Park Seo Joon Shares His Secret To Maintaining Good Relationships, His Best Attribute, And More

Park Seo Joon has graced the cover of ELLE’s November issue!

This is his first photo shoot after becoming a Chanel Beauty ambassador and he managed to take on the given concepts flawlessly. The pictorial focused on capturing the actor’s strong yet delicate features.

The interview following the photo shoot focused on how Park Seo Joon is doing after starting filming for the movie “Dream.” When asked about how he has become a representative “healthy young adult” due to his past works, especially “Itaewon Class,” he said, “Each moment that I am given to live is important. I think I’m still living out my youth because I have a dream for myself, and I have a lot coming up in the future.”

When asked about his best attribute, he replied, “Questions like these are the hardest to answer. I’m a person that wants to keep my acting as well as

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Tokyo’s Internet Jesus Uses Secret Creed to Command 101 CEOs

(Bloomberg Businessweek) — Beside Tokyo’s bustling Shibuya train station lies a sprawling set of offices, where a high school dropout watches over his many disciples. Over three decades, Masatoshi Kumagai has built his internet business into a vast empire. Today he presides over 102 companies, led by himself and 101 different chief executive officers.


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To keep his people focused on the same goals, the founder, chairman, and president of GMO Internet Inc. uses a private creed he calls GMO-ism. It’s a set of values and philosophies he’s been crafting since 1995. “It’s like a religion,” Kumagai says in a Zoom interview. Clad in a white GMO-branded T-shirt, the 57-year-old looks at least a decade younger. “The heads of each business are the priests. And in that example, I guess I’m Jesus Christ.”

GMO is a conglomerate for the internet era, dominating large parts of Japan’s web infrastructure. The

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Autoresponders – The Secret Tool of Successful Internet Marketers

Autoresponders automatically send a sequence of pre-written promotional or educational emails based on a schedule that you set. Autoresponders also track the clicks and user activity in the body of the email. Successful internet marketers use autoresponders to automate their online business.

Whenever an internet marketer wants to drive sales to their new product or services, they will send an email to their list of customers and introduce their new product or service. Most of their subscribers in the email list, if they have built a relationship with them, will usually make a purchase within the first email or two. The rest of the email subscribers will receive a different set of emails that are custom created to increase their buying temperature. These subscribers require some time to build their interest and trust (as well as motivation) to invest their money in what the internet marketer is trying to sell.… Read More