DOZR Unveils WebStores, First-Ever Ecommerce Online Equipment Rental Software

ORLANDO, Fla., Oct. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — DOZR, a leader in ecommerce and marketplace solutions for heavy equipment rentals, today announced WebStores, the first-ever ecommerce solution for heavy equipment rentals. WebStores white-labeled software solutions integrate easily with any equipment rental website, enabling fast and efficient touchless transactions with an online checkout on an existing website. Rental companies can now launch an ecommerce storefront within hours, without any programming or custom development needed. 

WebStores provides a revolutionized way for rental companies to upgrade their online presence while meeting the new business and customer expectations of a post-COVID world. The platform is completely customizable and able to either connect to an existing website or to stand on its own. WebStores can maintain the look and feel of existing websites while allowing DOZR-powered technology to enable the end-to-end online transaction.

“The demand for ecommerce has advanced tremendously over the last six months,” 

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New Online Accessibility Act In Dire Need Of A 2020 Approach To Website Policing

Since its introduction into the U.S. House of Representatives on October 2 by Congressmen Lou Correa (D-CA) and Ted Budd (R-NC), the Online Accessibility Act has received a lukewarm reception.

Myriad questions, misgivings and objections have already arisen over the Act, which seeks to add a Title VI to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) focused entirely on the accessibility of consumer-facing websites and mobile applications.

Most of these concerns appear to revolve around the imposition of lengthy administrative processes of up to nine months before legal redress can be sought and the resource capacity of the Department of Justice (DOJ) to investigate thousands of complaints on an annual basis.

Autonomous policing of our digital future

Lawrence Shaw is CEO of AAAtraq a website

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Patients with Severe Paralysis Use Stentrode Brain-Computer Interface to Text, Email, Shop, Bank Online, First-in-human Study Reports

Two ALS patients, implanted with the Stentrode brain-computer interface via the jugular vein and without the need for open brain surgery, successfully controlled their personal computer through direct thought according to a publication in the Journal of NeuroInterventional Surgery

Synchron, a neurovascular bioelectronics medicine company, today announced publication of a first-in-human study demonstrating successful use of the Stentrode brain-computer interface (BCI), or neuroprosthesis. Specifically, the study shows the Stentrode’s ability to enable patients with severe paralysis to resume daily tasks, including texting, emailing, shopping and banking online, through direct thought, and without the need for open brain surgery. The study is the first to demonstrate that a BCI implanted via the patient’s blood vessels is able to restore the transmission of brain impulses out of the body, and did so wirelessly. The patients were able to use their impulses to control digital devices without the need for a touchscreen,

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Online Liability Reform Would Make Internet Worse: Twitter CEO

Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey said in remarks prepared for Congress Tuesday that proposals to reform a law providing online liability protection could lead to more “harmful content” by limiting the ability of platforms to remove abusive material.

Dorsey’s comments came in prepared testimony due to be given at a Senate hearing Wednesday examining reform of a contentious law governing the internet.

The Senate Commerce Committee was due to hear from Dorsey as well as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Google CEO Sundar Pichai on the law known as Section 230, which shields online services from liability for content posted by others.

Defenders of the law argue that it is a cornerstone of the internet allowing online services to flourish without fear of a flood of litigation, but attacks on the law are on the rise across the political spectrum.

Some political leaders and activists have argued that Section 230

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As world goes online in pandemic, another mammoth chip deal

SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) — Advanced Micro Devices is buying Xilinx for $35 billion in an all-stock deal that will combine the two Silicon Valley chip makers and accelerate an already rapid-fire pace of mergers and buyouts in the industry.

The deal announced Tuesday puts AMD in a place it wants to be; competing more fiercely with Intel at a time when a global pandemic is driving demand for tech ever higher.

More Zoom meetings, more orders online, and more upgrades for companies trying to meet new demands of millions staying at home has led to a seemingly insatiable appetite for computer chips.

“Joining together with AMD will help accelerate growth in our data center business and enable us to pursue a broader customer base across more markets,” Xilinx CEO Victor Peng said in a prepared statement Tuesday.

AMD and Xilinx is a huge tie-up in a season of massive

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Over 100 irrigation systems left exposed online without a password


Image: Michael Bourgault

More than 100 smart irrigation systems were left exposed online without a password last month, allowing anyone to access and tamper with water irrigation programs for crops, tree plantations, cities, and building complexes.

The exposed irrigation systems were discovered by Security Joes, a small boutique security firm based in Israel.

All were running ICC PRO, a top-shelf smart irrigation system designed by Motorola for use with agricultural, turf, and landscape management.

Security Joes co-founder Ido Naor told ZDNet last month that companies and city officials had installed ICC PRO systems without changing default factory settings, which don’t include a password for the default account.

Naor says the systems could be easily identified online with the help of IoT search engines like Shodan.

Once attackers locate an internet-accessible ICC PRO system, Naor says all they have to do is type in the default admin username and press Enter

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Costume Jewelry Market 2020-2024 | High Internet Penetration and Rise of Online Retailing to Boost Growth

Technavio has been monitoring the costume jewelry market and it is poised to grow by USD 13.24 billion during 2020-2024, progressing at a CAGR of almost 7% during the forecast period. The report offers an up-to-date analysis regarding the current market scenario, latest trends and drivers, and the overall market environment. Download a Free Sample Report on COVID-19

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here:

Technavio has announced its latest market research report titled Global Costume Jewelry Market 2020-2024 (Graphic: Business Wire)

Impact of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to transform the growth of various industries. However, the immediate impact of the outbreak is varied. While a few industries will register a drop in demand, numerous others will continue to remain unscathed and show promising growth opportunities. COVID-19 will have a Negative and Inferior impact on the costume jewelry market. The market growth in 2020 is

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How Luxury Brands Can Maintain Exclusivity And Still Be Relatable Online

It’s exquisite, it’s expensive and it’s exclusive. These values confer luxury status on a brand. These same values ensure that they stay relevant and in high-demand by consumers.

If you take away the exclusivity and the rarity, then luxury brands would lose their luster – so to speak. The reason consumers are willing to spend on diamonds and other exotic stones is because of their scarcity, and exclusivity. This is the fundamental foundation upon which the entire idea of luxury is based upon. In short, luxury is when someone owns something very exclusive or very rare.

Prior to the present time, accessing luxury brands was a not as easy as it is today. In fact, many consumers were

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The Investing Online Report – ROFX to go Public in 2021: Announces IPO

What is ROFX

ROFX was started in 2009 by a group of expert software developers and forex traders who were looking to launch an automated trading platform.
ROFX was started in 2009 by a group of expert software developers and forex traders who were looking to launch an automated trading platform.
ROFX was started in 2009 by a group of expert software developers and forex traders who were looking to launch an automated trading platform.

Austin, TX , Oct. 24, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — As per the The Investing Online Report, volatility in the forex market is nothing new as it is regarded as one of the most volatile markets in existence. The global forex market is an ideal place for traders who like volatility, which makes the perfect opportunity for ROFX technology users to profit. 

ROFX which is a reputed name among online trading platforms, recently not announced that the company is planning to go public in 2021 via an Initial Public Offering.  But the news of this IPO has broken the

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How an online recipe for banana bread is helping domestic violence survivors

What do an online recipe for banana bread and a host of tips for making it have to do with helping survivors of domestic violence?

Nothing, and that’s the point.



Recognizing that it’s not uncommon for an abuser to track a partner’s phones and browsing history, the Vernon Area Public Library in Lincolnshire and Highland Park-based North Suburban Legal Aid Clinic have teamed up to create, an inconspicuous-looking website that lets survivors seek help without leaving telltale digital bread crumbs behind.

At first blush, the site appears exactly as billed — it opens to an image of sliced bread atop a cutting board, with a list of ingredients and instructions below. Above it are links labeled “Start with the Best Bananas,” “Kitchen Helpers” and “Baking Tips.”

But look closer and you’ll see not all is as it seems. Click the links and you’ll find subtly disguised videos offering information

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