Swiss Couple Name Their Newborn ‘Twifia’ To Save On Internet Costs : NPR

They responded to an ad from Twifi, a Swiss Internet provider: Name your child after the company and receive free WiFi for 18 years. The couple will put the Internet savings into an account for her.


Good morning. I’m Rachel Martin. Raising kids is expensive – no secret there – but one Swiss couple can take Wi-Fi charges off that list of costs. The couple responded to an ad from Twifi, a Swiss Internet provider. Here was the deal – name your child after the company and get free Internet for 18 years. So the couple did just that – named their newborn daughter Twifia. To be fair, it’s her second middle name. But it counts. They say they’re going to put their Wi-Fi savings into an account in her name – Twifia. It’s MORNING EDITION.

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Internet is divided after woman lets go of baby to save glass of wine

By Lifestyle Reporter Time of article published56m ago

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Context. That’s what this video is all about. And yet, because of the content, it’s divided the internet to such an extent that it’s become a viral hit.

The video in question is a three-second clip of an unnamed woman stopping her glass of champagne from falling instead of saving the baby from taking a tumble.

One can imagine the stir it’s caused on the internet, with many questioning her priorities.

In the video, which was uploaded by Twitter user @RupertMyers with the caption “I have watched this 35 times”, the woman is seen supporting a baby as it leans in to grab a champagne flute. But as the baby grabs the glass and pulls it with some champagne spilling, the

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PS5 UI Reveal, Destiny 2’s Next-Gen Launch Date, & A New Borderlands 3 Season Pass | Save State

In this video, Persia talks about Sony’s reveal of the PS5 user interface. The new features showcased included the Creator button and its capabilities to had spoiler warnings to content you record, “Activities” cards that help you track your progress and access specific points in each level, and Official Game Help for PS+ subscribers. Official Game Help are spoiler-free videos that can help steer you in the right direction if you’re stuck on a level. Social and sharing options are also upgraded in terms of joining parties and games but also by being able to watch and share your screen with friends while you play.

Persia also talks about Destiny 2: Beyond Light getting an official next-gen release date for its upgraded version. On December 8th, you can play on Xbox Series X and PS5 at 4K but the Series S will still run at 1080p. All versions run at

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Microsoft Access – Save Programming Time and Cost With A Technique For Writing Less Programming Code

You are probably writing more Microsoft Access programming code then you need to. This means wasted coding time, more code maintenance and possible debugging. This article applies to all versions of Microsoft Access, not just Access 2007, but many new features of Access 2007 allow you to do zero coding to do tasks such as bulk emails, form control resizing, scheduling tasks, date picking, formatting, etc.

I have reviewed tens of thousands of lines of programmers’ code, not just in Access 2007, and have found that many lines of code are being written in areas where much less code was needed to do the same job. Here’s the technique that will save much time.

Did you know that your data tables in Microsoft Access 2007 can be used to control your Access 2007 program and write code for you, if they contain metadata.

Metadata is data about data. You have … Read More