Here are 5 ways to stay fit in a digitally integrated world

The pandemic has disturbed the lives of one and all, including the routines of fitness enthusiasts and gym owners who have not been able to follow and implement an outdoor fitness regime for long. With most fitness clubs being forced shut due to local, state, and/or federal regulations around COVID-19, both gym owners and gym-goers have had to stay at home.


There is a new normal for fitness enthusiasts now

Even with the gradual opening of gyms, the COVID-19 Safety regulations clearly underline that one must practise social distancing and other safety precautions, which prohibit huge gatherings like group fitness sessions.

Due to this new environment, the role of digitally-driven technology to aid a seamless experience for fitness lovers has become the new reality. Online fitness training sessions are the new normal with gyms adapting to a hybrid model for their clients.

Here are five trends that will be popular

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