very important for any software. QA testing helps in rolling out a robust software product. Codes and functionalities need to be checked in an effective manner. After a candidate completes QA testing, he or she is in a position to deeply scrutinise the quality of a software product.

Professionals can either be freshers in the field of software testing, or they may be already familiar with the technologies. Freshers need to understand why software needs testing and how it tends to acquire glitches. Candidates have to learn … Read More

Technology and Freedom; Good or Evil?

Many say that technology is evil in some way, they will tell us that technology limits us and takes away our freedoms. Those who oppose technology live in the fear of change, but will not address their fears, rather condemn our species forward advancement into the future. The demand a Utopia, but squash those who research and study to make it so. They will attack the entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists and those who cheer them on.

Yet if we look closely at the facts we find that technology can give you freedoms. It can also take them away. But mankind has been enslaving people anyway without technology and at times offered them their freedom either by decree, sword or guillotine. So let’s also understand that too, just like money is not evil rather a unit of trade; so you see the other side?

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Basics and Criteria for Good Software Programming

A program is a set of instructions or commands to be executed by the computer to accomplish some task. A program involves code for solving a problem and also good documentation which would be a guideline to anyone who tries to understand the program.

An algorithm is a formula, a method, a recipe, a step by step procedure to be followed in order to obtain the solution to a problem.

Conversion of an algorithm to a program in a programming language following the syntax and semantics of that language is defined as a code.

Syntax is the correct method or grammar of writing a command or series of commands which are pre-defines by that particular programming language. Semantics is the logical meaning of a program or series of commands, separate from the grammatical structure. The computer detects syntax errors but does not detect logical errors.

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15 Good Programming Habits

1. Before sitting down for coding, you must have formal or a paper-napkin design of the solution to be coded. Never start coding without any design unless the code is trivial one.

2. Good code documentation is as important as good knowledge of a programming language. Write brief logic for each major block of your code as comments in source code file itself. Its good to mention creation and modification dates of your program along-with why modification was required.

3. Maintaining versions of your program is another important task. Some present-day programming tools already have a built-in version management. Whenever you make any change to your program, they save its copy as.bak file.

My approach is to maintain 3 versions of a program. Say, I have a file program.c which is used by other project team members also. I copy this file as program.c.old as backup and make another copy … Read More

Designing and Developing a Good Website

How do you design and develop a good website? What does it take to drive traffic and make it to the top of search engines? How can you make it user-friendly and aesthetically appealing to your targeted market? Can a website really deliver more income for your company or offered services?

These and more are the many considerations that need attention in designing your website. Whether you are designing for personal use or for your company’s products/or services, you must have clear ideas of what you want to accomplish in your website. A good website starts with a good concept and web structure.

First of all the trend for website design nowadays are inter-active. Gone are the days of HTML base website that are static. It does not accomplish much, but just make a presentation of who, where and what you are. Users can only read your pages but can’t … Read More

Computer Technology – Is it Good Or Bad?

The 21st century has been the age of so many technological breakthroughs and advances, technologies aimed for one purpose and that is to make the lives of people better by helping them become more efficient in their work. One such technological breakthrough is computer technology.

Computer technology has grown in great proportions starting from a computer with a size that of a room to a small well-designed palm top computer. Computers nowadays have become an indispensable part of the lives of people, especially at work, at companies, businesses, schools, offices and even in homes.

It has made the world smaller, but has it made our world better? It would then lead us to ask whether computer technology is good or bad. Now let us try to look at first some of the bad effects. With the advent of computers and with the internet it has become easy to access pornographic … Read More