Trump says Hunter Biden’s computer which purports to show his dodgy deals is a ‘laptop from hell’

President Trump has compared the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop to that of Anthony Weiner’s computer whose laptop ended up becoming an issue for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in the weeks before the 2016 election.

On Monday, during a campaign rally in Prescott, Arizona, Trump described the son of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, Hunter, as having a ‘laptop from hell’.

Emails on the hard drive purportedly show Joe Biden was involved in deals made overseas by his son.

Trump went on to describe his competitor in the upcoming election as ‘corrupt’.    

President Trump describe the computer of Hunter Biden as the ‘laptop from hell’

'So a giant trove of emails show Hunter Biden making deals, setting up deals with his father Joe,' Trump said at one point. The alleged emails included one that alluded to a meeting between Joe Biden and Vadym Pozharsky an adviser for the Ukrainian gas company Burisma,

‘So a giant trove of emails show Hunter Biden making deals, setting up deals with his father Joe,’ Trump said at one point. The alleged emails included one that alluded to a meeting between Joe Biden and Vadym Pozharsky an adviser for the Ukrainian gas

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Asus Website Lists Laptop With Intel’s First Dedicated Graphics Card

(Credit: Asus)

Intel’s first dedicated graphics card for consumers will apparently end up in an Asus laptop. 

The VivoBook Flip 14 was recently unveiled on Asus’s website, and according to the features list, the laptop convertible will carry the “First Intel Discrete Graphics” unit inside. 

If you dig into the Asus website code, the PC vendor also names the GPU the “Intel Iris Xe Max graphics,” which caught the attention of Twitter user @momomo_us.

The Intel Iris Xe Max graphics mention in the website(Credit: Asus)

Strangely, Asus hasn’t been talking up the 14-inch laptop on social media or through its public relations channels. Nor has Intel. So we’re not sure why it isn’t getting more fanfare. Asus simply told PCMag the company will release more details in “late Q4” when the product is expected to launch.

Still, the laptop does fit into Intel’s timeline for its dedicated graphics card. In August, the company’s head of graphics, Raja Koduri,

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Meet the computer repairman at the center of New York Post’s Hunter Biden laptop story

A Wilmington computer repairman who reportedly gave a copy of Hunter Biden’s laptop hard drive to Rudy Giuliani’s attorney, Brian Costello, spoke cryptically Wednesday about his arrangement last month with the Republican operative.

a sign on the side of a brick building: The owner of the Mac Shop says he shared a copy of the hard drive belonging to Hunter Biden with Rudy Giuliani's attorney.

The owner of the Mac Shop says he shared a copy of the hard drive belonging to Hunter Biden with Rudy Giuliani’s attorney.

In a winding interview with the media, John Paul Mac Isaac, owner of The Mac Shop in Wilmington, recalled how in April 2019 a man who identified himself as Hunter Biden brought three liquid-damaged laptops to his small repair shop in the Trolley Square shopping center.

Only one was left for repair, he said. No one returned to retrieve it, he said.

In the subsequent year and a half, Mac Isaac said, a “whole lot of” players were involved in the story that ended with President Donald Trump

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Hunter Biden email story: Computer repair store owner describes handing over laptop to FBI

The owner of a Delaware computer repair store where a man he believes was Hunter Biden dropped off a laptop that allegedly contained emails detailing an opportunity for a meeting between former Vice President Joe Biden and a top Burisma executive and other “disturbing” items, told Fox News on Wednesday that he was frightened by what he saw.

The man, John Paul Mac Isaac, said he has a condition that affects his vision and “can’t be 100% sure” it was Hunter Biden who dropped off the computer for repair. The Wilmington shop owner said he contacted the FBI out of concern, but declined to specify what he meant.

John Paul Mac Isaac, the owner of a Delaware computer repair store where Hunter Biden allegedly dropped off laptops in April 2019.

John Paul Mac Isaac, the owner of a Delaware computer repair store where Hunter Biden allegedly dropped off laptops in April 2019.
(Jacqui Heinrich/Fox News Channel)


Isaac’s claim that

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Now You See It, Now You Don’t: Preventing Laptop Computer Theft

When Irwin Jacobs, chief executive and founder of Qualcomm Inc. had his laptop stolen from a journalism conference in September 2000, it shed light on a growing problem.

Other recent events have focused national attention on the laptop security issue, consider the following:

o In July 2001 the Federal Bureau of Investigation reported that 184 laptops had been stolen or lost. At least one and possibly as many as four contained classified information.

o In April 2001 the British Defense Ministry reported 205 laptops missing since 1997, most of which contained classified materials.

o In February 2000 a laptop computer with “highly classified” information disappeared from the U.S. State Department. Then, in May 2000 two more laptops were reported missing from the U.S. State Department.

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Programming, Coding and Web Development Laptop Specifications

If you need to get a new laptop for programming or coding purposes and are uncertain where to start, this short guide will help you find the perfect setup for your needs.

For web developers, there are really two main paths they need to go through. If you’re doing front-end web development, then you’ll need a basic machine that can run a text editor and a browser to check your progress. For back-end developers things get a bit more complicated. You will need a laptop that can handle multiple tasks simultaneously like running a browser, a local server and the code editor. These might not seem like a lot, but they do require a lot of system resources so make sure you pick a laptop that’s up to the task.

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Important Features You Need To Look For In A Laptop Bag

Laptops are crucial nowadays. Every single person uses this gadget and most of them carry it regularly from home to office or vice versa. Though carrying such expensive and precious gadget on the board is hard and if you are looking for something that makes it easier for you to carry, so, a laptop bag is something you need. A laptop bag not only makes it convenient for you to carry it, but also increases the safety of the gadget from any damage due to the sudden change in environment, water, dust, etc. With their rise in demand, now a number of companies manufacture such bags in endless designs, material and color options and making a selection in between the one is actually a daunting task. Well, the task is daunting no more, as here are some important points you need to consider before buying that helps you make a … Read More

Laptop Computer Cooling Pads For All

Do you have a laptop computer? Where do you use it the most? On your lap, in the car, while traveling, in bed, while watching television – actually anywhere since you can take it and go.

I find that I use my laptop computer the most on my lap, in bed or in my favorite chair. After all that is why they call it a laptop right? Do you notice when you use the laptop either for gaming (which can lead into hours) or just for writing articles (which could lead to long hours too) that the laptop starts to get your legs very hot? Have you ever placed your laptop on the bed – I mean just for awhile? Then you remember where it is and try to pick it up and it is really hot? My son called me the other day and his laptop got accidentally turned … Read More

Computer Forensics Expert: Traveling? Treat Your Laptop Like Cash!

In today’s society, traveling with a laptop seems like an everyday occurrence, whether for “mobile office” or just personal use. There are some things you should be aware of when traveling with your laptop. Since it is portable and portable items can be easily lost or stolen. Here are a few tips to help avoid heartache and an employer’s wrath.

#1 Treat your laptop like cash. Some of the information might be replaceable. Other information, however, may be irreplaceable. There is also the risk of someone using the information to further their cause (attempt to sell it back to you, or one of your competitors). If nothing else, it will be the hell and countless hours you have to go through to get another machine and get it setup just like the laptop which disappeared.

#2 Never leave your laptop alone and exposed, ANYWHERE! Not in the car, not in … Read More

Is Your Computer or Laptop Corrupted – 3 Top Warning Signs

During the lifetime of your PC or laptop, you will experience various common problems, such a decrease in the performance of your machine, plus additional DLL errors and the dreaded blue screen of death. In extreme cases your operating system will crash.

You should never expect your computer to run at peak performance, like just when you bought it.

Like any machine you have to take care of it and carry out regular maintenance.

We are going to highlight within this article the top three warning signs indicating that your computer registry is corrupted. It is recommended to carry out steps to get the problem fixed.

The first common problem which has already been mentioned, will be your machine slowing down. This happens because over time, we add and remove applications and programs.

However sometimes the programs are not removed completely and this can result in conflicts with existing data. … Read More