Panasonic Expands Cloud Capabilities for Public Safety Professionals with Microsoft Azure Government Cloud

Long-standing collaboration brings technology advancements to change the way work is done

Today, at the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Virtual Training Event and Expo, Panasonic announced they are working with Microsoft to add security, compliance, infrastructure, and storage to enhance Panasonic’s video redaction automation capabilities for public safety professionals. Microsoft Azure Government cloud provides platform services for IDguard – Panasonic’s web-based identity redaction solution. This announcement further builds on the strategic relationship between the two companies to bring advanced technology capabilities to their respective customers.

As the amount of digital content increases due to the usage of body-worn cameras and in-car videos, preparing video and audio evidence by removing or obscuring sensitive content with conventional editing tools is extremely time consuming. With IDguard, public safety professionals are able to automate and reduce manual efforts associated with editing sensitive files by up to 90 percent. Panasonic IDguard’s AI

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Safety Regulator Vows to ‘Closely Monitor’ New Tesla Self-Driving Software

The U.S. auto safety regulator said on Thursday it was closely watching Tesla Inc.’s release of a software version intended to allow its cars to drive themselves, saying it stood ready to protect the public against safety risks.

Tesla on Tuesday night released a beta, or test version, of what it calls a “Full Self Driving” software upgrade to an undisclosed number of “expert, careful” drivers. The release prompted online posts by excited recipients who shared video snippets of their car driving apparently autonomously on city streets at night.

During a Tesla earnings call on Wednesday, Chief Executive Elon Musk said the latest upgrade was planned to be widely released by the end of this year, with the system becoming more robust as it collected more data.

“NHTSA has been briefed on Tesla’s new feature, which represents an expansion of its existing driver assistance system. The agency will monitor the

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Sphera Launches Cutting-Edge Software Designed to Transform Process Safety and Operational Risk Management Performance

Dynamic Risk Pathways is the first software application to provide the real-time capture and easy-to-understand, predictive visualization of risk pathways to help organizations proactively manage and mitigate process safety risk

Sphera’s Dynamic Risk Pathway

C1151 Gas Compressor Risk Pathway
C1151 Gas Compressor Risk Pathway
C1151 Gas Compressor Risk Pathway

CHICAGO, Oct. 21, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Sphera, a leading global provider of Integrated Risk Management software, data and consulting services, today announced its Dynamic Risk Pathways solution, the industry’s first real-time, process safety management Digital Twin solution.

Sphera’s Dynamic Risk Pathways is the industry’s next generation Operational Risk Management (ORM) Digital Twin technology for modeling and predicting process safety risk exposure for defined risk scenarios. By using the real-time status information from asset integrity inspections, safety critical equipment, Internet of Things (IoT) sensor data, maintenance and operational activity, and deviations from normal operating conditions, operational teams are provided with a single, shared view of the

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TRUCE Software Launches ‘No Accident,’ a Podcast Aimed at Showcasing the Connection Between Business Success and Safety Excellence | News

LISLE, Ill., Oct. 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — TRUCE Software, the global leader in contextual mobile device management technology, today announces the release of ‘No Accident,’ a biweekly podcast featuring interviews with top safety leaders and business pioneers across industries focused on how they are using safety to streamline operations and unlock full revenue potential. The series is hosted by TRUCE Software CMO Kathleen Finato.

“At TRUCE we believe in the power of technology to solve the problems it creates, so people can succeed and companies can thrive,” said Finato. “No Accident allows innovative leaders across industries – from manufacturing to construction to consumer goods – to discuss how cultural and programmatic changes to the way risks are addressed and managed can ultimately affect a business’ success.”

Encompassing not only the financial and operational benefits, but also the moral good an efficient risk management policy creates, ‘No Accident’ emphasizes

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Student Transportation of America Celebrates National School Bus Safety Week and Debuts Informational Website, “Working Together to Stay Safe”

In conjunction with the start of National School Bus Safety Week, STA has launched a new website, “Working Together to Stay Safe.” The site is dedicated to providing customers and students with timely COVID-19 resources to help promote the teamwork needed to provide the safe and reliable student transportation for which STA is known. Resources include student-focused information for classrooms and school hallways, and bus-focused information and resources to help students become familiar with the new bus environment and changes necessary to ensure everyone is safe in response to the pandemic. Additionally, fun and engaging print outs are available for students that encourage everyone to “work together to stay safe.”

“Our new ‘Working Together to Stay Safe’ website truly highlights STA’s commitment to the health and safety of our employees, passengers and

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Get a 5-pack of outlet covers with nighttime safety lights for $15


Daily Steals

You know you’re in a fancy house when there’s a soft glow of guide lights illuminating stairs and hallway baseboards. Here’s a way to make your house a little more like Bill Gates’ summer home — these outlet covers have built-in LED guide lights. Regularly $20, you can get a five-pack of these outlet covers for $15 with promo code CNETOTPL. That’s $3 for each one. 

These plates come in two styles to suit most electrical outlets, and both feature a trio of LED lights that point down at the floor. There’s no battery or special wiring needed; just remove the old cover and push this new one into place. Two electrical contacts hug the outlet and draw power for the LEDs (estimated to cost about 10 cents a year). And the lights only run at night thanks to the small photosensor.

I love guide lights like

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As Technology Advances at a Feverish Pace, Safety Products Are Required

One of the many goals when crypto currency (CC) was first invented was to establish a secure digital system of transaction. The technology used was Blockchain, and still is. Blockchain systems were designed to be impervious to problems often found with online financial systems using older technology – – problems such as account hacking, counterfeit payment authentications, and web site phishing scams.

Blockchain itself runs on peer-to-peer global record-keeping networks (distributed ledgers) that are secure, cheap, and reliable. Transaction records all around the world are stored on blockchain networks, and because these records are spread out over the whole community of users, the data is inherently resistant to modification. No single piece of data can be altered without the alteration of all other blocks in the network, which would require the collusion of the majority of the entire network – – millions of watchdogs. BUT – what if a website … Read More