Short queues in China as Apple’s newest iPhone 12 hits stores

By Josh Horwitz

SHANGHAI (Reuters) – Two of Apple’s latest iPhone 12 models went on sale in China on Friday, after early pre-order data showed strong consumer interest in the 5G-enabled device in the firm’s second-largest market.

The short queues outside Apple stores in the business hub of Shanghai struck a contrast with the crowds that flocked to past launch events, as most ordering has now shifted online.

“I feel great being the first customer to get the new iPhone,” said Yan Bingqing, 30, who arrived before the store opened, and was in a line of about 20 people. “I’ve been waiting a long time.”

A new green shade for the iPhone 12 was also a top trending topic on Chinese app Weibo on Friday, prompting positive reactions.

Apple’s announcement last week initially drew mixed reviews in China, but analysts expect a surge in orders this year, as loyal iPhone

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Colossal Price Cycle Impending? Bitcoin Volatility Above $10k Hits Historical Low

The realized volatility of Bitcoin above $10,000 has never dropped this low, data from Skew finds. Heading into November, BTC enters an unprecedented phase that could lead to immense volatility.

Researchers at Skew noted that it’s the first time for Bitcoin to see realized volatility close to 10% above $10k.

Historically, Bitcoin saw its volatility spike above $10,000 because it either led to a larger rally or a rejection.

In recent months, Bitcoin has been relatively stable above $10,000, ranging in between $10,500 and $12,000. Technically, for its medium-term price cycle, confirming the $10,000 level as support is optimistic for Bitcoin.

Whether the impending volatility spike would lead to a Bitcoin uptrend or a pullback remains to be seen. Based on the recent momentum of BTC, prominent traders and asset managers are gearing towards a large upsurge.

Analysts have found the decoupling between stocks and

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BBC hits rewind on Northern Ireland faces and places from past for new website

Spending all day at work watching television might sound like a great way to earn a living, but after three years of painstaking research through the vast BBC archives, the idea might wear a little thin.

ndaunted by the challenge, a team of BBC researchers and editors, matched by a pioneering technical wizardry which has set a new standard across the network, has thrown open the window to the past.

And from today a new website, the first of its kind, is opening up access to a rich treasure trove of footage from BBC Northern Ireland’s archive.

Weeks and months of searching through the BBC vaults in London and Belfast has unearthed more than 13,000 broadcasting gems and, as the corporation prepares to celebrate 100 years next year, the new portal is being presented as a fully searchable gift to the public.

Concentrating on the 1950s, 60s and 70s, and

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BTS manager Big Hit’s stock falls by a fifth [Video]

“Coming back down to earth” – that’s one analyst’s take on the falling stock of Big Hit Entertainment on Friday (October 16).

The much-hyped listing for the management agency of South Korean K-pop group BTS, has been on quite a ride in just its first 24 hours.

The stock fell as much as 23% in Friday trade, extending losses from its debut the previous day.

Analysts say the lower price should be viewed as more reasonable for a company which relies heavily on one boy band for revenue, after a period of overheated speculation.

The market debut had pushed Big Hit’s debut to double the IPO price and then a further 30% surge shortly thereafter.

South Korean retail investors known as “Ants” have been capitalising on government economic stimulus which has flooded markets with cash.

Market watchers say K-pop agencies that depend on a few star artists tend to see

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