Canadian professor’s website helps Russia spread disinformation, says U.S. State Department

As U.S. authorities guard against dirty tricks from foreign adversaries in the run-up to the Nov. 3 presidential election, an unlikely source has come under new scrutiny as a major conduit of Russian-linked disinformation: a Montreal-based website run by a retired University of Ottawa professor.

The platform, Global Research, features a Canadian domain name and offers an ever-expanding collection of conspiracy theories, such as the myth that the 9/11 attacks and COVID-19 pandemic were both planned in order to control the population. The website also hosts articles experts have attributed to a Russian spy agency.

With more than 275,000 Facebook followers and a potential readership in excess of 350,000 per article, the U.S. State Department has identified the site as having the single-biggest reach among “Kremlin-aligned” disinformation sites.

“This is part of a larger effort to sow disarray and distrust within Western democracies,” said James Andrew Lewis, a senior researcher

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SIT Programming School helps children to shine in todays data-driven World

Schaffhausen, Switzerland, October 21, 2020 /News Aktuell Schaffhausen Institute of Technology (SIT) launched SIT Programming School for Children Aged 6 to 13 to help children become the next generation of digital leaders.

These days if you’re looking to get yourself hired as a coder by international tech giants like Google, Facebook, or Microsoft, you need to start early. That’s why SIT decided to launch SIT Programming School – to help children become the next generation of digital leaders. SIT Programming School seeks to teach best practices in IT-education in partnership with top-level digital entrepreneurs, researchers, and scientists.

The project is an attempt to creating a Hogwarts-style magical school for the IT world. ”It is a place where motivated and bright minds, no matter how young, can enjoy high-quality IT-schooling and achieve outstanding results. A place where dreams, no matter how daring, come true”, said the school’s co-founder, Sergey Shedov.   

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CoCounselor Personal Injury Law Software Helps Lawyers Win More Cases

ATLANTA, CA / ACCESSWIRE / October 19, 2020 / CoCounselor, an Atlanta, Georgia-based law software provider, would like to reach out to local law firms who stand to gain much from utilizing the company’s personal injury law software. The software offers lawyers a unique set of tools and functions that they can use to win more cases. It helps lawyers save time and manage their legal teams better, which leaves more time to prepare for a case and thus increases the likelihood of success.

CoCounselor’s full-featured personal injury law software gives lawyers everything they need to focus on winning cases for their clients. With integrated contingency billing, time tracking and invoicing on the go, document and matter management and even calendaring, personal injury attorneys need only worry about coming up with a convincing case while they trust CoCounselor to handle the rest. The software also offers a marketing campaign tracker

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How PR Helps Startups Attract VCs Remotely

Launching a thoughtful PR campaign can help startups connect with VCs.

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Take away face-to-face meetings and events, and it can be extremely difficult for startups to establish trust with a new investor. While deals are still happening, many investors are refocusing efforts on existing portfolios and growing more cautious about starting new relationships under the current circumstances. The current remote environment is drawing out the due diligence stage for new investments and making it difficult for startups to find opportunities beyond their existing networks. So how can startup founders get in front of new VCs and raise funding remotely? 

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One way is with a strategic public relations campaign. Securing media coverage can help startups get on the radar of new investors no matter

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Citi and Mastercard “True Name” Helps LGBTQ Community

Over a year after Mastercard announced the “True Name” initiative, Citi is the first major bank to provide card members with the ability to choose the name listed on their credit card.

“We’re incredibly proud to launch the True Name feature, through our relationship with Mastercard, because we strongly believe that our customers should have the opportunity to be called by the name that represents who they really are,” Carla Hassan, CMO at Citi, said in the press release.

True Name aims to help members in the LGBTQ+ community, particularly trans and non-binary people, by allowing them to have financial products with their self-identified chosen first name. This new feature can play a part in reducing the discrimination many members of the trans and non-binary communities face when purchasing items with a credit card.

In fact, nearly one third (32%) of individuals who have shown IDs with a name or

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New app helps Inuit adapt to changing climate

Mick Appaqaq has been going out onto the rugged, isolated land around the Hudson Bay since he was little. 

Appaqaq lives in the town of Sanikiluaq, on Flaherty Island, one of the thousands of small islands that make up Canada’s northernmost territory of Nunavut — which stretches deep into the Arctic.

“My father would always take me geese hunting in the spring and berry picking in the summer, ever since I was a young kid. … So, yeah, it’s in my blood.”

Mick Appaqaq, SIKU technician 

“My father would always take me geese hunting in the spring and berry picking in the summer, ever since I was a young kid,” he said. “So, yeah, it’s in my blood.”

For much of the year, Nunavut’s coastline and islands are interlaced with sea ice that must be traversed to get to fishing and hunting grounds. Priority number one is not falling through,

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