Subconscious Programming Through Hypnosis

Q: What is hypnosis?

A: Hypnosis is a natural state of mind and body. We experience it at least twice every day. In the morning as we are waking up and at night as we are falling asleep.

Q: Do you go to sleep in hypnosis?

A: No! In hypnosis you feel relaxation. To the outsider observing, you may appear asleep. However, you have complete control over your relaxed state. Your brain is in a hypnotic sleep. Whenever you desire, you can come out of hypnosis. You still hear everything and are aware of your surroundings.

Q: Does hypnosis control your mind?

A: Absolutely Not! This misinformation has been passed on through generations and dramatized for decades.

Q: Can you stay in hypnosis and not come out?

A: Absolutely Not! You can come out of this wonderful state of relaxed mind and body anytime you choose to.

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