VidCon Extends Online Programming Year-Round, To Go Hybrid In Late 2021

After a summer-long virtual version of its sprawling influencer conferences, ViacomCBS-owned VidCon announced plans to shift to a hybrid online and live model beginning in the second half of next year. It also will begin creating online programming year-round, reshaping the events-driven company into an online content creator.

“We took advantage of the fact that we had a pause,” said Jim Louderback, VidCon’s general manager. “We could have sat there and licked our wounds, or we could try and build something new and try and figure out where the world was going to be when we got on the other side of this. And that’s what we did.”

Beginning in the second half of 2021, the company will, wherever possible, layer online experiences and content atop its live, in-person events in the United States, Asia, Mexico and Europe. In the meantime, VidCon will continue creating

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New Technology for Hybrid Vehicles

Hybrid vehicles have become more and more popular in the U.S. since Toyota introduced the Prius. This fuel efficient vehicle is equipped with a small engine that is powered commonly by gasoline. Its fuel efficiency is due to the use of an electric motor which supplies the additional power to aid the engine.

While a small engine may not be suitable for some driving conditions, the electric motor powered by an on board battery pack makes the power produced by the small engine adequate enough. But designers and engineers in the auto industry are constantly looking for ways to improve the performance of a hybrid vehicle. Turbodyne Technologies Inc. is one of the companies looking for ways to improve the performance of hybrid cars. Recently, the company announced that they have developed a new technology which is aimed to help hybrid vehicles perform even better.

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