SpaceX’s Starlink to Supply Satellite Internet to Microsoft’s ‘Modular’ Data Centers

(Credit: Microsoft)

As SpaceX prepares to supply satellite broadband to consumers, the company is also looking to apply the same technology to Microsoft’s remote data centers. 

On Tuesday, the two companies announced that SpaceX’s Starlink system will provide satellite internet to Microsoft’s Azure modular data centers, which can operate in areas far away from ground-based fiber internet cables. 

In a video, SpaceX Chief Operating Officer Gwynne Shotwell said the two companies will be “co-selling” the Starlink connectivity to enterprise customers. “So Starlink brings point-to-point communication from anywhere on Earth,” she added. “So leveraging that along with Azure I think is really an incredibly robust capability for our customers.”

The modular data center (Credit: Microsoft)

The modular data centers are targeting both the public and private sector. For example, the units can be deployed as “mobile command centers” for missions involving defense, humanitarian efforts, and mineral exploration, Microsoft said.

“The unit can operate in a

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Intel is providing the smarts for the first satellite with local AI processing on board

Intel detailed today its contribution to PhiSat-1, a new tiny small satellite that was launched into sun-synchronous orbit on September 2. PhiSat-1 has a new kind of hyperspectral-thermal camera on board, and also includes a Movidius Myriad 2 Vision Processing Unit. That VPU is found in a number of consumer devices on Earth, but this is its first trip to space — and the first time it’ll be handling large amounts of local data, saving researchers back on Earth precious time and satellite downlink bandwidth.

Specifically, the AI on board the PhiSat-1 will be handling automatic identification of cloud cover — images where the Earth is obscured in terms of what the scientists studying the data actually want to see. Getting rid of these images before they’re even transmitted means that the satellite can actually realize a bandwidth savings of up to 30%, which means more useful data is transmitted

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SpaceX, Microsoft partner in global satellite Internet project

Oct. 20 (UPI) — Microsoft and SpaceX announced a partnership Tuesday that would marry the tech leader’s Azure computing system with space company’s Starlink satellite Internet service.

Through Starlink, SpaceX plans to use thousands of satellites that would provide high-speed Internet anywhere on Earth. Microsoft’s Azure would connect those satellite to the cloud storage.

“The collaboration that we’re announcing today will allow us to work together to deliver new offerings for both the public and the private sector to deliver connectivity through Starlink for use on Azure,” SpaceX President Gwynne Shotwell said in a video. “Where it makes sense, we will work with [Microsoft]: co-selling to our mutual customers, co-selling to new enterprise and future customers.”

Tom Keane, corporate vice president of Microsoft’s Azure Global, said with the space community rapidly growing, new technologies have made connectivity and computing in space more attainable for private and public entities. He said

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SpaceX to Use Microsoft Azure for Satellite Cloud Computing

Microsoft  (MSFT) – Get Report shares were rising following a report that the company was partnering with SpaceX, Elon Musk’s low-orbit space company, to provide cloud-computing power. 

Microsoft will offer cloud-computing services for space customers using SpaceX’s low-orbit spacecraft, which is being developed, as well as traditional satellite fleets orbiting the earth at higher altitudes. 

SpaceX will use Microsoft Azure’s orbital emulator, according to an interview with SpaceX Chief Executive Gwynne Shotwell, Space News reported. 

The emulator is a digital environment that enables users to visualize an entire satellite architecture, test satellite designs and artificial intelligence algorithms, Space News reported. 

“We will be delivering to the government a number of satellites that host a capability to protect against ballistic weapons,” Shotwell said, according to Space News. 

“Microsoft will be doing quite a bit of work as a subcontractor, which I think was kind of a funny twist to

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Microsoft partners with SpaceX to connect Azure cloud to Musk’s Starlink satellite internet

  • Microsoft is partnering with SpaceX to connect the Azure cloud computing network to the growing Starlink satellite internet service offered by Elon Musk’s company.
  • The partnership comes as Microsoft expands into the space industry, with the company a few weeks ago unveiling a new service called Azure Orbital to connect satellites directly to the cloud.
  • Azure Space and the new partnership sets up Microsoft and SpaceX to compete further with Jeff Bezos’ businesses Amazon and Blue Origin, which have announced plans for similar satellite services and more.

Gwynne Shotwell et al. standing in front of a television: Tom Keane (left), Microsoft corporate vice president of Azure Global, and Gwynne Shotwell, SpaceX president and chief operating officer.

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Tom Keane (left), Microsoft corporate vice president of Azure Global, and Gwynne Shotwell, SpaceX president and chief operating officer.

Microsoft is partnering with SpaceX to connect the tech giant’s Azure cloud computing network to the growing Starlink satellite internet service offered by Elon Musk’s company, the companies announced Tuesday.


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Starlink is SpaceX’s ambitious plan to build an

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SpaceX plans Starlink broadband satellite launch Sunday morning

ORLANDO, Fla., Oct. 17 (UPI) — SpaceX plans to launch its 14th group of about 60 satellites from Florida on Sunday morning for the company’s Starlink broadband network, which is approaching a full-scale public trial period.

Liftoff is scheduled for 8:25 a.m. EDT aboard a Falcon 9 rocket from Complex 39A at Kennedy Space Center.

The launch would boost the number of satellites in orbit to nearly 800.

After the previous Starlink launch Oct. 6, SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk tweeted that the launch would soon allow it to “roll out a fairly wide public” test in the northern United States and “hopefully” in southern Canada.

“Other countries to follow as soon as we receive regulatory approval,” Musk wrote.

The company said emergency responders in northern Washington State had used the Starlink service in wildfire-stricken areas.

“The way emergency responders deployed Starlink in this context is representative of how

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Reasons To Choose Satellite Radio Technology

For many years, satellite television had been available to the viewer, allowing you to watch your favorite shows in high definition quality. It is now even possible to surf the Internet by these means and you get to enjoy super fast speed. So, it is logical that you should be able to listen to satellite radio with this technology.

Swapping over from your regular radio to this new technology means that you no longer have to become frustrated over poor signal strength or quality. The broadcast quality is excellent and you never have to worry about constantly fine tuning your favorite station due an enlarged sized footprint.

Normally, if you are driving on a long journey, you will have to constantly retune your radio as you travel to search for a new station you like as you move from one locality to the next, unless you have tuned into a … Read More

Satellite TV Programming Guide

With more than 256 channels to choose from, satellite TV programming offers far more TV listings and viewing options than cable or over-the-air TV.

Satellite TV also gives you access to music channels, pay-per-view movies, sports packages, adult channels, and international programming.

DISH Network Satellite TV Programming

DISH Network programming packages start at $31.99 per month.

They also offer pay-per-view movies and events, adult programming, and sports packages. International programming includes: African, Arabic, Armenian, Asian, Chinese, Farsi, French, German, Greek, Israeli, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, South Asian, Spanish, Tagalog, and Urdu channels.

DISH Network has the biggest variety of movies and shows and the most HD (high definition) programming of the two satellite TV providers.

Here are DISH Network’s current satellite TV programming packages:

America’s Top 60 ($31.99 per month)

This package includes the following program channels, plus your local channels:

ABC Family, America’s Collectibles Network, Angel One, … Read More

Satellite Internet

Satellite Internet is a technology that provides high-speed Internet services to consumers using telecommunications satellites that are in orbit above the earth. This type of internet connection is simply system in which the upstream (outgoing) and the downstream (incoming) data are sent from a satellite and arrive at either a desktop or laptop computer A subscriber for this type of internet service needs a satellite dish antenna and a transceiver (Modem) that operates in the microwave portion of the radio spectrum. The subscriber’s computer, broadcasts requests to a satellite dish antenna via the modem. The dish antenna then sends and receives signals from the satellites in orbit above the equator. The satellite dish must maintain a clear view of the southern sky if it is locates in the United States.

People that live in rural areas where Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) and cable modem connections are not available are candidates … Read More