How The Youngest Woman Trader On Wall Street Is Helping Startups Go Public

Wall Street has been a white man’s world since its inception. So have venture-backed startups. Currently, black or Latino people run less than 3% of venture capital funded businesses and women run a scant 9%. But if Lauren Simmons has anything to say about it both industries are going to become more diverse and colorful.  

At 22, Lauren made history by being the youngest and only full-time female equity trader on Wall Street for Rosenblatt Securities. Hailed as the “Wolfette of Wall Street,” she’s also only the second black female trader to work on the trading floor in the New York Stock Exchange’s 225-year history. 

Now at 26, in addition to helping Millennials and Generation Z-ers get on top of their personal finances, Lauren is hosting the interactive series “Going Public,” which

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Is Wall Street Ready To Embrace Ad Tech (Again)?

Murmurs have circulated in recent weeks that several ad tech companies are preparing initial public offerings, contributing to the most robust IPO market in five years.

Adweek spoke with several analysts in the space to gauge if the recent reports indicate a repeat of past investment crash-and-burn bubbles, or whether the industry is entering a new period of substantive value and growth.

This past week, Bloomberg reported DoubleVerify is preparing for an IPO with the content verification company reportedly seeking to raise $500 million, with a valuation of $5 billion.   

And in early October, CNBC reported that AppLovin—a $2 billion company that has ad tech lineage, but has increasingly shifted to mobile gaming—appointed Morgan Stanley to make preparations for an IPO expected in 2021.

Echoes of the early 2010’s

Such dramatic activity in rapid succession struck investment analysts with surprise, as the fairly recent performance history of ad tech in

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