Chinese Hackers Are Posing as McAfee to Install Malware

Illustration for article titled Google Says Chinese Hackers Are Impersonating McAfee to Trick Victims Into Installing Malware

Photo: Kenzo Tribouillard (Getty Images)

The same Chinese government-linked hackers who targeted the campaigns of both 2020 presidential candidates earlier this year have been trying to trick users into installing malware by posing as the antivirus provider McAfee and using otherwise legitimate online services like GitHub and Dropbox.

Shane Huntley, the head of Google’s Threat Analysis Group, offered new details about the suspected state-sponsored cyberattackers, known as APT 31, and their latest tactics in a company blog post on Friday. In June, Google’s security team uncovered high-profile phishing scams by APT 31 and Iranian state-sponsored hackers intended to hijack the email accounts of campaign staffers with President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden. (All of these phishing attempts appeared to have failed, Google said at the time).

On Friday, Huntley said that one of APT 31’s latest hacking techniques involved

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Microsoft just force restarted my Windows 10 PC to install more unwanted apps

I stepped away from my computer for dinner, halfway through writing a story for The Verge. When I got back, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Windows 10 had restarted my computer without permission yet again — to install yet another forced OS update onto my solid state drive.

The craziest part: When my machine finished rebooting, it now contained the exact thing I’d been writing about before I was rudely interrupted. Microsoft had installed unsolicited, unwanted web app versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook onto my computer.

A screenshot of the web apps that Microsoft force-installed on my PC.

Seriously, the story you’re reading right now started off as a news post about this happening to other people.
Screenshot: Sean Hollister/The Verge

OK, it’s not as bad as when my entire computer screen got taken over by an unwanted copy of Microsoft Edge. That was truly egregious.

No, this time Microsoft is merely sneaking unwanted web apps onto my PC

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How to use the Apache web server to install and configure a website

If you’ve never deployed a website with the Apache web server, you’re about to learn how.


Image: Jack Wallen

Every so often I find it good to take a step back and go through the basics. It not only helps to ground me as a tech writer, but it helps a lot of people who are just learning the ropes of whatever piece of technology I’m talking about.

This time it’s all about the Apache web server, a piece of software that’s been around for decades, happily serving up small and large websites without fail. Apache works seamlessly with MySQL, PHP, and a host of other packages, so you can serve up simple static or incredibly dynamic websites.

How do you install and configure the server? Where do you place files?

Let’s walk through this, one step at a time. I’ll be demonstrating on Ubuntu Server 20.04.

But first, a

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Install Latest Gadgets in Your Home and Make It Worth Living

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Home and kitchen appliances online available propelled the beginning of innovation. These devices have made our life basic and have effectively shown us the significance of time. Because of these home finishing machines we would now be able to play out different errands without any assistance and can spare our valuable time.

Buying useful appliances online is favourable and these devices have the following benefits:

Watchmen home security

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