How to use Skype Meet Now on desktop or mobile

  • You can use Skype’s Meet Now feature to start instant meetings, in which participants don’t need to have Skype accounts. 
  • You can start a Meet Now by selecting the Meet Now button in the desktop or mobile app, and sharing the link with other attendees.
  • When you get an invite to Meet Now, you can join in the Chrome or Edge browsers, or via the Skype app if you have it installed.  
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Meet Now is a relatively new Skype feature that lets you conduct meetings quickly and easily with other Skype users as well as people who have no Skype account.

It’s Microsoft’s alternative to web conferencing tools like Zoom which have recently become popular to accommodate the increased need for remote meetings. 

How to start a Skype Meet Now

You can kick off Meet Now from your Skype app either

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