HelloWoofy is the AI-driven brain that could change how you handle social posting.

Contrary to the opinion of business dinosaurs, social media marketing is a lot more than “playing on Facebook.” At a bare minimum, a business should be posting at least six times a day to key social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Managing a business’ social media profile in 2020 is absolutely a full-time job — and that’s even though many companies don’t have a dedicated social media manager. 

For companies who don’t have the resources to throw their full weight behind social media marketing the way they should, a service like HelloWoofy Social Media Management can be like adding that social media manager they need. 

Best of all, HelloWoofy isn’t just some social media scheduling tool. HelloWoofy is a sophisticated AI-powered platform that can actually create posts all by itself to keep your business feeds robust and lively with fresh content targeted to your audience.

HelloWoofy is

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How To Handle A Website Migration From One Web Host To Another

A website migration is the process of moving the files of a website from one web hosting company to another. A migration can happen for many reasons:

1. You have expanded your website and need more web space;

2. You need more features (i.e. a database, shopping cart or multimedia file hosting);

3. You found a better deal on web site hosting;

4. Or a relative/friend/colleague has server space and has offered to host your website for little or nothing.

Regardless of the situation, doing a website migration is inevitable. It is like moving from one home to another. In this article, I am going to give you several tips to make the big move as smooth as possible.

Tip 1: Schedule the Migration.

Its best to schedule the migration when there are not as many web users visiting your website. Check your website traffic (or get your online marketing … Read More

How to Handle Increasing Costs During Software Development

However, each company wants to minimize their project costs and be able to develop a viable product with respectable set of features. One best way to introduce cost efficiency is to opt for bespoke software development services. In other words, you should hire third-party/individual resources for your project or even in some cases completely outsource your project to a third-party company.

Using Agile Software Methodology

Often just categorized as a modern concept for software development, Agile is much more than that; especially if you are looking for a rapid turnaround time for feature development. Agile allows faster development of a set of features through sprints and milestones. Practiced through a Product Owner, who figures out the features in the product scope; Agile allows defining the critical path of features, their order and how features should be developed in the project lifecycle.

The project team is a primary stakeholder in defining … Read More