Tencent Surges After U.S. Court Upholds Stay on WeChat Ban

(Bloomberg) — The Trump administration lost a bid to enforce its prohibitions against the Chinese-owned “super app” WeChat in the U.S. after appealing a judge’s ruling that the ban probably violates the free-speech rights of its users.

Upholding a trial judge, the U.S. Court of Appeals in San Francisco on Monday rejected the administration’s request for a stay of the preliminary injunction that prevents the administration from enforcing a wide range of measures, including barring the app from Apple and Google’s app stores for U.S. downloads, over purported national security concerns. Shares of WeChat owner Tencent Holdings Ltd. jumped as much as 3.1%, the most in two weeks, on Tuesday to an intraday record in Hong Kong trading.

The Trump administration has claimed that WeChat is a threat because Tencent is intertwined with the Chinese Communist Party, which can use the app to disseminate propaganda, track users, and steal their

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Student Transportation of America Celebrates National School Bus Safety Week and Debuts Informational Website, “Working Together to Stay Safe”

In conjunction with the start of National School Bus Safety Week, STA has launched a new website, “Working Together to Stay Safe.” The site is dedicated to providing customers and students with timely COVID-19 resources to help promote the teamwork needed to provide the safe and reliable student transportation for which STA is known. Resources include student-focused information for classrooms and school hallways, and bus-focused information and resources to help students become familiar with the new bus environment and changes necessary to ensure everyone is safe in response to the pandemic. Additionally, fun and engaging print outs are available for students that encourage everyone to “work together to stay safe.”

“Our new ‘Working Together to Stay Safe’ website truly highlights STA’s commitment to the health and safety of our employees, passengers and

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Here are 5 ways to stay fit in a digitally integrated world

The pandemic has disturbed the lives of one and all, including the routines of fitness enthusiasts and gym owners who have not been able to follow and implement an outdoor fitness regime for long. With most fitness clubs being forced shut due to local, state, and/or federal regulations around COVID-19, both gym owners and gym-goers have had to stay at home.


There is a new normal for fitness enthusiasts now

Even with the gradual opening of gyms, the COVID-19 Safety regulations clearly underline that one must practise social distancing and other safety precautions, which prohibit huge gatherings like group fitness sessions.

Due to this new environment, the role of digitally-driven technology to aid a seamless experience for fitness lovers has become the new reality. Online fitness training sessions are the new normal with gyms adapting to a hybrid model for their clients.

Here are five trends that will be popular

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