15 Good Programming Habits

1. Before sitting down for coding, you must have formal or a paper-napkin design of the solution to be coded. Never start coding without any design unless the code is trivial one.

2. Good code documentation is as important as good knowledge of a programming language. Write brief logic for each major block of your code as comments in source code file itself. Its good to mention creation and modification dates of your program along-with why modification was required.

3. Maintaining versions of your program is another important task. Some present-day programming tools already have a built-in version management. Whenever you make any change to your program, they save its copy as.bak file.

My approach is to maintain 3 versions of a program. Say, I have a file program.c which is used by other project team members also. I copy this file as program.c.old as backup and make another copy … Read More

Confidence, and Twenty-One Day Programming Habits

We all want to achieve, but to create a habit, we must start somewhere. We all start at day zero and one, and then create our habits and realities at the end of the programming or achievement. Indeed, Maxwell Maltz was right, it takes twenty-one days to program a habit, but lifetime of good practice to keep a good habit going. Also, habits are like a prayer or a spell you do on yourself. The more you practice, the more they cement themselves to your mind and spirit.

Like anything, reality creation is the result of habits developed in life, they can be negative like smoking or drinking alcohol, or positive like telling the truth and being honest all of the time.

The semantics of reality are within the habit in every way. Developing good habits leads to a good reality, developing bad habits leads to a bad reality. I … Read More