Lyft to Make It Easier to Split Fares With Friends and Family

If you use Lyft to get around town and sometimes ride with friends or family, messing around afterward as you split the fare can sometimes be a pain.

With that in mind, the San Francisco-based ridesharing company is about to launch a way to smooth out the process that will make splitting a fare a little bit easier.

To make it happen, Lyft has partnered with mobile payments service Venmo, a PayPal-owned outfit that already has 60 million people using it to split the cost of restaurant meals, pay for coffee or groceries, and so on.

Venmo is a free app (iOS and Android) that can be linked to your bank account or debit card for easy money transfer and management.

Lyft’s new feature will start rolling out this month before landing for all U.S. Lyft riders in the coming weeks.

When the service becomes available, you’ll need to set

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Internet split over viral video of proposal during bridal bouquet toss

a group of people wearing costumes: Some called the scene beautiful, others dubbed it selfish.

© Twitter.
Some called the scene beautiful, others dubbed it selfish.

Is it suitable to propose at someone else’s wedding?

That’s the question people on the internet are debating after a video went viral on Twitter showing the moment a bridesmaid was surprised during the bouquet toss with her partner down on one knee. 

Viewed more than 6 million times, the video was shared by retired basketballer and social media influencer Rex Chapman, but it’s not clear who originally filmed it. 

The clip shows a bride ready to throw the bouquet to her bridesmaids, who are poised and waiting behind.

But at the last second, the bride turns, walks over and hands the flowers to one of the shocked bridesmaids, whose boyfriend is waiting behind her on one knee with a ring while the rest of the bridal party claps and cheers. 


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