SAP Data Targets ‘Customers In The Moment’

Whether you’re fond of big brand stores, bespoke one-off specialist shops, brash brightly lit shopping centers or ubiquitous ‘strip malls’, the world in 2020 has shown us that very often, shopping is going digital. What happens next in this space is not just a question of e-shopping and e-retailing where consumers spend online (although it is that too), it is also a factor of the amount of information organizations use to track our preferences, behavioral habits and spending trends. 

Now that there are multiple ways to buy products, services and interact with a vendor (industry analysts like to call these channels ‘touchpoints’), companies working to connect with customers need to get specific

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SAP Business One Customizations and Integrations Programming With SDK Libraries

SAP B1 is friendly to Microsoft Visual Studio programmers via its so-called Software Development Kit. In the next version 9.0 expected in the fourth quarter of 2012 it is rebranded as ‘Business One Studio’. Let’s make short technical introduction and then try to talk about cases studies and get popular questions answered. Let’s begin with SDK categorization:

1. UI API. ‘The UI API provides programmatic access to windows, menus, and events in SAP Business One. The UI API allows you to create new windows, modify existing windows, add new business logic, add or modify application menus, and more.’ After introduction from ‘Help Center’ we would like to mention that user interface modification might be vulnerable to such future projects as upgrades. We would rather recommend you to concentrate on integration type of projects and see next paragraph

2. DI API. ‘The DI API provides a programmatic interface to SAP Business … Read More