A double edged sword: hopes and fears for children as fast internet reaches Pacific | World news

From the narrow bay of Sydney’s Tamarama Beach, a cable twice as thick as garden hose, carrying optic fibre thinner than human hair, stretches along the ocean floor linking Australia to Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands.

The Coral Sea cable will provide, for the first time, fast internet to Australia’s near Pacific island neighbours. A similar link, called Manatua One Polynesia – connecting Samoa, Niue, the Cook Islands and French Polynesia – was declared “ready for service” in July.

But a new report from Western Sydney University, Plan International, and Child Fund Australia says the Pacific’s emerging connectivity boom brings with it both opportunity and risk, with particular concern for the safety of women and girls online.

Researchers found while both children and adults welcomed opportunities for education, social connectivity, and entertainment, many held concerns: 77% of children surveyed said they feared accessing inappropriate content like horror movies

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Comcast hopes to restore Bay Area internet service by end of Friday

Close to 4,000 Bay Area homes and businesses lost Comcast internet service due to the PG&E outages.

text: Thousands of Comcast customers are without internet service in the Bay Area due to the PG&E outages.

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Thousands of Comcast customers are without internet service in the Bay Area due to the PG&E outages.

Comcast said Thursday that outages affected about 3,000 homes and 150 businesses in Oakland; about 280 homes in St. Helena; 240 homes in the city of Sonoma; 150 homes in the greater San Jose area; 80 homes in Woodside; and 20 in Walnut Creek.

The company told The Chronicle on Friday that all of its customers are expected to have their internet service back by the end of the day.

PG&E cut off power on Wednesday to thousands of residents in the Bay Area due to extreme weather conditions that can spark wildfires.

For some residents, the internet has gone out even though the lights stayed on due to the location

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