Best Strategy to Not Only Drive People to Your Website But Have Them Buy Your Product

**Lead Funnel… **

A Lead Funnel is a funnel that generates leads, but it does sooo… much more than that.

**It not only attracts leads, but it also… **

– builds trust

– grows a list of leads and customers

– builds relationships with your list

– converts leads into customers

– recoups your ad cost

– offers your customers additional opportunities to work with you

– and ascends customers up your value ladder.

But before you can do any of that, you have to have a lead first

And that is what Lead Funnels do…

They help you get leads.

**A Lead Funnel has five simple parts;**

1. Lead magnet

2. Offer page

3. Thank you page

4. Sales page

5. Follow up funnel

I’ll break down each step for you.

**LEAD MAGNET (Attract and build value)**

Simply put, a lead magnet is something you giveaway (For Free) in … Read More

Three Cs For a Non-Profit Website Strategy

Your Nonprofit Website is a key component for your communications strategy. Use the Three Cs to evaluate your current website and as part of the planning process as you move ahead with maximizing the value of the Internet for building your organization.


Your website is a hub for your internet communications. In your newsletter, social media, email signatures, link back to your website to bring people to your website. Once the person is visiting your website they must see information that is engaging and valuable to THEM.

  • Identify your target audience(s) and their needs
  • Your home page must have your key message that speaks to the site visitor
  • Have latest updates available from the home page – leading in to the specific areas of the site
  • Update your website on a regular basis with news and changes. Assign someone to review the website on a regular basis to be
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The Most Overlooked Website Marketing Strategy

Avoid selfishness. It causes problems everywhere, and the e-biz world is no exception. To succeed, you must know your audience, care about them, and go the extra mile to meet them where they’re at.

Maybe you’re brainstorming a new website: “My website is about me, my services, and my products”

Maybe you don’t go around saying that explicitly, but it still might your subconscious attitude. Most of us can identify with the joke, “I’m not much, but I’m all I think about.”

Yes, you should think about your services and products – their benefits and limits. Think about yourself – your own limits as an entrepreneur. And if you want people to buy, think about these things in terms of your prospects.

  • Who are they?
  • What are they expecting?
  • What are they searching for?
  • How do they perceive your products, your niche, your approach?
  • How might you be confusing or
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The Best Email Internet Marketing Strategy

So is there really a best email internet marketing strategy out there that you could be using to generate wealth? Are there ways to market to your list that are better than others? Is there some tips that you should follow in order to get better response from your list when you send them messages?

There is a best email internet marketing strategy and there is a better way to generate a better response and make more money with your list. Here are 3 helpful tips to remember when setting up your email marketing campaigns.

Best Email Internet Marketing Strategy tip #1 – Don’t over promote to your list

When you promote to your list on a daily basis they get sick of you. You have to stay in their minds, but not be annoying. A good rule of thumb is to promote 3 times maximum to your list per … Read More

SEO Vs PPC: Which Strategy Is Right for My Business?

Warning: excessive use of acronyms below.

A business’ online success greatly depends on the traffic generated from its website. In order for you to grow, it’s important to draw your customers in organically, as well as take steps to attract them through ad campaigns and online marketing. You can accomplish these goals by utilizing effective techniques like SEO and PPC. Both are valuable aspects to any marketing plan, but which is the right strategy for your business?


You’ve probably heard the words “Search Engine Optimization” before, but do you really know what it means and how to properly use it? Essentially, SEO is utilizing targeted keywords and strategies to rank your page(s) higher on search results. This is important because nearly 80% of the online traffic you get is searched for on search engines like Google. Not surprisingly, people are more likely to choose the websites that appear near … Read More

How To Craft A Patent Strategy – Software Startups

Importance of intellectual property while launching a new innovation in software

Well, it depends on the type of innovation and the product. For example, there is a mobile game which has a character of a new movie. For a few months, that game may be hit but after sometimes, it is expected to fade quickly. Therefore, inventions based on movement or actions of any specific character, may not be worth although possible to patent.

For other products, patent plays an important role. In 1980’s SPC (Software Publishing Company) had the leading presentation software called ‘Harvard Graphics’. Harvard Graphics is very popular for conferences and presentations. Especially, for people doing business, this software was the standard for conference and conference room presentations. It costs around a hundred dollars on floppy disks. Although there were many other presentation software programs at the time Harvard Graphics was the leader in the market.

After … Read More